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FIC: "Degrees", (4/6), Iceman, [PG-13], X3

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  • cjmoren2
    Degrees Based on X-men movies and comics universe Disclaimer: Iceman and other X-men characters are owned and copyright of Marvel and 20th Century Fox. They
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      Based on X-men movies and comics universe
      Disclaimer: Iceman and other X-men characters are owned and
      copyright of Marvel and 20th Century Fox. They are being used here
      for non-profit entertainment only.
      Part Four of Six: Endgame

      "Damn mutant", Graydon Creed thought as two FoH members helped him
      stand up.
      "You okay, Mr. Creed?"
      "Do I look okay?" Creed replied angrily. His face was bloodied, and
      his head felt like it was about to explode.
      "I'm going to kill that freak." He said to himself, his words like
      poison coming out of a snake.
      "I want this place secured. Take some men and do a perimeter check."
      He managed to say through the dizziness. "I don't want any more
      surprises, not when we are so close."
      "We'll get on it."
      "We have the Guthrie children secured, right?"
      "Umm…the boy escaped during the fighting, when that ice kid
      "And why aren't you looking for him?"
      "Right away, sir."
      The men that were still standing quickly assembled in teams and went
      out into the forest.
      "I have to get my head straight." Thought Creed. "Use this to my
      advantage. If our information is correct, that mutant fits the power
      description of one of the X-men. I can only pray that's true. That
      would be an incredible coup. He'll tell me all I need to know, or
      else…And if he doesn't, we'll get what we can from the kids, or from
      Mystique… Now, what did that little girl call this guy…? Professor
      something…Drake, was it? Why does that name sound familiar?"

      " I bet you were feeling pretty good about yourself back there,
      weren't you? Well, I guess us lowly humans have the upper hand on
      you now. And don't even think about making a move, or this nice
      little girl gets it."
      Iceman sat on a chair, blindfolded, his hands tied behind his back.
      The only sounds in the room were the man's endless litany of
      harassing words, and Paige's periodic sobs. Suddenly, he felt a
      painful blow, as the gunman hit Iceman in the face with the back of
      his gun. The young X-man fell down on the floor, chair and all.
      "When Creed gets here, he's gonna take his time with you. He's gonna
      mess you up good, kid."
      He was not paying attention to the man's words, except to get clues.
      Facing death, he decided not to look back with regret. Instead, he
      looked for hope, a way to get out of this dilemma. If he was alone,
      it would be a different story. He did not know how much a bullet
      could harm him in ice form, but he would risk it if it meant a
      chance to escape. He needed to find Rogue, save the Guthries and God
      knows who else possibly being held here. But the gunman's voice came
      from the same direction as Paige's cries. Any attempt at escaping
      would most likely spell death for Paige, and that was a risk he
      found himself unable to take. Besides, Creed would want to
      interrogate him, find out everything about the X-men and their
      school. Iceman could lie, give him false information, and occupy him
      just enough to give the other X-men a chance of getting here. That
      is, if one of the kids had not erased the phone messages by mistake,
      which had happened several times before. Iceman quickly threw out
      that last thought. No, the X-men would hear his message. All he had
      to do was try to buy some time, and act only if there was a way to
      do so without unduly risking innocent lives.
      "What's going on?" a female voice said.
      "What are you doing here? I don't think you are allowed to see this
      stuff yet."
      "Well, if you didn't notice, we are kind of short on thugs right
      now. Creed just wanted me to check on the situation here."
      "It's all under control."
      "Okay. I'll go tell him."
      After a few seconds of silence, Iceman heard a blunt sound, followed
      by a thud.
      "Are you okay?" he heard the female voice again.
      "Yeah…" Paige responded
      The blindfold was suddenly removed and Iceman looked up at his
      "Rogue!" She was holding a metal piece of pipe in her hand.
      "Hi. I'm sorry it took me so long to rescue you."
      "I'm just happy you did!" Iceman responded while Rogue freed his
      Suddenly his face turned pale.
      "Have you seen Sam?"
      "Guthrie? No, is he here too?"
      "I told him to run away…Oh God, I hope they did not catch him…"
      "My brother?" Paige said, fear stamped in her voice.
      "Don't worry, we'll find him." Rogue reassured her. She looked at
      Iceman, her eyes pleading, as if silently telling him: "…right?".
      "Yes, but first we have to come up with a plan to get out of here."
      "Wait, we can't leave yet."
      "I'll brief you on the way, and you can tell me what is going on
      Iceman turned towards Paige.
      "Paige, I need you to change your skin into the strongest, most
      resistant material that comes to your mind. Can you do that for me?"
      "Yes". The girl said, shedding her outer skin for a layer of
      stone. "Done".
      Meanwhile, Rogue had tied up and gagged the unconscious gunman.
      "Follow me." Rogue said
      "Where are we going?"
      "Wait. We'll talk when we get there…there's FOH inside the building."
      They walked quickly, as quietly as they could manage. Every time
      they heard voices, they hid. Finally, Rogue led them into an office
      room with a desk and a computer. Iceman locked the door while Rogue
      started up the computer.
      "This is Creed's computer. I was finally able to get into it, and
      have managed to copy some of the files in it. Before we get out of
      here, I need to finish copying them."
      Rogue put a CD in the computer and started to copy files into it.
      "What's in them?" Iceman asked.
      "Everything. Well, almost. Creed has been planning something big,
      something only his inner circle knows about…and those files have an
      additional password that I haven't figured out yet…I'm guessing
      Creed's big plan has something to do with why you and the Guthries
      are here?"
      "Sort of. I don't know all the details either. All I know is that
      Creed is planning to destroy the school. I came here to find you,
      and kind of stumbled on the rest."
      "How did you find out Creed's plan?"
      "My brother, but that's a long story."
      "Your brother?" Rogue asked surprised. "…so, where are the rest of
      the X-men?"
      Iceman lowered his voice so Paige could not hear.
      "I could not get a hold of any of them, so I left a message in the
      answering machine."
      "What? You're serious?"
      "Afraid so. That's why we have to hurry up and get out of here. We
      don't know if we have backup, and it won't take them long to figure
      out I escaped."
      "I understand, but these files will ensure that Creed is convicted
      for what he's done. He's a lot worse than what we initially thought."
      "I know."
      "You do? Did you know he hired the people responsible for the New
      Orleans Mutant Massacre?"
      "What? No, I didn't know."
      "I'm sure you don't know this either." Rogue showed Iceman a
      computer folder called `Mutant Info'. "Creed has files on many
      mutants, including the X-men." She opened the folder, revealing a
      list of documents. "Look". She pointed to one in particular: `Ice
      mutant-unknown'. She opened the document, which had excerpts of
      interviews from people at Alcatraz. The interviews revealed the
      presence of a mutant that could control ice, `presumably a member of
      the X-men'. Under `Name' it only said `Unknown'.
      "At least he doesn't know who you are." Rogue said
      "Oh no…" Iceman shook his head, and looked at Paige.
      "Oh…" Paige understood. "I called you by your name, didn't I?"
      "It's ok, Paige. I called you by your name too, remember? It was
      instinct, no time to think. Besides, Creed had almost passed out by
      then. Maybe he didn't hear it….It doesn't matter, because when we
      get this information to the authorities, he'll be imprisoned for a
      long time."
      "There's more." Rogue interrupted. She pointed to another
      entry: `Sabertooth'. Opening the document, she scrolled down to a
      scan of a newspaper. It talked about the death of a young woman
      named Minerva Walker. According to the article, the woman showed
      signs of having been killed by a wild beast.
      "So Sabertooth killed that woman?"
      "Apparently. And look at this." Rogue grabbed a photo from Creed's
      desk; a young woman smiling in a sunny day. She took the picture out
      of the frame and showed it to Iceman. Behind it, he read the
      words: "With all my love, Minerva".
      "That's her then?"
      "Yes, she was Creed's girlfriend. Now look at this."
      In Sabretooth's document, Iceman read: "Name- Victor Creed".
      "Creed? Are they related?"
      "They were brothers, Bobby."
      "Whoa. So Graydon Creed's brother, Sabertooth, killed Creed's
      "His brother, a mutant, killed his girlfriend."
      "That explains things then."
      "But it doesn't justify anything."
      "Of course not."
      The words "his brother, a mutant…" still reverberated in Iceman's
      head. His thoughts went to Ronny, hoping he was still okay.
      "Can we go already?" Paige said impatiently.
      "Almost done…and…done." Rogue replied.
      "Let's go, then." Iceman exclaimed.
      At that exact instant, the door of Creed's office was kicked open.
      "Duck!" was all Iceman could say before a barrage of bullets flew
      their way. He quickly created an ice wall between the gunmen and
      them. Iceman looked towards Rogue and Paige.
      "We're okay." Rogue said. The three of them were on the floor behind
      Creed's desk. Visible cracks started to criss-cross the ice wall.
      Iceman tried to stop them as quickly as they formed, but had no idea
      how long he could keep doing it.

      Graydon Creed stood behind the gunmen with a smile in his face. He
      knew the mutants were trapped. And he knew that the girl who had
      called herself Rose was helping them. All three of them would soon
      be captured and dealt with.
      He looked on as the ice wall cracks got bigger, interconnecting with
      each other, until the wall crumbled loudly.
      "Move in, carefully!" he ordered. The men walked into the office,
      machine guns in hand, towards the other side of the crumbled ice
      wall. Once they got there, they stopped.
      "Sir? You better look at this"
      Creed walked in angrily.
      "What?" he asked. Creed looked behind his desk and saw only the
      "Where the hell are they?"
      The men just shrugged their shoulders.

      Just outside the building, Iceman thanked the person responsible for
      their sudden escape.
      "Thanks, Kitty." He said
      "You're welcome."
      Kitty Pryde had phased into the office from the outside, and had
      phased the three of them out to safety.
      "Are the others here too?" Rogue asked
      "See for yourselves." Kitty replied.
      Suddenly they noticed that a heavy fog covered the area. Shots were
      heard. Creed and his men exited the building, only to find
      visibility outside down to almost zero.
      "They're here somewhere! Shoot them!" Creed commanded.
      The gunmen started shooting into the mist blindly, while Creed
      yelled in a panic.
      Lightning suddenly started falling from the sky, hitting gunman
      after gunman. A figure dressed in black hovered above, somewhat
      hidden by the fog. Almost effortlessly, Storm took out most of the
      FoH. The rest of the men panicked and started to run into the woods.
      Creed watched as two of them suddenly flew back out of the woods,
      landing hard only a few feet from him.
      "What the hell?" he thought. Creed ran to his car, and stepped
      inside. Nervously, he tried to put the key in the ignition, but his
      trembling hands kept missing it. Finally it went in, and the car
      started up. He turned the lights on, and saw right in front of the
      car a large man, with skin that glistened in the headlights. Creed
      watched in panic as the man's hands landed on the hood of the car,
      rocking the whole vehicle and leaving a large dent in the front. The
      motor died. Colossus walked towards the driver's side door and
      proceeded to yank it out of the car.
      "You going somewhere?" he said to Creed.
      Colossus grabbed him by the arm and threw him out of the car. Some
      of the remaining FoH started to shoot at Colossus. Creed used the
      distraction to run towards the woods.
      However, he ran into an angry teenage boy.
      "You Creed?" Sam Guthrie asked. Creed was going to say something,
      but Sam kicked him in the groin. Creed fell on the ground in pain,
      while Sam grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.
      "Where's my sister?" Sam asked.
      "I'm here!" Paige shouted, as she ran towards Sam.
      He let go of Creed to embrace his sister. Iceman, Rogue, Kitty and
      Colossus caught up with them.
      "There might still be some FoH inside the building." Rogue said
      "I'll take care of that." Colossus replied, and headed towards the
      building. Storm landed next to Creed, and the other X-men joined her.
      "It's over." She exclaimed.
      By now, Creed had managed to stand up. He was surrounded by the X-
      men and his men were defeated.
      "It's not over. I have followers. Even if I'm gone, they'll continue
      the fight." He said defiantly.
      "And we'll be there to stop them." Iceman replied. Creed turned
      towards him.
      "Really? We're not so different, you and me…Mr. Drake."
      "What are you talking about?"
      "I know now why you came here…the boy at the rally, I hardly
      remembered his name. He was your brother, wasn't him? You found out
      I killed your brother and you came to kill me for it."
      "Your brother's dead?" Rogue asked Iceman, surprised. Iceman only
      nodded to her silently. Having Creed believe that Ronny was dead was
      a good thing, he thought. It would help ensure Ronny's safety.
      "You see? That's all I ever wanted: vengeance for all the innocents
      that you and your people have killed."
      "Wrong again, Creed. We are not the same at all. There's a
      difference between justice and vengeance. I came looking for
      justice. And with the information we got from your computer, I'm
      going to get it. There're going to expose you for what you are and
      lock you away…You, on the other hand, what did you get from your
      supposed quest for vengeance? Only a poisoned life full of hate.
      Face it, you've become the same type of monster that your brother
      "How did you…no, no, NO! You motherf…"
      "Shut up, Creed" Iceman said, as he once more closed Creed's mouth
      shut with a blast of ice. Creed had been silenced, the only question
      was for how long.
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