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Every Ending is Just another Beginning (PG) 1-1

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  • Linda J
    Every Ending is Just Another Beginning By Linda J. Rated: PG13 Verse/Timeline: Movie/directly following X3 Summary: No longer a member of the Brotherhood,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2006
      Every Ending is Just Another Beginning
      By Linda J.
      Rated: PG13
      Verse/Timeline: Movie/directly following X3
      Summary: No longer a member of the Brotherhood, Sabretooth now works
      for the US government as a bounty hunter. His latest mission: track
      down Erik Lensherr.
      DISCLAIMER: They ain't mine; they ain't making me and money

      So there he sat in the park, the once mighty man of magnetism. His
      followers- scampered away like mice; his dearest friend- dead; his
      woman- turned into the enemy; and his powers- gone. He was alone in
      every sense of the word; alone, dejected and depressed. For the past
      several days Erik had contemplated suicide, but no matter how low
      his spirits were, he would not take the coward's way out. He was so
      depressed that he could have sworn he was even beginning to imagine
      his powers were returning; nothing to be sure of, just that old
      familiar tingly feeling when he came close to metal. He was certain
      this feeling was all in his head, of course, yet Erik reminded
      himself one must always keep on optimistic attitude. `Damn you
      Charles,' Erik grumbled to himself. `Now I'm thinking like you.'
      Slowly, and not without a great deal of doubt, Erik stared at the
      metallic chess pieces sitting motionless in front of him. With only
      a trickle of hope Eric focused all his concentration on the king and
      raised his hand. Success! He watched the piece wiggle ever so
      slightly then, stop. He waited a moment or two before giving it a
      second try, but this time the king remained still. A little
      disappointed, but far from discouraged, Erik felt a small smile of
      satisfaction grace his face. He was about to try once more when out
      of nowhere he felt a large and heavy hand slap him across the back
      of his head. The blow wasn't hard enough to knock him out, but it
      did make him see stars.
      "Hey Mags," he heard an all too familiar voice say as a large and
      fearsome looking man sat down across the table from him. "Long time
      no see."
      "Victor Creed," Erik said the man's name distastefully, "and just
      when I thought things were looking up." The old man studied the
      menacing-looking giant as he stretched out and rested his right leg
      on a nearby chair. Wearing a nicely tailored blue suit and extremely
      dark sunglasses, Erik's one-time loyal devotee had obviously been
      doing well for himself. For a moment or so they sat there staring at
      each other with blank faces.
      "Are you going to kill me?" Erik asked in an almost apathetic tone.
      The man said nothing as he continued to stare at Erik with his arms
      folded over his chest. Then softly he shook his head just slightly
      and frowned.
      "Death's too good for you Mags, or is it Erik now?" Erik's blood
      boiled with fury knowing there was nothing he could do to put his ex-
      lackey in his place.
      "Tell me something Victor," Erik's tone made the man's name sound
      profane. "Did you take "the cure" voluntarily or was it forced onto
      you as was the case with me?"
      "Oh, most people still call me Sabretooth," the man boasted and
      leaned in toward Erik lowering his sunglasses far enough to reveal
      his wholly blackened eyes.
      "See Erik," Victor mocked Erik's tone, "I'm one of those who got to
      have his cake and eat it too."
      "How ironic," Erik's eyes narrowed and twitched a bit. "So tell me,
      who paid for your obedience classes? Did that preacher woman pass
      around a collection plate and raise the money that way?" Erik's
      insult didn't seem to infuriate Victor but rather it brought an
      instant grin of satisfaction to his face.
      "It just twists your panties in knots knowing you never really had
      me under your thumb, don't it Erik?" he taunted the old man. "You of
      all people should know- I ain't nobody's pet!"
      "So you say," Erik sighed and folded his arms over his chest. "Well
      at least someone finally got you to wear something else besides
      those leather rags of yours. Pity they couldn't talk you into
      shaving that fur off your face or perhaps into getting a decent hair
      "Oh you don't like my braid?" Sabretooth faked a pout, reaching
      behind him and stroking his long blond braid. Erik offered no reply
      and for another moment or so the two men continued to quietly stare
      at each other waiting to see what the other would do or say next.
      Sabretooth decided he finally had enough of this staring contest and
      spoke what was on his mind.
      "What you did to her was pretty shitty, you know."
      "You've seen Raven?" Erik's demeanor seemed to perk up a bit as he
      asked interestedly.
      "Who the hell do you think she called after you kicked her to the
      curb?" Sabretooth growled.
      "I don't need to explain myself to you!" Erik angrily snapped. "She
      became one of –them; if she had been the one in charge, she would
      have done the same to me."
      "You think so, huh?" Vic mocked with an awkward smile as he started
      itching under his collar. Then he seemed to want to drop the subject
      altogether. "So what you been up to lately?"
      "What?" Erik shook his head, not sure he heard Victor's question
      "Whatcha been doing lately? Keeping busy, aye?" Erik couldn't tell
      if the felinoid was being facetious or not.
      "So you came all this way, wearing that uncomfortable suit just to
      mock me?" Erik asked as he began to collect his chess pieces from
      the board. But suddenly Victor reached down and picked up the other
      king and began to study the piece. Erik stopped and looked to see
      what the old familiar thug was doing.
      "I just realized something Mags, you and me never played a game, did
      we? Then again…" Sabretooth teased, taking off his sunglasses and
      looking hard at Erik. "Ah, checkers is more my game anyways. Wanna
      know why?"
      Erik huffed and shrugged his shoulders. "Why?"
      Victor put the chess piece down and explained. "'Cause you just keep
      moving those little guys around and when one of them makes it to the
      other end of the board, he's turned into a king!"
      "It doesn't take much strategy for that, now, does it?" Erik
      fearlessly ridiculed and returned to gathering the pieces. "Sorry
      Victor, but I didn't bring any checkers with me, so I guess we won't
      be playing any games today either."
      Sabretooth frowned and put his glasses back on. "You think I put
      this damn monkey suit on just to come here and give you a hard
      time?" Erik stopped what he was doing and groaned.
      "Well, are you going to get to the point or not!" he demanded.
      "I did already!" Sabretooth growled. "I asked you `Are you busy?'"
      Erik paused for a moment; he knew Victor wasn't much on making
      jokes, and finally he gave in and answered irritably.
      "How can you possibly assume I've been busy? Everything I worked for
      is gone. Everyone I ever counted on, including you, has forsaken me.
      All there is for me now is to come to the park; so other than an
      occasional challenge to a chess game -oh yes, there's always feeding
      the pigeons, and avoiding being arrested, there's little else
      occupying my time."
      "You're not taking `retirement' very well, are you, Mags?"
      Sabretooth mused.
      "You suppose?" Erik responded sarcastically.
      "Hmmm," the pleased felinoid almost seemed to purr as he looked off
      into the distance, seemingly to ponder Erik's situation.
      "It's a brand new world Erik, I'm sure you've been keeping up with
      the news. It's nothing but love for us mutants now."
      "Is that so? Well I'm NOT a mutant, not any more," he added with a
      bit of venom. "So why would I care?"
      Sabretooth nodded. "You think it'll last?"
      "Of course not!" Erik chortled.
      "Well you're probably right, and the President agrees."
      "The President? So I take it then you working for him now?" Erik
      repeated sarcastically. "Yes, I heard he was handing out pardons
      like they were Halloween candy. You must be very proud of yourself
      working for an institution you once despised to the core."
      "Yeah, ain't life a hoot?" Sabe remarked while he paused, tugging
      uncomfortably on his tie.
      "Ever hear of a place called Genosha?" he added.
      "Yes." Erik then cautiously added, "I'm under the impression they're
      NOT as mutant-friendly as the United States."
      "Now that's an understatement! It's common knowledge that they allow
      mutant slavery over there." Sabe's serious voice hinted of
      concern. "The UN's been trying to break their backs with all that
      sanctions crap and such, but they're a pretty rich damn country so
      they've basically told the Pres and Hank McCoy to piss up a rope."
      "And you're telling me all this –why?" Erik huffed impatiently.
      Finally fed up with the tie, Sabretooth ripped it off and tossed it
      on the ground and unbuttoned the top two buttons on his white shirt.
      "Hank's putting together a fact-finding committee to go to Genosha
      and find out what the hell is really happening to the mutant
      population over there. Lucky for you, the one Hank picked to lead
      this committee thinks you should come along as well."
      "A fact-finding committee?" Erik repeated dryly. "I see no reason to
      involve myself with that sort of colossal waste of time. Be a good
      messenger boy and tell your President that I'm not interested."
      Sabretooth began to chuckle and grin like the Cheshire cat.
      "See, here's the situation, Mags. I'm not some messenger boy; I'm a
      bounty hunter, and Uncle Sam's got a sweet price on your head. It's
      just that I like to keep myself… abreast (that's the word ain't it
      Mags?), on things and I know for a fact that you're going to be
      offered this job after I bring you in."
      "Indeed," he sighed. "So who exactly is the leader of this
      Sabe was still smiling widely, pausing for a dramatic
      moment. "Mystique."
      Erik felt his heart skip a beat. "Mystique? And she's still going by
      her true name?"
      "Only among her close friends, like me for instance; so I recommend
      you call her Raven, or better yet, Miss Darkholme, when you see her
      again." Sabretooth waited a moment to see how Erik would take the
      news of knowing that Mystique was now working for the government
      instead of against it.
      "So we doing this the easy way and you come along peacefully, or
      should I assume you're still a stubborn jackass?" he asked as he
      rapped his talons on the table top.
      "A fact-finding committee you say?" Erik repeated once more,
      sounding no more encouraged then the first time.
      `Then again,' he thought to himself. If indeed his powers were
      returning and this country Genosha was oppressing its entire mutant
      race, what better place than there to rebuild his army?
      "Perhaps it's time for an old jackass like me to learn to adapt to
      this `new world'." Erik spoke up optimistically for once.
      "Fine, I'll go peacefully; no point bloodying that nice suit of
      yours on my account. Now the law abiding citizens of this city can
      rest knowing that you have spared them from my terrible wrath," Erik
      mocked as he stood up to leave with Victor.
      Sabretooth nudged the old man slightly as he made him walk in
      front. "You know something Erik? I always thought you were the
      biggest damn drama queen I ever met! Now shut up so I can read you
      your rights! God, it felt good saying that!"
      THE END
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