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FIC: What End Waits (Summers in a Sea of Glory 2/10)

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  • Mo
    “Just fucking make up your mind.” Logan said it in a low growl. “It’s not that simple,” Scott replied. “Sure it is.” “There’s a lot to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2006
      “Just fucking make up your mind.” Logan said it in a
      low growl.

      “It’s not that simple,” Scott replied.

      “Sure it is.”

      “There’s a lot to consider before – ”

      “Fuck that. There’s bugger all to consider.” Voice
      rising now as he continued. “Just one thing. One
      question. Do you want her or don’t you? If you do,
      ask her. If you don’t, stop jerking her – and the
      rest of us – around.”

      Scott opened his mouth to reply again, but Charles
      stepped in before he could. “I agree with Cyclops.”
      Logan looked up, surprised, as if he’d forgotten that
      he and Scott were not the only people in the room.
      “This is not an easy decision and not one to be made
      precipitously,” the professor continued.

      “You’re making this too simple,” Ethan Leeds chimed
      in, agreeing with the other two. “It’s often one of
      your strengths, Logan. You know how to unloose the
      Gordian knots – you manage to cut through unnecessary
      complexity and see the simple solutions.”

      “Unnecessary bullshit, you mean.”

      Ethan smiled. “That, too. But not all complexity is
      bullshit, and this time I think the problem is more
      complex than you are recognizing.”

      Professor Xavier nodded. “Cassandra has powers that
      are potentially of great benefit to the team. On the
      other hand, we have other factors to consider before
      we offer her a place on the X-Men.”

      “What other factors?”

      “Morale. Unit cohesion,” Scott answered, calmly, in
      spite of the belligerent tone in which Logan had asked
      the question. “Her powers are useful to us, but
      they’re also unsettling to the team. I don’t know
      that the rest of them are going to accept a precog who
      only predicts catastrophes.”

      “And there’s Cassandra’s emotional state to consider,
      as well,” Ethan Leeds weighed in. “She’s still
      dealing with the trauma of what happened in Vermont.
      Cassandra is still adjusting to the huge changes she’s
      undergone in the past year. She’s working on coming
      to terms with the loss of her livelihood and home in
      Washington, working on developing a new view of
      herself, reflected by her new name. She’s still not
      entirely comfortable with her mutant status
      altogether. Obviously I can’t go into details, but I
      know it’s no surprise to anyone in this meeting that
      she’s an emotionally fragile individual. Cassandra
      has been through a great deal of trauma in recent
      months. I can’t really vouch for whether or not she’s
      emotionally healthy enough to be on a team like the

      “Fuck that. If ‘emotionally healthy’ was a
      requirement to join this outfit, there wouldn’t be any
      X-Men at all,” Logan snorted. “The Professor there
      would be a one-man combat team. Well, maybe Jean,
      too, at least before the Phoenix got into her. But
      aside from the two of them, the X-Men have always been
      a bunch of nutcases and wackos. Take a look around.”

      “We asked you to join this meeting, Wolverine,” Scott
      emphasized Logan’s codename slightly, “because
      Cassandra has been training with you. We wanted you
      to give us a clearer picture of her combat-readiness.
      You were not invited here to comment on her mental
      health, or that of the rest of the team.” Logan
      didn’t respond. “If you don’t have anything
      productive to contribute to the meeting, you might as
      well leave now,” he added, coldly.

      Logan stood up and began to walk out, but Charles
      stopped him. “No, don’t go,” he said. Logan stopped
      where he was, but didn’t return, didn’t sit down. He
      stood there looking at Charles, waiting to see what
      happened next.

      Charles turned to Scott. “Where did that come from?
      How are we to come to an informed decision without
      Logan’s input? What is happening with you two?” He
      looked from Scott to Logan and back, but neither man
      answered. “I haven’t had to deal with this kind of
      conflict between you in years. I don’t want to be
      dealing with it now. You both have more important
      things to do.” He looked from one to the other.
      “This is an unsettling time for us all, I recognize.
      I look to you, Cyclops, to lead the team – not only
      with orders, but by example. And,” turning to Logan
      now, “I’m looking for your support. Whatever your
      differences are, settle them privately. Outside of
      this meeting.”

      Professor X’s words and tone left little room for
      argument. Logan rejoined the others, sitting down
      next to Ethan, without looking at Scott. Tension had
      clearly not dissipated, but the meeting got back on
      track, with all four men weighing in on Cassandra’s
      suitability as a member of the team, each offering his
      own information and expertise. A tentative consensus
      emerged, a belief that the precog was potentially an
      X-Man, but not ready at this point to be a
      full-fledged team member. Her combat skills were not
      sufficient for the task, and there was still concern
      about her emotional stability and consequent ability
      to function in high stress situations. It was agreed
      that Cyclops would talk to her, explaining that they
      would like her to join the main team after further
      preparation and training (and, implying but not
      explicitly stating, that further therapy would be a
      good thing as well). In the meantime she would be
      asked to assist in non-combat assignments and would
      continue her combat training with Logan.

      Logan left abruptly when the meeting was finished.
      Scott, in the midst of a conversation with Charles,
      excused himself and followed him. “Can we talk?” he
      asked, catching up to Logan as he entered the elevator
      down to the subterranean secure areas of the mansion.
      Scott watched as Logan silently punched in the code
      for the Danger Room, and added, “Come on. You haven’t
      spoken to me – outside of meetings – since Vermont.
      What’s going on? What did I do? Why are you so mad?
      Tell me.”

      “I got nothing to say to you.”

      Scott strode alongside him, anyway. “Why?” he asked,
      as they got out of the elevator, looking around to
      verify that they were alone in the Danger Room. Logan
      went over to the simulator console and started keying
      in a simulation sequence, but Scott persisted. “Why
      suddenly nothing to say to me? Nothing to do with me?
      It’s obvious to everybody. Even Charles is noticing
      it. Suddenly you’re just pissed off at me all the
      time. What’s going on? Is it because of Jean? I told
      you it’s over between her and me. Don’t you believe

      Logan turned towards him. Scott thought he was about
      to speak, but not a word was uttered. He just grabbed
      Scott by the shoulders and kissed him, roughly,
      pushing his tongue deep in Scott’s mouth. Logan’s
      hands moved from Scott’s shoulders down his back,
      cupping the cheeks of his ass as his tongue explored
      the inside of Scott’s mouth. Still saying nothing, he
      broke off from the kiss and pushed the younger man
      down to his knees with one hand, unzipping his fly
      with the other.

      Scott thought to resist, to insist that Logan at least
      speak to him first, tell him what he was angry about.
      But he suddenly realized that he wanted Logan more
      than he wanted to talk to him. In fact, at that
      moment there was nothing he wanted more than Logan’s
      cock in his mouth. And it was pretty clear that that
      was exactly what he was going to get. Logan held his
      erect dick in his hand, pulling Scott’s head towards
      him. Scott opened his mouth.

      Logan pushed in hard, holding Scott by the back of the
      head and thrusting in again and again, fucking his
      face. Scott hung on to his lover’s legs, opening his
      lips and his throat and letting himself be used. He
      sucked hard as Logan pounded into him fast and deep,
      pushing so hard it wasn’t clear whether he was doing
      this for his own sexual satisfaction or to hurt Scott.
      Maybe both, Scott thought. But just as that idea
      came to him the rhythm changed, and Logan was sliding
      in and out of his mouth more slowly, almost gently.
      No longer just a receptacle, Scott started to feel
      like they were doing something together now. He
      stroked him with his tongue, using his lips, too,
      hands reaching eagerly now to touch Logan’s thighs and
      balls. Sucking, kissing, licking and stroking –
      offering love and need and desire with hands and
      mouth. Logan’s hands became gentle, too, fingers
      playing with Scott’s hair instead of holding him in

      And he was talking. Not making much sense, but
      speaking in a soft, fond tone Scott hadn’t heard in
      some time, saying his name and words of encouragement.
      “Ah, Scott,” he said, “You got it. Like that. So
      good.” Scott felt hot, warm, loving. He had a
      profound sense of relief to know that Logan still
      wanted him, maybe even loved him. He wanted nothing
      more at this moment than to please Logan. He wanted
      this feeling, this connection between them, to last
      forever. He kissed and licked and sucked,
      exhilarating in the taste and feel of Logan in his
      mouth, the sound of Logan in his ears. He took him in
      deep, then pulled back, kissing and licking the head
      of Logan’s cock. Then pulled him in again,
      controlling the movements now, sure he was giving
      Logan what he needed, as Logan’s breathing got harder
      and louder and his words fell apart into incoherent

      He stayed there on the floor after Logan came, leaning
      against his legs, savoring the taste in his mouth and
      the feel of Logan’s fingers, still stroking his hair,
      still gentle.

      Then he wasn’t gentle anymore. He pushed Scott away
      from him with a roughly casual motion, not as if he
      were trying to hurt him, but like someone pushing an
      object out of his way. Logan zipped up his fly and
      straightened up. He walked back to the simulator
      console he’d been working at when Scott came in.


      “What?” He turned on the simulator, not looking at

      “Do you have to do that right now?”

      Logan stopped, turned to face him. “What? You want me
      to do you?”

      “Well, yeah. But I want you to talk to me, too.”

      “I told you. I got nothing to say to you.”

      “I’m going to tell her. About you and me, that is.
      Just not yet.”

      “I don’t care what you do. None of my business – you
      and her.” They stood facing each other, not saying
      anything. After a minute, Logan said, “Do you want me
      to suck you?” He moved closer, began to stroke Scott
      through his pants, whispered in his ear. “Or I could
      fuck you. That always gets you off, doesn’t it?” He
      kissed Scott on the side of his neck, still rubbing
      him with his hand, unzipping him now and reaching
      inside his pants. “You like my big dick pushing in
      you, don’t you?”

      Scott nodded, letting himself be pushed to the floor
      again. Logan was pulling at Scott’s clothes and his
      own with an impatience bordering on urgency. He
      pulled some Vaseline off a nearby shelf and slicked
      his cock with it, grunting happily at the sight of
      Scott waiting for him on hands and knees, pants pooled
      on the floor. And then Logan was in him, pushing hard
      and fast, his hand rubbing Scott as his cock stroked
      him inside.

      Scott came hard, Logan’s cock shoved deep inside,
      Logan’s adamantium-laced body heavy on him. “She
      can’t do that for you,” he heard, right in his ear, as
      the orgasm overtook him. And then, in seconds, Logan
      was off of him and back at the console. By the time
      Scott had stood up and come over to Logan, he was in
      the midst of setting up a complicated simulation for
      one of his classes. Scott tried to speak to him
      again, get him to stop what he was doing, but this
      time he seemed less willing to be persuaded.

      “It is your business. Of course it’s your business.
      I’m in love with you. I’m not with Jean anymore.”
      Logan continued working on the simulator controls.
      Scott came up behind him, pressed against Logan, put
      his arms around him, sliding one hand into his shirt.
      He held him close like that, kissed him gently on the
      back of the neck. Logan said nothing, but his hands
      dropped from the simulator and he leaned back into
      Scott’s embrace. “She knows it’s over,” Scott said,
      after a while.

      Logan turned around. “How would she know that?”

      “I told her. Well, I think she already figured it
      out. I wasn’t exactly acting towards her like she was
      my fiancée since she came back. She knew something
      was up. But I did tell her she and I are through. I
      haven’t told her about you, but I told her that.”
      Logan didn’t respond. “I’m going to tell her the
      rest. It’s just that it’s bound to be hard news for
      her – me in love with you. Hearing that I’m in love
      with someone else would be hard, anyway. She’s come
      back from the dead, in a very real sense. And the
      year that we lived through – well, it didn’t happen to
      her. You know that. She was in love with me and
      thought I was in love with her. I was. So, to find
      out that not only is it over but I’m in love with
      somebody else, on top of everything she’s been
      through. It’s too much.

      “And beyond that, she’s got to have a hard time when
      she finds out I’m with a man, after we both thought
      that I was going to stay with her, that that was all
      over for me. I know it’s something she’d worried
      about for years. And then in the last year or so
      before she... disappeared, well we both felt more
      secure. I told her I could do this, marry her, stay
      faithful. I thought I could. So it’s got to be tough
      to find out that however much I meant it at the time –
      and I did – it was ultimately an empty promise. I
      couldn’t love her the way she needed to be loved, the
      way I need to love. But of all men – well, I think
      you might be the hardest for her to hear I’m with.
      Harder still if she hears you’re in love with me,
      too.” He looked down. “Only I wouldn’t say that. I
      don’t even know if it’s true. You said it once, but
      you’ve been acting like you can’t stand me mostly
      since.” Logan turned away from Scott again, hands
      going back to the simulator controls. He didn’t seem
      to be doing anything with them, though. Scott kept
      trying, put his arms around Logan again, whispered in
      his ear. “I love you, Logan. I want us to be a team,
      like we said, a team of two. You’re my best friend,
      my lover. Or you were. Do you still feel that way
      about me? I know you don’t like to talk about this
      stuff much, and I won’t, generally. But tell me now –
      do you love me? Do you even like me anymore?”

      Scott didn’t get to find out if Logan was willing to
      break his silence and answer that question. He heard
      a voice, but not Logan’s. It was louder than any PA
      system and commanding in tone. It was in his head,
      not in his ears. He knew that Logan heard it, too,
      since Charles was addressing them both: “Cyclops,
      Wolverine – to my office at once. In uniform.”

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