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FIC: Reborn [Kitty, Kitty/Bobby] PG

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  • misty_fan_2000
    Fandom: X-Men Movieverse Characters/Pairings: Bobby/Kitty, slight Logan/Marie Canon: Takes place after X3, after the cure has stopped working. Or, at least
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2006
      Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
      Characters/Pairings: Bobby/Kitty, slight Logan/Marie
      Canon: Takes place after X3, after the cure has stopped working. Or,
      at least this is my half-hearted attempt at explaining why Rogue is
      wearing gloves.
      Word Count: 500
      Rating: PG-13
      Summary: After days in the infirmary following a particularly
      hazardous mission, Kitty reopens her eyes.
      Author's Notes: This is meant to be part of something larger, and
      oneday it might be. For now, it's a short, hopefully sweet look at
      Kitty, her friendship with Rogue, her soon-to-be (maybe)
      relationship with Bobby, and...I don't even know, really. Enjoy!

      Empty blackness fades to muted color, and Kitty struggles to open
      her eyes to the harsh, unfamiliar light. Her chest is tight, and her
      breath wedges in her throat as though trying to prevent her heart,
      newly beating, from leaping from her body. A harsh cough, three
      blinks, and colors become shapes, shapes become lines, lines define

      It takes a moment to register the paneled ceiling of the school's
      infirmary, gray and blurry and cold. She has been in here once
      before, and the thought kicks up pixilated images of bone and blood
      from the dust her consciousness. Suddenly she is aware of the
      slicing pain in her right leg, the dull throb of her temple. Slowly,
      she runs a finger along the smooth, metal table, breathes a quick
      sigh of relief that the appendage is still intact.

      Someone is talking to her, she doesn't know who. She turns her neck
      to look, and chokes back tears at the blinding pain that scrapes
      down her spine. Someone's hand is on her forehead, fingers laced
      among her knotted mass of hair, keeping her still. Kitty clenches
      her jaw and nearly bites through her tongue, but she can feel the
      thick fabric of a glove graze her forehead and quickly everything is
      clearer, more focused.

      Rogue's fingers brush strands of hair from her face while her other
      hand remains firm behind Kitty's head. Rogue is saying something,
      something maternal and comforting in that elusive southern accent
      that reminds Kitty of summer thunderstorms and white picket fences.
      Kitty can't quite make out the words, but she can feel Rogue's voice
      in the tremble of her fingers, and wonders why she sounds so scared.

      Everyone gets hurt during missions sometimes, each of them has at
      one point. Kurt has broken an arm, Jubilee a leg, Storm some fragile
      part of her spirit, relieved but never fully recovered. War brings
      casualties, terror precipitates pain. And the X-Men are, if nothing
      else, accustomed to terror.

      But Kitty does, somewhere deep inside her, remember that battle,
      that tight feeling in her chest and pounding in her ears watching a
      murderous Logan race to retrieve Rogue from the clutches of some
      captor, knowing that he would not make it in time. Knowing that she
      could make it first. She remembers running, phasing, pulling hair
      and clenching teeth and noise and blood and a deep, blue sky, but
      nothing beyond that.

      When her eyes focus, Bobby's face materializes from the watercolor
      surroundings in harsh, tense lines. His jaw is sharp, his lips pale,
      and Kitty finds wrinkles along his brow and tension in his cheeks
      that she has never seen before. He catches her eye and smiles
      quickly, but the muscles just above his lip quiver and his breath is
      unsteady and drawn.

      "You're awake."

      He says something else, and Kitty does not hear it. She looks
      instead beyond his tight smile to the corner of his eyes, where the
      beginnings of tears have turned to silver frost.

      Thanks for reading! Please comment if you liked it/didn't like
      it/want to say hi, or whatever. :)
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