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FF: Don't Walk Away [R] Logan/Rogue

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  • Anita Lorenz
    Don t Walk Away (All you gotta do is Stay). E-mail: tosh@opera.iinet.net.au Rating: NC-17 (I honestly intended it to be kiddy-safe, but that went out the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2000
      Don't Walk Away (All you gotta do is Stay).

      E-mail: tosh@...
      Rating: NC-17 (I honestly intended it to be kiddy-safe, but that went out the window).
      Archive: If you have the first parts, go for it.  List archives.
      Classification: Rogue POV  Romance [Logan/Rogue]
      Series: The nameless dancing series.
      Spoilers: The Movie
      Synopsis:  Rogue decides to stay with Logan.
      Disclaimer: All characters copyright Marvel and Fox.
      Feedback: Kiss me, I'm Australian.  That translates to - yes please!

      Author's Note:  This is the last in this series "Dancing" (yes, it has a name now),
      but not the last in the Continuity that is nameless at this time.  I'm writing another series
      to this continuity, and there won't be any dancing or songs in it unless it happens to fit.
      When I make the pages for the stories, it'll make sense.  Trust me.  :)

      Dedication:  Well well well, time again for me to gush.  Well, I dedicate
      this piece to many many people.  Firstly, the folks at the WolverineAndRogue
      mailing list - you guys are the greatest!!  Thank you for nursing me with such kind
      sweet words when I was ill, and looking after my precious plot-bunnies whilst I was
      going through down-time.  Mistiec - I have to thank her every time I spit out a work
      cause darlings - she is the absolute greatest.  She tells me when I've f*cked up, when
      something doesn't work, and man does she ever give me the support.  And yes, the X-Men
      girls I chat with on AOL, Diebin, Messa, and pals - thank you dearly.
      Also, ELO [Electric Light Orchestra] - you are a lot of saps and I love you for it.

      Don't Walk Away.

      Where do I say don't walk away?
      You'll be the way you were before
      When you don't want me anymore

      Don't turn around, don't ever leave
      A lonely room where empty days
      Are gathering to leave me when you're

      Gone... Gone...  How in the world will I go on?

      Don't walk away.  All you gotta do is stay.
      Don't walk away.  All you gotta do is stay.

      Don't walk awaaaay.

      Don't walk away. Don't say goodbye.
      Don't turn around. Don't let it die.

      When shadows fall. When day is done.
      All through the night. All of my life.

      Don't walk away.
      Is it a dream? Ooh when will it end?
      When everything we've ever known.
      Is ended and I'm all alone.

      Where do I go? Where will I be?
      The feelings that I've never shown.
      Maybe I've found the answer when you're

      Gone... Gone...

      How in the world will I go on?

      Don't walk away. All you gotta do is stay.
      Don't walk away. All you gotta do is stay.

      Don't walk awaaaay.

      Don't walk away. Don't say goodbye.
      Don't turn around. Don't let it die.

      When shadows fall. When day is done.
      All through the night. All of my life.

      Don't walk away.

      I tried not to shake all over.  It's kinda hard, ya know?   The man of my absolute dreams wants me to stay.  It's one word, 'stay', but with him it means the world, Ah know.  See this is Logan we're talkin' about here.  Solitary soul, rugged abbrasive fellow who pretends to need no one.  Except tonight, he looked into my eyes and said he needed me with one word.


      And all I could say, all my body would let me utter was a spellbound 'Okay'.

      When I started this night, hell, this fortnight, I never thought it would end up in this.

      Ah've always adored him.  At first it was just instinctive need, but as I was around him more, in his truck, by his side, some tenderness that he hid shone through to me.  I wasn't sure why I was the one that brought it out in him, Ah was so touched that I was lucky enough to be the one to elicit it.  Maybe Ah look helpless, or somethin'.  I always boiled it down to an innate paternal instinct within him, or sumthin'.

      Until I touched him.

      Then Ah knew.  I could see so clearly then how he needed me.   It surprised me when ah realised that Ah needed him too, I just hadn't noticed.  It felt so natural, that it slipped me by.  Ya know?   Well I do, now.

      Ah touched him.   He touched me.  I can see burned in his eyes that he knows the sensation of his skin against mine.  I thought I'd never look in those eyes again and see that understanding, after he came back,  cause he flirted with Jean shamelessly, cause he battled himself around me.   Ah never understood what it was, I kinda thought maybe it was me.   Ah knew he liked me around though.   We'd talk, you know.  Jus' during the day.  Eatin' lunch together or somethin'.  I'd always walk away afterwards though, go back to bein' Rogue, the young schoolgirl.  I'd smile nice to Bobby, chit-chat with Jubes and Kitt.  It was mah lahfe.
      I could see him walkin' away too.  A roughness would re-enter his step.  A harshness in his face.  This was somethin' Ah noticed when he was around Jean.  He always wore what Ah called his 'rough' face.  He looked more like a scruffy animal than Logan when he wore that face.   Even though I always knew he was essentially part animal in his psyche, I knew he guarded himself around her, as if he was afraid of her, afraid to show himself, or not comfortable to.  His animal was free around me, therefor tamed. Something in me nurtured the hidden softer side he rarely ever showed. I kinda felt possessive over the fact I was the key to releasing it.

      Ah was kinda excited about the dancing we'd all been doin' lately.  Out there, boppin' away, I felt kinda normal.  Ah liked the way the boys looked at me when I moved.  Call it ego-rush 'r somethin'... Ah dunno.   I'd twice turned Bobby from sweet respectable boy to hungry wolf with a turn of my hips.  The power was intoxicatin'.   Ah never knew I had it, and now that Ah'd gained it I noticed somethin' else - Logan was as susceptible to it as every other boy in the room, 'cept he didn't turn into a wolf.  He was somethin' far more powerful and deadly.

      The rush of exhiliration as I twisted and spun, knowing his eyes followed mah every move, knowin' he was boilin' up inside.  Just a glance at him and Ah could see his agony.  It was a sweet agony though, always sweet, cause he was secretly smilin'.  Ah know - his eyes were twinklin' all nice.

      The last thing I was expectin' was for him to be marchin' over to me and playin' nice music.   Ah guess he didn't like mah dancing or something.

      This was when something between us broke.  He placed his hands on mah body, he made me feel as slight as a dove.  Ah can barely describe it, when someone makes you feel like you're light and agile and elegant.  And his eyes - oh God above - those eyes.  I can close my own and still see his gaze that day.   Branded in mah vision forever, I swear to God.  Ah can still feel his body pressed against mine as we danced.

      The hardness a man has in his body is so unique, it's somethin' Ah savour in my inability to touch another person.  As Logan's body moved, his muscles shifted under his skin, and I could feel the movement so swift and powerful - in of itself seductive.  He moved me, twirled me.  My whole body yawned with the hot frenzy of want.  It was an ache and a heaven at the same time.  I felt myself fallin', forever fallin'.  He'd been in my mahnd, I know what moves him.   Since that synthesis, I never knew what to make of the tender, world-changing place I had in his heart.  I'd nearly fallen over when I woke and felt him inside me, and then that place there.

      Maybe that's whay I'm not worried about his cheeky words and torrid stares at Jean.   I knew inside he was runnin', runnin' from a battle that rahght now, he'd surrendered himself to.  I was okay with it, maybe cause I knew he'd return to me.  Something in me knew he would.

      In a sense, this past fortnight he had returned to me.  He had been struttin' round the school more puffed up than a bull at a show.  All the girls swooned 'cept me cause I knew exactly what he was tryin' to do.  Maybe he didn't realise how deeply my understandin' of him ran.   Ah could feel his eyes on me when he stared at me through the glass doors, his face a subtle scowl, but a glow in his eyes that I knew meant he was happy.   I'd smile back, keepin' him happy, entertainin' myself a tad too I suppose.   Ah didn't wanna let myself get wrapped up in some fantasy.   Mr. Summers' disapproving glares were always in the back of mah mind.

      This is why I was appropriately surprahsed when the Professor let Jubilee put on a more elaborate dance.    Of course I dressed up, more for the attention than anythin'.  Mostly the older kids were left behind during vacation, which was ideal.   No one who hadn't undergone at least half the stages of puberty was present.

      Adult supervision was required.  Hell, with the tensions in the room it was probably a damned good idea.   I knew Logan was revelling in the excuse jus' to watch me dance again.  Not because he was a dirty old letch... well, not entirely.   I think my crazy girlish behaviour brought him some relief.

      Something broke the first dance, all control snapped with this one.  Ah was sick of bein' a good girl.  He was sittin' there, his eyes roving over me.  I could tell I was naked in his head.  Bobby would sidle over, I'd wiggle, and push him away.  The Angel would look to me hopefully, but I'd sigh and turn away.  I only wanted the rough smoky smell of Logan, the towering body, the intense gaze.  Power and possession and flame.

      So damn me to Hell, I took it.  I burst through the bodies, grabbed his hand, and took it.   It was the damnest thing I ever done in my life but God I'm glad I did it, cause it paid off tenfold.  The dance was pure tandem, I knew all his moves like Ah knew how to breathe.  All he had to do was nudge his hand a certain way, and Ah'd spin like he'd want.  Ah could tell it was impressive to see, the dance-floor had cleared a little.  Cyclops was gettin' pretty steamed, and a part a' Logan inside a' me was thrilled.

      I did some really weird shit tonight, ya know.  Me, little sweet Rogue, I was throwin' my body around like a two dollar hooker.  Logan reined me in somehow, makin' it all look graceful with a style of dance long-gone.  I had to wonder if it were some buried memory within him, this dancin'.  Who knows.

      All I know now, is that that was about fifteen minutes ago.  And now I'm in his room, in his arms, and he wants me to stay. I'd been candidly honest, I'd opened myself to him.   I played him a song I never liked to share with anybody.   I just listened to it in my room alone when he left me.  Funny.  I always think of that time as him leaving me, even if he was just off on a mission.   A mission for what, well it'll always be a mystery.  Everyone assumes it's over his identity.  I know different.

      He pulled me into his arms just now, his body kissing mine with a sensuous curve, muscles shifting and clenching against my soft girlish frame.  I can't help but quiver helplessly, knowing how sexual this embrace is, how possessive.  In this move he claimed me, and I can't help but moan a little.  I was his completely.

      He was a little uncertain what to do next, I could see it.  I slid around in his embrace, wrapping his arm around my waist as I bent over to play with the stereo.  I could feel the hot firmness of his groin behind me, and my heart fluttered and skipped into a heavy thump.

      "I- Ah um," I blushed, brushing a platinum lock behind my ear, "Mah Momma loved musicals an' that... 'specially Gene Kelly.  Xanadu had him in it.  Bad movie - you remember it?"

      He shook his head.

      "Not important," I said, finding the spot on the tape and pressing play. "Just a tape of hers I took when Ah left home."

      A steady strong piano with a snare drum stomped out the rhythm.  He cocked a brow.

      "We dancin' more?"

      I smiled softly, "Only if you wanna."

      I could tell he was sick of dancing, but the music seemed to sooth his impatience a little.  He pulled me back into his embrace, and I let my face settle into the rumpled layers of his shirts, the soft of the flannellette tartan brushing my lips as he swayed slowly to the beat, his smell all through the fabric.  I smiled, running my gloved fingers over the lilt of his close shaven neck.  His Adam's Apple bobbed as the tip of my finger skimmed past, his face angling down to meet my own.  His fingers dipped into my hair carefully, rubbing it, feeling it.   I smiled.

      *Where do I say... don't walk away? ... You'll be the way you were before... When you don't want me anymore*

      A delirium fluttered within me, and I clutched him tightly.  He wanted me here, and every time my brain registered the concept, I just felt completely crazy.  I felt like - well - I felt like doing very inappropriate things - or perhaps appropriate things considering the situation.  Not like I had any option to do that.  Disappointment crashed through me, and I think Logan could sense it as my face fell.  He shrouded his hand in my scarf again, tilting my head up.

      His eyes were warm, so gentle and probing.  Hell, he was kissin' me with his eyes.   He cradled my head in the nape of his neck, very carefully of course, his lips pressed against my scalp, my hair saving him from my deadly touch.

      That warmth, that firmness, he never let up.  He rocked me back and forth to the music, his arms caressing me so lightly, roughly, alternate and undecided.  He wanted to be a man, but his animal heart was tormented, so tormented.

      *Don't turn around, don't ever leave
      A lonely room where empty days
      Are gathering to leave me when you're

      Gone... Gone...  How in the world will I go on?*

      Had he felt the ache when I wasn't around?  When he was away.  I stole a look at him as we danced, just seeing the look in his eyes when he didn't think I was payin' attention.  So reverent, so absolute.   I'd played him, I'd enticed him.  I'd feigned innocence and worldliness.  For once tonight, I was uncertain what the hell I'd do next.

      Logan wasn't.



      He responded with slipping an arm to my knees, lifting me up in his arms.  I felt so light, so little.  I gasped, confusion taking me.

      "Logan, what are you doin'?"

      He lay me out on the bed, pullin' off my sandals, hands runnin' up my dress-covered legs, pulling at my scarf that snaked at my belly.

      "Logan," I frowned, "You can't - you can't do anything - even if you wanted-"

      He frowned at me now, kneeling at the end of the bed, shrugging off his denim jacket.

      "Says who?"

      "Well," I swallowed, trying not to get upset, "Says mah skin."

      He gave a wide smile now.  Obviously Ah hadn't remembered ev'rehthin' from his head, cause he knew somethin' I didn't.

      "We'll just have to be creative..."

      He tugged at the edge of the bed, sliding out the thin cotton sheet, flapping it.

      "What're you doing?"

      He sighed, "Jus' shuddup and watch for a minute."

      I nodded dumbly.  He shrouded his hands in the light-blue fabric, placing them on my ankles.   He slid them up slowly, the warmth from his skin seeping through.  My heart was past thumping.  Now it was tremoring, shaking, making my ribcage shudder.  His hands slid up to my thighs, gathering up my skirt with them, a cheekiness in his eyes.  I smiled, glancing away shyly.

      He glanced up to me then, an edge in his gaze that warmed to to the bone.  So easy to see what he wanted to say.  Before he could even open his mouth, I smiled sweetly, nodding to him.

      "It's okay," I whispered, "Go on."

      The firmness of his hands slid up past my hips, my skirt goin' with it, till he peeled my dress up over my head.  For a moment, I was covered in linen, the blue starchy fabric touching my nose and lips.  A warmth nudged through the fabric onto my lips, a dampness growing there only a moment, and my heart raced when I realised he was kissing me.

      Oh God!!  Logan was kissing me.  I could barely feel the world around me, just the warmth at my lips.   The sheet was pulled back, his face blushing.  Ah smiled... obviously he hadn't planned to do that.

      "You gonna leave me guessin'?" I asked him, tilting my head, feeling a little silly with the sheet draped over me.  I think he was scared to pull it down any further.

      "I um, the ah-"  He pointed to the sheet and I tried not to giggle.  Perhaps he'd bitten off more than he could chew.

      My heart was a-thumpin' like crazy, I wondered if I could stay conscious at this rate.  My hands ventured forward, slidin' inside his layers of shirts, red, blue, easing them off till there was the singlette which I quickly relieved him of too.  I had to take a sharp breath in at the sight that beheld me.  Dear Momma... that chest.  I'd nearly forgotten what it looked like... nearly.  Raght now it wasn't as sweaty but damn it was as beautiful.   It wasn't tense and geared for a fight, but it was still breathtaking to see.  His skin looked smooth, it had a delicious lustre that I ached to press my lips to.  I settled for skimming his cheek with the back of my knuckles, feeling his warmth through the glove as I let it descend to his shoulders.   His eyes were fixed to mine, a little fear in them... mostly hunger.

      He kicked off his boots as I fiddled with the buckle of his belt, my eyes having a hard time stayin' there with so much hairy chest in my face.  I could feel my pulse in my throat, and my lips were burning and itching.  I wanted contact, so damn badly.  I needed it!   I just wanted to bury mah face and hands in that chest, get lost in his arms, let his skin cover me completely.  His hands were at my sides now, still covered in linen, mine were still at his damn fiddly belt, shakin' like leaves in Fall.

      I felt my cheeks grow red, a soft smile on his face as he caressed my hips.  I bit my lip, frowning and lookin' up at him.

      "How the hell do you get this thing off?"

      "Just lift it up off the buckle, it's only hooked on."

      "It's stuck!" I hissed, tugging at it roughly, the denim from his crotch pullin' up as I yanked.

      "AAhh!" Logan's eyes flashed in pain and he grabbed my hand, "CAREful... honey careful..."

      The blush in my cheeks went white-hot as Ah let go, the warmth in me turning sickly. Embarrassment rampaged through me, Ah felt myself shudderin' all over.  I turned away, scootin' off the bed.   Ah dunno where the hell I thought I was goin' just dressed in a sheet, but I didn't wanna look at Logan.  I couldn't believe I just did such a stupid thing.  I felt four years old. Ah swear!  I felt the hotness all over mah body in my eyes, and I swore under my breath as I realised I was cryin'.


      There was a hand at my sheet-clad shoulder, tryin' to turn me around.  I wouldn't let him, I didn't wanna see into those sweet hazel eyes, didn't wanna feel embarrassed about this whole thing.  What the hell was I doin' here - I'm a kid!

      "Marie look at me."

      I felt him turn me around and I glared at him.

      "Hey," he repeated, his voice soft with a gravelly touch, those eyes as intense and warm as I expected, rocking me totally, "It's okay... it's just an accident."

      I could only shake my head, tears spilling down my cheeks.

      He frowned, a dark line creasing between his brows and he shook his head. "What's wrong?"

      "It's just," I rolled my lips, a sob heaving my chest a moment, "I wish - I wish I could just-"

      I didn't even have to finish.  He wrapped me carefully in the sheet, pulling my into an embrace, the thin film of fabric seperating my face from his skin.  He held me tightly, pressing his lips to my head.

      "Some people can touch all over," he said in a low, rough, tender tone, "But they'll never know this... what we have."

      I looked up to him, rubbing a tear from my eyes, "And what exactly do you suppose we have, Logan?"

      His hand cradled my jaw from behind the sheet wrapped around me, "What do you think?"

      "Love?" I said with a narrowing of my eyes, derision in my tone, "Is that what I'm meant to say?"

      "Depends on how you feel, Marie."

      I closed my eyes, a tear spilling down my face as he said my name again, in that low rumbling growl that now, when I had so little on, just rattled right through me like a freight train.  I leant against him, letting my head fall safely against his sheet-shrouded chest.

      "How can you love me if you can't touch me, can't kiss me?"

      "You know me," he said simply, hand stroking my hair, "You're of me.  That's all I need."

      I had to give a soft laugh at his choice of words, and I looked up to him.  "Yeah but does that mean it's love? Lahke proper-"

      He grabbed my hand, pressing his lips hotly to the palm, eyes meeting mine, "Does it feel like it?"

      With my heart pounding in my throat with the feathery touch I felt through the glove, I nodded shakily.

      "Yes Logan, yes it does."

      He slid his lips to the pulsing flat of my wrist, letting them caress me there for a long moment before looking up at me with those burning hazel eyes.

      "Then it is," he said.

      To my surprahse, that silly song was still going.  I let the words run through my head again.

      *Where do I go? Where will I be?
      The feelings that I've never shown.
      Maybe I've found the answer when you're

      Gone... Gone...*

      Ah think when you think you're in love, or you are in love (hell I'm so damned topsy turvy I dunno which I am), songs - even the dumbest ones on the radio you can't stand - they all make sense.  This one wasn't that bad, it always seemed overly sentimental and sappy, but raght now it was makin' sense.  I knew then mah head wasn't right.

      Logan lay me back down on the bed, finally slippin' off his pants.  I felt kinda weird, seein' him do that.  I'd only ever seen his chest, and now such an adult thing as being mostly undressed in front of me had my neck and face burnin' very hot.  I lay there all wrapped up, the sheet in half around me, over mah shoulders and head like a muslim veil or somethin'.  I felt pretty stupid.  My feet were buried in his blankets, and soon his pants.

      He lay down next to me now, his fingers fiddling through the sheet.  I turned my head, frowning at him with a smile.

      "Logan," I said, my voice drawling a little more than I intended, "What are you doing?"

      "Your um - your bra..."

      I giggled, I could help it, and shifted in the sheet.

      "Sheesh," I breathed, "Ya could have just asked me, sugar."

      I could see him visibly melt in the lamplight at my tone, and a heady rush took me.  I'd never used that word in mah life.  My Momma used it on occasion with me when I was a girl, I never thought it could have that effect on a man.  After a moment I pulled the bra free, dangling it in the air.

      "That whut you were after?"

      He snatched it from me with a growl and threw it across the room, his eyes still glinting in the soft light.  I chuckled, but soon stopped as his hand slid up my body, resting over a shrouded breast, thumb circling the contours there with oh so much dedication.

      Mah whole body calmed so beautifully, I felt myself relaxin' on the bed.  Somethin' about the way he ran that thumb around down there just had me purrin' louder than a kitten.  I arched my back a little, gettin' comfortable, his eyes following his hands with that hungry look.  I gave a long breathy sigh that bordered on a moan.  It occured to me that not a few hours a go I felt so damned lost and clueless.  Ah still was but damn, things were clearin' up pretty fast.

      He tapped on the crest of one of my hips and I looked down, his fingers picking at the elastic at my panties.  I frowned, looking confused.  I mean he couldn't go *in* me so what was he tryin' to do?

      "Whut for?"

      He gave a feral grin, "Trust me."

      "Ah do," I said, sitting up smoothly, angling my narrow hips up to slide off the thin sliver of cotton that was the last of my modesty, "Implicitly."

      He seemed to eye me some, and I knew he was letting himself look - well - down there - a little.  Not that I minded.   He seemed to like what he saw a lot.  Hell I know he did, he was gettin' all flushed and gleamin' in the eyes.  I let my legs shift, runnin' against each other, enjoying the touch of skin on skin.

      "How 'bout you?" I said, folding my still gloved arms, "I'm all nakie and you got your boxers."

      He glanced down, swallowing, "Are you sure I mean - are you ready for-"

      I had to laugh now, loudly, covering my mouth as he glared at me.

      "Ah'm sorry Logan, it's just," I giggled, then calmed down a little, "Ah know what a naked man looks like."

      He frowned, looking rather horrified, "How?"

      I gave him a surprised frown and laughed again, hittin' his (oh so glorious) thigh, "Art class silly!  We had some people come in and model naked for us..."

      "Oh!"  He gave a visible sigh of relief, "Right, sure, yeah..."

      I chuckled again, shaking my head, "Mah Gawd!  You actually thought that I..."

      He blanched, "Well how'z I supposed to know?  I mean - kids these days!"

      I shook my head, "Oh man - this is ME here!  Marie!"

      "Yeah yeah," he nodded obviously mentally berating himself, rubbing his brow rabidly, "I know - you just threw me with you - um - yeah."

      I sighed, shaking my head still, "Jocks off, stupid."

      Well actually, he was wearin' boxers, and he was actually kinda shy as he slipped them off.  Ah dunno *why*, I mean, it's just me layin' here.   I grinned as the waistband slid past his behind.  My heart skipped into a heavy thumping as I saw a fine set of gluteals that were as worked out as the rest of 'im.   A long smile slid on my face and he turned around, hand kinda covering - well - it.  I tilted my head, elbows propping me up in the bed.

      "Oh now that ain't fair!"

      He frowned at me, letting the hand drop away.   I couldn't help but let my jaw drop a little.  He was kinda well - gettin' there.  Up.  There.

      "Mah mah mah!" I cooed smoothly, "You been holdin' out on me Logan."

      He blushed wildly, crawling to the bed, and I was kinda keenly watchin' it dangle between his legs.  Ah dunno why but it kinda made some feral part a' me grow real hungry.   It occurred to me suddenly that this was it - physically, I adored every inch of his body.

      "Since when were you such a vixen?" he grumbled as he settled in behind me, arm sliding around my waist.

      "Ah've always been a vixen," I said, settling into the backwards embrace.

      He was so clever, I thought, so damned clever.  The sheet was thin enough that I felt him, all along my body, all that hard shifting flesh, his hand at my belly, running a fingertip around my belly-button, my arm inside the sheet, hands cradling his arm that I lay my head on.   He moved behind me, pulling me in tighter and Oh God... I felt it there, a firm pressure at my behind that started a fluttering my insides.

      "Logan," I breathed suddenly, "This ain't fair on you sweety..."

      "I'll be fine," he mumbled, his hand descending past my pubis.

      I only had a moment to wonder what he could have been up to.  I mean, Ah never really liked to think about sex that much, it had always upset me since Ah found out.  I never found mahself accessing those parts ah mah memories - or anyone elses memories - until now.   And I was drawin' a blank.   Why couldn't I remember?!

      He let a couple of fingers settle down there, between my legs, playin' at the bit I used to hold on to when I was a kid when I needed a wee-wee.  He rubbed it firmly and I definitely felt it gettin' a little wet down there.   That relaxin' feeling I was getting before spread through me much faster... much much faster, and I curled back into his arms.  Damn he felt so good to be lyin' against, even through fabric.

      Then somethin' funny happened.  It got kinda hot, kinda full, and a bolt of something, something pure perfection, just shot through me, raght from down there to my belly to my middle right up and down and everywhere.  Oh God, I wasn't sure what the hell he was doin' but I needed more... damn who needed touching - Honest to GOD who needed touching when he could do this?!

      I remembered NOW what was going on, it made sense now.  I let my head fall back on his shoulder, hair protecting him, his lips near my hairline, pressing down sweetly.

      His feathery caresses down there grew a little frenzied, and that bolt just grew wilder and wilder, every good feelin' Ah could possibly imagine just welled up and up like a big snowbally thing (not that I ever seen snow) SHIT what the hell?!  Maybe Ah'm just sensitive or sumthin', cause I never been touched down there before by someone else but I was getting very dizzy.

      "Loh-gan," I breathed, squeezing his hand, kissing the back of it through sheeting, "Oh God..."

      As he twirled his fingers about down there, takin' the occasional nip between the tips to set me on fire, we both rocked, and I could feel him rubbin' into me.  I could tell he was enjoyin' that.   I wished we didn't have to go half-way like this.  He seemed happy though, his lashes fluttered with dedication.

      Ah couldn't really hold on for much longer.  I heard myself makin' little moans but Ah could barely believe it was me.  I don't remember opening my mouth to make them, all I think of is his warmth, and his movements, and how everythin' he was doing was just an extension on what I knew he felt.  So glorious, knowin' he was doing this to me.  And that I was excahtin' him just as much.

      God, this feeling... it was like joy upon joy and I had no control.  I let some of the sheet drape over his body as I gripped him behind me, knowing something was gonna give.

      "Oh mah GOD!"

      I let out a strangled gasp, throwing myself back into him, buckin' a little as the white hot flurry of the most sweetest, perfect most AMAZING feeling burst through me.   Lahke when you go down a really steep hill on a roller-coaster, and all you can do is scream, but it was pure joy rather than pure fright, and instead o' screamin, I was just lettin' out happy little gasps and moans for him.

      "L-Logan," I breathed, "Oh mah God... That was - oh God..."


      His voice was rough, one hand gripping mine, the other running through my hair.  I just lay there, enjoying the gentle pull on my scalp, my eyes drifting open and closed.  Part a' me was so awake, but my eyes just wanted to fall shut.    Rahght now, I was in heaven.  I was surrounded by Logan, his breath brushing my ear lahke cool feathery lips but at the same time warmin' me to the bone.  I turned my head a little, smiling just a bit.

      "Ah love you, Logan." I said, barely above silence.

      The corners of his mouth quirked up a little, and he ran his cheek over the curve of my head in a cat-like nuzzle.  My eyes fell closed, my breaths flattening out.  Sheer contentment had claimed me, and damn.  He was so warm.  So perfect to curl into. So...


      The bed shifted a little, shakin' up and down.  Made me open my eyes a fraction.  Damn... had I been doin' some wet dreamin or-

      "Sorry... go back to sleep."

      I mustah passed out.  Wow...  Funny thing was, relief shot through me when I realised it was real, I was in bed with him, and I rolled over, wrapping blankets around me.  He waited as I adjusted myself slipping an arm around me as I finally settled down.  I glanced up at him.

      "Where'd ya go?"

      He tensed his lips a moment, "Bathroom."


      I blushed a little, realising I didn't need to ask anythin' else.  I let a finger rove over his chest, watchin' the brown silk against olive skin. I smiled a little, and looked up to him.   His eyes were closed, his face relaxed, but the lips drawn in a way that I knew he was still awake.

      "One day Ah'll do this without the glove."

      His eyes opened a crack and he looked down at me, not moving his head.  He gave the tinest of smiles, gripping my hip and leaning in to a snuggle.

      "Yeah, you will," he said.

      I let sleep chase after me again as I settled down into his embrace, a warm feeling of security wrappin' me up like it always did when I was with him.  I quietly thanked God for him, for tonight.  Tonight, I didn't just feel like a normal girl, dancin' and smilin' and being silly.  I felt like a normal woman, for probably the first time ever.

      All thanks to Logan.  And dancing.

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