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A Challenge for Sabretooth (PG)

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  • Linda J
    I love Sabretooth honest I do, but its so much fun making fun of him too! A Challenge for Sabretooth By Linda J. RATED: PG MOVIEVERSE/AFTER X2 SUMMERY: A one
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2006
      I love Sabretooth honest I do, but its so much fun making fun of him

      A Challenge for Sabretooth
      By Linda J.
      RATED: PG
      SUMMERY: A one shot wonder, based on a joke my sister-in-law sent to

      It was almost daybreak when Mystique heard a soft tapping on her
      door. "Blue…Blue?" she heard Sabretooth whispering her name from the
      other side.
      The shape-shifter was certain there could be only one reason for
      usually virile mutant to be at her door, but she couldn't figure out
      why he was being so quiet about it. She got out of bed, and opened
      her door.
      "Sabretooth, if this is another one of your half assed booty calls,
      so help me God I'll skin your hairy ass with my own bare hands!" she
      crossly huffed before she even saw the look of despair in the
      felinoid's worried face.
      "This ain't no `booty call'!" Sabretooth quietly growled trying to
      keep his voice low while he nervously looked over his shoulders
      making sure no one else was aware he was there.
      "I…I need your help on something Blue, you're the only one who won't
      make fun of me," he humbly whispered his plea.
      "Is that so? What exactly do you need help with?" Mystique wondered.
      Sabretooth once again looked around for see if anyone else might be
      "OK," the normally confident felinoid bit his dejected lip. "Here's
      the situation. I found a jig-saw puzzle last night and I thought
      that if I put it together, then Mags will stop wondering if I'm just
      a dumb blond. I took all the pieces out of the box and I've been
      working on the damn thing all night but I, well…the damn things
      impossible to put together! All the pieces look alike! I can't even
      get one damn corner started Blue! If you could just help me find the
      edges, I'll get the rest done on my own." Mystique thought for a
      moment and reluctantly decided she could at least do this much for
      her ex-lover.
      "Fine; where is it?" she asked Sabretooth as she stepped out of her
      bedroom and closed the door.
      "In the kitchen;" he informed her as they made their way down the
      "I've got all the pieces spread out over the table,"
      "What is it supposed to be once it's finished?" she asked.
      "According to the picture on the box, it's a tiger," he calmly
      remarked as they walked toward the kitchen.
      "How ironic," Mystique openly mused. "How many pieces are there?"
      Sabretooth shrugged his shoulders "I dunno, a thousand I guess.
      Here, see for yourself," he offered as he opened the kitchen door
      for Mystique.
      For a second or two she just stood there in the doorway with a
      stunned look on her face. Finally she walked over to the table a
      picked up the box, giving its picture a long hard look.
      "Sabretooth, did you find this box here in the kitchen?" she
      carefully asked the murderous brute knowing how overly sensitive he
      can be at times.
      "Yeah, over there in the cupboard," he casually admitted to her.
      Mystique thought hard before she decided on her words. "Vic, first
      off, you could spend the rest of your life putting these pieces
      together and they will never end up looking like this tiger." She
      raised the box and pointed her finger to the cartoon character on
      the front.
      "Now please just put all these frosted corn flakes back in the box
      so that Pyro can eat his breakfast this morning," she set the box
      back down and gently patted him on the chest. "And just forget about
      jig-saw puzzles for a while alright?"
      -THE END
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