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Fic:Mnemosye (All X-men, plus OFC)

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: Mnemosye Author: Ephiney AmazonBard E-mail: ephiney@yahoo.com Rating: PG-13 tops. Disclaimers: I own the mutant known as Mnemosye. I don t own the X-men
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2000
      Title: Mnemosye
      Author: Ephiney AmazonBard
      E-mail: ephiney@...
      Rating: PG-13 tops.
      Disclaimers: I own the mutant known as Mnemosye. I don't own the X-men in
      any way shape or form, for which I'm sure they're all very greatful. I'm
      making no money, so please don't sue!
      Summary: Rogue's not the only girl at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
      who always wears gloves. Oh, and Logan comes back trying to make sence of
      what little he's found out.
      Type: GenFic, POV Rogue

      They call her Mnemosye. I asked Scott what that meant the other day and he
      made me do a research project on the Greek Gods. I should have just asked
      Ororo or Jean. Maybe that big fella they call Hank, the one with all that
      blue fur. Anyhow, I found out that Mnemosye was the Greek Goddess of Memory
      along with being the mother of nine gals called the muses. All at once at

      Well, I haven't seen nine little babies crawling around so I guess her
      mutant power has something to do with memories. All I really know is that
      she always wears gloves, too. But they aren't black like mine, her's a grey
      cotton, like they used to be white and the dirt never quite washed out.

      At any rate, Professor Xavier called me into his office and there was Logan
      sitting bold as you please on one corner of the Professor's desk with his
      legs crossed at the ankles. He looked worried for a moment then held his
      arms out for me with one of those small smiles of his. The kind where just
      the corners of his lips move up. "Marie."

      That's all the Professor wanted. To let our reunion be private. I didn't ask
      what Logan found out when he went looking for his past. I knew he'd tell me
      when he was ready.

      Scott was not happy to see Logan when we finally came out for dinner. I
      thought for a second that it was the warm greeting Logan got from Jean,
      turns out the bike got wrecked. Not that I cared, I was just glad that Logan
      was back.

      Someone must have said something to Mnemosye a little later, because she
      jumped up so fast that her tray went flying. She stared from the Professor
      to Logan with what I knew was terror then she bolted from the dining room
      like her tail was lit on fire.

      A few students started after her, Bobby, Kitty and that boy they call
      Gambit, but Professor Xavier told them to let her be.

      "Mnemosye will have to come to this decision alone," he told all of us

      I was walking in the gardens long after I was supposed to be asleep that
      night when I found Mnemosye staring up at the stars. She whirled around with
      a panic struck expression and her thick black hair swirling around her face.
      After a few moment's of staring at me in shock her breathing leveled out and
      she gave me a weak smile.

      "You're Rogue, right?" she asked softly from behind the safe curtain of her

      "And yer Mnemosye," I answered as I sat down on one of the stone benches.
      "What's wrong? I ain't nevah seen ya out here before."

      "Doctor Grey wants me to do something, and I have to think about it." She
      gave me another of those weak smiles then looked back up at the stars.

      "Want ta talk about it? The Professor's always saying that helps."

      Her lips curled up on one side. It was a sort of bitter little smile. I'd
      seen one like it on my own face often enough. "She wants me to touch your
      friend. That man called Wolverine."

      I blinked. "Would it hurt?"

      "Him? Depends on what's in his own head. Me? Have you ever drowned?"

      I shook my head. "I don't get it. What does drowning have to do with what's
      in Logan's head?"

      Her laughter stunned me. It was so low and harsh, but she had such a gentle
      voice. "Because no memory is ever truely lost, and that's what I do. I
      recover memories that have gotten misplaced in someone's mind."

      "Sort of like my power," I muttered.

      "Only I just get their memories until I can barely figure out which are mine
      and which are theirs." She turned that bitter smile on me again. "All of
      their memories, even the ones they've forgotten or blocked."

      "Like Logan."

      She only nodded.

      We stayed there in the dark for a long time, not saying anything.

      "Some of the stuff in Logan's head is pretty scary," I said finally. "And
      he's done some pretty scary stuff just in the fifteen years he can remember.
      But when his past was taken he must have lost some good stuff too."

      I didn't notice that I was playing with the dogtags around my neck until I
      caught her staring at them. She was blushing.

      "You understand I'll get *everything* in his head don't you?" she whispered.
      "Even his fantasies?"

      I frowned not understanding then blinked. "But those'll prob'ly be about
      Jean or Storm or..."

      "Some of them, yeah. But I saw how he was looking at you at supper." She
      smiled a little, not so bitter that time. "You really want me to see what he
      wants to do to you?"

      I made a face at her with my eyes crossed and my tongue sticking out. "If ya
      decide to help Logan I think I can live with it."

      Mnemosye only nodded a little then went back into the mansion.

      I was there with the Professor, Ororo and Jean when Mnemosye used her powers
      to help Logan. She took one of those grey gloves off and held out her hand
      for him to make the first move.

      "If you really want to remember," she told him softly, "you have to do it,
      because once we touch there is no going back."

      He took her hand gently and let their fingers tangle together. Their eyes
      drifted shut and the room fell into total silence.

      Then the screaming started and I was glad that we were doing this down in
      the subbasement's medical facility with it's sound proof walls. It felt like
      it took days, but it was just hours. Two very long hours. One time I hear
      Jean whisper to Ororo that it's never taken Mnemosye this long to retrieve a
      life time worth of memories.

      Finally they both dropped, unconcious. They would have hit the floor if Jean
      hadn't caught them both with her telekinetic gift. Logan woke up almost
      right away. Mnemosye was still out of it two days later.

      But Logan had his memories back. All on hundred and ninety years of them.

      Turns out I was right, Logan had a lot of happy times before a bunch of
      government goons up in Canada tried to make some kind of superwarrior. His
      family had called his mutation a gift from God. Turns out it first
      manifested when his baby sister got lost in the woods and he sniffed her out
      like a bloodhound.

      Mnemosye must agree, because sometimes she gives him the warmest smile. And
      yesterday she thanked me.

      "There was so much bad stuff in there before," she confided with a tap to
      her head. "But he was happy for more than a hundred years, Rogue. I can
      remember clean air, hard work on a farm, half a dozen brothers and sisters
      to play with. Parents who loved me... Loved him the way mine never did."

      "Yeah," I said with a smile of my own. "I like having him up there too."

      Her smile changed a little. "He loves you. I don't think he'll say anything
      himself until you're older, but I was right about his fantasies about you.
      Except several of them have to do with you in a wedding dress."

      I blushed that time while she only giggled and scrambled out of the way when
      I swatted at her playfully.

      "He's a good man, Marie," she said before leaving the library where we'd
      been studying. "If I were you, I'd wait for him."

      "You know I can't touch him."

      "He had some pretty interesting ideas about getting around *that* too!" she
      giggled then ducked out the door before my notebook could introduce itself
      to her head.

      Mnemosye still wears her gloves, but she doesn't hide from the rest of us
      anymore. Not behind her hair or behind a crowd of the rest of us.

      And Logan? He's still a rough edged, growly fella, but he smiles more and he
      stopped calling Scott a dickhead.

      "He reminds me of my youngest brother," he chuckled.

      I think Cyclops is still squirming over that one.

      The End
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