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FIC: A Fine Romance (1/1)

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  • Mo
    This was written for the new livejournal community xmenflashfic. Each week there will be a different prompt or theme for people to write short fiction. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2006
      This was written for the new livejournal community
      xmenflashfic. Each week there will be a different
      prompt or theme for people to write short fiction.
      The first one is, appropriately enough, "First Times."

      I figured I'd post to lists, too.

      Title: A Fine Romance

      Author: Mo

      Email: Mogbrg@...

      Scenario: X2 Movieverse, although it takes place long
      before either movie.

      Pairing: Scott/Jean (yes, really)

      Sequel/Series and so forth: This fits in with my two
      X2 series: After the Fall and Returning Spring (I'm
      working on the third one - working title: Summers in a
      Sea of Glory). My Scott's gay and in my X2 fiction he
      and Jean decided while in college to try and make a go
      of being a couple, in spite of that. Here's how Scott
      explains it to Logan in After the Fall:

      "So Jean and I got an apartment together. In some ways
      it was the stereotypical gay man/straight woman
      friendship - we were often lusting after the same
      guys. But then our second year in college it changed.
      Maybe we'd both gotten our hearts stamped on too many
      times, or something. We already had each other as
      companions, study partners, roommates. It didn't seem
      that strange to add sex to the mix. We definitely
      looked on it at first as just friendship, friends who
      fuck, you know? But over time it felt like more. And
      when we came back here, after graduation, well we came
      back as a couple. Got a room together. I started
      building the school, with Charles. Jean was commuting
      to the city for med school. My life seemed sort of
      normal, all of a sudden. Respectable."

      Scott was sitting in the dark. That’s why Jean didn’t
      see him when she came in. Well, that and her
      miserable and self-absorbed mood, which didn’t allow
      for noticing her roommate on the couch.

      She hadn’t been able to find her keys. She stood
      there outside the apartment door, rummaging through
      her purse, the tears and the shaking making it hard to
      locate anything. And as she tried and failed to find
      them - coming up with lipstick and her wallet and
      assorted useless other things - the frustration making
      her cry harder.

      Jean thought she’d die if someone saw her falling
      apart in the hall like this, especially Nosy Next Door
      who was always gleefully telling her about the guys
      who come and go when she’s not there. Jean half
      wanted to tell her the truth – that she and Scott are
      roommates, not lovers, and she knows he’s gay – but
      she didn’t want to give the old bat the satisfaction
      of knowing anything about them. So when she heard
      Next Door’s footsteps approaching the door, she just
      had to get into the apartment before she got caught
      there crying.

      Jean gave up looking for her keys and reached into the
      lock with her brain, tripping the tumblers. “Why
      didn’t I ever think of that before?” she asked
      herself. She slipped into the apartment and slammed
      the door telekinetically, just as Next Door opened

      Safely inside, Jean slid down until she was sitting on
      the floor. Back to the door, knees pulled up, she put
      her head down and them and let herself cry in full
      force now. Sobbing, nose running.

      “Jean?” Scott turned on the light, reaching for his
      glasses as he did.

      Jean jumped up, smoothed her clothes, trying to make
      herself look at least a little presentable before he
      opened his eyes. “I didn’t know you were home,” she
      said unnecessarily. “I thought you were on a date.”

      “I thought you were on one, too.” He patted the
      couch. “Sit down. Tell me about it.” He handed her
      a tissue.

      “I must look terrible.”

      He shook his head. “You always look beautiful.” He
      hugged her. “So, what happened with Grant tonight?”

      “It’s over.”

      “I’m sorry, Red.”

      “Me, too. I thought we were good together, you know?
      I thought this might be it.”

      “I’m sorry,” he said again. “I thought it was going
      to last, too.” He stroked her hair. She leaned on
      his shoulder. “You two seemed like such a great
      couple. Plenty in common. He took the mutant thing
      in stride. And the gay roommate,” he added, with a

      “He said he was glad you’re gay. He was worried about
      competition at first, glad to find out it wasn’t like
      that between you and me.” She sobbed again. “Shit.
      Even my mother liked him, and she *never* likes any of
      the guys I go out with. And – not to be shallow or
      anything – but aside from you, Grant’s the best
      looking guy I know.”

      “He’s hot.”

      “Yeah, hot. Hot for Anneliese Schneider,
      unfortunately, not me.”

      “The micro TA?” She nodded. “Well, he’s got no
      taste, then. You’re better looking, smarter, funnier.
      An all-around better person.”

      “I tried to ignore it,” she said, sniffing. “I mean,
      he wasn’t cheating on me. Not that he wouldn’t if he
      could, but she’s married. Happily. And I just tried
      to tell myself there’s nothing wrong with him being
      attracted to other people. It’s not fair to expect a
      guy not to even *think* about other women, is it?”

      “You’re the only woman I ever think about,” he
      replied. It made her laugh, which is what he’d
      wanted. “You’re right, though. It’s probably hard
      being with a telepath."

      "I know! Sometimes I wish I'd never developed
      telepathy. It was easier just being telekinetic, I'll
      tell you." She smiled a little.

      "So, he’s got a bit of a crush on the teacher.
      Doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, just because he
      thinks about her.”

      “Every time we have sex? I swear, he can’t get it up
      unless he closes his eyes and pretends I’m her. He’s
      obsessed.” She blew her nose and continued. “I told
      him so. And then he got mad and said I’d been
      eavesdropping on him. It’s not like I’m doing it on
      purpose! He’s broadcasting so loud I can’t ignore it.
      Believe me, I don’t *want* to know my boyfriend is
      thinking about some other woman right while he’s
      making love to me.”

      “I believe you.”

      “Well he didn’t. Or maybe it was just an excuse to
      break up with me.” She took another tissue from the
      box and wiped her eyes. “What happened with Tim?”

      Scott shrugged “He wanted to see my eyes.”

      “He didn’t know?”

      “Yeah, he knew. I told him when I met him. I’m not
      getting dumped by some guy I liked when he finds out
      I’m a mutant. Not again. I tell them right up front

      “So, if you told him...”

      “Well, there’s telling. And then there’s showing.”
      He looked away. “And maybe I didn’t tell him really
      clearly anyway," he added sheepishly. I *liked* Tim.
      I didn’t want to scare him off. So I told him I’m a
      mutant, yes. And explained about optic blasts, sort
      of. Downplayed it a bit. I don’t think he realized
      how dangerous I am,” he added, with a sour smile. She
      squeezed his hand. “So he wanted a demo and I gave
      him one. End of story. End of Tim.”

      “I’m sorry, Scott.”

      “Yeah, me too.” She hugged him. “Hey, we still have
      each other,” he told her, smiling.

      He’d said it before. They both had. But this time
      she looked at him when he said it. Really looked at
      that perfect face – cheekbones to die for, such a
      kissable mouth. So, she kissed him, leaning in to
      brush her lips against his.

      He kissed her back. It started out friendly, like all
      the hugs and cuddles and snuggling together watching
      movies on the couch they’d done. But it turned into
      something different. He pulled her close, slid his
      tongue between her lips. She sucked on it, pushed her
      whole body against his. And she felt him getting
      hard, pressed against her.

      Jean broke off the kiss, pulled away. Sitting there
      on the couch she looked at him with something
      approaching wonder. “You were thinking about kissing

      “I *was* kissing you.”

      “I know. But you were thinking about that, about me.
      And you were...” She looked away.

      “I know.” He took her by the chin, turned her head
      back to him.

      “Scott, have you ever had sex with a woman?”


      “Do you want to give it a try?”

      He nodded and smiled. “Yeah,” he said, “I do.”

      Mofic Website: http://mo.fandomnation.com/fic/

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