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FIC: Logan Returns (5/?) [L/R]

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  • Sare Liz
    see part one for notes and disclaimers ...this part rated pg-13ish * I woke up and my senses screamed joyfully that wherever the hell I was, Marie was right
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      see part one for notes and disclaimers

      ...this part rated pg-13ish


      I woke up and my senses screamed joyfully that wherever the hell I
      was, Marie was right near me. Off to my right, to be exact. I
      stayed still for a moment, relishing the feeling, and letting other
      facts flood in.

      We were still in the library.

      The scent of fear was thin in the air, but then there was also a
      trace of desire and that wasn't me.

      No one else was in the room, so not a hell of a lot of time must have

      And a gloved finger was mimicking the reminder I'd given her
      brushing by my face.

      "Quit yer faking, Logan. Open your eyes."

      I opened them to find her sitting on the floor next to the couch I
      was on. "How'd you know I was awake?" My voice was
      gruff and my
      throat was dry, but I was happy as hell to see her raise an eyebrow
      and cock her head sideways.

      "I know you," she said taking off a glove and balling her
      bare fist
      and bringing it up against her chest. I thought it was an endearing
      gesture, putting her fist over her heart – just like my little
      Marie. Until I realized her intention as a single bone claw popped
      out of her fist with a slice of skin, right between the first and
      second knuckles.

      My eyes bulged. I thought they'd been surgically added when the
      bastards had done everything else. I never dreamed that they too
      belonged to me. I stared – I couldn't help it. I reached
      out to
      touch it, not hesitating in the least.

      The bleach white bone was as smooth as it looked, patchily coated
      with blood. That was never a problem I seemed to have, but then no
      one's blood really clung to the adamantium, least of all mine.

      They were sharp at the end, and down the underside, just like mine.
      I ran a finger along the edge, drawing blood and mixing it with
      hers. Eventually, I took my finger away, licking away the blood.
      The claw disappeared right after, and her fist healed up. She too
      licked the blood away before putting her glove back on.

      I grabbed up the hand before she could do anything else with it and
      massaged the recently wounded area. "That looked like it hurt, a
      lot." The adamantium looked a hell of a lot smoother coming out
      that bone. Then again, maybe the lack of blood added to the illusion.

      She grinned impishly. "Yea, but it makes one hell of a point,
      doesn't it?"

      I couldn't help but to laugh. Yes, it really did. "How long
      gonna be able to do that?" I asked, my roving fingers moving up
      arm to where I knew the claws now were. While she thought about it,
      my other hand grabbed up the piece of her I'd left and entwined
      fingers. I knew it was kinda personal, and she might just pull away,
      but fuck it, I had to start somewhere now that she was talking to me
      and acting vaguely normal.

      She smiled and sighed, leaning back and enjoying the impromptu
      attention, leaving her arm to drape over my stomach as I lie.

      "Maybe a week. Maybe more, as you've been in here for a
      while," she
      said, tapping her head with her other hand, "And that was just a

      Shit. I didn't even think about that. Oh fuck, sometimes I
      need to think before I act.

      "Hey," she said, squeezing my hand to get my attention. I
      what had to be guilty eyes her way, only to find understanding. Of

      "I know you, I like you, and I can handle you in my head,"
      she said
      smiling. "It's other people I don't want to touch."

      I couldn't help but to think of the implications of that
      Her not wanting to touch other people. Her wanting to touch me. She
      must have had similar thoughts flashing around in her head, cause all
      the sudden she started to blush. It was absolutely adorable. I
      brought her gloved hand to my lips and kissed the valley between her
      knuckles. "Thanks, kid."

      I was gonna say something else, but the door opened and a slim,
      delectable finger rested across my lips. I couldn't see who it
      and they didn't smell familiar, but unless they had x-ray vision,
      they couldn't see me either.

      A grating voice called out to my Marie, "Hey dere, chere– why
      you on
      de floor?"

      She smiled, her eyes darting down to me, willing me to stay silent.
      "I dropped something."

      Yea, me. One touch and I was down for the count. Gotta love my
      Marie's sense of humor.

      "Well, you planning on picking it up and coming to breakfast?"

      Again, her eyes darted down and her infectious grin got wider.
      was having thoughts along that line, yes."

      "You coming, maybe today? Or maybe you thinking sometime next

      "I'll be along in a little bit, Remy. You go on ahead."

      Remy? What the hell kind of a name is Remy? And why wouldn't he
      leave her the hell alone? Justified that I didn't feel
      threatened in
      the least by *Remy*, a single claw slipped out slowly from my fist, a
      silent warning, even if he couldn't see it.

      Marie caught me out of the corner of her eye and slapped her free
      hand down on my arm, pinning me quite strongly.

      "What de hell you drop over dere?"

      "*Nothing* of import, Remy. I'll see you this afternoon."

      "It's a date, ma petit."

      Asshole gone, door closed, Marie turned to me, shocked but not really.

      "You, Logan, have got the self control of a raging rhino. I know
      both know this, but it needs to be said."

      I grinned and looked up at her. "It's part of my charm,"
      I said,
      daring her to contradict me.

      She snorted and got up, hauling me to my feet as well. As it
      happened, we ended up very, very close to one another. Either
      grown, or she had heels on, but I wasn't about to let my eyes
      her face to find out.

      We stood there for a couple of heart beats, staring at each
      eyes like a couple of dazed fools before she broke the silence.

      "I'm sorry about before, Logan. I'm glad your back, and
      …I missed
      you." Her beautiful lips curled into a little smile at the
      admission. I had to mentally hold myself back from kissing them. It
      was tough, so I concentrated on trying to respond to her words.

      She'd missed me. Assuming she hadn't just said it to say it,
      and she
      really did mean it, my little obsessive fantasy has missed me while I
      was gone. I pulled her into an embrace and breathed in her scent.
      It was just as beautiful as she'd become, with a little bit of me
      thrown in the mix.

      "I missed you, too," I managed to growl out, holding her long
      body as close to mine as I could with clothes on.

      We stayed like that for a hell of a long time. Me, breathing her in,
      branding her scent in my mind so hard that even if it got swiss
      cheesed again, I'd remember her scent before my own name. Her,
      sighing those deep, full body sighs that seem to make the tension
      just drain right out of her and onto the floor.

      Eventually, I pulled back a little, but didn't let her out of my
      arms. Not just yet. She smiled at me and I traced the shock of
      white from her scalp down to her shoulder, where it touched… a
      chain. My metal chain. I continued tracing that, feather light as
      it sat on her exposed skin – way too much exposed skin when guys
      Remy are walking around, if you ask me – and traced it right down
      where it disappeared in her cleavage, right before the shirt began.
      My hand sort of paused there of it's own will before I had
      control of
      it again and moved it down to her waist, another nice place for it to

      "I saved it for you," she whispered to me softly, her accent
      sweetening the words. "You want it back now?"

      "Keep it. I like the way it looks on you." I sunk into her
      eyes and
      stayed there for a minute, half wondering if I was pushing her too
      far with my maybe-not-so-subtle attempts at flirting, if maybe she
      didn't really want this. After all, Xavier said `adore'.
      A daughter
      can adore a father, there ain't nothing wrong with that. So
      maybe I
      shouldn't have pushed it. But then, I really wanted to know. I
      didn't want to spook her, but I wanted to know.

      Her expression changed to one of mild disappointment and my heart
      fell. She couldn't even look at me now. "You planning on

      I breathed once more.

      "Nope." No qualifiers, no explanations, just flat out
      denial. I
      could see the spark in her eye.

      "Then, you staying for awhile?"

      "Yep." As long as it takes, babe. I had the strong urge to
      tell her
      that if I left again, she'd be on the back of the bike, but I
      squelched it.

      She sighed and smiled. "You wanna get some breakfast with me,

      I paused, like I was considering it. "I could eat."

      I had to let go of her to be able to walk, but before we were out the
      door, her arm was in mine and we were talking like I'd never
      Of course, maybe to her – in her head – I never did. But as
      too confusing to think about right now, now when it's all I can
      do to
      keep myself from smiling the entire way to the dining room, I just
      think, `Remy, whoever the hell you are, eat your heart out.'


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