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Fanfic: Broken - part 1 of Growing Up

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  • victoriaely
    This is a post X2 story about how the main characters handle what happened. Title: Broken Pairings: Rogue/Bobby, Scott/Jean Rating:general Disclaimer: I don t
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2005
      This is a post X2 story about how the main characters handle what
      Title: Broken
      Pairings: Rogue/Bobby, Scott/Jean
      Disclaimer: I don't own anything :)
      Notes: ** marks a character's thoughts

      This is my first fic and it is the first part of what I intend to
      become a series. If you read it, please send me feedbackat
      victoriaely@.... I'd really like to know what you liked/disliked.
      Many thanks to Audrey for the help.


      Scott couldn't understand why Professor Xavier wasn't affected by
      Jean's death the way they were. Nobody in the mansion mentioned the
      events at Alkali Lake and her name was never said out loud. But
      Charles Xavier didn't obey this 'rule'.

      Of all people he should know how much suffering Jean's death had
      brought to everyone at the school. Instead, he kept telling stories
      about Jean's childhood, how Scott and her first met.

      But Scott wasn't the only one disturbed by the Professor's behavior.
      Logan couldn't help feeling that she could've been saved and felt an
      urge to shake that smile off Wheels' face.

      That evening he felt he couldn't keep it inside anymore. Everyone was
      in that room and laughing at Xavier's joke. Logan flew off the couch
      and headed for the door, hoping no one will stop him. Then the
      Professor said:

      "Well, if you don't like my joke, why don't you tell us a better one?"

      "I'm leaving this madhouse!"

      Scott wanted to say something about leaving his bike alone, and then
      he thought that with Logan gone, he'd be the only one thinking about
      Jean in the whole mansion.

      "Don't go," he said, and frowned when everybody turned amazed and
      stared at him. "Not yet. I'm coming, too, but I need some time to


      After they left, the Professor gathered the X-Men in his office.

      "You shouldn't be alarmed. They just need to sort things out."

      "Yeah, like Logan and Scott can sort things together," said Rogue.

      Bobby added "Why now? Why didn't they leave right after Alkali Lake?"

      "They just need time. I'm sure everything will be fine. The reason why
      I called you here is that we need to keep the kids busy. They are
      frightened of might happen and we need to make them feel confident
      again. That's why we're gonna let some of them watch while you're in
      the Danger Room. Rogue and Bobby, you're going to supervise them while
      they train to
      control their powers."

      "But Professor, why didn't we start this while Logan and Scott were
      here? It would've been so much easier..."

      "Bobby, this is what we'll do. I expect your full cooperation. OK?"

      "OK, Professor."


      When Jean woke up, she was on the shore, close to where the dam had
      been. The first thing that she tried to do was contact the Professor.

      "Professor? What happened? Why am I alive?"

      "Well Jean, your mutation has enabled you to come back."

      "Like...a Phoenix?"

      "Yes. Are you going to come back?"

      "Not right now. I need to be alone for a while."

      "We'll be waiting for you."

      "I know."


      PART 2


      Logan was driving Scott's car and he seemed to enjoy the cold weather

      Scott was sorry he left. After all, he was with a man that wanted to
      take Jean away from him, and almost did. He should have been able to
      do better.

      "Where are we going?" he asked.

      "Well, I know this place in Canada where nobody bothers you if you
      don't bother them."

      After two hours, Scott was staring at a cabin, in the middle of the
      forest. Logan was taking his bag inside. When he came back he said:

      "Listen, I'm not gonna be your valet. You have to take your things
      inside and come in, if you don't want to freeze out here."

      "This is where you wanted us to come? This?"

      "Well, it's pretty decent. It's got two beds, so stop whining and come

      "This is the last time I'm ever listening to you."

      "When was the first time?"


      Jean was walking on the only street of the little town. Everybody was
      looking at her. After all, not everyday a red haired young beautiful
      woman would walk on their street. A middle-aged fat woman stopped her:

      "Listen, dear. You should stop looking around like that. You're the
      only interesting thing around here. Are you planning to stay?"

      "I'm a teacher... Could I work here?"

      "I suppose. Maybe you could teach these kids how to behave. And read,
      of course. The man over there is the mayor. Go talk to him."

      Two hours later Jean found herself in a small room, her room, with a
      hot meal on the table. Nobody asked her where she came from because
      they were afraid she might leave. She was now the new teacher of the
      elementary school in

      *I might have a normal life for a few months. I'd like to see how that
      feels. I wonder what Logan's doing. He's with... Scott! Well, at least
      they're talking.*


      Scott was sort of talking to Logan. He was asking questions, to which
      Logan gave no answer. Finally, hoping to get something of the man he
      was there with, he asked:

      "I'm sure you can tell me why we're here. Of all the places you've
      ever been, why did you choose this one?"

      "Listen, I didn't ask you to come with me. If it's not OK with you,
      you're free to leave. You can take you car and go."

      "I asked you why. Can't you answer a simple question?"

      "This is where I came when I escaped from Alkali Lake. The first time,
      that is. I stayed here for a year. And I always came here, at least
      once a year."

      "So it's a habit. You're just doing a task you've set for yourself.
      Great. I guess there's nothing for me to do here."

      "There could be one thing."

      "Really? What?"

      "You could listen. Did you ever wonder why Jean was attracted to me?"

      "I'm not going to listen to this."

      "Because you were so predictable! You never did one thing to surprise
      her. What in the world are you afraid of? That someone will do what to

      "What are you talking about?"

      "First I thought that you always go by the rules. Then I realized that
      you've imposed yourself rules that no one can obey.
      You should know better that Jean wouldn't have been with you if she
      didn't want to. You said that yourself, don't you remember?"

      "Yes, Logan. She wanted to be with me. But what did she need? Do you
      think I was the one she thought of just before...
      Jean and I shouldn't have been together. Not like that. I'm sorry she
      didn't have a better man ..."

      "Like me?"

      "Go to hell! Without my car!"

      He took his car's keys and went outside. Logan could hear Scott's car
      leaving, and that it didn't go in the right direction. Not to the US.

      *He'll be back in 2 hours.*


      Professor Xavier didn't like the way things were going at the school.
      The kids were listening to the teachers, but there was a void that he
      couldn't avoid anymore.

      The girls didn't have their little slumber parties, the boys didn't go
      to the little bar down the road. It was all about homework and waiting
      for the next day to come.

      Until one morning when some unexpected visitors stopped their car in
      front of the main entrance.

      "If that Professor Logan is here, I'm not going in."

      "Relax, Ronnie, I'm sure that everything is OK."

      Mrs. Drake seemed quite confident and Ronnie tried to be the same.
      Bobby's Mom, Dad and brother were at the school. The Professor called
      Bobby downstairs. When he saw his family, he didn't know if he should
      be afraid or happy. He couldn't forget the sound of the bullet hitting
      Logan's forehead.

      "Mom? What are you doing here?"

      "Dear, it's so nice to see you. How are you?"

      "I'm OK, I guess."

      "Hello Mrs. Drake. My name is Charles Xavier. I am the headmaster of
      this school. Please, come inside."


      Everyone understood when Bobby asked them not to use their powers.

      Kitty was the afraid she might not be able to control them, but
      promised that she'd vanish quickly.

      Jubilee asked Bobby:

      "So, do they know what this place is?"

      "I guess so. It's just that we haven't talked about it, and my brother
      isn't very fond of mutants."

      Breakfast went on uneventfully, which was quite special. Ororo went on
      to show the estate to the Drakes.

      The day went on normally, but Bobby was afraid to talk to his parents.
      Ronnie didn't seem like he wanted to talk at all.
      While his parents were talking to Jubilee, Bobby went to the car to
      get their bags, so he could prepare the rooms for the night.
      At first it looked suspicious that their bags were on the backseat of
      the car, instead of being in the trunk.
      He tried to open it, but couldn't.
      Not knowing what to understand from all this, he went inside and
      looked for Kitty.

      "Kitty, I need you to do me a favor. We'll be going to my parent's
      car, and when nobody will be looking, you'll go see what's in the
      trunk. OK?"

      "Bobby, that's not normal. And after all, it's just a trunk. What
      could I possibly find there."

      "Exactly. You shouldn't find anything. I just want to be sure.

      "OK. Let's go"


      *I have absolutely no reason to cry. Logan is an... What the hell is
      he? And why does he think he can come into out lives like that?*

      As he was thinking, he was passed by the hospital. One year of his
      life was spent there. Thank God he didn't remember anything from that
      time. It must have been hell. Funny, wasn't it? He sent Logan to hell
      and it was him that was actually going there; to remember his

      He went to the only hotel in that town and booked a room. It wasn't
      much, but it was better than what Logan offered.


      Jean was very tired and confused. The first day of school had passed
      and she didn't manage to do anything. She couldn't keep track of the
      children's names. The lady that stopped her the first time she came
      here, Hilda, knocked at the door.

      "Come in."

      "How did you know it was me?"

      "Nobody comes here except for you."

      "Don't worry, dear. It wasn't such a bad day."


      "They stayed until the end and they'll come again tomorrow."

      "To torture me."

      "You're smart. You'll figure it out. Here's some food for you."


      Logan was half asleep and thinking of the steak he'd eat tomorrow in
      town. Perhaps he shoud have told Scott about the town that was just a
      10 minute drive away from the cabin. Scott's loss anyway.
      He then heard a car stop in front of the cabin.

      *It took him more than 2 hours to come back, but he's back anyway. I
      shouldn't say anything.*

      The door opened and much to his surprise, Logan saw Mystique coming

      "What are doing here? How did you find me? What's going on?"

      *Why isn't she morphed?*

      "I'm here to help you, Logan. You see, we both have our scars."

      She was getting closer to him and he realised he didn't have too much
      space to move around.

      "Help me? And how could you do that?"

      "I have a wonderful gift, my friend."

      She stopped and looked on the table where Logan had left some

      *Friend? I don't remember us being friends.*

      "Logan, I can give you what you want."

      "Well, what do you want in return? How do you know what I want?"

      "You've made it quite obvious." Morphs into Stryker. "You haven't
      changed one bit."


      Kitty was quite ashamed of herself. After all, she wasn't supposed to
      do this. Bobby interrupted her thinking:

      "I can almost hear you! Imagine if the Professor would!"

      "This was your idea! You'll be held responsible if anything happens."

      "Ok, ok, just get in there."

      "Here I go!"

      Instead of the empty trunk she was expecting, Kitty found it loaded
      with everything you could find in a house: books, magazines, CD-s,
      clothes, a lamp, cat stuff.

      *They're off for a long trip.* Then she saw the passports. 4

      She emerged from the trunk and looked at Bobby: the trunk is full and
      there are 4 passports in it.

      By the time he got inside, he forgot everything he wanted to say to

      "Why? Did you think of me? Were you going to ask for my opinion?"

      "Bobby dear, we can't live in Boston anymore. Everybody knows. We're
      leaving. We're going to Europe, and you can come with us."

      Bobby didn't know what to say. He just wanted to go back to his normal
      life at the Institute. Before his parents came, before Scott
      and Logan left, before Alkali Lake.


      PART 3 - THE NIGHT


      *I should probably stop this. I don't need to prove anything to
      anyone. I'm a mutant. A telepath. Who would I go back to?*

      Jean couldn't sleep and was worried that a good night's sleep was the
      only help she could get for those kids. Just that she couldn't keep
      her mind off what had happened.

      *I'm the bad girl now. I should be home taking care of the kids. What
      will Scott say about this? Is Logan still there? The law!
      What happened with it? I have to find out!*


      Logan was wide awake, listening to Mystique's breathing. She was
      He couldn't understand why she was helping him.

      Magneto told him that Charles gives him more credit. But why did he
      decide to help him? Why now? Why didn't he come there himself?
      And what could Mystique do to help him? Tell him the story?
      This didn't make any sense. Hell, since Jean's death nothing did.
      And Scott. Where the hell is he? What will Mystique do if he comes


      Scott was woken up by a loud knock at the door.

      He said, "What's wrong? It's midnight!"

      "If you don't stop with all the noises, I'll kick you out of here!"

      "What noises? What are you talking about?"

      "You were screaming and you woke up half of the people in the hotel.
      Quit it!"

      "Ok, ok. Sorry."

      The nightmares came back. At least he didn't remember it this time.
      Well, it could only be one thing and he's going to settle it


      Bobby was in his room with Rogue, Kitty, Jubilee, Piotr and Kurt.
      Actually, it was Kurt who called for this meeting.

      Bobby was alone in his room before Kurt popped in and said:

      "You need to talk to someone about this."

      "Who can I talk to about this?"

      "Your friends."

      So, here he was, with everyone gathered around. He wasn't even scared.
      Scott wasn't there to come and stop their little get-together, and he
      really doubted that anyone in the mansion could blame him.

      Piotr started, "You know, them coming here for you isn't such a bad

      "But they want him to be 'normal', to stop being a mutant," Rogue
      argued. "Is that what you want, Bobby?"

      "I want to have my family back... I want us to be an a normal family

      Kitty faced Piotr: "Your family was ok with your mutation. And it was
      quite obvious."

      "Well, they loved me a lot..."

      "My parents love me, too."

      "It wasn't like that, Bobby. They loved me the same even after it.
      They saw it as a gift. Like that I can draw. They never asked me stop

      "But you left," Kitty added.

      "Because I realized it would be better if I was around people who
      would understand me. I would be with people like me. Even if they
      weren't upset by my mutation, they knew. And they would always know
      and expect it. I don't want to upset you, Bobby, but wherever you go,
      your parents will know you're a mutant. And your brother will always
      know what happened and he will always have..."

      "Fear. I know. It's just that they're my family. They're the only
      family I've got."

      "It's your friends that you choose," said Jubilee. "We've always been
      there for each other, Bobby. Your family called the police and hid in
      the attic. You can leave this place, and you can leave us, but you'll
      always be Iceman, and we'll be the ones that understand that; not your

      Jubilee ran out of the room and Kitty went after her.

      Rogue was lost and didn't know what to say to dispel the silence that
      was filling up the room.

      Kurt went to Bobby and told him: "I made a lot of mistakes and I never
      thought I might feel at home somewhere. You know how I feel about this
      place now. Whatever you choose, we'll always be here for you."

      Rogue and Kurt left the room.

      Piotr was looking out the window, to the forest.

      Bobby asked him, "Do you ever miss them? Your parents, your sister?"

      "It might sound strange to you, but I think of them just when
      everything is good. And then I wish they would know that I'm happy."


      Professor Xavier was worried. Nothing was like it used to be. The two
      things the school was meant to provide for his students were gone:
      anonymity and harmony.

      His first students were seperated from each other and probably more
      frightened than they had ever been, his newest students had no one to
      look after them and he felt that Rogue, Bobby and the others were
      probably about to leave the school. And he didn't know what he could
      do about it.


      Back to Scott's POV

      Note: // ... // marks what he reads from medical files.

      Scott woke up at the 8 in he morning and did his usual routine. Except
      that he had a very cold shower in that untidy bathroom and skipped
      breakfast because having nothing in his stomach sure seemed better
      than that strange thing they prepared at the hotel.

      His first stop of the day was the hospital. He wasn't very sure about
      what he'd tell the
      nurse, but he figured he'd manage.

      "Hello, miss. I was wondering if you could help me with some
      information about some patients of this hospital."

      "Sorry, that information is classified."

      *I wish the Professor was here.*

      "But it was so long ago... almost 20 years ago."

      "Really? Tell me their names."

      "Scott and Alex Summers."

      The nurse typed into the computer and looked shocked for a moment.

      "You're right. 18 years ago. Well, I don't see any harm in it. Have a

      Ten minutes later the nurse came back with 2 files. One seemed to
      contain 3 pages or so and the other one was about as big as a medical
      file can get. "You have 20 minutes to see them."

      "Thank you."

      Scott seemed very preoccupied, but as soon as the nurse went to
      another office he took the files and headed for the exit.

      *She shouldn't have any problems.*

      Scott got into his car and left the small town, heading east, to the
      orphanage where he spent 3 long years of his childhood.

      This hotel was a bit better. Lunch was good, the bathroom was decent
      and the bed was soft. But he didn't have time for that.
      He read his brother's file first.

      //Minor concussions, no memory of the accident after the landing. Was
      told his brother died in the accident.//

      *Why did they do that? Well, they probably thought I eventually would

      On to his file.

      //Severe trauma.//

      *I already knew that.*

      //Injury to the brain. Vision not affected by it. Further research in

      *They realized something was wrong, so they did more tests and nothing
      came up. If they would've realized I'm a mutant, I could've ended up
      like Logan...*

      After reading the files, he headed for the orphanage.

      "Hello. My name is... Robert Drake... could you please help me?"

      *Of all the names... Bobby's! Gotta think more before I speak.*

      "Sure. What's the problem?"

      "I'm looking for some information on two brothers that were brought
      here. Here are their medical files."

      "Umm, what do you need this information for?"

      "We're following the development of orphans, the way they integrate in

      "You're from the government?"

      "No, I'm from a foundation that is... sponsoring orphanages."

      "Just wait a moment."

      After 10 very long minutes, the woman was back.

      "Well, I have good news and bad news. I have no information on one of

      *Great, I have nothing!*

      "Scott Summers' foster father never sent any information about how
      things were going along. Alex's parents did."

      "Oh, that's great. Could you please give me the address?"

      "I'd better give you the telephone number, it's in Florida!"

      Scott grabbed the telephone and dialed the number the woman was


      "Hello. My name is Robert Drake. Who am I speaking to?"

      "Alex Tremm."

      "Was your name Summers?"

      "Yes. How do you know that?"

      "I'm from a foundation and I..."

      "I'm not interested in anything you might say."

      "This is really important ..."

      "I'm with my family now. I'm fine. Let me be."

      "Don't hang up. Let me explain. I just want to talk to you. For ten
      minutes. I'll give you my phone number and you can call me if you want
      to. Just 10 minutes."

      "Talk about what?"

      "You and your brother."

      "My brother's dead."

      "You spoke more than that to the man who told you that, didn't you?"

      "I'll think about that. Goodbye."

      Scott was happy, Happy that he heard his brother's voice, that he
      might hear from him again and that the kid was mature enough not to
      jump into a conversation like the others usually did.

      "Thank you very much, madam. I'll take these. Goodbye."

      He was holding those files close to him. If he could convince his
      brother to meet him, this would be his proof.

      Scott went on to his old house. When he first came here, he hoped for
      a better life. And it was ok. For a few days.

      Those people at the orphanage should've known that his foster father
      was an abusive
      alcoholic and that he could never take care of a ten year old boy.

      Scott rang the doorbell.

      A young blonde woman answered.

      *She doesn't seem to fit in this place. I wonder what brought her

      "Hello. My name is ... *I might as well stick to it* Bobby. Bobby
      Drake. I lived here once."

      "Oh, please come in. My husband isn't here right now. He has to do
      some paperwork. This house has brought us more trouble than we

      "Really? What happened?"

      "Well, my husband's parents moved here eight years ago. And since then
      we've been trying to sort out the paperwork."

      "What happened?"

      "The man that lived here had the house in a strange way. You see, he
      adopted a child whose parents died in a plane crash. He was injured,
      and his brother wasn't. It was later discovered that their parents had
      a deposit at the bank for the kids. The family that adopted the
      younger boy didn't take any of the money, left it for the care of the
      other one. And the man that lived here adopted the kid to take the
      money. He bought the house and was supposed to leave it to the kid.
      But he wasn't exactly nice to him, so one day the boy vanished. Well,
      he was 16. But that's all anyone knew. Complicated story, but bottom
      line is: the man left the situation quite foggy."

      "What happened to the man?"

      "He's in a hospital. Gone mad. Guess he deserved it. Well, enough of
      me. When did you leave this place?"

      "Eight years ago, when I was 16."

      "Oh! Well..."

      "If your husband doesn't solve the problem, I'd be happy to help. I
      think I can..."

      His phone rang. Unknown number. "Excuse me a moment."


      "Hello. It's Alex... Summers. I'm with my parents. They said I should
      call. I'm putting this on the speaker."

      "Hello Mr. Drake."

      "Hello Mr. and Mrs... Tremm. I have something that I think you might
      find interesting."

      "About my brother?"

      "Yes. His medical file."

      "I'll be in Washington in 2 days. On my holiday. I'll call you when I
      get there."

      "Ok. Bye."


      "Sir, excuse me, you said your name is Bobby Drake."

      Scott couldn't understand why the woman didn't give him a moment to


      "The boy's name was..."

      "Scott Summers. I changed my name."

      "Oh. Ok."

      "Listen, what would you need from me? I have to get to Washington."

      "Well, I think a statement would be ok."

      After ten minutes Scott left the house. He promised himself he'll
      never be back again. But then again, it wasn't the first time he
      promised himself that.
      Anyway, he was on his way to Washington to meet his brother.




      Well, it was finally over. Morning came and Mystique woke up.

      "Why did you come here?"

      "We think that..."

      "We? You and Magneto?"

      "Yes. We feel that Xavier has played with your memories enough. There
      is a war out there and we all want mutants to be safe. And no matter
      whose side you're on, you have to be able to fight. Magneto feels that
      can happen only after you get over your missing past."

      "What are we going to do?"

      Mystiques morphs into Stryker.

      "I thought you got that figured out. We're going to Washington. Nobody
      knows that he's dead."

      "So we'll..."

      "Yes, yes. If we don't freeze in here. Let's go."


      Getting into Stryker's office was easy.

      "Everybody, get out. Nobody comes in, do you understand?"

      Mystique got back to her blue self and logged in on Stryker's

      Logan was looking at what she was doing, without finding anything
      interesting. Until he spotted Ororo's name on the screen.

      "Stop. What's her name doing there?"

      "Apparently these are his projects."

      "Why isn't my name there?"

      "We'll see right now. He was watching some mutants. He wanted to get
      to Ororo, but apparently Xavier found her first. Anyway,
      here's your file."

      *Anyway? And there's a file about Magneto. Why isn't she interested?*

      His file didn't bring anything new. The things he found out at Alkali
      Lake. He felt like this was all a scheme, that Magneto wanted him in
      Washington and didn't give a damn about his past. Why didn't he just
      tell him?

      The printer that was on the desk opposite the computer was wrecked
      with one hit of the claws.

      *I shouldn't have done that* "I'm sorry, I forgot where I am..."

      As he turned to Mystique, he saw as she was erasing a file named

      "Stop that right now."

      His fully extended claws didn't give her much of an alternative.

      "Open the file."

      It had a name and an address.

      "Garrison Kane. There's a file with that name. Open it."

      Garrison Kane was the commander of a military unit that 'solved

      "What's this supposed to mean?"

      "He was leading a group of killers. They did what they were asked to

      "Was I a part of this?"

      "Wolverine was. Here: for 5 years until... taken by Stryker for his
      special unit."

      "Is he still alive?"

      "I think he drowned. But you should know that."

      Logan's claws stopped 3 millimeters away from her skin.

      "I'm not in the mood for jokes. Is Kane alive?"

      "Retired. Pambrook House for Elders, Washington."


      Logan was about to leave the room when she said: "Eric would like to
      talk to you when you're... done with Kane."

      "Shouldn't wait for me."

      "Oh, he'll be expecting you."




      It was 8 o'clock. Breakfast was served. Today they had Kitty's
      special: eggs with cheese and bacon. But he wouldn't have that again.

      He was going to give his family a chance. He was going to leave with
      them; this had to work.

      He was packing when someone knocked.

      "I know you're there, Bobby," Rogue said. Then she opened the door.
      "It's normal to feel bad. They are your family and you'll be separated
      from now on... You're leaving?"


      "I see. Are you gonna tell the others?"


      "Let's go."


      Rogue leaned forward and kissed Bobby. He was colder than she ever
      felt him. He gently pushed her away.

      "Let's not do this. I'm leaving you and everyone else here."

      "But you..."

      "I don't want to spend the rest of my life hiding in this place. I
      want to have a normal life. And this is my only chance."

      Bobby left the room and Rogue sat on his bed. She could hear him go
      down the corridor, then on the stairs. She waited to hear what would
      happen as soon as he told them. Nothing. Just silence. A few moments
      later Piotr came into the room, followed by Bobby.

      "I can take them downstairs, Piotr."

      "It's ok."

      Five minutes later Bobby was near the car. Everyone stopped to say

      *I wonder what Logan would say. Well, he's not gonna miss me anyway.*

      Rogue couldn't say anything. She felt betrayed. He wouldn't come back
      like Logan did. He didn't want to come back.

      "Goodbye, Rogue."


      The car left and everyone felt like something was wrong. He shouldn't
      have left. They were supposed to stay there, to stay together and help
      each other. But then again, any one of them would've done the same.
      This didn't feel like home anymore.




      It was morning, she didn't sleep well, she didn't eat well and she was
      very very late. When she got to the school she was happy it wasn't on
      fire. She went to her office, took the books and her drafts for the
      day and headed for the classroom. She was almost knocked down by a man
      who was running to the classroom.

      "I'm sorry sir, but you should watch where you're going!" she said.

      "Who are you?"

      "I'm the teacher!"

      "Well, you should be there, in the classroom, not here..."

      "I'm going to the classroom."

      "Well, there's probably little you could do, after all she's a

      "A mutant?"

      Jean's heart started beating faster. *A mutant? This could be really

      When she walked in the classroom, she saw the kids sitting in circle,
      around a girl. At first she didn't know what was wrong, but then she
      saw the little girl's hands. They were on fire.

      "Miss Grey, what should we do?" the children asked her.

      "I'm calling the police!" the man yelled.

      "No you're not!"

      The cell phone flew from the man's hand and everyone stared at her.

      "She's coming with me and you're gonna go home. Peacefully."

      "Where are going to take me?"

      "We're going to talk to your parents, Sheryl."




      As the car went on the alley, professor Xavier felt that his dream was
      shattered. His kids were leaving. Jean wasn't coming back. What went
      wrong? Why was it falling apart?

      "You worry too much, old friend."

      "Eric? You never wanted to talk telepathically."

      "Well, this is a special moment."


      "Your kids aren't leaving you, they're just taking their own paths.
      Like Wolverine."

      "What have you told him?"

      "I've led him on the path. The right one."

      "Who knows what could happen?"

      "You should. I'm sure everything is going to be ok. You should be
      worried because of this Drake boy."

      "Bobby is a good boy."

      "His brother isn't."

      "His brother?"

      "You're too... naive. He's a mutant. A very dangerous mutant."

      "What do you know?"

      "I'm not taking any chances. Neither of them is going to leave New
      York. Goodbye, Charles."

      Professor Xavier wanted to call the X-Men and tell about this. But who
      would he call?


      "Jean? What's wrong?"

      "There's a girl... a mutant... I'm bringing her over there."




      This man had all the answers. He had to find him and find out what

      "Hello, I'm looking for Garrison Kane."

      "He's over there."

      Logan walked towards the man, feeling numb. Just like he did when he
      met Stryker.

      "Hello. Garrison Kane?"

      "Yes. But why are you... Wolverine... It's been a long time."

      "Do you know what Stryker did?"

      "I know what he planned to do... something with adamantium."

      "He did it. I want to know what happened before that."

      "You don't remember? Characters don't change, Wolverine. You were..."

      "Save it. Tell me what I did, not how you think I was."

      "You were a killer. You had missions and you had victims."

      "Victims? This doesn't make any sense. Why would I do that?"

      "You were an animal..."

      "Don't say that again."

      "Didn't say it before. You had to make a living. You did what we told
      you and you didn't have any problems. You enjoyed it."

      "I'd enjoy to see that smile off your face."

      "You wouldn't hear the rest."

      They were walking on an alley in the park. Logan found himself
      checking if there are any people around and found the park empty.

      *That's good.*

      "So, tell me the rest."

      "Oh, that would be reckless of me to do."

      "I could kill you right now. Others know."

      "Not what I know."

      "Stryker said I volunteered for the procedure."

      "You did."


      "You needed weapons. Weapons that would give an advantage over

      "I wasn't what you say I was."

      "You were far more. And worse."

      "Don't matter. I'm... expected somewhere."

      Logan was about to leave when he heard a familiar voice.

      "My dear boy, you really have changed."

      "Magneto? What are you doing here?"

      "Taking care of some business you left unattended."

      That moment Kane collapsed.

      "You see, Logan, his heart stimulator failed. These machines, you can
      never rely on them."

      "You... Why did you want to talk to me?"

      "A friend of yours is about to make a mistake. Bobby Drake is about to
      leave The USA together with his family."

      "Is that a mistake?"

      "His brother is going to try to stop him."

      "His brother is not my friend."

      "We'll see."

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