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FIC: Personal Demons (PG-13 6a/8)

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    Title: Personal Demons Author: Jocelyn (jdog985@hotmail.com) Feedback: Please! This is my first serious fic! Summary: Cyclops is imprisoned and tortured by
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2000
      Title: Personal Demons

      Author: Jocelyn (jdog985@...)

      Feedback: Please! This is my first serious fic!

      Summary: Cyclops is imprisoned and tortured by a violent anti-mutant

      Characters: All the main characters, Gambit, and a few originals,
      (Nadine, Charlotte, Andy, Allen) just to add to the student body.

      Rating: PG-13 for violence

      Disclaimer: The X-men belong to Brian Singer and Marvel Comics and I
      am not making any money off his story.

      Author's Note: If you haven't read it by now, you're
      confused anyway!

      * Denotes unspoken thought by characters

      Part 6A: The mansion grounds…

      The traditional manner of fighting could still do plenty of damage.
      A hail of bullets erupted from the cover of the woods, shattering the
      windows on that side of the mansion and forcing the X-men to stay
      covered. "Shit!" Logan muttered, flattening himself against
      the tree
      he was using as a shield. He'd have to wait until they got close
      enough, and that was too close to the mansion for his liking.

      Cyclops' power was marginally more useful, but he had to keep his
      head back or risk getting a bullet in it. It was Storm and
      show. Black clouds rolled over impossibly fast, and lightning began
      splitting the sky. Tornadic winds threw a number of their attackers
      off their feet, but the others dropped to the ground and kept
      firing. *Real professionals,* Jean thought angrily, and stuck out
      her hand. One of the shooters found his rifle snatched from his hand
      and yanked into Jean's. She pointed it back at them and started
      returning fire, forcing them to duck for the cover of the trees.

      That gave Scott the opening he needed, and he began blasting the
      retreating groups with his visor. *Good thing my power came back
      when it did,* he thought grimly. *Hell, this is way too easy. I
      don't like it, Professor.*

      *I'm not sensing any other approaches—* Xavier's reply
      was cut off as
      an explosion threw all of them to the ground.

      Logan jumped up, "Oh shit! What the hell was that?"

      "I don't know, stay back!" Scott started firing at random
      into the
      woods, trying to hit whatever had launched that grenade at them.

      "Careful!" Logan yanked Scott behind him as another explosion
      erupted, throwing them both off their feet. "Aw, hell."
      irritably yanked a piece of shrapnel from his back.

      Scott eyed him as the deep gouge healed in seconds, "Looks like
      saved my ass again."

      "I've got to quit doing that. Watch it, we've got
      company!" It
      looked like a charge out of World War I. Several dozen men in full
      body armor were sprinting across the green. One of them fired a
      powerful shot from a gun that took down Storm's tree—on top
      of her.

      "Storm!" Jean frantically tried to raise the tree, but she
      sense their attackers going around the mansion through the woods,
      obviously trying to get at it from another side. The weather had
      instantly cleared.

      "Oh God!" *Professor, we could use some…Professor? Can
      you hear me?*
      Scott felt his blood run cold, "Logan, Jean, there's someone
      inside!" Without waiting for their answer, he took off for the

      Inside the mansion…

      Elaine Hull smiled at her own marksmanship; the shot she'd fired
      through the upper window had hit the man watching the battle right in
      the chest, throwing him from his chair. She was fairly certain it
      was Xavier himself, especially since his mutant defenders were now
      having to struggle for their own lives, much less the kids they were
      trying to protect. She knew so little about most of Xavier's
      students, and still had managed to put together a reasonably strong
      assault against them. The attack would've been easier if they
      gotten any information from Summers, but the boy had proved to be
      considerably tougher than he looked. Well, she'd deal with him.

      "Nice little place he's got here," she observed, walking
      down the
      mansion hallway with her second team. "Come on, we've got
      some young
      mutants to visit."

      They rounded a bend and were met by gunfire. Swearing, Hull ducked
      back behind the corner, surprised that the mutant kids were fighting
      too. She'd have expected Xavier to tell them to hide under their
      beds in a crisis. *But no powers,* she thought. *Guns, we can
      handle.* She motioned to her soldiers, and they opened fire down the
      hall, forcing the two girls with the guns to leap into a doorway for

      Charlotte was certain that her death was imminent, *Oh shit! Oh
      shit! Where's the Professor? We're all dead!* Rogue was in
      defensive position in front of Charlotte, gun in hand, waiting
      grimly. She grabbed Charlotte's shoulder, "Get to
      Kitty's room; Give
      her the gun and tell her to wait. I've got an idea." She
      was about
      to cover Charlotte for a dive across the hallway into the elevator,
      when in her mind, she heard, *Wait!* It was Jean's voice.


      Scott wished he had his uniform on as he charged toward the backs the
      group that had somehow managed to break in from another door. The
      uniform had several bulletproof layers in the critical areas of the
      body, and it would come in handy since he was probably running
      straight into a few dozen slugs. His targets were too busy trying to
      pin Rogue and Charlotte down on the other end of the hall. He had
      five clear shots at their backs.

      The first four were down before any of them had time to react, but
      the fifth whirled and neatly fired a shot that struck Scott in the
      knee. His leg gave way and he crashed to the floor. Muttering a
      string of profanity that would have made Logan blush, he rolled over
      and found himself staring down the barrel of an assault rifle.
      hello, Mr. Summers!" Scott froze. That voice still woke him up
      night in a cold sweat. Elaine Hull smiled triumphantly down at him,
      "Fancy meeting you here."

      ***Part 6B: Coming Soon***

      Of course, how soon 6B comes depends on how much feedback I get,
      (hint, hint).
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