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FIC: Bobby/John Slash

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  • Jennifer
    Hey. I m new here and wanted to have a fic approved for the website. You can also find it on Adultfanfiction.net. Umm, well hope you like it. ^_^ Flaming
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2005
      Hey. I'm new here and wanted to have a fic approved for the website.
      You can also find it on Adultfanfiction.net. Umm, well hope you like
      it. ^_^

      Flaming Hearts
      Author: SlasherGirl185
      Disclaimer: I in no way own any characters, etc. from X-Men. No
      profit is being made from this story.
      Summary: Bobby should have know that this was how he'd tell him.
      Rating: NC-17

      X X X X X X X X

      Bobby walked warily down the hallway to the bedroom that he shared
      with John, clutching his neatly typed papers in his hands. He'd
      the past two hours in the library writing his History report which he
      had foolishly put off till the last minute…again. Finally pushing
      way into his room, Bobby's eyes widened at what he found.

      Hundreds of flickering candles lined every available space in the
      room. The floor. The desk. The dressers. Even the nightstand they
      shared had at least ten glowing candles on it.

      "John," Bobby called out, part in alarm and part in wonder.
      around the small room, his roommate was no where to be found.

      He softly closed the door, afraid too much noise might draw attention
      to them. Bobby was pretty sure Xavier wouldn't be very pleased
      John turning their room into a flaming fire hazard. Cautiously
      walking around the candles on tip-toes, Bobby carefully placed his
      papers in a bottom desk drawer, away from any sort of arson-related

      He twisted around at the sound of the bathroom door closing.

      "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby," John purred, flicking his lit
      cigarette into
      an old glass of water buried among the candles on John's
      dresser. "What the hell took you so long?"

      Bobby flushed, knowing what that tone of voice meant. He stuttered,
      never prepared for what he was supposed to say or do. "You
      be smoking in the Mansion," he finally muttered, feeling like a
      for saying it afterwards.

      John just smirked, shrugged his shoulders, and started to move
      towards him. Bobby couldn't help but notice that he never once
      down at the array of candles as he moved forward. Bobby unconsciously
      stepped back, stumbling over one particularly large candle that
      teetered for a moment before falling over. Hot wax pooled onto the
      hardwood floor, but the flame never went out.

      "So…" Bobby grasped for something to say as his back hit the
      wall. "Where'd you get all the candles?"

      John laughed a little. "The store had a sale."

      Bobby considered that for a moment. "How'd you get them all
      You'd never be able to carry them all."

      John moved into Bobby's personal space. From there Bobby could
      finally see the outline of John's excitement through his thin
      pants. "Do you honestly want me to explain to you how I got
      of candles into our room without any of the professors noticing?"

      Bobby was planning on answering that, but when John suddenly reached
      down and pulled his own shirt off he lost his train of thought. Bobby
      felt overdressed and his breathing was becoming somewhat ragged and
      he knew what John wanted and he knew what he wanted John to do.

      "Bobby," John rasped.

      Bobby was having difficulty focusing as one of John's hands ran
      his thigh and began to stroke him through his much-to-tight
      jeans. "What?"

      "I want to fuck you."

      Bobby moaned, already reaching down to undo his pants. "Yes."

      John's eyes glowed in the firelight and Bobby suddenly found
      completely pinned to the wall by John, his lips hungrily pushing
      against his own. John's deft hands quickly pushed away
      fumbling fingers. It seemed only a matter of seconds to Bobby before
      John's hands were down his pants, pushing into his boxers to
      his already half-hard dick. Bobby gasped into the kiss and John
      laughed, moving to suck and nip his way along Bobby's jaw and
      biting down on his pulse point and sending shivers throughout
      entire body.

      "John," Bobby somehow managed to get out between harsh gasps
      air. "Bed."

      John seemed to agree for suddenly Bobby was being roughly pulled over
      to John's bed by the front of the new shirt his mother had just
      him. John sat down on the edge of the bed, looking up at Bobby. In
      the candlelit room John's eyes seemed to glow with a fiery
      that sent chills down Bobby's spine. "Strip for me," John
      leaning back on his elbows and procuring a lit cigarette seemingly
      out of nowhere.

      Bobby stood for a second frozen, his eyes glued to John's
      chest which in the candlelight seemed to take on an unearthly pale
      glow, his mind still not fully understanding the request, no command.
      When John took a long drag on his cigarette, sending smoke up
      way with a raised eyebrow, he suddenly sprang into motion. Keeping
      his eyes locked with John's he slowly began to unbutton his
      One agonizingly slow second after another more beautifully bronzed
      skin was revealed to John, who kept his eyes on Bobby, still slowly
      taking drags off of his cigarette. Slowly the shirt fell from his
      shoulders and he flushed, still expecting John to turn him away,
      still waiting for him to see him for the awkward, ordinary boy that
      he was.

      At Bobby's hesitation to continue, John sat up a bit. "You
      gonna keep
      going beautiful or do you need a little help?"

      At the endearment John rarely ever used, Bobby stumbled out of the
      rest of his clothes in a very ungraceful and unsexy way before
      straddling John. Kissing him with as much passion as he possessed.
      Bobby tasted the acrid cigarettes and the citrus mouth wash that John
      used avidly and John, god, he tasted John. And John's kisses were
      amazing and just like his power, hot and powerful and leaving you
      feeling breathless.

      John flung the forgotten cigarette somewhere to the floor and rolled
      Bobby onto the bed beneath him. Bobby clutched John's hair, his
      his ass, anything he could reach. This was all he ever needed. This
      was where he always wanted to be. This was the only time he could
      ever truly let go. Of his parents. His powers. His life.

      John kissed Bobby one last time before he sat up and easily slid out
      of his pajama pants and Bobby should have known that John
      wouldn't be
      wearing any underwear because, well, that was John. And then John lay
      back down atop of him and it was just skin on skin. Bobby
      help the pathetic moan that he let out at the feel of John's
      grasping his ass and pulling him up to meet John's thrust down
      him. Bobby was sure that he would come at the feeling of their
      rutting against each other alone, which he mouthed unknowingly to

      John licked a line up Bobby's neck to his ear. "Don't
      worry baby. I'm
      not gonna let you come until I've fucked you well and good."

      Bobby whimpered, pushing John off of him to look him in the
      eyes. "Then do it. Do it now."

      John looked down at him, his hair in his eyes and flushed mouth open
      from panting so hard. Without saying a word, he sat up and reached
      over to his nightstand to grab a tube of lube. He held it above a
      particularly large candle for a minute and then finally settled back
      down between Bobby's now parted legs. He slowly ran his hands up
      insides up Bobby's thighs, relishing in the soft whimpers he
      received. Coating his fingers in the hot substance, John slowly
      circled Bobby's quivering hole before slowly pushing a slick
      inside. Bobby gasped loudly at the intrusion, the finger feeling as
      if it were on fire. John shushed him, leaning over to distract him
      with a kiss. As John slipped his tongue inside Bobby's mouth he
      slowly added a second and third finger. Bobby nearly screamed when
      John found his prostate, running his hot fingers over it again and
      again with no mercy.

      Bobby finally gripped John's hair, wrenching him away from his
      mouth. "Fuck me John. I'm ready goddamnit. Fuck me."

      John laughed breathlessly. "I love it when you talk dirty."

      "I love it when you shut the hell up and fuck me." Bobby

      That seemed to be enough for John for he suddenly withdrew his
      fingers. Handing the bottle of lube to Bobby he sat back and watched
      as Bobby coated his hand in the hot substance. John groaned as
      Bobby's trembling fingers wrapped around his aching cock,
      one, two, three times before withdrawing and lifting his hips a
      little. John grasped Bobby's hips in a near bruising grip. Bobby
      wrapped his legs around John's waist and nudged him forward.
      John. I need it." Bobby begged, looking up at John with pleading

      John looked down at him with a near terrifying fire in his eyes as he
      plunged into Bobby in one long slow thrust. John threw his head back
      and groaned at the combined searing heat of the lube and Bobby's
      tight ass. Bobby grasped the bed sheets below him as the searing pain
      finally subsided to a growing heat, engulfing his entire body with
      each new thrust John made. John rammed into Bobby with more force as
      he heard Bobby's mindless beggings.

      "Please John. More! Oh faster! Yes, gods, right there! OH god
      please don't stop!"

      John braced himself over Bobby, arms taut on either side of his
      head. "Don't worry baby. I wouldn't stop right now for
      the world."

      Bobby pulled John down into a heated kiss, their teeth smashing and
      tongues dueling for dominance. Bobby couldn't think. Couldn't
      Could only submit and let John take whatever he wanted, could only
      feel as they breathed in the same air, and could only squeeze his
      eyes shut and bite his lip to stop the screams threatening to escape
      when John suddenly grabbed his cock and started stroking roughly.

      "Come on," Bobby could vaguely hear whispered into his ear.
      "Come for
      me Bobby. Let me see you come."

      Bobby moaned and opened his eyes at John's heated words as waves
      heat splashed between the two of them as he came. Bobby slumped back
      into the pillows bonelessly, gasping for air, and watched as John
      groaned and after a few more hard thrusts came himself, riding out
      his high with Bobby's name on his lips.

      John collapsed onto Bobby, his hot breath puffing against Bobby's
      shoulder. Just when it was becoming difficult to breath, John finally
      slipped out of him and rolled over beside him. The two adjusted
      themselves until they could both fit somewhat comfortably in the
      small space.

      John reached over and grabbed a cigarette, reaching down and lighting
      it off of one of the many candles on the floor. Bobby looked over at
      him puffing the disgusting, yet undeniably sexy, thing. "How did
      really get all of these candles in here?"

      John smiled. "Some new kid. Duplicator or something. Told him
      singe his eyebrows off if he didn't help me."

      "John!" Bobby gasped. "That was a horrible thing to
      do." But he
      couldn't help the tiny giggle that escaped his mouth.

      "Knew you'd think it was funny."

      "I don't think it's funny." Bobby snapped, but after
      a moment of
      silence he burst out into laughter. John sat up, leaning on his elbow
      and looking down at his very amused friend. "How are we going to
      them all out of here?" Bobby asked, calming down a bit.

      John looked around and then shrugged. "We'll figure it out
      Besides I kind of like them all in here." He smirked.
      "It's kind of

      Bobby wasn't sure if John was joking or not, but he did silently
      agree. The cum on their stomachs was drying and beginning to feel
      uncomfortable. And he knew that soon enough his friend would have had
      enough of his company and go off to find something else to amuse
      himself with. Bobby's chest tightened. No matter what he did for
      that's what he would always be. An amusement. A play thing. Bobby
      wasn't sure how much longer John wanted to lay like this.

      "Learned a new trick," John murmured, breaking the silence.

      Bobby glanced over at him. "Yeah."


      Bobby waited for John to make a move. When he didn't Bobby sighed
      sat up. "Will you show me?"

      John looked at Bobby and then back up at the ceiling. Bobby was just
      about to ask what John's latest trick was when he gasped as
      every candle in the room flared, the flames connecting and entwining
      until there hovering in the center of the room was a giant flaming
      heart. Bobby, eyes wide and heart pounding, turned to John who was
      staring at him with a look in his eyes that he had never before seen.
      Bobby looked back at the heart and then back at John and then one
      last time at the heart. And Bobby should have know that this would be
      how he'd tell him.

      "John," Bobby said, turning back to John with a shy smile.
      "I love
      you too."

      John smiled softly and every flame in the room when out. "Come
      John murmured, pulling Bobby into his arms. Bobby smiled into

      Bobby was just drifting off into sleep when a thought came to
      mind. "John."

      "Hmm," he murmured.

      "How are we really going to get all these candles out of the

      John pulled Bobby tighter. "We'll figure it out later."

      And somehow that was good enough for Bobby.

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