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FIC: Gluttoning on All (What’s Past is Prologue 8/18)

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    Gluttoning on All (What’s Past is Prologue 8/18) Jean-Paul barely registered what the guy approaching him looked like. Partly because it was pretty dark in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2005
      Gluttoning on All (What’s Past is Prologue 8/18)

      Jean-Paul barely registered what the guy approaching
      him looked like. Partly because it was pretty dark in
      the bar. Mostly because they all looked the same
      after a while and after a few drinks. He’d had more
      than a few drinks tonight, and he wasn’t noticing a
      lot of details. He had a general impression of young,
      healthy, male, and interested and that was all he was
      looking for tonight. Well, young was optional.

      “Hi,” the guy said to him, and introduced himself.
      Visuals were registering a little more now. Clean,
      clean-cut, conservative looking. Looked like he’d be
      more at home in the bookstore across the street than
      in a backroom bar. Bookstore cruising not going well
      tonight, copain?

      “I’m Jean-Paul.” The guy – Jean-Paul had already
      forgotten his name – actually reached out his hand to
      shake. Definitely not something that happened much in
      this place. “So, you want to go to the back room?”
      Jean-Paul asked as he took the guy’s hand.

      The guy shook his head. “I’m not into back rooms, but
      I’d like to buy you a drink.”

      “Save your money. I’m not into men who aren’t into
      back rooms.”

      “Come on. Just one. We could talk a bit. Maybe,” he
      looked around, “go somewhere else if we’d like to...”
      His voice drifted off.

      Jean-Paul smiled at him. “No thanks,” he said. “Not

      “Come on,” the guy said again. “You might like me if
      you take a little time to get to know me.”

      “I’m sure you’re a nice guy. What we have here,
      though, is incompatible aims. I’m not looking to get
      to know anyone. You’re looking for someone to talk to
      and get to know and maybe go somewhere and...” He
      deliberately didn’t finish the sentence, just as the
      guy hadn’t. The guy actually blushed when he did
      that! Jean-Paul continued. “I’m looking for someone
      who wants to go in the back room and suck my cock.
      So, why don’t you go find somebody else to get to
      know, hein? And I’ll stay here until someone who’s
      looking for what I’ve got comes along.”

      The guy took a deep breath. He didn’t say anything
      for a long time, but he didn’t make any move to go and
      find someone more compatible. Finally, he spoke.
      “Cut or uncut?” he asked.

      “Un-. Does that count for me or against me with you?”


      “Enough to go against your principles and try out the
      back room?”

      “Maybe. I’m Jewish – I was raised to be frightened of
      dangerous, uncircumcised men,” he added with a smile.

      “And you like danger?” Jean-Paul smiled too as the
      guy nodded. “I’m a mutant,” he added. “I like to get
      that out of the way first.”

      “I’m not prejudiced,” the guy said, a little too fast.
      Then he thought about what he’d just heard. “Are you
      a dangerous mutant?” he asked.

      “Only when I want to be.” He gestured to the door in
      the back of the bar. “So, we go in there? Maybe
      you’ll find you like back rooms after all.”


      Jean-Paul didn’t know if the guy was deciding he liked
      back rooms, but he clearly liked what he was doing.
      He was licking and sucking Jean-Paul’s cock with
      enthusiasm mixed with expertise. His tongue kept
      wandering back to the foreskin. Dangerous
      uncircumcised men? Jean-Paul found himself thinking
      he’d have to ask Adam if he’d felt some special
      taboo-related thrill when they’d first had sex. Then
      remembered that he wasn’t on those kinds of terms with
      Adam anymore. And likely never would be.

      He shook himself, turning his attention from Adam
      remembered to the man kneeling in front of him right
      now. Stroking his balls with a couple fingers as his
      mouth alternated between licking and sucking on the
      head, he was using the rest of his hand to slide up
      and down the shaft. The guy’s other hand was in
      Jean-Paul’s pants, holding onto his ass, stroking
      slowly. It all felt really good. He looked good,
      too, whatever his name was, now that Jean-Paul was
      paying a little more attention to him. Handsome
      without being pretty, good cheekbones, nice hair that
      Jean-Paul had a double handful of at the moment. He
      looked better – not so strait-laced and conservative –
      like this, with a mouth full of cock. Jean-Paul
      grabbed him by the back of the head and started moving
      him forward and back. “Take it all in, copain,” he
      said, pushing hard and then pulling back out. “Come
      on. Swallow it. You can do it.” Alternately pulling
      on the guy’s hair and pushing him back, Jean-Paul
      fucked his face harder and faster until he shot his
      load down the guy’s throat.

      The guy stood up afterwards, brushing his pant legs as
      he did. “You’ve got a great cock,” he said to
      Jean-Paul, wiping his face with the back of his hand.

      “Thanks.” He leaned in, kissing the guy on the mouth,
      tongue pushing in like his cock had just done.
      Reaching between the guy’s legs, he stroked a little.
      “Do you want me to do you now?” he asked.

      “Not here. Look – we did it your way. Can we go
      somewhere else now? Like maybe some place with a bed?
      Is that just pathetically conventional of me?”

      Jean-Paul laughed. “No, it’s fine. I don’t have
      anywhere I can take you, though. I’m living somewhere
      I can’t bring... people back to just now.”

      “By ‘people’ you mean ‘tricks’? I understand. I’ve
      got a room. Not too far from here.” And then, in
      response to the expression on Jean-Paul’s face, “I
      know. Some of the rooms around here aren’t any better
      than a back room, but this is a good hotel. I’m in
      New York on business.”


      “What kind of business?” Jean-Paul asked, a few
      minutes later, as they walked to the hotel.

      “I’m a journalist.”


      “What does that mean?”

      “Nothing. I just know a little bit about the work.
      My... ex is a reporter, too.”

      “Recent ex, I assume, and a significant relationship,
      too. Or you wouldn’t be hesitating to call him that.”

      “You reporters are always drawing conclusions, aren’t

      “Well, was I right?”

      “Close enough.”

      “You’re French?”

      “Quebecois.” At the guy’s puzzled expression, he
      clarified. “French Canadian.”

      “French and Canadian. Arrogant and boring. Sorry –
      old joke.”

      “I’ve heard it before.”

      “What are you doing here?”

      “I live in the States now. I moved here last year.”

      “So soon after the war? Most mutants are moving *to*

      Jean-Paul shrugged but didn’t say anymore until they
      were in the hotel room. And when he did talk, it
      wasn’t about immigration. “So there’s a bed here,” he
      said, gesturing to it. “What do you want to do?” He
      pulled off his shirt and sat down on the bed.

      “I... uh... would you fuck me?” The guy was looking
      nervous. “I have condoms and lube,” he added.

      “Bien. Take your clothes off.”

      Jean-Paul watched while he did. Nice body, he
      thought. The guy wasn’t making eye contact. Having
      second thoughts or just shy? Jean-Paul took his
      clothes off, too, and pulled his now naked companion
      down on the bed with him, lying on top of him, kissing
      him hard, reaching to stroke his cock while he did.
      He seemed to be getting over the shyness, or whatever
      it was, kissing hungrily, hands stroking. “Where are
      the condoms?” Jean-Paul asked after a while.

      The guy reached into a drawer of the nightstand and
      got out a pack of condoms and a tube of lube. “Put it
      on me,” Jean-Paul said, closing his eyes as he felt
      his cock stroked and the condom rolling on. “Are you
      sure you want to do this?” he added, eyes open now,
      noticing the guy looking wary again.

      “Yeah, I’m just... it’s been a while.”

      “Do you want to sit on it? You can have more control
      that way.”

      “No.” He shook his head. “I want you to push it in
      me. Hard.”

      “Sure thing, copain. Get on your hands and knees.”
      He did, and Jean-Paul knelt behind him and looked at
      him for a minute. “You’ve got a nice ass,” he said,
      stroking with both hands, spreading the cheeks a bit.
      He pushed inside, hard, making the guy in front of him
      gasp. “That’s how you like it?” he asked, not waiting
      for an answer before starting to fuck him with
      pounding strokes, kneeling behind him, pulling on his
      thighs to bring him closer.

      “Yes,” the guy answered his question, almost in a
      whisper, and leaned his head down on the bed as he
      rubbed his own cock. He moaned and whimpered as
      Jean-Paul shoved it into him again and again.

      “Am I hurting you?” he asked, leaning down now,
      talking in the guy’s ear.

      “Yes, but I like it. It’s good. Keep doing it like

      And then neither of them said anything else, just
      moving together now, hard and fast. The guy shook as
      he came and then moved with Jean-Paul while Jean-Paul
      fucked faster and harder until he was coming, too.

      They both sat up afterwards, leaning against each
      other a bit. Jean-Paul turned and kissed the guy on
      the mouth again. “That was good. You’re right –
      better on a bed for that than in a back room.” After
      a minute, he added, “Well, I think I should be going.”

      “Could you stay?” He looked down. “It just seems
      so...strange or something, to do that and then you
      just leave.”

      “That’s kind of what it’s like when you pick up guys
      in bars, hein?”

      “Does it have to be? I mean, I’m not looking for a
      relationship or anything, but is it so much to want a
      one-night stand to last a night?” He smiled
      sardonically at Jean-Paul, who laughed.

      “Okay, why not? But I have to make a call, to say
      I’ll be out all night.” He picked his pants up off
      the floor and took out his cell phone. “No signal.”

      “I know. It’s always like that here. Hotel
      management says there’s interference from the
      generator. I think they do it on purpose so they can
      charge their guests exorbitant phone rates.” He
      gestured to the hotel phone. “Go ahead. My paper
      will pay for it.”

      Jean-Paul asked for Wendy’s room, but got April.
      “You’re up late ma petite,” he said, and listened,
      smiling, to a long story involving a kitten, a ball of
      yarn, and telekinesis. “Is mommy there?” he asked
      after a while, telling Wendy when she got on that he
      expected to be out all night and that he wasn’t
      available via cell but could be reached if needed at
      212 555-3232, Room 534.

      “Having fun?” she asked.


      “I won’t give out the number unless Cyclops needs you
      for a mission or there’s some sort of emergency.”

      “Ezra is okay?”

      “Yes, he’s fine. Adam and Anjuli were taking a walk
      with the boys last I saw them, then getting them ready
      for bed.”

      “Bien. See you tomorrow.”

      The guy – Jean-Paul really wished he could remember
      his name, this was getting embarrassing – was looking
      at him quizzically when he got off the phone. “What?”
      Jean-Paul asked him.

      “So the reporter ex is a wife, is she? And there’s a
      child, too? Does she know what you’re doing? Is she
      okay with that?”

      “Ah, you reporters. Jumping to conclusions. No, that
      wasn’t my ex, or my child. Wendy’s a friend – she and
      her husband and daughter are all friends of mine. I
      was talking to her daughter and then to her. My ex is
      a man. And I do have a child – we adopted him
      together.” He shrugged. “Now we’re not together.
      We’re sharing custody. It’s his turn to be the
      hands-on parent tonight. When Ad- when my ex has our
      son, I can go out in the evenings.”

      “Picking up men in bars and fucking them in hotel

      “Sometimes. More often just blow jobs in the back
      room. Why?”

      “I don’t know. I guess I just don’t associate that
      kind of thing with having a family.” He added
      quickly, “I’m not being critical.”

      “Well, as you guessed before when you were guessing
      right, my family is in flux at the moment. The
      breakup is still new. We’re both trying to negotiate
      it, figure out what works for us.” He shrugged and
      didn’t say anything for a minute. Then he added, “I
      came to this country because of his work, because we
      were making a life together.”

      “Is he a mutant?” Jean-Paul shook his head. “What’s
      your gift?” he asked, and then quickly afterwards, “Is
      that okay to ask?”

      “Oui, it’s fine. I have two. Flight and super

      “Really? You mean you can really fly?” Jean-Paul
      nodded. “And super speed? What does that mean? How

      “I can go around the world in a few minutes. Most of
      the time is take-off and landing. Once I’m really
      going it’s close to c, to light speed.”

      The guy whistled a little, looking at him like he was
      seeing him in a new way. “Is your last name Beaubier?
      Were you with Alpha Flight when you lived in Canada?”

      “Yes, how did you know?”

      “I read an article about you – part of a series on
      mutants in sports. In the San Francisco Chronicle. I
      know the guy who wrote it.”

      “I think there must be five newspaper reporters in the
      world, total. You all seem to know each other.”

      “What was it like working with Alpha Flight?”

      Jean-Paul shook his head. “I don’t talk about my

      “You don’t even work there anymore.”

      “When you work for an agency like Alpha Flight, you
      don’t talk about it even after you leave.”

      “Hey, are you an X-Man now?” Jean-Paul didn’t answer.
      “Am I asking too many questions?”

      “Peut-être. Why don’t you tell me a little about
      yourself, instead?”

      “Where should I begin?”

      “Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but why don’t you
      start with your name. I’m sorry – I never quite
      caught it.”

      “That’s okay. It’s Rick. Rick Kapell.”

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