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FIC: Love and Reason (The Past is Prologue 4/18)

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  • Mo
    Love and Reason (The Past is Prologue 4/18) Logan pulled on Scott’s hair as he came, a low growl coming from deep in his throat. Scott leaned down
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2005
      Love and Reason (The Past is Prologue 4/18)

      Logan pulled on Scott’s hair as he came, a low growl
      coming from deep in his throat. Scott leaned down
      afterwards, head in his lover’s lap. Neither of them
      said anything for a minute, Logan’s fingers in Scott’s
      hair, stroking lazily.

      “Come over to the bed,” he said to Scott after a
      while, standing up, taking him by the hand.


      “I want to fuck you.”

      “Nah, I don’t feel like it.”

      “Okay. I’ll suck you off.” Scott shook his head.
      Logan glared at him. “What *do* you want to do?”

      “Nothing. I’m fine.”

      “Well, I’m not.” They stood there, looking at each
      other silently for a minute. Logan continued, “What’s
      wrong with you? All you’ll do lately is blow me.”

      “What have you got against that?” He looked down.
      “Look, I just don’t feel like doing much lately.

      “No, it’s not okay. I want more.”

      “We can do it again. Or I’ll do you with my hand.”

      “I wanna do you.” Scott shook his head. “What’s
      wrong with you?” Logan asked again.

      “Nothing’s wrong. I just don’t feel like it.”

      “This is sick.”

      “It’s how we started, isn’t it?”

      “Yeah, I feel like I’m in some sort of time warp.
      That was a long time ago. And I never could figure
      out what you were getting out of it then. If you
      don’t feel like sex, why are you sucking me off?”

      Scott shrugged. “Why not? You want it. I want to
      please you. And, besides, it’s good for my health,”
      he added with a smile.

      “You’re in it for the healing semen?”

      “Partly. Why not?” Scott said again.

      Logan didn’t smile back. “’Cause I don’t fucking like
      it. It’s sick. It’s not natural to just do it one
      way like that. I want to touch you. I want to fuck
      you. I want to make you come. Why wouldn’t you want
      me to?” Scott didn’t say anything. “It’s been weeks
      since we’ve done anything but you sucking me. You
      won’t let me even touch your cock. What’s going on?”

      “Nothing’s going on.”

      Logan’s eyes narrowed. “Are you doing it with
      somebody else?”

      Scott laughed, short and bitter. “No,” he said.
      “Nobody else.”

      “Well, I want to know what the fuck’s going on. And
      what it takes to change it, because I’m not gonna keep
      going like this.”

      “Logan, look. Do you think we could have this fight
      some other time? I need your advice. I’ve got a
      problem I need to talk to someone about and I don’t
      want anyone but you to know some of it.”

      Logan opened and closed his mouth a few times before
      he answered that one. “Okay, Cyclops,” he said,
      finally. “I’ll make a deal with you. You tell me
      what’s on your mind. And then we fuck.”

      “And what if I don’t want to?”

      “Then I don’t want to hear your problem.”

      “I can’t believe this. You’re blackmailing me for

      “If you want to call it that.”

      “Fuck you.”

      “Okay. We can do it that way. And then I fuck you.”
      Scott smiled, in spite of himself. “Tell me what’s on
      your mind, Cyclops.” He took Scott by the hand again
      and they sat down on the bed.

      Logan kicked off his shoes and lay back on the
      pillows. Scott hesitated, sitting at the edge, then
      lay down next to him. They didn’t touch, didn’t speak
      for a minute or two. Finally Scott said, “There’s
      this guy...”

      “You *are* doing it with somebody else.”

      “No! Shut up for a minute and listen to me, okay?
      This has nothing to do with sex.” He took a deep
      breath. “There’s a reporter, Richard Kapell. He
      works for the Washington Times.”

      “That Moonie rag?”

      “Yeah, exactly. Anti-mutant, anti-gay. Right wing in
      general. They wrote this horrid obit when Charles
      died – all innuendo, you know? Anyway, they’re after

      “After you? What does that mean?”

      “This guy Kapell is investigating me. He called me up
      and tried to ask a bunch of questions and he’s been
      following up with all sorts of people. He called
      Jean. She wouldn’t say anything, of course. But not
      just people here. People we’ve worked with through
      the X-Men. Martin Kline called me and said he’d hear
      from him, too.”

      “He’s not gonna tell him anything. G-Men know how to
      keep their mouths shut.”

      “I know. I’m not worried about him. It just shows
      Kapell found out something to call him, you know? And
      I even heard from a couple of my old professors at
      Columbia. He’s looking into my background. He’s not
      writing some ‘new leader of the X-Men’ puff piece, you
      know? He’s looking for dirt.” He didn’t say anything
      for a minute. “I’m scared of what he’ll find out.”

      “I hate to break it to you, but he already knows
      you’re a mutant.”

      “Very funny.”

      “You don’t want him to know you’re gay?”

      “No, I don’t care about that.” Logan looked at him
      askance. “I’m not going back into the closet, Logan.
      I’m not planning on giving any press conferences about
      it – I’m not talking about my personal life. But I
      don’t care who knows about that. I don’t care who
      knows about you and me. I’m worried about him digging
      into my past.”

      “Oh. You’re scared he’ll find out you were a

      Scott sat up. “I hadn’t even thought of that.” He
      paused, considered it. “I don’t think he’ll find out
      anything about it. Who’s he going to ask? There’s no
      written record. There’s hardly anyone who even knows
      about that. Now that Charles is dead, it’s just you
      and Jean.”

      “And god knows how many johns.”

      “They don’t know who I am. They didn’t know my last
      name, didn’t know I’m a mutant. I was a kid then.
      And I was blind. I looked totally different – even if
      they saw my picture, they wouldn’t put it together.
      Other than Simon, nobody who knew me then knows me
      now. Simon didn’t even recognize me when I ran into
      him. If I hadn’t told him who I am, he wouldn’t have
      known, and he’s the one who knew me best. And how
      would this Kapell character even find any of them to
      interview? No, I’m not worried about that.”

      “So what are you worried about?”

      “There’s no statute of limitations on homicide.”

      “Homicide? Your father?” Scott nodded. “It was an

      “You know that. I know that – well, most of the time
      I do. But mutants coming into their powers have been
      charged with manslaughter before. Or assault with a
      deadly weapon.” He pointed to his eyes, hidden behind
      the glasses. “They are deadly weapons.”

      “Yeah, and as soon as you knew they were you stopped
      using them. Cyclops, you kept your eyes shut for a
      fucking year! You were blind as long as you had to
      be. If the professor hadn’t found you, they’d still
      be shut.”

      “And I’d have a hard time getting anybody to pay me
      for blow jobs after twenty years of hustling.”

      Logan laughed at that. “You haven’t lost your knack.”

      “I don’t know what he’ll find if he starts looking
      into my background.”

      “Well what happened after he died? Was there any kind
      of investigation? How was his death reported?”

      “I don’t know! I wasn’t there. I hightailed it out
      of Indiana as fast as I could. I have no idea what
      happened. I didn’t know if they realized I killed
      him, if they were after me. For months I was worried
      I’d get arrested. Then I relaxed a bit. Eventually I
      mostly forgot about it.” He sighed. “Except once in
      a while I’d dream about blasting him. And lately it’s
      coming back again. Nightmares all the time. Killing
      him. Killing other people, too.” He took off his
      glasses and rubbed his closed eyes. “And not just
      dreams. I’m worrying about it all the time, about
      what this Kapell will find out. It’s the last thing I
      need. I’m having a hard enough time with everything
      else going on.” He sighed. “Shit. I wish Charles
      were alive. I don’t know what to do.”

      “So you’re settling for me?”

      “I didn’t mean it like that.” He sighed again. “I’m
      just having so much trouble knowing what to do lately.
      With so many things. It’s like indecision is taking
      over my life. You know – do I dare to eat a peach?”
      Neither said anything for a minute. Scott continued,
      "What do you think? What should I do?”

      “Lie back down.”

      Scott did. Logan kissed him on the neck and he turned
      on his side, back to Logan, who responded by pressing
      up against him. “Logan, I really don’t want to do
      this. Can we talk about this reporter?”

      “Later.” He reached around Scott’s waist and undid
      his belt, sliding his hand into his lover’s pants.

      “I really don’t want to...”

      “Yes, you do.” Stroking now. “Maybe your brain
      doesn’t. Your body does.” He unzipped Scott’s pants.
      “Your cock’s big and hard for me. That’s ‘cause you
      want what I’ve got.”

      “I’m not...”

      “Yes, you are. You need this. You’re wound too
      tight, Scott. You need to relax. I’ve got just what
      you need.” Taking Scott’s hand, he guided it to his
      own cock, pushing hard through his pants. “See,
      that’s what you need. That’s what’s going to make you
      feel good. Just do what I tell you to and we’ll both
      be happy.”

      Logan pulled Scott’s pants down, bunched around his
      legs, and then pressed up against his ass. One hand
      stroking up and down Scott’s cock, he opened his own
      fly with the other. He took Scott’s hand and wrapped
      it round his dick. They rubbed each other. Logan
      kept talking, right in Scott’s ear. “That’s what you
      want, isn’t it? My big dick. I’m gonna stick it up
      your ass. I know just how you like it. I’m gonna
      fuck you good. That’s what you need, you just need
      reminding. It’s been too long. You’re forgetting
      what you like. But your body remembers. Your cock’s
      twitching in my hand, ‘cause it remembers. Yeah, you
      know what you want. And I’m gonna give it to you.”

      He let go of Scott’s cock, eliciting a disappointed
      groan from his lover. Logan chuckled. “Just for a
      minute. I’m gonna hold it again.” He reached for the
      lube and started spreading it on his hard-on and all
      over his hand. His right hand, slick and slippery
      now, resumed stroking Scott as he spread Scott’s
      cheeks with the other one, and positioned himself to
      enter him. “You ready?” he asked.


      “You want me?”

      “Oh yes.”

      He pushed in hard and Scott gasped, going rigid and
      still until Logan was pushed in up to the hilt.
      Shoved in like that, he stayed still for a minute,
      stroking Scott’s cock but not moving anything but his
      hand. Then he started fucking him slowly, moving out
      only a little, pushing all the way back in. The
      strokes got longer bit by bit until Logan was pulling
      out almost completely and then slamming all the way
      into Scott’s ass. “You’re good and tight. Your hole
      grabs me. Ah, and you like it, don’t you? That’s why
      your cock’s so big and hard for me. That’s why you’re
      making those sounds for me.” He rubbed the head of
      Scott’s cock with his thumb, fist sliding up and down
      as he pushed in and out.

      ”That’s my boy. Come for me. Let me feel it. Come
      on.” Fucking and rubbing and whispering in Scott’s
      ear all the while.

      Scott came first, all over Logan’s hand. Smearing cum
      over Scott’s belly, Logan fucked him fast and hard
      until he came, too, deep inside. Then pulled out and
      lay down on his back.

      “So?” Logan smiled at Scott, lying there catching his

      “So what?”

      “It’s what you needed, wasn’t it?”

      “Yeah. You were right. Is that what you want to

      “Always a good thing to hear.” He didn’t say anything
      for a minute. “It doesn’t help, Scott,” he said,
      finally. “Listen to me. I know.”

      “What doesn’t help?”

      “Not letting yourself feel stuff. Maybe you think it
      makes it easier. Maybe it does for a little while.
      In the long run, it just makes it worse. I know about
      long runs.”

      “Is this my cue to tell you you’re right again?”
      Logan chuckled at that.

      Scott turned over, throwing an arm over Logan. They
      held each other close for a minute. “So what do you
      think I should do about this reporter?”



      “Adam Greenfield. Have him look into what happened in
      Indiana. He’s gonna be here, right?”

      “I don’t want Adam knowing about what happened to my

      “If this Kapell finds out, everybody’s going to know.
      Don’t tell Adam what he’s looking for. Just tell him
      to go looking, set him loose, and see what he finds.
      If he finds it out, then at least we’re prepared, can
      figure out what to do about it. Maybe we can make
      some evidence disappear or something. And if Adam
      doesn’t find out what happened, well then we’re home
      free. The Washington Times reporter isn’t gonna find
      anything Adam can’t.”

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