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FIC: The Dying of the Light (What’s Past is Prologue 1/18)

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    The Dying of the Light (What’s Past is Prologue 1/18) From The New York Times. July 12, 2012, page A1, continued on page A23. Charles Xavier - Educator,
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      The Dying of the Light (What’s Past is Prologue 1/18)

      From The New York Times. July 12, 2012, page A1,
      continued on page A23.
      Charles Xavier - Educator, Philanthropist, and
      Activist – Dies

      Charles Xavier, a mutant rights advocate, educator,
      and philanthropist who served as informal advisor to
      several heads of state, died last night at his home in
      Salem Center, NY. He was 72 years old.

      Dr. Jean Grey of the Xavier Institute for Higher
      Learning said that the cause of death was pancreatic

      Dr. Xavier (pronounced ex-AY-vee-er) was a familiar
      presence in both New York and Washington, as well as
      in foreign capitals. A mutant himself, he used the
      family fortune left him by his father, financier
      Edmund Xavier, largely to advance the status of
      mutants and to aid distressed mutant youth. He
      established the Xavier Foundation, a charitable
      organization with a focus on mutant issues; Xavier’s
      Academy for Gifted Youth, a private boarding school of
      which he was headmaster; and the Xavier Institute for
      Higher Learning, an educational and research
      institution. Professor Xavier, known to his students
      and colleagues as “Professor X,” was also the founder
      and leader of the mutant paramilitary organization
      known as the X-Men.

      In recent years, he was frequently seen in Washington,
      DC, lobbying for mutant rights, including working
      against passage of the ill-fated Mutant Registration
      Act of 2008, as well as attempting to forestall later,
      successful mutant legislation. Professor Xavier and
      the X-Men were instrumental in uncovering the true
      source of the plague outbreak that precipitated the
      recent War on Mutants. During the war, Dr. Xavier and
      his X-Men fled to Canada, where they worked with Alpha
      Flight, a Canadian government agency staffed entirely
      by mutants, to discover the cause of the plague
      outbreak, eventually tracing it to the militia group
      Sacred Honor. Their discovery led to the end of the
      war and eventual revocation of all federal anti-mutant
      initiatives. Since the conclusion of the War on
      Mutants, Professor Xavier has been a frequent advisor
      to President Obama and in recent months has been
      discussed as a possible appointment for a cabinet
      post, should one become vacant.

      The White House released the following statement from
      the President, “I am saddened to learn of the death of
      Charles Xavier, a great man and a great American. A
      tireless supporter and defender of the oppressed
      everywhere, Charles was a man of great vision and even
      greater empathy and compassion. I am proud to say
      that he was my friend and will miss him terribly.”

      Charles Francis Xavier was born in Salem Center, NY on
      May 1, 1940 to Edmund and Gloria Xavier. Little is
      known about his early life. He was educated privately
      at home for much of his childhood. At the age of 14
      he was seriously injured in an automobile accident.
      The driver of the car died and the young Charles
      Xavier was rendered a paraplegic. For the rest of his
      life he used a motorized wheelchair. His frustration
      with heavy and unwieldy models available at the time
      led him to design the Xavier Rollabout, the
      lightweight and low cost electronic wheelchair that
      has increased mobility for so many disabled

      Mr. Xavier excelled at Yale University, where his
      undergraduate degree was in English literature and his
      master’s degree was in physics. He later earned a
      master’s degree and a doctorate in physical
      engineering from Columbia University, as well as a
      number of honorary degrees from several universities.
      Patents for a number of inventions of his, including
      the Rollabout, added to the already substantial
      inheritance left him by his parents. In 1980,
      Professor Xavier created the Xavier Foundation and
      embarked on a lifelong effort to use his financial
      resources for the benefit of disadvantaged mutants.

      It is not known at what age Professor Xavier’s mutant
      abilities manifested. He was reticent to discuss his
      powers, but they were known to be in the psionic
      category, and to include telepathy. He was said to
      have the ability to recognize other mutants as well,
      even those whose appearance did not reveal their
      mutant status. Xavier surrounded himself with
      mutants, forming the X-Men and his academy – a private
      boarding school for mutant teenagers, many of whom
      were homeless when they arrived. The Xavier Academy
      is funded by the Xavier Foundation and operates out of
      what was the Xavier family home.

      Although there have been calls from Senator Marley and
      others for a large-scale investigation of the X-Men,
      the group has mostly managed to stay out of the public
      eye. Known to be a specially trained force of
      mutants, some of whom also work as teachers at
      Xavier’s Academy, the X-Men have generally operated in
      secrecy. There have been two notable exceptions, when
      Charles Xavier’s X-Men’s accomplishments were subject
      of public discourse. The first was when the X-Men
      captured Brotherhood of Mutants founder Erik “Magneto”
      Lehnsherr in 2006, averting his attempt to assassinate
      a number of world leaders attending a UN summit.
      Lehnsherr was convicted of two murders of law
      enforcement officers and multiple counts of attempted
      murder and is serving a life sentence in a specially
      constructed plastic prison in Maryland. The second
      very public act of the X-Men was their investigation
      of Sacred Honor and the resulting seizure of documents
      related to their bioterrorist activities. This
      discovery led not only to the end of the War on
      Mutants, but also to a close alliance between
      Professor Xavier and President Obama, as well as
      requests from foreign leaders for assistance from Dr.
      Xavier and his X-Men.

      Professor Xavier is survived by his son, Scott
      Summers, of Salem Center, NY.


      Newsweek, July 16, 2012 Milestones Column
      Died. Charles Xavier, Mutant Rights Activist, 72 of
      pancreatic cancer at his palatial home in Salem
      Center, NY, headquarters of the X-Men and the Xavier
      Academy. A paraplegic since age 15, Xavier was a
      powerful telepath and the heir to the Xavier
      investment banking fortune. He used his gifts and his
      wealth to further the cause of mutant rights, through
      the Xavier Foundation, the “team” of specially trained
      mutants called the X-Men, and the Xavier Academy,
      known colloquially as “Mutant High.” Xavier and his
      X-Men were the prime movers in the denouement of last
      year’s War on Mutants. It’s largely through his
      efforts that the Mutant Detention Act and related
      legislation were quickly repealed at the end of the
      war. In recent months, Xavier’s name has been
      repeatedly floated as a possible Secretary of State,
      should President Obama be reelected in November.
      Xavier’s death came as a surprise to all but his
      closest associates. He had been involved in all of
      his usual activities until quite recently, and
      attended a State dinner at the White House in honor of
      Prime Minister Martin of Canada only a month ago.
      Charles Xavier is survived by his adopted son, Scott


      The Globe and Mail, July 19, 2012
      Charles Xavier, Inventor and Advocate: 1940-2012
      By P.D. Carson
      Special to the Globe and Mail

      A mutant rights advocate, philanthropist and inventor,
      he was among the first wave of mutants, with psionic
      powers that manifested in the 1950s. A very private
      person for much of his life, he played a public role
      on the world stage near the end of it.

      TORONTO – During the War on Mutants last year,
      American mutant rights advocate Charles Xavier met
      with Prime Minister Martin just as American pressure
      was mounting for Canada to join the war effort. His
      impassioned pleas were widely regarded to have been
      the deciding factor in Martin’s steadfast resistance
      to joining in the War on Mutants. Last month at a
      White House dinner for the P.M., Charles Xavier was an
      honoured guest. Those two events reflect the rapid
      changes that Xavier went through at the end of his

      Charles Xavier was born in Salem Center, NY in
      Westchester County. Although Salem Center is now a
      suburb of New York City, the Xavier home was at the
      time of his birth in a rural area full of farms and
      country estates. The only child of investment banker
      Edmund Xavier, he was the heir to the Xavier fortune.
      He was the first mutant in his family and came into
      his powers well before the mutant phenomenon was
      widely known.

      A paraplegic due to an automobile accident at the age
      of 15, Mr. Xavier was determined to live a full life
      in spite of his disability. His life continued with
      much the same plans that he’d had before his accident,
      including degrees from both Yale and Columbia
      Universities. With engineering degrees and a creative
      mind, he was well equipped to pursue a career as an
      inventor. His best-known invention, the Xavier
      Rollabout electronic powered wheelchair, has been
      manufactured in Cambridge, ON since 1999.

      Mr. Xavier had long been a supporter of increased
      accessibility for the disabled both in the U.S. and
      Canada. The Xavier Foundation is a major donor to the
      School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University.

      Charles Xavier’s life work, though, was the
      advancement of the status of mutants worldwide. The
      Xavier Foundation has largely funded projects to
      assist mutants, including the formation of a boarding
      school for mutant adolescents: the Xavier Academy for
      Gifted Youth. A private mutant paramilitary
      organization, the X-Men, was formed in the 1990s and
      was led by Charles Xavier and his son, Scott Summers.
      The X-Men and Alpha Flight – a division of the federal
      government’s Department H, headquartered in Toronto –
      have often cooperated on international projects.
      Notable among these were the rescue of several
      detainees during the 2008 mutant crisis in Belarus and
      the discovery of the bioterrorism acts of the U.S.
      militia group Sacred Honor last year, which led to the
      end of the War on Mutants and advancement of the
      mutant rights cause in the United States Congress.

      Charles Xavier died on July 11 at his home, of
      pancreatic cancer. James MacDonald Hudson,
      co-director of Alpha Flight, had this to say, “Charles
      Xavier was an inspiration to me. He had an
      indomitable spirit, a keen mind, and an unshakeable
      commitment to mutant rights throughout the world.”

      Charles Francis Xavier was born in New York State on
      May 1, 1940. He died at his home in Salem Center, NY
      on July 11, 2012. He was 72 years old. He leaves his
      son, Scott Summers and his adopted daughter, Jean


      The Washington Times, July 12, 2012
      Obituary: Mutant Power Advocate Charles Xavier

      Charles Xavier, a billionaire mutant who used his
      inherited wealth to advocate for increased political
      power for mutants in the U.S. and abroad, died of
      natural causes last night at the Xavier mansion in
      Westchester County, NY. He was 72.

      Born to wealth and privilege in 1940, he was the son
      of financier Edmund Xavier. An accident in his teens
      left the younger Xavier paralyzed from the waist down,
      but his physical limitations were compensated for by
      his prodigious mutant powers. A powerful telepath,
      Xavier was also rumored to have the ability to control
      the minds of others. If true, this ability may have
      accounted for his influence over several world
      leaders, including President Obama, who has tirelessly
      pushed the Xavier pro-mutant agenda through Congress
      in the months since the end of the War on Mutants.

      Xavier was the founder of the shadowy group known as
      the X-Men. Shrouded in secrecy, the X-Men have been
      described as both a vigilante organization and a
      private army, although their supporters refer to them
      as “superheroes.” Staffed entirely by mutants, the
      organization’s activities are almost never revealed to
      the public. The X-Men were rumored to have been
      involved in the capture of James Callahan, who was
      convicted of spearheading the attacks of April 16,
      2010. Callahan’s death in prison has left many
      questions about the FBI investigation and subsequent
      trial unanswered. Evidence that Callahan may have
      been framed has recently been uncovered, according to
      Senator William Marley of Maryland.

      The X-Men were also involved in the alleged discovery
      that the militia group Sacred Honor, and not a mutant
      underground, started last year’s plague epidemic that
      killed over 50,000 Americans. None of the plague
      victims were mutants, although many mutants were at
      the site of the initial outbreak. Persistent rumors
      that the X-Men planted the evidence they claimed to
      have uncovered have still not been investigated
      thoroughly by the Obama administration.

      In addition to the X-Men, Xavier founded the Xavier
      Academy for Gifted Youth, a boarding school operating
      out of the Xavier mansion in Salem Center, NY.
      Variously described as a training center for his
      mutant army and a home for delinquent mutant youth,
      the Academy does not make its curriculum or its list
      of faculty members, students and alumni available.
      Several wealthy and powerful mutants are known to have
      attended the Xavier Academy, including Warren
      Worthington III, former CEO of Worthington Industries,
      and the late Henry J. McCoy, who was killed in the
      4/16 attack in Washington DC.

      Senator William Marley, a frequent opponent of
      initiatives to provide special rights for mutants,
      expressed regret upon hearing of his death. “It is
      very sad, of course,” he said from his home in Chevy
      Chase. “It will be interesting, however, to see if
      those in the Obama administration and in foreign
      governments who have been convinced to follow Xavier’s
      directives in recent months change their minds now
      that he has passed on. If so, it raises questions
      about just how he convinced them.”

      A press release from the Xavier Foundation states that
      Charles Xavier is survived by his son, Scott Summers.
      Mr. Summers is the Assistant Headmaster of Xavier’s
      Academy and a trustee of the Xavier Foundation. He is
      also rumored to be the “field leader” of the X-Men.
      There is no record of Xavier marrying or adopting a
      child, and no explanation was given for the difference
      in surnames between Xavier and his “son.”


      From Mutant High Notes, the weekly newspaper of
      Xavier’s Academy.

      Gone but Not Forgotten by Joseph Garafolo

      We lost our leader this week. We’ll never be the

      He was the one who greeted each one of us when we
      first arrived, scared and confused.

      He was the one who told us we had valuable gifts.

      He was the one who promised to teach us how to use

      He was the first person we met who told us to be proud
      we are mutants.

      He was the first proud mutant we’d ever met.

      He was the one who treated us all with respect.

      He was the one who demanded respect from us – for
      ourselves and for each other.

      He was the one who, when he caught us out of our dorms
      after curfew, never got an excuse from us. We knew
      there was no point, since he’d just read our minds and
      know we were lying.

      He was the one who taught us physics. Even if we
      thought we couldn’t learn it. Even if we didn’t want
      to learn it.

      He was the one who defied categories like “disabled”
      and “powerful” and made us wonder what those words
      really meant.

      He was the one who opened his home to us and made it
      our home, too.

      He was the one who told us this is our home as long as
      we want it to be.

      He was the one who called us his children. We rolled
      our eyes at that, not wanting to be anyone’s children
      anymore, but we liked it, too. We’ll miss hearing him
      say that.

      We miss you, Professor X.

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