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"Eyes Perceive, Heart Believes" (1/?) Jean/Logan, X2

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    Archive: Sure thing! Just let me know where! Disclaimer: *sigh* I wish I could say they were mine, but Marvel claims that honor. Please don t sue! Although, I
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      Archive: Sure thing! Just let me know where!
      Disclaimer: *sigh* I wish I could say they were mine, but Marvel
      claims that honor. Please don't sue! Although, I wouldn't mind owning
      Summary: All I can say is, Read the story!
      Warnings: My first fan fiction, please don't torch me!
      Feedback: Both positive and negative, is very welcome.
      Note: A second one might be on it's way, depending on the feedback I
      get. ^_^
      Eyes Perceive, Heart Believes I

      Three days ago, Logan had been talked into going on
      the field-trip. According to Xavier, they needed
      another chaperone. He, Storm, and Hank apparently
      weren't enough. Damn, why did Scott have to leave
      after Jean's death and start a new life away from the
      Institute? Couldn't he just start over here? Everyone
      else has. Logan had agreed to go, if he could take the
      bike, at least he'd get some peace during the drive.
      Logan parked in front of the main doors and climbed off
      his motorcycle, well, *Scott's* motorcycle, but he took
      his car when he left and left the bike behind. Logan
      heads towards the door, but paused. A familiar scent
      reached his nose. He sniffed the air and unleashed all
      six claws, growling.

      Xavier felt Logan's distress, and contacted him
      telepathically. //Is everything alright Logan?//
      //Someone's `ere. Feel free ta come back ta teh school
      Chuck, but keep teh kids safe.// came a tense reply
      from Logan, before he broke their psychic link.

      After informing the psychic, Logan let his claws slide
      back under his skin and walked inside, following this
      too familiar scent. The scent led him down to the
      lower levels. He paused in front of the sliding doors
      of the war room; then pushed the button to open the
      What his saw there shocked him more then he could
      have imagined. Sure he'd always wished that she'd come
      back, after she died. But he never expected it to
      actually happen.
      There, sitting in front of the computer sat Jean Grey,
      still in her black leather X-men costume, from her
      last mission. It had to be Jean Grey, Logan was sure
      of it. He sniffed the air, to make sure it wasn't
      Mystique, or an illusion. Yap, it was Jean alright.
      Feeling Logan's presence, Jean exited the files she was
      in, and pushed herself back from the desk and stood.
      She turned around to face Logan and smiled, "Hello
      Logan." She greeted the Canadian.
      Logan couldn't reply; he only stood there, staring at
      the red-head before him. "Jean… We… I… I thought you
      "So did I." Jean said sadly, walking up to Logan. She
      placed a hand on his cheek, and made eye contact with
      him. "I thought I'd never see you again."
      Logan pulled Jean close into a hug. He held her
      tightly, as if she'd vanish if he'd let her go. "It's
      so good ta have ya back." He murmured into her bright
      red hair. He pulled away after a short while, "Come,
      Xavier an' teh rest should be `ere already. They'll
      want ta see ya."
      Jean nodded, "Lead the way, Logan." Jean said.
      Logan smiled and led the way upside.

      Outside at the front of the School were groups of kids
      of all ages, gossiping, trying to figure out why
      Xavier had told them to stay outside.
      Xavier, Storm, Rogue and Hank, were one of these
      groups. Rogue was clearly worried about Logan.
      "It's all right, Rogue. Logan has proven again and again
      that he can take care of hi-" Storm trailed off at the
      sound of gasps and hushed whispers. She, Rogue, Hank
      and Xavier turned their attention towards the front of
      the school, where Jean and Logan stood. They stood in
      a shocked silence. The wind also seemed to have
      "Who's the red-head?" A boy asked, with an accent,
      breaking the silence.
      "That's Jean Grey." Jubilee answered in a hushed
      "The girl that died?" The same boy asked, confused.
      Xavier cleared his throat and spoke up, "Kids, get your
      bags from the bus, go to your rooms and unpack. Logan,
      Storm, Hank and Rogue, drop your stuff off in your
      rooms and meet me in my office. Jean you come with
      Once the orders were given, everyone went off into
      different directions, following them.

      Xavier's office was a homey room. That's what Jean
      had thought - she felt at home here. Until now. Now she
      felt unsure, nervous and put on the spot.
      Jean sat on the couch, with all eyes on her. Opposite
      of her, Storm and Hank sat on the couch, and Rogue sat
      on the armrest of the couch, Xavier's dark wooden
      desk, sat at one end of both of the couches, with
      Xavier behind it. And, Logan, as usual, stood in the
      far corner, leaning against the wall, with one foot up
      against it and arms crossed. Yap, Jean was
      definitely put on the spot.
      The private office wasn't any better than outside.
      The room was thick with an uncertain silence. Until
      Rogue spoke up, "Ah don't think she's Jean. Jean died
      almost three years ago!"
      Everyone in the room turned their attention from Jean
      towards Rogue. "Rogue, I know that the fact is hard to
      grasp but I do believe that she's Jean. Our Jean
      Grey." Storm said, in her usual calm voice.
      Jean frowned; these people don't believe that she was
      Jean. Is Jean. She could feel it. Emotions of
      uncertainty, pain, confusion, nervousness and
      happiness came from everyone in the room.
      Xavier looked back at Jean, "May I enter your mind,
      Jean, and see what exactly happened to you?" He asked.
      Jean looked at Xavier, uncertain and nervous. She
      knew that she could trust him, and that he was strong
      enough to handle whatever and whoever is in her head.
      Finally she nodded, "Yes."
      Xavier moved over in front of Jean, "I need you to
      relax for me." He said, and waited for Jean to take a
      deep breath and close her eyes. He placed finger tips
      on either side of her temples and closed his eyes,
      slipping into Jean's mind.
      Jean had her shield up, and Xavier needed them down
      to find out what happened. //Lower your shields
      Jean.// he told her telepathically. He waited until
      Jean lowered her shield, before easily slipping into
      the outskirts of Jean's mind.
      Jean's mind reminded Xavier much of Logan's mind. The
      only difference was, is that Logan's memories are more
      clear. They were darker, granted, but Jean's weren't
      very clear and they were bright.
      Xavier felt a struggle in Jean's mind, before she
      placed her shield back up, and kicked Xavier out of
      her mind.
      Jean opened her eyes to find Xavier staring back at
      her, "Sorry," she whispered softly.
      "It's alright, Jean," Xavier replied softly,
      Storm got up, clearly concerned, "What happened?" She
      Everyone seemed to ignore Storm's question and just
      stared at Jean. Xavier, from the looks of it, seemed to
      be lost in his own thoughts trying to make sense of
      what he saw in Jean's head.
      Logan was still in the back of the room, watching
      Jean closely. "Xavier, it's Jean. Who or what else
      could it be?" He asked.
      "How do you know that she is Jean?" Hank questioned.
      Even though he didn't know Jean in person, he'd heard
      plenty of stories about her to feel as if he knew her.
      And he *knew* that the dead can't come back to life.
      "Because she smells like Jean. She *is* Jean." Logan
      replied, still keeping his gaze fixed on Jean.
      Jean gave Logan a kind smile as Storm got up and
      walked over to her. She sat down next to her friend
      and wrapped her arms around Jean's shoulders, hugging
      the red-head. "I don't care how you managed to get
      back, I'm just glad you did." She stated.
      Rogue nodded, agreeing with Storm, "Welcome back."
      Xavier watched both Jean and Storm when he suddenly
      remembered that Jean and Hank haven't been properly
      introduced. "Jean, this is Hank McCoy, or Beast, Hank,
      this is Jean Grey; the psychic I've been telling you
      about." he said.
      Both Jean and Hank stood to shake hands, "It's nice
      to meet you Mr. McCoy." Jean said
      "Oh, the pleasure is all mine, Jean. And please call
      me either Hank or Beast. Everyone else does." The blue
      man replied.
      Jean smiled and the blue man and nodded, "Alright
      The phone on Xavier's desk rang; Xavier looked at
      everyone in the room. "If you all could excuse me." He
      said and watched everyone slowly depart the room,
      before he picked up the phone
      Rogue ran up to her room to unpack and to talk with
      Jubilee and Kitty, her roommates, about what had
      happened. Hank left to go down to the Infirmary, and Storm
      hugged Jean, "We'll talk later." she said, before
      heading out towards her garden, outside.
      Logan watched Storm leave him and Jean alone in the
      "Where's Scott?" Jean asked softly, looking up and
      down the hall, "I haven't seen him at all today."
      Logan looked back at Jean. How on earth was he going
      to explain to Jean, without breaking her heart that
      Scott left the X-men shortly after her death, not able
      to live without her. That he had started a new
      chapter, without Jean, but with someone else. "He's on
      vacation." Logan said, with a soft growl.
      Jean nodded slowly, "When's he coming back?" She
      asked, curiosity written all over her face.
      Logan didn't get a chance to reply. Xavier strolled
      out of his office and looked at both Jean and Logan,
      "We have guests. Jean, I'm sure that you would like to
      see them." he said.
      Jean only nodded, before heading out to the front
      door, outside.
      Logan sniffed the air and looked at Xavier, "Jamie
      an' Scott?" He growled, "Jean just came back, an' ya
      invited Jamie an' Scott over! Jean's goin' ta kill
      'em both!"
      Xavier frowned, "I know and I didn't tell Jamie or
      Scott about Jean. I couldn't, they didn't give me a
      chance and they were only a few miles away." He
      replied, then added, "Come. Let's keep the three of
      them from an argument."

      Jean stood frozen in place at the top of the steps
      that would lead her down to her sister and her fiancé.
      Jamie stood at the trunk of the car, with her back
      towards Jean. Jean couldn't see Scott, but she left
      him, inside her head. She guessed that he was taking
      their luggage out of the car. She was so wrapped up in
      her own thoughts that she didn't notice Xavier and
      Logan come up on either side of her.
      Scott finished taking out the luggage, and carried
      them in either hand. He and Jamie turned and started
      walking towards the main door, where Jean, Logan, and
      Xavier stood. Jamie's jaw dropped at the same time
      Scott dropped their luggage.
      Jean put on her warmest smile and walked down the
      steps towards Jamie and Scott. Jean hugged her sister.
      "Hey." She greeted her sister who finally left her
      state of shock and wrapped her arms around her older
      sister. "Jean!"
      Jean smiled and pulled away from Jamie and moved over
      towards Scott. She stopped in front of him and gave
      him a small smile before she hugged him. But Scott
      didn't leave his state of shock.
      Jean pulled away, turned around and walked up the
      stairs. She paused by Xavier, "I'm moving out of my
      and Scott's room and into my old room." she said
      before walking inside.
      Once Jean was out of hearing Xavier glanced up at
      Logan, "Go check on Jean, I'll handle Jamie and
      Logan muttered something under his breath that
      sounded like "Hell", before he walked inside to check on
      Logan found Jean in her and Scott's old room. She
      was going through her closet, and was creating two
      piles. From the look of it, there was the `keep'
      pile and the `burn' pile, which sometimes became the
      `goodwill' pile. Logan stayed in the doorway, leaning
      against the doorframe, waiting for Jean to calm down.

      Jamie, Scott and Xavier all sat in Xavier's office.
      Jamie sat on the couch; Scott paced the room and
      Xavier sat behind the desk.
      "Are you sure that, that's Jean?" Scott asked, trying
      to remain calm, but failed miserably. Even with years
      of keeping his emotions to himself, he couldn't hide
      the shock in his voice.
      "I've tried to read her mind to make sure, but her
      mind's a mess. It's worse then Logan's." Xavier said,
      watching Scott pace, "And Logan picked up her scent.
      According to him, she is Jean."
      "Logan's an idiot!" Scott yelled, "She can't be Jean.
      Jean died! And I've moved on, with Jamie! Whether or
      not she's Jean, Jamie and I are getting married next
      "Scott, calm down!" Jamie said and turned towards
      Xavier, "You said you tried to read her mind. What
      was is like?" She asked.
      Xavier eyed Scott for a bit longer and then turned
      his full attention towards Jamie, "Jean's mind is like
      Logan's. I've only tried to read what she has in her
      memory after her death, hoping that I could find out
      how she managed to come back. And like Logan's, her
      memory has only bits and pieces, but Jean's memories
      are brighter, color wise, then Logan's, and more
      unclear to read." He explained, "I couldn't get much.
      I felt a struggle in her mind, and then she pulled
      Scott sighed and sat down next to Jamie on the couch,
      "But people don't just come back from the dead." he
      "I'm not sure what exactly happened, Scott, but I
      don't think Jean died." Xavier replied.
      "What do you mean she didn't die? Xavier, we saw her
      die! And we couldn't help her! I spent weeks locked up
      in my room because Jean died!" Scott yelled, in
      frustration. Was the older man crazy? He was there
      when Jean died and now he was saying that she didn't
      "I understand that, Scott, but for some reason, Jean
      didn't exactly die." Xavier answered, calmly.
      Scott sighed, and leaned back in the couch, crossing
      his arms, "Fine, so Jean didn't really die. But where
      has she been in the past two and a half years?" He
      "That, I don't know, Scott. But I'm sure that within
      time, we'll know." Xavier answered. And with that,
      their conversation about Jean coming back was over.

      Jean had completely ignored Logan while she was going
      through her clothes and knick-knacks. And most of her
      stuff ended up in the burn, sell or goodwill piles.
      Jean was stuffing the clothes she didn't want anymore
      into a plastic trash bag. Once she finished she handed
      them to Logan,
      "Would you bring these to Goodwill for
      me?" She asked.
      Logan raised an eyebrow at Jean, "Can't ya on yer
      own?" Logan asked.
      "Yes, I could, but I need to go through the stuff in
      my old room, which is now my new room." Jean answered
      Logan rolled his eyes, took the bag from Jean, and
      growled a "Yes" before he disappeared down the hall.
      Jean collected the few belongings she had left and
      carried them down the hall into her new room.
      Jean got her second chance at life, a second chance to
      start new. Without Scott. And that was just what she
      is going to do; but she needed time.

      During the past few days Jean had been doing her best
      to avoid both Jamie and Scott. She had spent most of
      her time in her room, reading. "Jean, can I talk to
      you?" It was Jamie.
      Jean ignored Jamie on the other side of the door and
      continued reading. But Jamie would not be ignored; she
      opened the door and walked inside, "Jean…"
      Jean looked up from her book and stared daggers at her
      sister before she continued to read.
      "Oh, come on Jean! Talk to me, please?" Jamie begged
      sitting down on the bed. "Please…"
      "Talk to Scott," Jean said icily. She didn't even
      bother looking up from her book.
      "I deserved that." Jamie said, sadly. "But you can't
      stay mad at me forever. Jean, please talk to me."
      Jean put her book down and glared hard at Jamie, "You
      wanna talk, Jamie? Okay, I'll talk, you listen. I died
      to save the lives of the people I care for, and then I
      come back, two and a half years later, and find that
      my sister is with Scott, the man who used to be my
      fiancé! And if that isn't enough, they're getting
      married in about three weeks!" She finally let it
      snap. All the anger, pain and frustration she felt
      broke like the dam at Alkali Lake. "And everyone is
      suspicions of me, thinking that I'm not Jean. Well, I
      am Jean, and the only one who believes me is Logan. My
      own sister and my best and closet friends are still a
      little unsure. Heck, even Xavier is unsure!"
      Jamie's head hung low. If you put it like that, she
      did sound like a bad guy. Everyone did, except for
      Logan. This time, Logan was the good guy. "I'm sorry,
      Jean. I truly am. But you've been dead for almost
      three years. And slowly we began to accept that, Jean.
      Believe it or not, you tied us all together, and
      when you left everything fell apart. Scott and I moved
      on, together. Logan kept to himself more and got
      meaner, a hell of a lot meaner. Storm, has changed.
      And so have Xavier and the kids. And new students came,
      and then Hank…" Jamie said, slowly starting to cry,
      "Please forgive me Jean. Please forgive Scott and the
      others too. It's just that…" She couldn't finish her
      sentence through her choked sobs.
      Jean watched Jamie cry. Damn, Jamie knew that Jean
      can't handle waterworks. Jean moved around on the bed
      and hugged her sister. "I do forgive you Jamie, all of
      you." She said, soothingly, stroking her sister's
      hair, "It's just that, I can feel everyone's
      uncertainty, and that they don't trust me like they
      used to." she explained.
      Jamie nodded, against Jean's shoulder, "I know. Just
      give us time. We're still taken aback, with you coming
      back. I mean we all thought you died…" Jamie said, her
      tears slowly fading.
      Jean pulled away from Jamie and wiped away the last of
      her tears, and gave her a warm smile, "Do you love
      him?" She asked softly; clearing talking about Scott.
      Jamie looked at Jean, her eyes immediately light up,
      "Yes, I do. I love him very much." She answered.
      Jean nodded, hiding the pain with a caring and loving
      expression, "Good." She stated and kissed her sister's
      forehead. "Does he treat you well?" She added
      Jamie nodded, "He does." She answered. "And, Jean, if
      you're uncomfortable with me and Scott getting
      married, you don't have to come to our wedding. I'd
      understand." She added, softly.
      Jean nodded, slowly; her brows funneling in thought.
      She seems to be thinking about something; their
      wedding. She looked at Jamie and grinned, "Do you have
      a bridesmaid yet?" she asked.
      Jamie's face instantly beamed. "No Jean, I haven't. But
      would you be my bridesmaid? Please?" she asked,
      clearly exited.
      Jean laughed at her sister's excitement, "I'd be
      honored." Jean answered right before Jamie tackled
      her, with a bear hug. The both of them fell of off
      Jean's bed, with a shriek. Jean's mood clearly
      had lifted since Jamie and Scott arrived at the
      Institute. And Jamie was delighted for that.
      They lay on the floor, staring up at the ceiling, both
      of them content and lost in their own thoughts.
      Finally Jean broke the comfortable silence, "What
      color dress should I get?"
      "It doesn't matter. The wedding is a black and white
      wedding, and you're the only bridesmaid." Jamie
      Jean nodded solemnly, "Jamie, what are you cooking
      tonight?" She asked.
      Jamie suddenly sat up, "Crap! I forgot all about
      dinner!" she murmured. In a hurry, she got up. "I'll
      send someone for you when it's done." she said before
      rushing out of the bedroom.
      Jean watched her sister storm out of the room, before
      she too stood and left her room. Time for a little chat
      with Scott. If he's up for it, that is.
      Jean left the dorm room area of the Institute, and
      walked towards the main sections; the kitchen, dining
      room, game room, living room, and the den. Jean found
      Jubilee, Rogue, Kitty, Bobby, and a few kids she
      hadn't met yet in the game room. She stood in the
      doorway, listening to the kids chatter, unnoticed.
      Finally she cleared her throat, letting the kids know
      of her presence. Startled, they turned their heads
      towards Jean. A wave of emotion hit her. Jean picked
      through the wave - confusion from everyone who has been on
      her last mission, mixed in with unease, and delight.
      Those who hadn't known her from her `first life';
      (that's what she called it now) felt nervous. "Has
      anyone seen Scott?" she questioned.
      Her question was followed by silence before Rogue
      replied, "Ah think he's in the garden, Jean."
      "Thank you, Rogue." Jean said before she headed
      outside, through the back door.
      Jean walked outside, Scott's mind screaming distress.
      Jean felt it, and followed the stressed mind. Jean was
      too focused towards Scott's mind; she paid little
      attention to the exotic flowers around her.
      Jean found Scott at the small creek that ran through
      the garden. He sat on the bench underneath the shade
      of an outsized willow tree. This didn't surprise her,
      she and Scott used to come here all the time; it was
      their little get away. What did surprise her, was
      finding Logan there, with Scott, smoking one of his
      cigars. And they weren't arguing, like they usually
      do, they were just talking. Jean stood still,
      "This wasn't supposed to happen!" Scott said. Was he
      growling? Scott never growls, that's Logan's job.
      "Jamie and I are supposed to get married in three
      weeks, and now Jean's back! It ruined everything!"
      Logan blew a perfect circle of smoke, from the cigar,
      as he leaned back against the trunk of the willow
      tree, before he replied, "Now don't tell me, ya
      haven't missed her since ya moved on with Jamie.
      Because I know ya did, and I know that ya wished for
      Jean to come back. Fer ya."
      Scott looked up at Logan, "Yeah, well she can't come
      back to me. I have Jamie." Scott snapped, "But I bet
      you're happy. Now you can finally have your chance
      with her."
      Logan finally looked at Scott and raised an eyebrow
      at him, "Ya really think that I'd go after Jean?" He
      Scott snorted, "Come on." He stated; his jaw set.
      "Everyone knows that you've had a thing for Jean since
      you came here. And she's had one for you, believe it
      or not. But now, I'm out of the way, so things will be
      easier and you can have each other."
      Logan looked out at the stream, and took a drag from
      his cigar, "Jean and I are just friends." he said,
      blowing out a puff of smoke. And he had nothing more
      to say.
      During their long silence, Jean thought. She still
      loved Scott, yes, but what about Logan? Granted, there
      was an attraction, but nothing serious. And how did
      Scott know about this attraction? She'd been keeping
      it low . . . hadn't she?
      Logan broke her train of thought. "Do you love her?"
      He asked, not indicating who `her' was.
      "Love who?" Scott asked, "Do I love Jamie? Of course
      I do." He said, but there was a hint of uncertainty in
      his voice. After a short pause he added, "Do I love
      Jean? I care a great deal for her, but love? ...Do
      *you* love Jean?"
      Logan didn't answer Scott's question.
      Jean stepped out from the shadows, and let her
      presence be known. Logan didn't look surprised. Did he
      know that she was eavesdropping? Did he pick up on her
      scent? Whatever the reason, he wasn't surprised. But
      Scott was. "Scott, can I talk with you?" Jean asked.
      For the first time since he and Jamie arrived at the
      Institute, she actually spoke to him.
      Without a word, Logan left the clearing at the creek.

      Scott only nodded and scooted over for Jean to take a
      seat on the bench, "Sure, Jean." he replied, clearly
      Jean sat down on the bench and looked out over the creek
      before them. They sat like that, for what seemed like
      an eternity, the both of them lost in their own
      thoughts, in memories, and in unspoken words. The only
      sound came from the rippling creek and the whispers
      from the leaves when the wind blew.
      "I know it's hard." Jean finally broke the eerie
      silence, "I talked with Jamie. And she's right. We all
      need time…" She said softly.
      Scott nodded, agreeing with Jean, "You've been gone
      for nearly three years, Jean. We needed time to get
      over your…" Scott wouldn't accept the idea of Jean
      dying. If she truly died, she wouldn't be here right
      now. "And truth be told, I don't think we were one
      hundred percent over it when you came back. It was
      such a shock, to see you again, Jean. To hear you, to
      see you. And now, we all need time again to get use to
      you being back…" He said, looking at Jean.
      Jean looked at Scott. Through his ruby quartz, she
      could always guess where his eyes where. "I know
      Scott. And I'm giving everyone the time they need, and
      their space. But I need your love, Scott. I need your
      support, your trust. Not as a lover, but as a friend…"
      Scott looked at Jean. He wasn't sure if he could do
      that for her, not right away, "Give me time, Jean." he
      "You have all the time you need, Scott. And, I know
      that things won't be like they use to. I mean you're
      marrying my sister! And within time, I'll be okay with
      it." Jean said, rather sadly.
      Scott frowned, "Jean, could you please come to our
      wedding? It would mean a great deal to me and Jamie."
      He asked.
      "I'm already Jamie's bridesmaid. If I don't come,
      it'll be kind of harsh." Jean said, grinning.
      "Jean, you're known to give people the cold shoulder.
      It would be harsh, but not if it came from you." Scott
      "It's my sister's wedding, I'll be there. And, I don't
      give people the cold shoulder. I'm sorry, but I'm not
      that stubborn and ill-tempered." Jean snapped, getting
      defensive. How dare he tell her that she'd do such a
      thing and that it'd be normal!
      Before an argument began Storm stepped into the
      clearing, her face instantaneously lights up seeing
      Jean and Scott together, talking. "Dinner's ready."
      She said.
      Scott stood and walked past Storm, heading back
      towards the Institute for dinner.
      But Jean just sat there, looking out at the small
      creek, listening to the voices in her head, picking
      through everyone's emotions.
      "Jamie said that you two made peace." Storm said,
      watching Jean's expressionless face. "So why don't you
      join us, Jean. We haven't had a dinner with everyone
      in ages, especially, one with you, and Logan. But I'm
      sure we can talk him into joining us."
      Jean looked at her closest friend and gave her a warm
      smile, "Alright, I'll eat with everyone tonight."

      During Dinner Jean sat at a table with Scott, Hank, and a
      Cajun with piercing red and black eyes whom she had never
      met before, Rogue, Jamie, and Storm. The students were
      scattered around at different tables.
      During dinner, Jean found out that Rogue had
      graduated school and was becoming a member of the X-men, and that
      the Cajun was named Remy Lebeau, or Gambit. He was Rogue's on and off
      boyfriend, and he was a major flirt. Jean figured she
      would have found out more, but she was too busy
      watching Jamie and Scott to listen to the
      conversations around her.
      Had Scott ever looked at her like that? Like she was
      everything to him? Had she ever be able to make him
      feel calm and at peace as Jamie could? Had she ever
      been able to make him smile like Jamie could? "I love
      you…" The words came from Scott, and they were a
      whispered. Only meant for Jamie to hear but Jean heard
      it; loud and clear. And she waited for the hurt, for
      the pain. But to her surprise the feeling never came.
      Jean began to smile. Things were going to be okay.
      Jamie and Scott were in love, and if Scott dare hurt
      her little sister, she'd hurt him.
      Jean suddenly felt watched. She looked around the
      table. Everyone was engrossed in their own
      conversation. Scott and Jamie, Rogue and the Cajun,
      Xavier, Hank and Storm. They were all talking amongst
      them selves. Then who was watching her? Was anyone
      watching her in the first place? Jean examined the
      whole room; no one was watching her, they were all
      eating the delicious home-cooked meal that Jamie had
      made. There, in the corner of the room, Logan stood
      watching her, with an intense stare. So Logan was the
      one watching. But why? They held their eye contact
      for, one, two, three, four, five seconds. Jean broke
      their eye contact. She knew Logan wouldn't break it.
      No, it was part of who he was. Part of the beast
      that lurks within him and that didn't back down from a
      challenge. Jean ate some more of the home-cooked meal,
      before she looked back up. Logan was gone.
      Jean stayed at the table, picking at her food a bit
      longer before she excused herself. Everyone around the
      table turned to look at Jean, "Are you okay?" Jamie
      asked, concerned.
      "Yes, everything is fine. I'm just tired, that's
      all." She said with a fake but convincing yawn before
      she turned and walked up to her room.
      Jean closed the door behind her and leaned back
      against it. There were so many thoughts in her head,
      and so many emotions at once. She closed her eyes and
      tried to clear her head.
      Her relationship with Scott was already down in the
      dumps before Logan came, and Jean wanted out, she just
      didn't want to hurt Scott. And she knew that he wanted
      out too, but he didn't want to hurt *her*. And then
      Logan came. They couldn't break things off with Logan
      around. That was just what he wanted, wasn't it? Logan
      was one of the reasons they stayed together. Scott
      started feeling jealous whenever he caught Logan and
      her alone in a room, with her face always
      flushed. The man always teased! Always seemed to know
      what to say to make her blush! So, she and Scott
      stayed together and Scott needed to touch more. He
      needed to hold her hand, to kiss her, to whisper
      sweet little nothings in her ear, around Logan. Only
      around Logan. And she needed it too. They both did to
      convince themselves that they still loved each other,
      because they were both afraid of letting go.
      Jean pushed herself of the door and changed out of
      her clothes into a large sleeping T-shirt before she
      slipped between the crisp white sheets and the bed.
      She needed the sleep. That's all. Her head would be
      clear in the morning. Hopefully.

      Jean awoke early the next morning. She'd forgotten to
      lower the shades, so the early morning sun was shining
      in through the window. Jean groaned and tried to fall
      back asleep. But the morning sun wouldn't let her. She
      sighed and got out of bed and into her private
      bathroom. Jean kept the lights off as she undressed
      and showered - a few more moments of night. Daylight was just
      a few minutes away.
      Once Jean finished her shower and got dressed in a
      pair of white sweatpants and a pink t-shirt, she went
      down to the kitchen to get some breakfast.
      Jean walked into the kitchen with a yawn, and walked
      over to the coffee maker and poured herself a cup,
      before adding some cream. She took a yogurt from
      the fridge and a spoon from a drawer before she sat down at the
      "Mornin'." A gruff voice came from behind her.
      Jean jumped slightly at the voice and whipped her
      head around to find Logan staring back at her with a
      smug smirk. "God Logan! Don't do that!" She said
      before turning her attention back towards her coffee
      and yogurt.
      Logan walked around the table towards the coffee
      maker and poured himself a mug, then leaned back
      against the counter before he took a sip. He didn't
      even add milk or sugar! "Ya left dinner early. Is
      everythin' alright?" he asked.
      "I was tired." Jean answered simply before finishing
      up her yogurt.
      They were in silence for a while, each one lost in
      their own thoughts. Jean thought back to the
      conversation between Logan and Scott. Logan never did
      answer Scott's question. Why? It was such a simple
      question. But then again, Logan never was good with
      words, or stating his emotions.
      Jean looked over at Logan. Had he been watching her?
      "Yeah?" she asked before taking a sip from her coffee.
      "I need a tuxedo for Scott an' Jamie's weddin'. I was
      wondering if ya could help me shop fer one." Logan
      Jean stared straight at Logan; He was going to wear a
      tuxedo? "Um, sure, Logan. I'll go shopping with you. I
      need to get a dress anyway." She answered. "When do
      you plan on going?"
      "In about fifteen minutes" Logan answered before finishing up
      his coffee. "Unless yer done around here, then we can
      go now." He added putting the mug in the sink.
      Jean finished up her coffee, "We can go now. I just
      need to get my wallet." she said before getting up and
      putting her mug along with Logan's in the sink.

      They took Jean's car to the mall for the
      tuxedo and dress. The drive was uneventful. The only
      sound that broke the silence was the radio. Other than
      that, they sat in silence the whole drive.
      Jean and Logan started at JC Penney's for Logan's tuxedo.
      Logan of course was no help at all. The man wouldn't
      even tell Jean his size, and he just stood there,
      watching Jean go through clothes.
      Jean sighed and looked over at Logan. "All right Logan,
      you're not just going to stand there like an idiot.
      Now, either help me look for a tuxedo, for *you*, or
      you're doing this on your own!" she threatened.
      Logan raised an eyebrow at Jean. She was really
      threatening him. He smirked at that, "All right." He
      muttered and started going through the clothes.

      Jean paced in front of the dressing room door waiting
      for Logan to finish changing, so she could see him in
      a tuxedo. Finally Logan opened the door for Jean to
      see. Jean turned and looked at Logan. "Wow." She
      muttered. She could have never have imagined that
      Logan would look this stunning in a black and white
      Logan looked down at himself then back up at Jean. "I
      look like an ass. Why can't I just wear jeans and a
      t-shirt?" he asked no one in particular.
      Jean shook herself mentally and made eye contact with
      Logan, "You look stunning. You just need a tie, a hair
      cut, and a shave." Jean replied, with a smile. "Hold
      on." She added before getting a tie for Logan. She
      came back with solid navy blue colored tie, and held
      it up against Logan's chest. Jean smiled, "There." She
      said clearly pleased, eyeing the blue tie on his
      chest, before looking up at Logan's face. He looked
      *so* good in the tuxedo. She eyed his mouth instead of
      making eye contact. Embarrassed, she lowered the tie
      and looked down at the ground. "You're all set." she
      Logan gently cupped Jean's chin and lifted her face,
      but still she wouldn't make eye contact with him. He
      could smell the embarrassment come off her; he smirked
      at that, before he claimed her mouth with his own.
      The kiss was gentle, like nothing she would have
      expected to come from Logan. Her knees buckled and she
      had to hold on to Logan to keep herself from falling.
      She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she let
      his arms wrap themselves around her waist, pulling her
      closer to him.
      Logan pulled away and gently stroked her cheek, "I
      need a date fer the weddin'…" Logan said softly,
      trailing off.
      Jean smiled, "Yeah, so do I." She said, "Would you be
      my escort?" She added.
      Logan smiled and gently kissed Jean again before
      answering, "Of course I would. But ya need a dress."
      Jean nodded, "Right. A dress. Okay. You change back
      into your clothes, bring the tux, and then we'll go
      look for a dress." She said, before Logan disappears
      back into the changing room.
      Once Logan changed back into his jeans and white
      t-shirt, he walked out of the changing room and placed
      the clothes in the little silver JC Penney's basket that
      Jean held in one hand, before he wrapped an arm around
      her slim waist and walked with her towards the women's
      clothing section.

      Jean already told Logan that she wouldn't wear
      anything skimpy, or grandma-ish. So, Logan took a rain
      check with helping Jean pick out a dress. Logan
      watched Jean go through racks of dresses trying to
      find the right one.
      "Logan, help me. Please." Jean whined looking at
      Logan looked at Jean and smirked, "All right." He said
      before going to a rack, helping Jean with her dress
      Jean pulled out a violet colored dress and looked at
      Logan, "I'll be right back. I want to try this on."
      She said, handing Logan the basket before going to
      the changing room.
      Logan followed Jean to the changing room and waited
      for her to come out so he could see the dress she's
      chosen. Logan turned as the door opened. Jean stood in
      the doorway wearing the violet dress. It stopped just
      a few inches above her knees, the straps were about a
      half an inch thick, and by the looks of it the
      material was a light material that hugged her every
      Jean noticed Logan staring at her and frowned, "Is it
      really that bad, Logan?" she asked.
      Logan realized he was staring and looked at Jean.
      "No. Ya look beautiful, Jean, absolutely beautiful."
      He answered.
      Jean smiled at Logan. She could tell that he meant
      it; Logan never said things he didn't mean. Jean
      looked down at her bare feet and wiggled her toes. "I
      should have some shoes to go with this back at the
      Institute." She mumbled and looked back up at Logan,
      "I'll change and then we'll be able to head back to
      the Institute. Okay?" she asked.
      Logan nodded, "All right, darlin'." he answered before
      Jean walked back into the changing room.

      Logan offered to drive back towards the Institute,
      but to Jean's surprise Logan drove to one of the
      restaurants in uptown Westchester. So they arrived
      at the Institute late.
      Once Logan parked Jean's car in the garage, she
      climbed out of the car and took both shopping bags
      from the trunk. She closed the trunk to find Logan
      staring at her, "What?" She asked.
      Logan grinned and shook his head. "Nothin'. Come on,
      it's late." he said and wrapped his arms around her
      waist and gave her a quick kiss before he led her
      To both Jean's and Logan's surprise everyone was in
      bed, and the rooms were dark. Jean glanced over at
      the clock on the microwave. The green light flashed.
      "It's late, we better get to bed." Jean whispered in
      the dark kitchen looking at Logan.
      Logan nodded and took the shopping bags from Jean,
      "All right. Let's go, then." he murmured, and took her
      Together, hand in hand, they strolled up to the dorm
      rooms, in a comfortable silence. They stopped in front
      of Jean's door. Logan looked down at Jean and smiled
      at her. He handed her, her bag, and kissed her gently.
      "Night, Jean." he said before he started down the
      Jean watched Logan head back to his room in the dark
      hall before she turned and walked into her room. Jean
      closed the door behind her and took the dress out of
      its bag before she hung it up in her closet. She
      turned and stared at her bed. Her bed looked lonely
      and uncomfortable all of a sudden. Jean sighed and
      changed into her green silk nightgown before slipping
      under the white sheets.
      Jean frowned, unable to sleep. She glanced at her
      alarm clock and sighed. 2:56, the red light flashed.
      She'd been in bed for over two hours, trying to sleep.
      With a groan she climbed out of her bed and left her
      room. Silently she walked down the dark hallway. She
      stopped in front of one of the last doors.
      Jean opened the door, quietly and walked into the
      room before closing the door behind her, gently. She
      leaned against the door, and watched the man in bed
      stir awake.
      Logan stirred, woken up by the sound of the door
      opening and closing. He sniffed the air and then
      abruptly sat up as Jean's scent reached his nose.
      Logan stared at the redhead. He could see her
      perfectly in the poorly lit room. "Jean, are ya
      all right?"
      Jean's eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness in the
      room as she moved across the floor and lay down in
      bed with Logan. "I can't sleep." she explained,
      letting her eyes wander over his broad shoulders and
      chest and down his stomach, then back up, then down his
      muscular arms. His hands were placed firmly against
      the mattress. How she wanted those big hands on her,
      touching her. Jean shuddered as her mind began to
      wander. She looked back up at Logan, and smiled lazily
      at him. "Still not used to sleeping alone," she
      answered the unspoken question. Of course that was a
      lie; she just wanted to be close to him. She wanted
      him to hold her, to kiss her, to . . . Control yourself, she thought.
      Logan could smell Jean's arousal. The scent was
      strong, stronger then he remembered. He realized that
      he'd missed the scent of an aroused Jean, a very
      aroused Jean. He inhaled the scent deeply, before
      leaning over her, his mouth just hovering inches above
      hers. "Ya smell so *good*, Jeannie…" He murmured as
      his hand moved down her side, to her legs and then
      inside her thighs. He watched her eyes close. He
      moved his hand up, towards the place where she wanted
      it most, but he moved it away.
      Jean's eyes snapped open in disappointment once his hand
      disappeared. He wanted to play tease. She'll
      show him 'tease', but not yet. No, her revenge will
      come later. Tonight she just wanted to satisfy her
      craving body. She lifted her head, up off the pillow,
      and captured his mouth with hers, before pulling Logan
      on top of her, never breaking the kiss. She slipped
      her tongue out of her mouth, glided it over his teeth
      before plunging it into his mouth. Their tongues
      rubbed again one another, letting the flames of
      passion grow hotter.

      Logan smirked lazily at the feel of a woman's body
      curled up next to his, and tightened his arms around
      her, slowly waking up. He inhaled deeply, and opened
      his eye once he realized that it was Jean next to him,
      not just some other woman. Logan elevated himself
      up on an elbow and looked down upon the sleeping
      redhead. She was gorgeous, of course he's always known
      that, but now he got the time to really appreciate her
      body, her curves, without clothes. Gently, he pulled a
      strand of bright red hair from her angelic face and
      let it lie against the white pillow, making the red
      hair seem even brighter against the white pillow case.
      Jean stirred, slowly waking up, reminding Logan how
      much he hated mornings after. Was she going to look at
      him with regret? Heck was she going to look at him at
      all. Damn, Logan. Ya can be such an asshole
      sometimes. You shouldn't have fucked her last night;
      ya shoulda just moved and slept on the floor. Fuck.
      She's gunna wake up and regret this, Logan thought,
      watching Jean stretch against him, before opening her
      eyes. And to his pleased surprise, Jean smiled at him,
      bright green eyes sparkling.
      "Good morning." Jean said softly, feeling the distress
      come of off Logan like tidal waves.
      Logan smiled down at Jean. The panic he felt just
      moments before left him. "Mornin', darlin'." he
      replied before gently kissing her forehead.
      Jean smiled, once she felt that the distress left Logan.
      She lifted her head off the pillow and looked around the
      room before she lies back once more. She looked at
      Logan. She could lay here all day with him and do
      nothing but cuddle, kiss and have hot sex. She flushed
      remembering the night before. "I should probably leave
      before everyone wakes up." she suggested.
      Logan nodded, agreeing with her, "A'right. I'll meet
      ya down in the kitchen then." he answered, watching
      Jean climb out of the bed and put her dark green
      colored silk nightgown back on before she left the
      room. God she was gorgeous.
      Logan ran a hand through his dark colored hair, before
      he stood up and went into his private bathroom for a

      In her room, Jean immediately walked into her private
      bathroom. Jean started the water to her bath tub and
      brushed her teeth as she waited for the tub to fill
      with hot water. Once she finished brushing her teeth,
      Jean added about half a bottle of Bubble Bath, and
      took off her green silk nightgown before she slipped
      into the bath tub, reliving the night before with
      Logan was an amazing lover. By far the best she's had.
      But now she was being harsh towards Scott. Scott was
      good too, he was gentle, but Logan… Well. He was just
      amazing. Jean closed her eyes and sank her head under
      water for just a few seconds. After she came back up
      and wiped the foam off her face, she reached for the
      soap and started lathering up her arms.
      Once Jean finished her bath, she drained the tub and
      rinsed the foam off her body in the shower. After the
      last of the foam slid of her body, she turned the
      water off, and stepped out of the shower before she
      wrapped a towel around her slim body. She moved in
      front of the mirror, and wiped the steam off it
      with her hand before she started combing her wet hair.
      Jean grabbed the blow drier from the cabinet under the
      sink, plugged it in and started blowing her hair dry.
      Once her hair was dry, she put the blow drier away and
      walked into her room.
      Once Jean dressed in a pair of jeans and a dark red
      t-shirt, she wandered down to the kitchen for
      breakfast. She found Scott, Jamie and Logan already
      down there, eating breakfast: pancakes. She grabbed a
      plate with two pancakes with maple syrup and a coffee
      before she joined the rest at the table.
      "Where were you yesterday, Jean?" Jamie asked once
      Jean sat down at the table.
      Jean glanced up at Logan before looking at Jamie.
      "Shopping with Logan and then out to eat." Jean
      replied simply.
      "Shopping for what?" Jamie asked. She was always so
      curious. Even back when they were kids. Maybe it's a
      little sister thing . . .
      "Well, Logan needed a tuxedo for the wedding, and I
      needed a dress." Jean replied before taking a sip from
      her coffee.
      "Jean! We coulda gone shopping together!" Jamie
      "You were still sleeping, Jamie." Jean said, and
      started eating her pancakes.
      "You could have waited until I woke up." Jamie
      Logan smirked, watching the two bickering sisters.
      "Jamie, I asked Jean ta come with Me." he said before
      taking a sip from his coffee.
      Jamie looked at Logan, and sighed, "Fine. Whatever."
      She muttered and started eating her breakfast once
      more. Jamie suddenly stopped and looked at Jean.
      "Wait! You've never slept in, and neither does Logan."
      She stated.
      Jean paused and glanced at Logan. A slight blush
      touched her cheeks before she looked at Jamie, "We
      came home late." Jean replied. Stayed up late too, she
      added mentally, and then glanced back up at Logan who
      only nodded with agreement. She looked back at Jamie
      who only nodded, believing her older sister and the
      Canadian, and finished up her breakfast. Jean sighed
      mentally and started eating her breakfast once more.
      Once they finished their breakfast and coffee Jean
      took Logan by the hand and dragged him up to her room.
      Once Jean reached her destination Jean pushed Logan
      into her bedroom and locked the door behind her, so no
      one could interrupt.
      "Jean, what the hell is going on?" He questioned
      stumbling into the room.
      Jean leaned back against the door and looked at Logan.
      "I've been doing a lot of thinking." she said.
      Logan raised an eyebrow in question at Jean. "And…?"
      He said, wanting her to continue.
      "The way I see it, this is my second chance at life,
      and love." she said, closing her eyes, and taking a
      deep breath.
      "What are ya saying Jeannie?" Logan asked, advancing on
      her, slowly.
      Jean opened her eyes, and looked at Logan, locking
      eyes with him, "I want to give us a chance." she said
      in just over a whisper.
      Logan stopped in front of Jean and gently stroked her
      cheek, "So do I." he replied softly.
      Jean smiled at Logan and pulled his face down to hers
      and kissed him. This was her second chance at life,
      her second chance at love, and she was going to make
      the best of it. Scott had move on, and as much as it
      hurt, she knew it was for the best. For the both of them. And
      Jean was going to move on with Logan. This was her
      second chance.
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