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FIC: Spontaneously combust (1/?, R, John/Bobby)

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  • bonihartnett
    Title: Spontaneously combust Disclaimer: I don t own any of the characters bla-bla-bla; you ve heard this a zillion times, I m sure! But... wouldn t it be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2005
      Title: Spontaneously combust
      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters bla-bla-bla; you've
      heard this a zillion times, I'm sure! But... wouldn't it be great to
      actually own Pyro? And make him take out that lighter and...OK,
      enough fan fictions for me! Go to your room, Bonnie! Down, down!
      Here's a cookie!
      Rating: I'd say for now it's PG-13, but it'll go naughtier as we
      move on into the story and onto the bed!
      Pairing: Bobby/Pyro of course! I write nothing else!
      Feedback: Much appreciated, yes! I practically live on them! No
      flamers about the slashiness though! I can't stand these people! It
      doesn't matter if you love the opposite sex, but that you LOVE!

      John was just coming out of Mr. Summers' office (another
      detention, so what else was new?) and was definitely NOT in a bright
      and cheerful mood, but what he didn't know was that his day was just
      beginning to get worse.
      Just as he was daydreaming about getting that detergent smell out
      of his system with a nice, very hot shower (Scott had made him clean
      the whole cabinet!), he heard familiar voices coming out of the
      biology classroom. Since no one besides the punished students (like
      him) hung around the studying area after classes, John's attention
      was piqued. He found himself even more intrigued when he recognized
      the sources of the noise by heart.

      Bobby and Rogue.

      If he was lucky he might be the first person to witness the break-up
      of the two "devoted lovers", but somehow John knew that that would
      be too good to be true. It just sickened him all the time how Bobby
      could be such a goody-goody person that would do anything for his
      girlfriend, even never touch her. John couldn't imagine being happy
      not touching someone he was dating. But he wasn't the one to talk,
      seeing as how he couldn't do anything about the person he was
      obsessed with. Putting such stupid thoughts behind him, he stepped
      carefully across the corridor and tried to block out any other noise
      in his ears as he glued his head to the door.

      "You should stop doing this to yourself, sugar! It just isn't right!
      I know how much you care for me already, you don't have to prove it
      to me even more by hurting like this!" Rogue said, as usual both
      outspoken and ready to sacrifice herself for Bobby. It was clear
      that John had come in the middle of something serious.

      "I know that, Rogue, but I just can't bring myself to do anything,
      I'm as abnormal as I can be even without this!" said Bobby with a
      note of desperation and sadness.

      Flick and swoosh! John was fiddling with his lighter.

      "No one will ever look at you strangely in here! You have nothing to
      be ashamed of, honey! Aw, come `ere!"

      There were sounds of hugging that made John even sicker. He didn't
      know what their argument was about, but it definitely wasn't about
      breaking up, which only served to ruin Pyro's mood. He just couldn't
      help feeling that surging heat of jealousy he could never find the
      control to suppress. John was a man who couldn't share anything, not
      even a bottle of beer and least of all-Bobby Drake. For once in his
      life, there was someone he really cared about, and he had to be
      taken away from him too.

      By a girl too. Not a big gigantic baboon or something more
      horrifying that wouldn't at least make John feel like the biggest
      loser. No, it had to be a freaking girl! That was why Pyro didn't go
      out with girls- because he couldn't be cheesy and huggly-cuddly with
      anyone, not even with the boy standing on the other side.

      Not having the strength to go through another night of I-can't-have-
      Bobby-so-I'll-sit-and-die, John made his way to his (and Bobby's)
      bedroom, hoping that a little time spent surrounded by his candles
      would do the trick of cheering him up.

      And that was how Bobby Drake found him a little while later- spread
      out across his bed covers, with head facing the ceiling and eyes
      reflecting the candlelight. At the sound of the door opening, John
      tried his best not to turn around, but, as always, the temptation
      was too great. He saw Bobby entering with a big bowl of ice cream in
      his hands, a happy smile on his lips. Leave it to Iceman to stuff
      himself like a pig and still look fucking hot.

      "Wanna go on the roof and smoke? I brought some ice-cream?" Bobby
      suggested enthusiastically in a tone much too cheerful for John's

      "Don't you eat anything else, Bobby? At this rate, you'll destroy
      the whole ice-cream supply in a day!" Pyro mumbled, brilliantly
      hiding the fact that he actually adored the way Bobby would sit for
      hours in the night, eating and licking with that...

      "I don't see you having a problem!" Bobby interrupted John's train
      of thought. "Anyway, you up for it or not?"

      "Is Rogue coming?" John asked with a tinge of bitterness in his

      "No, she said she had some girly stuff to do with Kitty, and I
      though that it'll be the perfect time to have a smoke with my best
      buddy." Bobby said and smiled, making John's heart squeeze painfully.

      "Yeah, sure, just let me get my cigs."

      After less then 15 minutes, the two boys were sitting on the roof in
      a comfortable silence, both enjoying the view and the tobacco smoke
      in their lungs. The night was clear and chilly; perfect for
      revelations. There had been a question on John's mind that had been
      bugging him all day. He thought that now was the time to casually
      slip it into their pleasant conversation.

      "So, how's been life going on with you and Rogue?"

      As he asked this, John looked across at Bobby to see his face behind
      the bubbles of cigarette smoke. The blond boy didn't give any sign
      that he had heard the question at all, until his eyes met St. John's
      and then stared back at the starless sky.

      "I still love her."

      That was the only thing John needed to know. He could almost see the
      storm coming from the pit of his heart, stronger than ever and John
      hated himself for caring.

      "I can't understand you, Bobby! How can you keep up this
      relationship when you know there's no use! They won't find a cure
      for her in a million years, so get over it!"

      This sudden angered outburst got Bobby by surprise, so he couldn't
      keep the challenging tone in his voice.

      "What the fuck's up your ass?" Bobby asked annoyed, throwing John a
      confused look. "Since when do you care so much about whether I have
      or don't have sex with my girlfriend?"

      John opened his mouth to speak, with a cutting comeback on his
      tongue, but changed his mind:

      "You know what? It doesn't matter. It's not really any of my
      business to begin with, like any part of your so fucking precious
      life!" With that John stood up and throwing his cig in the air, he
      walked back into the building with no sign whatsoever in his
      composure that he was royally pissed off.

      Bobby counted to 10 and then, abandoning all their stuff where it
      lay, hurried after his roommate.

      "Johnnie, wait!"

      John tried hard to ignore the calls coming from behind him. He tried
      not to turn around and push Bobby against the wall and kiss some
      sense into him. Because that was what Bobby needed- a thorough make-
      out session.

      "John, would you just fucking slow down a bit, you moron!" Bobby
      yelled tiredly after his best friend, and then almost ran into him
      as John turned sharply around.

      "What? What the hell could you possibly want to say to me, Bobby
      Drake that I haven't already heard before?" screamed Pyro letting
      out things that had been bottled up in him for months. "Oh, Johnnie,
      I'm sorry I was late for our date, sorry I forgot to help you with
      math yesterday, and sorry I couldn't make it to the basketball
      match... It's always sorry, sorry, sorry... You're like a broken
      record, I've gotten tired of listening to!"

      "Oh, yeah? Don't you dare put the whole blame on me, you hypocrite,
      because you know perfectly well how many times I've invited you to
      come with Rogue and me, but you always refused!" Bobby yelled back,
      his face turning red, a sure sign for danger. Their conversation
      really could be considered dangerous, judging by the volume of their
      voices. Noticing this, Pyro lowered his voice a little.

      "And what the hell am I supposed to do with you guys? Stand around
      and throw flowers at you?" John whispered while closing in on Bobby,
      shortening their distance with each step. "You've got the wrong man,
      Bobby, `cause I'm not your fucking doormat!"

      Bobby just stood there, facing John with a look in his eyes that
      John had never seen before. A look that made Pyro feel a little
      guilty for his fit.

      "Is that what you think of me? That I'm using you?" Bobby's voice
      cracked at the last word and he hated himself for it. The two of
      them were so close now that Bobby had no problem in grabbing John by
      the jacket and pulling him roughly towards him. The heat coming from
      Iceman caught Pyro by surprise and helped him realize that he's
      never seen his friend in such a state.

      "Can't you see that you mean the world to me? That if you ever left
      me, I'd want to die?" Bobby was looking John straight in the eyes
      and there could be no doubt that he was telling the truth. For the
      first time John didn't melt under that piercing stare, but felt like
      it was cutting a hole into his soul, like ice.

      Bobby's hands shook when he whispered the last sentence in a frozen
      rush over John's face. "That I don't need to touch my girlfriend
      when I'm around you?"

      Pyro was staring dumbstruck at the icy orbs and tried to come up
      with a line that wouldn't sound pathetic or cheesy. But most of all
      he tried to make sense of the words he had just heard. At that
      moment he felt like sprinting back to the roof and hollering "Fuck,
      yeah!" at the top of his lungs. For the time being he contented
      himself with smirking like the asshole that he was and bringing
      Bobby closer, so that their foreheads were touching.

      "Jesus fucking Christ! You know what you put me through for not
      saying that earlier?" John whimpered and closed his eyes almost in
      pain. He buried his hands in the spiked locks that he'd been longing
      to touch and let out a broken sigh of relief.

      "I don't see any point in us staying here anymore, do you?" Bobbie
      said with a devilish glint in his eyes, now darkened with lust. John
      felt a rush of adrenaline coming over him at the open suggestion.

      "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't agree with you more!"

      The way back to their room seemed way too fucking long for John's
      liking because he could practically burn up in flames of
      nervousness. Literally. This came as a shock to him because usually
      he was the perfect picture of coolness before having sex. But now he
      had to concentrate on not fainting and not showing that he was a
      nervous wreck. Looking across at Bobby, John saw in relief that his
      friend was in a similar state- looking like a deer in the
      headlights, hands constantly in his hair, making it even messier.
      That vision made John forget a little about his insecurity and think
      about how they could possibly get faster to their room.

      "C'mon!" John whispered, without knowing why. He felt like no one
      should see them lurking about the corridors in this time of night.
      Even if it sounded absurd, he was afraid that someone would come out
      of one of the classrooms and tell him that he wasn't worthy of
      taking Bobby with him, that this happy moment in his life would be
      ruined like all the others.

      But as they came closer to the door that fear was replaced by the
      tremendous desire to be alone with Bobby in one room, to be able to
      taste this blissful reality properly. And judging by the eager look
      on the Iceman's face- the feelings were requited, in more ways than

      The sound of the door closing was as if the mark that John had been
      waiting for. He pulled Bobby harshly against him, hardly able to
      restrain himself when Bobby stopped him mid-kiss.

      "Wait! I want to do something first." Bobby said with a sheepish
      grin and a blush creeping up his neck. He pulled slowly and
      unwillingly away from John's inviting heat and went next to his
      drawer. Pyro was watching him in anger for interrupting one of the
      greatest moments of his life. Bobby must have noticed this because
      he returned and with a confidence John never knew he possessed, he
      whispered in Pyro's ear seductively:

      "I promise you won't regret this", emphasizing his point by gently
      squeezing John's ass. As Pyro watched him walk away, he barely
      constrained himself on not to eat the boy alive.

      Bobby walked smoothly to his drawer and started rummaging through
      it. He got out two things, which he put on his bedside table and
      with the third thing he went to his CD player and put it in. The
      tune that started playing was unfamiliar to John, but it caught his
      heart immediately like the boy in front of him had had.

      The song playing was one of those John had heard in techno clubs,
      only this one had something surreal in its melody. Something out of
      this world that made John's anticipation grow even more tangible. So
      much so in fact that even before Bobby had turned around John had
      his arms around him, nose buried in the crook of Bobby's neck,
      swallowing his scent. Bobby tangled his hand in John's hair, sighing

      Come on closer

      The two of them just stood like that for a while, both of them
      beginning to rock their hips to the rising beat. Slowly, Bobby
      turned around and locked his blazing eyes with the warm ones of

      I wanna show you

      In that single moment fire melted ice and ice froze fire. John
      guided Bobby to the bed, carefully sliding on top of him, bringing
      their bodies closer. Bobby rested his weight on his palms, watching
      John, no, staring at him, willing him to lean closer.

      What I'd like to do

      But John wanted to draw out this moment, to be sure that he wasn't
      having one of his torturing dreams where his most treasured desire
      came to life almost every night. He glided his stare over the length
      of Bobby's body, taking him all hungrily into his memory, never to
      be erased- his dark blue T-shirt and black pants, his silver dragon
      belt, but mostly the tortured look in his eyes, the sweet painful
      torture of waiting, of longing. Suddenly, John wanted Bobby to feel
      the yearning he had felt for all those months, the aching burn in
      his entire being that nearly drove him insane.

      You sit back now

      "John..." the pleading note in Bobby's voice was unmistakable, as
      well as the impatient tug on John's shirt. But John wasn't letting
      himself go that easily. He wanted Bobby to plead him, to beg him
      even for the smallest touch.

      Just relax now

      "Now, now, Bobby, don't be an impatient little fucker." John said
      with a nasty smirk on his face. He came closer to Bobby with each
      second, but too painfully slowly for the boy's under him needs.
      Hands still on John's collar, Iceman tried to bring their faces
      closer still, but Pyro was holding Bobby's hands down to the bed on
      either side of him.

      I'll take care of you

      It was getting almost unbearable for John to control himself, but
      the intense look Bobby sent him, now immobile and helpless on his
      own bed, was a deserved reward.

      Hot temptations, sweet sensations

      Bobby tried to get his hands free, to pull himself up, closer to
      John's face, and when he failed he let out a frustrated moan.

      Infiltrating through

      Looking John straight in the eyes Bobby panted from the effort of
      trying to free himself: "You want me to beg you, is that what this
      is all about, you fucker? You want me to scream how you drive me
      fucking crazy while doing this?" John felt his pants getting tighter
      as he swallowed, wondering how Bobby could be so fucking sexy just
      by saying that line.

      Sweet sensations, hot temptations

      "Yeah!" John moaned as he felt his self-control slowly fading
      away. "Yeah, that's exactly what I want you to do." He was so far
      gone that he didn't even notice Bobby pulling his freezing hands
      free until he put them on John's cheeks. The temperature sent a
      slithering shock through both boys' bodies. Bobby's gaze never left
      his as he said, loud and clear:

      "Understand this, Johnny, I've never wasted time in begging anyone
      for anything, because I just take what I want!" And with no
      hesitation he devoured John's mouth.

      Coming over you

      John had been practically insane with want by then and when he felt
      those cold lips clamp over his, he all but flung himself at Bobby.

      Gonna take it slow babe

      There was no gentleness or tenderness in that kiss, no sweet
      caresses or whispered nothings. Everything about the kiss came down
      to three things- passion, desire and insatiable hunger. All of the
      two boys' shyness or tentativeness was left by the door.

      Do it my way

      Their hands were flying everywhere- touching, squeezing, scratching,
      and leaving marks of absolute devotion. Their tongues were battling
      restlessly, licking and sliding over parted lips, leaving no air to
      be spared, but neither John nor Bobby cared about air. They breathed
      fire and ice, swallowing the melted heat between them, never
      ceasing, never sated enough.
      Keep your eyes on me

      None of them knew when the other one was moaning because it was like
      they never stopped crying out to each other, not needing words to
      make the other one come closer or kiss deeper.

      Your reaction to my action is what I want to see

      The world faded to black and yet fizzled with flashing white before
      their eyes.

      Rhythmic motion, raw emotion

      Tasting and touching had become second nature to them- Bobby burying
      his hands in John's hair, licking what was left of John's last
      cigarette on his tongue.

      Infiltrating through

      Their lips were sealed like the hot chocolate poured over vanilla
      ice-cream, enveloping in a velvet heat, inextinguishable and hot
      like the sun.

      Sweet sensations, hot temptations

      Suddenly, John felt a more intense frostiness than usual coming out
      of Bobby's mouth, and as much as he didn't want he had to part to
      breathe in a reviving gulp of air.

      Coming over you

      "Fuck!" he panted, never letting go of Bobby's face or looking away
      from his now glazed eyes, "That was fucking amazing!"

      And now you're satisfied

      Bobby was staring at John, a little dazed and out of breath. As Pyro
      tried to regain focus of the world again, he noticed Iceman was
      blushing fiercely as well.

      "What's wrong?" John asked concern etched all over his voice. Bobby
      was avoiding his gaze, even though it was very obvious that he had
      been blown away by the kiss as well.

      A twinkle in your eye

      "I forgot my temperature drops really low when I'm excited," the
      blond boy mumbled staring at the bed sheets. "I could have frozen
      you to death."

      John just couldn't believe his ears. He had received the most
      fucking unbelievable kiss in his entire existence and Bobby was
      worrying himself about absolute bullshit! Pyro lifted Iceman's chin
      up gently with his thumb and said in his best soothing voice:

      "Listen here, Bobby and listen well `cause I'll probably never say
      this again! Right now I still can't fucking believe what's happening
      to me. I'm afraid that I'll wake up and see you leaving to Rogue's
      room." At that Bobby concentrated guiltily on John's shirt. "Look at
      me when I'm talking to you, damn it!" John said reproachfully and
      earned a startled look from Bobby. "I've never felt anything like
      this before, and I'm really afraid I might screw this up. You're the
      first thing in my life that actually means something, so do you
      really think I'd give you up because of a little cold?"

      Bobby sent John a relieved look and blushed even more from all the

      Go to sleep for ten

      John smiled warmly as he continued, "Hell you might make an iceberg
      out of me and I won't give a damn!" They both laughed, breaking the
      ice and with a devilish grin Pyro pulled Iceman to him again, "As
      long as I get a hold of that delicious mouth of yours."

      Anticipating, I will be waiting for you to wake again...

      (Lyrics from the song "Closer" by Jem, truly wonderful)

      A/N: So what do you think? Sucked? Rocked? Please let me know if you
      want me to continue this story or to leave it here. You can't know
      what feedback does to writers if you haven't created a fiction of
      your own! It truly makes you believe that you might actually be
      worth something in global literature, and let me tell you this,
      there's nothing better than that! Special thanks to Penknife, my
      beta who taught me the difference between British English and
      American English *blushes furiously*. Hope you enjoyed reading this
      story at least a tiny bit as much as I liked writing it!
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