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FF "Faded" (1/1) PG-13 [Scott]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Author: Elizabeth Wilde Title: Faded (1/1) Series: Driving Force (set after Repercussions ) Distribution: Anybody who has my fic, anybody who asks nicely, and
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      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: Faded (1/1)
      Series: Driving Force (set after "Repercussions")
      Distribution: Anybody who has my fic, anybody who asks
      nicely, and
      Disclaimer: I don't own Scott, but I do own the whore
      and the burly bartender! Go me!
      'Ship: none
      Classification: angst
      Summary: Scott tries to lose himself in New York City.
      Rating: PG-13 for language and stuff
      Spoilers: none
      Feedback: wilde_moon@...

      "Faded" (1/1)

      Broadway is dark tonight
      A little bit weaker than you used to be
      Broadway is dark tonight
      See the young man sitting
      In the old man's bar
      Waiting for his turn to die.
      ~Goo Goo Dolls "Broadway"

      The constant hazy smoke in the bar had long ago moved
      Scott's headache up to a migraine. His head pounded
      with every beat of the tinny-sounding jukebox. A
      half-finished beer, his first and last of the night,
      sat on the counter in front of him.

      The bartender threw an annoyed glance in the young
      man's direction and groused, "You gonna drink that or
      just memorize the label?" Receiving no reply, he
      mumbled something about Scott being a "cheap bastard"
      and turned away to attend more serious patrons.

      It didn't really matter to Scott whether the bartender
      hated him or not. //By tomorrow, I'll either be in
      another bar or another city.// For almost a month,
      New York City had provided refuge, an easy place to
      get lost in the crowd. No one gave a second glance to
      the morose young man with red sunglasses. Scott
      sighed. He needed to be further away. It was still
      tempting to return to Westchester.

      A skinny woman-almost a girl-with long, stringy
      bleached-blond hair and too much make-up even in the
      dim light sat down at the bar next to Scott and
      offered her best approximation of a sultry smile.
      "Hey, there. You look like you could use some
      cheering up."

      Scott gave her a sideways glance, then stared
      resolutely at his beer. "No thanks."

      "Aw, c'mon, it won't cost you much."

      Her hand moved to his thigh, sliding higher and higher
      until Scott caught her wrist. "I'm not interested,

      The woman jerked her hand away, obviously angry.
      "Fuck you, loser," she hissed before stalking over to
      another man on the other end of the bar.

      //Can't even have a civil conversation with a
      hooker,// he half-joked to himself. His gaze scanned
      the bar. The people inside were no different than the
      people he had seen in any other bar, and most of them
      were there for more or less the same reason he was: to
      forget, to be forgotten, to get lost in the shadows.

      A few odd jobs here and there plus a lifetime of
      savings kept Scott in cheap food and scuzzy motels
      with little trouble. //Is this really the way I want
      to live my life? Do I want to run forever? Of
      course, even if I don't, I can't go back to the only
      real home I've ever had.// Returning to the school
      wasn't an option, and his parents had certainly pushed
      thoughts of him as far from their minds as possible.
      He was a freak, an embarrassment, a blight on their
      flawless social record.

      At first after he left, he held some sort of bizarre
      hope that someone would come after him, beg him to
      come home. But weeks passed and no one came. He
      still regretted having had to face Logan before
      leaving. The lack of reproach in the other man's eyes
      still weighed on him. //Logan, of all people, is
      probably the only one who understands. He did the
      same damn thing. Fuck.//

      Unable to take sitting quietly anymore, Scott put his
      money down on the counter and shuffled quickly out of
      the bar. The air outside was only marginally cleaner,
      and his lungs protested the change for the thousandth
      time. After spending so many years in the clean
      country atmosphere of Xavier's School for Gifted
      Youngsters, his body and mind were ill prepared to
      face city life. //But where else could I be just
      another person?//

      //Not that I need to hide. No one is looking. The
      professor could find me anytime he wanted. But he
      hasn't. And he won't.// Scott kicked an empty can
      into a ditch and watched the dirty sidewalk as he
      headed back to his motel. //And I can't go back on my
      own. What does the fearless leader of the X-Men do
      when challenged with adversity?// Scott thought
      bitterly. //He runs.//

      THE END

      I need feedback on this one! Pretty please?

      Peace & Love,

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