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FIC: Miles to Go Before I Sleep (A Time to Every Purpose 10b/10)

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  • Mo
    (Author s note: This is the second part of the final story in the series.) Adam was sitting on his bed in a guest room at Xavier’s, reading. Still in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2005
      (Author's note: This is the second part of the final
      story in the series.)

      Adam was sitting on his bed in a guest room at
      Xavier�s, reading. Still in the remnants of formal
      wear, although the jacket was draped over a chair with
      the bow tie on top of it, and the highly polished
      dress shoes had been kicked off as soon as he�d
      returned to the room with his son. Adam looked over at
      Ezra sleeping in a beautiful antique crib in the
      corner of the spacious room, wondering whether the
      crib had been Charles Xavier�s when he was a baby.
      Charles seemed so ageless, he thought. Funny to think
      of him as a baby and child, growing up here.

      A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.
      Jean-Paul came in when he answered. �Hi,� he said to
      Adam, glancing at their sleeping son. �Do you want to
      go back to the party? I can stay with him.�

      �No, it�s fine. A couple of earnest-looking kids came
      by to sit a little while ago, actually. But I
      declined. I think I�ve had enough of the festivities.�

      �Moi, aussi.� He hesitated a minute. �I guess I�ll go
      back to my room now.�

      �Sit down. Hang out with me for a while.� He patted
      the bed next to him and Jean-Paul sat down.

      Jean-Paul looked at the crib. �Do you think it was
      Charles Xavier�s?�

      �I was just wondering that myself.�

      �How is he, do you know?�

      Adam shook his head. �No idea. He looked good, don�t
      you think? I met his oncologist, but I figured I
      shouldn�t grill him.�

      �How restrained of you � an opportunity to get
      information and you didn�t take it. Maybe you�ll have
      to turn in your investigative journalist card.�

      Adam laughed. �He liked Anjuli.�


      �The oncologist. Very pleased to hear she�s single.
      Oh, and guess what? His name�s Bill.�

      Jean-Paul chuckled. �So, you came to the wedding
      alone?� he asked, after a while.

      �What do you mean? I came with Anjuli and the babies.�

      �I thought you might have come with Jake.�

      �He wasn�t invited. He barely knows them � he met
      Sasha once, to interview him.�

      �I thought you might have brought him. As your guest.�

      �You don�t bring guests to weddings, uninvited. Not
      unless you�re engaged and it�s your fianc�.�

      �Thank you for that point of etiquette. I had no

      �Well, I met Judith Martin at that reception at the
      Post last week, so I know these things.� Jean-Paul
      laughed again. �Was that a roundabout way of asking
      what�s going on with me and Jake?�


      �I don�t have an answer for you.� He shrugged. �I
      don�t what�s going on with Jake and me. I don�t know
      what�s going on with you and me, either.�

      �I want to come home.�

      �I know.� Neither said anything for a minute. Adam
      smiled at Jean-Paul. �You look good all dressed up,�
      he said, �but you might want to take off the tie, at
      least.� He reached to undo it, taking the top two
      studs out of Jean-Paul�s shirt as well, fingers
      brushing along his chest underneath the silk.

      And then they were kissing. It wasn�t clear who
      initiated it, but it was oh so clear that they both
      wanted it. Tongues meeting, hands in each other�s
      hair. Long and slow and full of longing and need.

      They undressed each other. Jean-Paul�s fingers were
      trembling with an urgency that frightened him a
      little. He made himself go slowly, unfastening the
      studs on Adam�s dress shirt one by one, placing them
      on the night stand, undoing Adam�s belt and fly with
      only the briefest of caresses underneath. Soon they
      were naked there, sitting on the bed, looking at each
      other. Jean-Paul reached for Adam�s hard cock,
      stroking slowly. �I want to suck you,� he said,
      lowering his head.

      �Me, too� Adam replied. �Lie down, this way. Can we do
      it together?� He moved them both into position, lying
      on their sides, diagonally across the bed, face to
      groin and groin to face.

      Jean-Paul shook his head. �You know that doesn�t work
      for me. I can�t while you�re... I get too...�

      �Just try. Okay? I love to feel your mouth on me while
      I�m sucking you. If you can�t concentrate on sucking,
      if you can�t manage to keep it in your mouth while I
      do you, just lick it a little.�

      Jean-Paul didn�t object anymore. He had one clear
      thought: Jake does this with him. And then his
      thoughts were confused and jumbled and all mixed up
      with his feelings. Adam�s mouth was on him and sucking
      and licking with both passion and skill. And he was
      doing his best to keep up, difficult as he found it to
      think about what he was doing with that tongue eagerly
      stroking the underside of his cock. He held onto the
      base of Adam�s erection with thumb and forefinger, his
      other fingers stroking Adam�s balls in time to the wet
      movements of his lover�s tongue. The head of Adam�s
      cock was in his mouth now. Involuntary moans escaped
      him, but he managed to keep his mouth focused, anyway.
      The taste, the feel of Adam�s cock pulsing and moving
      inside his mouth while his own cock was sliding in and
      out of wet suction � it was exquisite and overwhelming
      and he wanted it to go on forever.

      Adam came first. The spurt of cum in the roof of
      Jean-Paul�s mouth, the taste of it as he swallowed �
      he�d missed this more than he�d known.

      Jean-Paul let go of Adam�s softening penis and pushed
      harder into Adam�s mouth. His hips moving back and
      forth, he looked down, watching himself fuck his
      lover�s face. Adam�s hands were on his ass, guiding
      him in with each hard stroke. Adam was sucking
      eagerly, making wet humming sounds as he did.
      Jean-Paul pushed in hard one last time, up to the
      root, pumping cum and love and longing and regret down
      the throat of the man he loved.

      They sat up afterwards, saying nothing, catching their
      breath. Adam reached over to hug him and they held
      each other for a minute.

      �Are we getting back together?� Jean-Paul asked, after
      a while. �Or was that goodbye sex?�

      �Are those the only two choices?� Adam�s smile
      vanished as he saw Jean-Paul�s hurt expression. �I
      don�t know what to say to you anymore.�

      �I still love you.�

      �I still love you, too. But I�m confused... Things
      have changed.�

      �Maybe we could change them back.�

      �Maybe there�s no going back.�

      �We won�t know unless we try.�

      �Can you give me some time? I know it�s hard,
      Jean-Paul. I just... I need to think. I need some
      time. I can�t decide just like that.�

      Jean-Paul nodded. �I�ll try not to rush you. But,
      Adam? I want to be clear about one thing. If we are to
      get back together � it�s just you and me. Un seul
      homme. No sex with anyone else. I can�t � not at this
      point in my life. I�m not able to renegotiate this.�

      �I understand. I won�t ask you to.�


      Scott answered the knock on his door. Logan came in.

      �Since when do you knock?�

      �I thought you might not be alone.� He closed the door
      and pushed Scott up against it. �Glad you are.� He
      kissed him hard. Taking Scott�s hand, he placed it on
      his crotch. �Feel that? I�m dying for it. I�ve wanted
      to rip that monkey suit off of you all day.�

      �Mmmm. Me, too.� Stroking Logan through the fabric,
      feeling his lover�s tongue on his neck, his body
      pressed against him. �Something about hetero-normative
      rituals, I guess,� Scott added. �Makes me want a big
      cock shoved up inside me.�

      �Shut up and you�ll get one,� Logan responded,
      extending the claws on his right hand. �Take �em off
      or I�ll cut �em off.� Scott took off his clothes
      quickly. �On your hands and knees. On the floor.�

      And then Logan was kneeling behind him, naked. Scott
      felt slicked fingers entering him as the other hand
      pumped his hard on. �Ready for me?� he asked. �Ready
      to be fucked?�


      �Then ask me for it.�

      �Please, Logan, fuck me now. Push it into me.�

      Logan was in him before he finished saying it, deftly
      sliding his hard, lubed shaft into Scott�s waiting
      hole. Holding onto Scott�s strong thighs, rocking back
      and forth as he kneeled behind him, the cock inside
      making Scott sigh and moan. And then pressed down on
      Scott�s back, rubbing him with those able fingers
      while he fucked him harder and faster. Scott strained
      to support the weight of Logan�s adamantium-filled
      body. �Who do you belong to?� he growled, pushing hard
      into him as he said it. �Who gets to do this to you?�

      �You. Just you.� It came out long and low and
      breathless. Scott was coming hard as he said it, his
      seed spilling on the hardwood floor. �Always,� he
      added, as Logan�s movements � fast and furious � moved
      towards climax. Hands gripping Scott�s shoulders now,
      he fucked him with amazing force, then pressed hard
      inside him as he came, panting and moaning.

      They sat down, side by side, backs to the wall
      afterwards. �There is a bed in here,� Scott said after
      a while, gesturing towards it with his head.

      �I know. Just wanted to have you on the floor.�

      �For old time�s sake, no doubt.� Logan smiled. �Hey,
      Logan? What does MGC stand for? Charles didn�t know,
      but he said you made it up.�

      �Marvin Gaye Compound,� Logan replied, smiling and
      then humming a few bars of �Sexual Healing.�

      Scott laughed. �No wonder Anjuli was embarrassed to
      tell Charles.�

      �Is it working for him?�

      Scott shook his head. �Doesn�t seem likely. It works,
      apparently, but it sounds like it�s too late for him.
      I wish I�d figured this out earlier.�

      �You didn�t even know he was sick earlier. You beat
      yourself up over shit that�s totally out of your
      control, Cyclops.�

      �Thanks, Logan. That never occurred to me before. Now
      that you�ve pointed it out, I won�t do it anymore.� He
      smiled to show he meant it ironically, not angrily. �I
      feel guilty for something else,� he added after a


      �He was pretty resigned to dying. I talked him into
      this, maybe got his hopes up in vain, you know?�

      �Nothing to be guilty about. You were right � he�s got
      to try. He�s got a lot to live for.�

      �Even more now. Jean�s pregnant � she just told us.
      God, Logan, I thought he was going to cry. He wants to
      see this baby. More than I�ve seen him want anything,
      for a long time.�

      �Maybe he will. It�s strong stuff.� He sang a little
      more of the Marvin Gaye song and Scott smiled. �You�ve
      been a good son to him, whatever happens.�

      �He�s been a good father to me.�

      �What does Anjuli think it�s doing to you? The healing
      semen?� Logan asked after a while.

      �A lot. She said my immunity�s stronger than anyone
      she�s ever tested except you. She thinks it�s slowing
      down my aging, too.�

      �So you think you�re gonna live a long time?�

      �If I don�t get killed on some X-Men mission. Always a
      possibility, you know.�

      �I know.� After a while, he added, �Don�t do it.�

      �Don�t do what?�

      �Get killed. I like having you around.�

      �I�ll do my best.� And then, after a long pause, �I
      love you, too, Logan.�

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