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FIC: The Perfect Ceremony (A Time to Every Purpose 3/10)

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  • Mo
    “What does he want?” Jean-Paul hissed, lying next to Adam but not touching him. He wanted to yell, really. But with Ezra having just fallen asleep after a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2005
      �What does he want?� Jean-Paul hissed, lying next to
      Adam but not touching him. He wanted to yell, really.
      But with Ezra having just fallen asleep after a
      difficult time settling, and with Anjuli in the next
      room, he settled for an angry whisper and complete
      lack of physical contact.

      �I don�t know!� Adam answered. �I haven�t talked to
      him.� He sighed and sat up. He picked up a pillow
      and put it behind his back so the metal bars that made
      up the headboard of their bed wouldn�t bother him. �I
      told you I wouldn�t, didn�t I? I said I�d have
      nothing to do with him and I�ve kept my word. I
      haven�t spoken to him since that one time I called him
      to find out his HIV status and anything else he could
      tell me. That was a long time ago. I haven�t heard
      from him since, not until he started leaving
      voicemails for me at work. I didn�t call him back.
      Don�t believe me? Fine. Listen to Anjuli. She told
      you he called here because he couldn�t get me at

      �How does he even have your work number?�

      �Jean-Paul, he knows what I do for a living. I met
      him at that convention.�

      �You weren�t even working for the Herald then. You
      were freelancing.�

      �But he knew I had worked for the Herald and probably
      called there to see if they�d give him my new number.
      Or he reads the Herald and saw I�m there again. Or he
      heard that I�d gone back there through the journalist
      grapevine. I don�t know! I haven�t talked to him.�

      �And how did he know to call here?�

      �I have no idea.�

      �Did you give him the number here?�

      �No!� Adam thought about it for a minute. �Wait, I
      told him Anjuli�s name. So, maybe she�s the only �A.
      Radavan� listed or the only one with a Georgetown
      address. I told him I was staying at her place.�

      �When did you tell him that? While his dick was up
      your ass?�

      �No, before that. Before his dick was anywhere near
      me.� Adam�s sarcastic tone matched Jean-Paul�s. He
      took a deep breath and continued more calmly. �It was
      the cover story. You know that. I couldn�t say where
      I was really living at the time � where we were
      living. I was maintaining the security of the
      Outpost. I used this address when I registered for
      the convention. I told everyone I met there that I
      lived here, not just Jake Patterson. And now we do
      live here. I didn�t know we would at the time. It
      was just a ruse. Anjuli knew to say I was out if
      anyone called here. So he called here thinking he was
      calling me at home and he turned out to be right.�
      Adam sighed again. �Jean-Paul, it was a year ago. It
      was during the war. So much has happened since then.
      I did something I really regret. Once. I�ve been
      doing my best to make up for it.� He lay down again
      and reached for Jean-Paul, a little tentatively, not
      knowing how he�d react. He stiffened at first, but
      then relaxed, letting Adam hold him. �I thought you
      were getting over it,� Adam said after a while.

      �I thought so, too.� His voice sounded sad now, not
      angry. �But when Anjuli said he called it brought it
      all back, hein? Made me think the worst.�

      �I�ve had nothing to do with him.�

      �I know.�

      �I haven�t touched another man.�

      �I know. I believe you.�

      �Un seul homme, Jean-Paul. I meant it. I made one
      mistake, but I still mean it. I won�t do it again.�
      They kissed and held each other.

      �I�m surprised Anjuli didn�t know who he is,�
      Jean-Paul said after a while. �Didn�t you tell her
      about him?�

      Adam shook his head. �I just told her I�d had
      unprotected sex with someone I don�t know,� he
      replied, speaking softly in his lover�s ear. �That
      that�s why I needed the Healing Factor Concentrate.
      She thought at first that I was worried because you
      were exposed when Walter died. She was trying to
      reassure me on that score, so I had to explain why I
      thought I could have been infected. I didn�t tell her
      his name. I think she probably doesn�t even realize I
      know it. Believe me, it wasn�t a comfortable
      conversation. She was embarrassed by the whole thing.
      So was I, for that matter. I wasn�t going to go into
      details. She and I haven�t discussed it since, at

      �What do you think he�s calling you about?�

      �I don�t know and I don�t care. I�m having nothing to
      do with him.�

      �Maybe he�s got it. Maybe he�s infected and he�s
      calling all his contacts.�

      �Could be, particularly if he kept doing crystal and
      barebacking. It�s a bad combo. But it�s nothing to
      do with me, nothing to do with us, if he is infected.�
      Adam stroked Jean-Paul�s hair. �We�re not infected.
      We got lucky, or the HFC worked, or both. I fucked
      up, love, and you had something terrible happen to
      you, through no fault of your own. But neither of us
      got it. And it was a long time ago. The last few
      months I�ve felt like we were back to normal or

      �Moi aussi.�

      �Sex has felt good and hot and � oh, I don�t know �
      free again. For the first time in a long time.
      Partly from not using condoms. Partly just from
      feeling like you forgave me.�

      �Je sais. I did, Adam. I did forgive you. I do
      forgive you. It was just a shock to hear he called
      you, and to hear it like that, at dinner and from
      Anjuli. And just when things were feeling so good.�

      �I�m sorry that happened.� Adam kissed him again,
      long and deep. �I was so happy to hear you wanted to
      get a bigger place, to hear you sounding happy here,
      and settled.�

      �Bien sur, I thought it would never happen.�

      �Me, neither.� He thought some more. �So you�ll call
      Xavier�s and talk about this townhouse idea?�

      �Yes, I think I�ll call Cyclops tomorrow and tell him
      we�re interested. Then we can follow up with Charles
      Xavier when he�s here.� He kissed his lover on the
      cheek. �Anjuli seemed into the idea, hein?�

      �Yes, she seemed positively excited about it.� Ezra,
      across the room from them, said something in his
      sleep. Adam listened but the baby didn�t waken.
      �She�s been a good friend to us,� he continued.

      �C�est vrai. And a good roommate.� He thought for a
      minute. �All kidding aside, I do wish Anjuli would
      start dating. Hank�s been dead two years now.�

      �Yeah, I agree. She�s too young and...alive and
      vibrant to live like she does. Work and the baby and
      a monastic life here with you and me.�

      �Maybe she�s not motivated to. Maybe it�s partly
      because of you and me, hein? Maybe she doesn�t feel
      so lonely since we�re here.�

      �Could be. We meet her social needs so she�s not so
      into looking. But she needs more than friendship.
      She needs love. And sex, for that matter. We have to
      think of someone to fix her up with.�

      �Do you really think she�s afraid to bring someone
      home? Or was that just a joke?�

      Adam thought about it. �I think her situation is
      unusual, and also difficult to explain. Not you and
      me, so much, although I imagine there are some
      straight men who would be a little taken aback by the
      faggot roommates. But that�s not all of it. There�s
      the half-mutant baby, the ties to the X-Men, even her
      research. All of those are going to be obstacles for
      some men. And then she�s too Americanized for any
      traditional Indian guy, and too Indian for a lot of
      white guys. Not to mention that she�s brilliant and
      has a PhD in physiology, both of which would
      intimidate a lot of men.�

      �All the things that are wonderful about her, all the
      things that make her Anjuli. You�re saying those are
      what would put men off. I think you�re right. And
      it�s sad.�

      �Well, it wouldn�t put everyone off. It�s got to be
      someone comfortable with difference. But, you know,
      she wouldn�t be interested in a guy who wasn�t. So
      maybe it doesn�t matter.�

      �Are you comfortable with difference, mon ami?�
      Jean-Paul�s voice was teasing now. �Mutant lover,
      half-mutant baby, you�ve got all that.� He turned
      serious. �If things had gone the other way, if the
      war hadn�t ended as it did... Adam you�re not one of
      us, but you would have been in danger. You put
      yourself in danger.�

      �I love you, Jean-Paul. I am �one of us.� I�m sort
      of a mutant manqu� or something. Okay, so I don�t get
      the superpowers. At least I still get the
      persecution, some of the mutant experience.�
      Jean-Paul laughed. �Your people are mine,� Adam
      continued, the joking tone gone. �And Ezra�s. It�s
      the path I chose.�

      �You don�t regret it?�

      �Not for a minute.� They kissed again. Adam pulled
      back and pulled the covers off. He sat up and just
      looked at Jean-Paul for a moment, stretched out naked
      on the bed. �You�re the most beautiful man I�ve ever
      seen,� he said, after a minute. �So perfect and so
      peerless. I�ve always thought superhuman beauty was
      your main gift, that flight and super speed were just

      Adam began to stroke his lover�s strong thighs,
      sitting next to him on the bed. Jean-Paul lay still,
      watching Adam sitting there by his side, broad smile
      on his face. He felt his lover�s deft fingers
      stroking his legs, moving up. One hand moved to his
      stiffening cock, holding the shaft and starting to
      move up and down slowly. �And you have the most
      beautiful cock I�ve ever seen,� Adam added, and bent
      down to kiss and lick.

      Jean-Paul reached between Adam�s legs, feeling that
      his lover was hard, too. They played like that for a
      few minutes, Adam sucking and Jean-Paul stroking with
      his hand. Then Jean-Paul sat up, pulling Adam�s head
      off of him and kissing him on the mouth. He slid his
      tongue around the inside of Adam�s mouth, catching the
      fleeting taste of pre-cum. �I want to fuck you,� he
      said. �Do you want that, mon amour?�

      Adam nodded, whispering �Yes. Please.� Right in his
      lover�s ear. Jean-Paul reached for the lube. Adam
      lay down on the bed, face down, then pulled his knees
      under him, spreading his legs a little.

      Jean-Paul knelt behind Adam, slicking his cock. Then
      pushed in slowly, talking to Adam while he did. �Your
      tight, hot ass. I want this, mon amour. I want you.�
      He stayed still, deep in Adam, for a minute. Then
      held onto both of Adam�s hips and started moving in
      and out.

      Adam�s hands were holding the bars of the bed now,
      bracing himself and pushing back against Jean-Paul as
      his lover pushed into him harder and faster, kneeling
      behind him like that. �Yes. Shove it into me. It
      feels so good. Stroke me with your cock, baby.� It
      felt like there was a direct link between the dick
      pushing inside him and his own hard erection, pushed
      against his belly by the position and the movements.
      Each stroke was giving him just the friction he
      needed, inside and out. �More, harder,� Adam was
      saying breathlessly. And then he was so close and he
      just had to touch himself. Taking one hand off of the
      bars, he put it under himself and started jerking to
      the same rhythm as Jean-Paul was fucking him. The
      other hand clenched the bar of the bed convulsively,
      squeezing it with every stroke.

      The orgasm came quick and hard, in a white hot burst
      of sensation that took over his whole body. Then
      Jean-Paul was pressed down on top of him, fucking with
      a strength and urgency that made clear he was close to
      coming, too. He cried out Adam�s name when he came
      deep inside him.

      Adam grabbed a towel that was by the bed and put it on
      the wet spot, then lay down again, stretching his arms
      and legs lazily. Neither of them said anything for a
      minute but they lay there smiling.

      �Si bon comme �a,� Jean-Paul sighed happily after a
      while. �You�re right, mon ami. It has been much
      better lately, like it was when we were first
      together.� He thought some more. �It wasn�t just
      because of the thing with Jake, you know.�

      �I know. It was a hard time for you in so many ways.
      I�m more sorry than I can say that I added to it.
      Trying to grieve for Walter in circumstances that
      didn�t allow for what you needed. The war. The
      danger, the worry. Everything that was going on

      �C�est vrai. And it all coming fast on the heels of
      getting Ezra, too. I think he affected our sex life,
      too, n�est-ce pas?�

      �You mean because it took me a while to get my figure
      back?� Jean-Paul laughed. Adam continued in a more
      serious vein. �I agree. A baby shakes everything up.
      Partly it was the sleep deprivation.�

      �I know. That took me by surprise. I thought I was
      used to it. I thought we were both so prepared.
      After all, we both have jobs where you have to get up
      in the middle of the night without notice.�

      �Yeah, but not with that kind of frequency. With
      work, well the adrenaline pumps and you stay up as
      long as you need to. But then you crash and just
      sleep for a whole day when it�s all over, you know?
      With parenthood there�s no �all over�.�

      �Not for another 16 and a half years, anyway.� Adam
      laughed at that. �I should have been prepared,
      though. It�s not my first time. But it was different
      with Joanne in so many ways. So much of that is just
      a blur looking back.� He thought some more. �Maybe I
      didn�t expect to be so tired with a healthy baby.�

      �I can see that. It gave me new respect for parents
      all around me, I must say. I�d look at people and
      think �My God. Is he up half of every night with a
      baby? And still functions the next day?� Parenthood
      is the end of sleep as we know it, or at least that�s
      how it felt for a while.� He snuggled in close to
      Jean-Paul. �Not just the fatigue, though. Other
      stuff. I think we were sort of figuring out who we
      are as a couple, with the big change of having a baby.
      If we�re parents, are we still lovers? Can we be
      responsible and still passionate, you know? Can we
      have this nice domestic life and still have hot,
      uninhibited fucking that makes me feel like I�m losing
      my mind with joy? I wondered if it was possible.� He
      sighed. �And now I know the answer is yes. That�s
      how it�s been again, lately. That�s how it felt when
      you were fucking me just now. I like to do it lots of
      ways, but I think I come the hardest when your cock is
      deep inside me like that.�

      �So you�ve decided you can be a daddy and a hot fuck,


      �And I�m the only one who gets to do that to you?

      �D�accord. I promise, Jean-Paul. Only you.�

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