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FF "Repercussions" (1/1) PG [Logan/Jean]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Author: Elizabeth Wilde Title: Repercussions (1/1) Series: Driving Force (set after Running ) Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks me nicely,
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      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: Repercussions (1/1)
      Series: Driving Force (set after "Running")
      Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks
      me nicely,
      Disclaimer: I don't own Logan and Jean, though I do
      ocassionally chain Logan up in my lair and, er, enjoy
      his company...
      'Ship: Logan/Jean
      Classification: mild angst, romance maybe? :;shrug::
      Summary: Jean deals with her anger after Scott leaves.
      Rating: PG
      Spoilers: none
      Feedback: Always! wilde_moon@...

      "Repercussions" (1/1)

      Don't you think that I deserve
      To hear you say goodbye?
      That ain't no way to go
      Was it all a lie?
      After all this time that ain't no way to go.
      ~Brooks & Dunn "Ain't No Way to Go"

      Logan heard a dull thud from inside Jean's room and
      rushed inside, noting the large book on the floor and
      a new dent in the wall. He turned to Jean, eyebrow
      raised. "Not your favorite book, I take it?"

      Jean forced a smile. "Not really." She sighed and
      her whole form seemed to sag. "God, Logan, how could
      he just leave like that? Without even saying

      "He didn't know how to say it, darlin'," Logan
      replied, sitting down on the bed beside her and
      wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

      Jean pulled back and looked at the man beside her with
      obvious shock. "Did I just hear you defend Scott?"

      He shrugged. "Don't expect me to make a habit of it.
      This time... I can see it, why he left. I did it

      "Yeah, you did. That was different, though.

      "Yeah. He's Scott."

      "Yeah." Her fist pounded gently onto Logan's leg.
      "Why did you let him leave? Why didn't you stop him?"

      "Because it's not my business to tell Scooter what he
      should do with his life," Logan replied bluntly.
      "Plus, I ain't exactly the right guy to go to for
      sermonizing. Guess I could've warned him he was
      turnin' into me," he finished, hoping the joke, lame
      though it was, would lighten the mood.

      It didn't. Jean shook her head. "I'm sorry. It's...
      I'm not mad at you. Or him. I'm mad at myself. He
      wouldn't have left otherwise, would he? If I..."

      "Look, if you're gonna take the blame, I gotta pull at
      least half of it off your shoulders. This whole
      situation took the both of us," he reminded his lover
      softly. "Don't beat yourself up, Jeannie."

      "I just miss him," she admitted. "We haven't talked
      or seen each other much the past few months, but..."
      her voice faltered.

      "But that doesn't mean you don't love him."

      "Logan, I-"

      "Don't worry 'bout it, darlin'. I hear most people
      have lotsa love to go around. Just tough old bastards
      like me that have trouble with it."

      This time he received a smile and a small laugh for
      his efforts. "Stop it! I'm trying to be upset."

      "You should be putting more effort into it, then."

      Jean wrapped her arms around Logan's chest and rested
      her forehead against his neck. "Thanks."

      "Don't mention it, Jeannie. I just want you to be

      THE END

      Well? Didja like it? Didja? Huh?

      Peace & Love,

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