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Survivor (4/?) [Silly Fic]

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  • James' Angel
    hi! I don t think my first email went through.. there was an error msg, but if it did, SO sorry for the mass number of emails of this same story! =) Well, i
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2000
      hi! I don't think my first email went through.. there
      was an error msg, but if it did, SO sorry for the mass
      number of emails of this same story! =)

      Well, i finally got around to writing the next
      chapter! i got a new computer and everything so I had
      to sort that out... Lemme know what you think of the
      story! Who do you think is gonna win? Who do you think
      will be voted off next? Who do you WANT voted off
      next? Anything!!! Lemme know! =D

      X-Men Survivor
      Chapter 4

      And we return to X-Survivor and it is now Day 7 here
      on this hot dry island. Last tribal council, we saw
      the exile of Jubilee. Who will be voted off the island
      this time? Your guess is as good as anyone's here,
      though I do believe I see the beginning of some
      informal alliances. Let's see what happened yesterday
      with the Mutie Tribe.

      ~*showing clips from Day 6*~

      ROGUE: Okay, so now both Jubilee AND Magneto are gone.
      Hopefully there'll be less fighting within the tribe!

      SCOTT: Yeah, I know... but now we have one less member
      than the other tribe. That's gonna hurt us when it
      comes to the challenges.

      PSYLOCKE: Don't worry Scottie-boy... We can handle it.

      GAMBIT: (looking at PSYLOCKE oddly) So anyway..... any
      idea what tomorrow's challenge is gonna be?

      SABRETOOTH: Not a clue...

      MYSTIQUE: So now what do we do till then?

      SCOTT: I don't know about you, but I'm starving... I'm
      gonna go look for some food in the forest...

      PSYLOCKE: I'll come with you!


      JEAN: Stay away from him!!

      STORM: Uh, Jean? You okay?

      JEAN: Sorry... I just... it's.... Psylocke's hitting
      on Scott!! She's trying to get close to him!

      KITTY: Are you sure? How do you know?

      JEAN: Well, we have that psychic rapport going... and
      Scott's feeling tense about her going with him to find
      food. Alone. In the forest.

      LOGAN: Don't worry, babe. I'm here for ya.

      JEAN: (smiling meekly) thanks... i guess...

      LOGAN: Don't worry... we'll stick together...

      Now, back to present day... the clues of today's
      challenge has been delivered to the tribes.

      TOAD: Hey! I got the new message for today!

      KITTY: What does it say?? (grabbing the rolled up
      parchment paper from TOAD) -
      "Back to your childhood
      Is this challenge's peak;
      What you must do
      Is play hide and seek"

      LOGAN: Hide and seek? That's kinda juvenile...

      BOBBY: That's what they said in the note.

      LOGAN: Right...


      ROGUE: Ooh! Hide and seek sounds like fun!

      PSYLOCKE: (to MYSTIQUE) This should be easy enough for

      SCOTT: I don't have a doubt that we'll win this one.

      ~*time lapse*~

      Okay, here we are now. We'll flip a coin and one
      member of each tribe will call out heads or tails. The
      winner will be the ones hiding, and the others will be
      the ones to seek the other tribe. When you are found,
      you must run back here where I will be and tag 'home
      base'. If you get here before you are tagged by the
      other tribe, then you win. If the tribe tags you
      before you reach home base, they win. We'll tally up
      the winners for each tribe and that will determine the
      winner for this challenge. The prize? A large picnic
      basket with good food in it for your tribe to share.

      SABRETOOTH: (teasingly, to the PRYDE tribe) Oh, I am
      SO ready for this! We're gonna kick your butts at

      LOGAN: Don't be so sure, Creed...

      Alright, call it in the air! (tosses coin)

      GAMBIT: 'eads!

      BOBBY: Tails!

      Heads it is! Okay, Mutie tribe, you'll be hiding and
      you have a 10 minute hiding period, starting now!
      (Mutie tribe disperses into the forest) As for you
      guys, you've got to face the other direction and wait
      out the 10 minutes.

      ROGUE: (motioning to GAMBIT) C'mon Sugah, this way!

      PSYLOCKE: (calling out in front of her) Scott! Wait

      SCOTT: (calling back) Why? This is hide and seek!
      They'll find us easier if we're together! Go the other

      ~*10 minutes later*~

      Okay, you guys are off now! Good luck!

      TOAD: (leaping into the woods) C'mon, where are you
      guys... c'mon.....

      LOGAN: (jokingly pops his claws) Come out or I'll
      slice and dice ya, bub!

      JEAN: (standing still, trying to concentrate her
      powers) Scott.... do you hear me....?

      GAMBIT: (unseen, but voice comes out at JEAN) Hey! No
      powers, non?

      KITTY: Ah ha! I heard you Remy... C'mon out!!

      GAMBIT: Nevah!! (bounds out of the trees and makes a
      mad dash for home base)

      KITTY: (close behind him) I'll get ya!

      Oh! And Gambit is the first Mutie member to have been
      found, and he makes it back safely. Barely, but safely
      nonetheless. Good job!

      ~*after MUCH later*~

      Wow, who's left? Just Mystique, which is no
      surprise... The Mutie tribe is leading with Gambit,
      Psylocke, and Scott reaching home base safely. If the
      Pryde tribe finds Mystique and they tag her before she
      reaches home base, it will be a tie. But if they
      don't, then it will mean that the Mutie tribe has
      broken their losing streak!

      STORM: It's not fair! They had Mystique! She can hide

      SABRETOOTH: That's right, Stormy....

      STORM: Don't call me that....

      BOBBY: Okay, well, I don't know about you guys
      (gesturing to his other tribe members) but I give up
      on looking for Mystique. It's impossible!

      PRYDE TRIBE: Yeah, forget it. I can't find her.

      Well, a forfeit would mean that the Mutie tribe wins!
      Congratulations and here is your deluxe basket full of
      delicious food! As for the Pryde tribe, I guess I will
      see you later tonight at the tribal council.

      ~* later that night at tribal council *~

      I'm sure you all are disappointed at today's earlier
      loss to the Mutie tribe. What was going through your
      head when you were looking for Mystique there? What
      exactly were you looking for?

      KITTY: I dunno... movement of some sort I guess...

      LOGAN: I was just hoping I'd hear her cry out when I
      aimlessly slashed all around me. Then that would've
      gotten her!

      XAVIER: Logan, the point of this game is not to KILL
      the other tribe...

      Anyway, let's get on with the voting...

      ~* camera angle at voting table *~

      LOGAN: Chuck... he can't do anything in an environment
      like this. He was pretty useless in today's game. May
      just be better for everyone if he was the next to go.

      BOBBY: Jean. Sorry, but her constant 'I miss Scott' is
      driving me up the wall!

      ~* when voting was done... *~

      And the votes are as follows... One for Logan (LOGAN
      glares at XAVIER), one for Jean, one for Charles, two
      for Charles, two for Jean, three for Charles, and....
      four for Charles. Sorry Professor... the tribe has

      XAVIER: That's alright... this terrain was too tough
      on me and my wheels anyway...

      KITTY: Bye Professor!

      And that concludes the 7th day of our stay on this
      island. You can head back to your tribe camps and I'll
      see you in the morning.

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