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FIC: Old Acquaintance (Reminiscences 1/5)

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    Old Acquaintance (Reminiscences 1/5) Charles Xavier and Scott Summers were standing in the enclosed garden, looking at the sky. The Professor was shielding
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      Old Acquaintance (Reminiscences 1/5)

      Charles Xavier and Scott Summers were standing in the
      enclosed garden, looking at the sky. The Professor
      was shielding his eyes from the noon sun with his
      hand. Scott had no such need, but he was the one
      scowling as he looked up. Professor Xavier was
      smiling broadly, his face a beacon of joy.

      �How long have I been watching this? More than 15
      years, anyway, and I still can�t get over seeing him
      like that. The beauty, the grace. And now with Jamie
      flying, too. What a sight!�

      �Should they be flying?� Scott asked. �In broad
      daylight? Half the town could see them. Warren
      should know better. And he shouldn�t be encouraging
      Jamie to be so... blatant.�

      "The whole town knows there are mutants here. It was
      never much of a secret, but since the war it has
      become common knowledge.�

      �That�s my point exactly. We were in a war up until a
      few months ago. The situation here is still plenty
      tense. Here we are heading off to Washington to
      testify before the Select Committee. We don�t know
      whether the last war-related restrictions on mutants
      are going to be lifted or not. Is this really the
      time to be flaunting our mutant powers?�

      �We have to live our lives, Scott. This is our home �
      Warren�s and Jamie�s as much as yours and mine. I�m
      not even sure what flaunting would be in this context,
      but I am quite certain it ought not be interpreted to
      include outdoor recreation on our own grounds.� They
      continued to watch in silence until Warren and Jamie
      disappeared behind the apple grove. �We need to be
      comfortable with ourselves if we�re ever to convince
      others to be comfortable with us,� Charles added.
      �Remember that when we�re in Washington tomorrow.� He
      wheeled off towards the mansion. Scott stayed a
      little longer.


      �What a perfect day for flying!� Warren stretched his
      wings as he gracefully landed on the south lawn. �A
      good cardiovascular workout and great weather for it.
      Plus it�s such beautiful countryside, from the air.
      It�s easy to forget how beautiful when you�re on the
      ground, looking at all the Starbucks and SUVs.�

      �Are you sure it�s okay? We won�t get into trouble?�
      Reluctant at first, Jamie had totally given into the
      joy of flight once Warren had persuaded him. Now that
      they�d landed, though, his anxiety was back in full

      �It�s fine. What did the Professor say at dinner last
      night? The war is over and we can�t keep living like
      it�s still going on. We�re not cowering in a bunker
      anymore. Normal life, right? He even said it�s our
      *duty* to go back to our normal activities.�

      �Flying isn�t normal.�

      �It is for us.� Warren�s smile disappeared, replaced
      by an angry scowl. �I spent a lot of time trying to
      be what they think is normal. Well, trying to pass
      for that kind of normal, anyway. I messed myself up �
      physically and psychically � trying to pass. I�m not
      doing that anymore. I wish I never did it. If you�re
      smart, you won�t start.�


      �He�s a piece of work, alright.� Logan was shaking
      his head, but the smile on his face and his tone of
      voice suggested he meant it admiringly. The tousled
      condition of the hotel bed was testament to what
      they�d done after meeting with the Senate Select
      Committee. Lust satiated for the moment, Logan was
      thinking back to Xavier�s performance at the meeting.

      �Unflappable,� Scott agreed, remembering as well how
      Charles had handled the senators. He threw an arm
      across Logan�s chest and stretched his long limbs. �In
      combat, in political negotiations, dealing with
      outrageous adolescent behavior... It doesn�t matter.
      Nothing flusters Charles.� Scott smiled. �Most of
      the time I really admire that quality in him. I try
      to emulate it, even. But once in a while it drives me
      a little crazy.�

      �I know what you mean. I�d pay good money to see him
      at a loss.�

      Neither said anything for a minute. Scott said,
      finally, �I did once. See him at a loss, that is.�


      �Uh huh. Professor Charles Xavier was totally
      nonplussed. Sputtering, incoherent. I would have
      paid more attention at the time if I�d known then how
      rare an event it is.� Logan watched as the red glow
      behind Scott�s glasses faded, realizing Scott was
      closing his eyes as he remembered. �Well, actually I
      didn�t *see* him flustered. I couldn�t see anything.
      I heard it, though.�

      �You didn�t have your glasses on?�

      �Didn�t have them at all. I was blind. It was when I
      first came to Westchester.�

      �He came to get you in the City, eh?�

      �Yeah. Sent me a telepathic message to meet him at
      Grand Central. When I got there he told me he�d bring
      me back to his home and give me a whole new life.�

      �You thought he was just another john, right?�

      Scott shook his head. �I thought he was a john, yes.
      I never thought he was just another one. I thought he
      was my savior. I would have done anything for him.�


      �I don�t think we should ask him,� Sasha said,
      emphatically. �I�m sorry, Jean,� he added. �I know
      you�d want him to be the one. I think we should ask
      your father.�

      �Dad will understand. I don�t think he�d even expect
      to give me away. He�s not going to be hurt if Charles
      does it. He pretty much ceded the paternal role to
      Charles when I was 16. And he�s never looked back.
      Don�t worry.�

      �I�m not worried about your father. I�m worried about
      Charles. It puts him in an awkward position if you
      ask and he doesn�t want to do it.�

      �Why wouldn�t he want to?�

      �Because he doesn�t want to see me marry you.�

      �Where ever have you gotten that idea?�

      �It�s obvious. I�m surprised you can�t see it.
      Haven�t you noticed how he talks to me? How he talks
      to you when I�m around?�

      �That�s just Charles. He�s reserved.�

      �I�ve tried so hard to earn his respect, to convince
      him that I love you and will be good for you, but he
      doesn�t believe it, I�m sure of it. I feel that it
      will never happen, Jean. He will never accept me.
      Not fully.�

      �No, love. That�s not true. He thinks very highly of

      �Perhaps. But not for you.�

      �He�s protective of me. He always has been. Ever
      since I was a kid. I was such a mess when I came

      �Maybe he thinks you and Scott should still be

      She shook her head. �No, it�s the other way around.
      He thought we never should have been together, and he
      didn�t tell either of us. So now he feels bad about


      Adam hung up the phone and sighed. �He�s not coming
      home yet?� Anjuli asked.

      �No. The mission is going on longer than he thought
      it would.�

      �How long?�

      �He doesn�t know. Sometimes I wish he�d just go back
      to Alpha Flight. Jean-Paul seems to spend more time
      working for Charles Xavier now in his supposed
      retirement than he did for the Hudsons when he was a
      full time Alpha Flight operative.�

      �Telling Professor Xavier he was available for
      �occasional missions� with the X-Men was a mistake.
      Professor X doesn�t know the meaning of �occasional.�
      You tell him you�re available and you�re working. All
      the time. Hank was working for Charles Xavier until
      the day he died, for all that he had supposedly moved
      on from the X-Men.� She shook her head. �Well, I
      guess it was only a mistake to tell the Professor he�s
      available if Jean-Paul didn�t want to be working this

      �Yeah, well that�s the big question. Jean-Paul knows
      enough about the X-Men to figure out what the result
      of that kind of offer would be. He�s worked with them
      before � on loan from Alpha Flight. So, maybe telling
      Xavier he�s available means he�d rather be a full-time
      superhero again.� Adam mused on that. �I can�t fault
      him for wanting to work. I couldn�t hack being home
      full-time myself. Why should I begrudge Jean-Paul the
      work? It�s important, he�s good at it, they need him.
      I guess I just wish it were more defined, more
      predictable. Although, as you say, when you�re
      working for Professor X, more work is a good

      �It was great training for Hank, I�ll give him that.
      I�ve never met a more dedicated researcher. It was
      the first thing that impressed me about him. He was
      so disciplined, such a hard worker. As I got to know
      him better, I found out where he got it from.�

      �Cyclops is like that, too. I guess they all are, all
      those original X-Men. Anything to please the

      �Not Warren. Hank was surprised he came back to the
      X-Men. He said Warren left first chance he got. And
      Hank was quite convinced he left to get away from
      Charles Xavier.�


      Wendy was on her knees, repairing the pipes under the
      kitchen sink in the main house at the Outpost, when
      she felt a tap on her shoulder. �Back already,
      darling?� she said. �That was quick. I�ll be with
      you in a minute,� she added. �I�m almost done.�

      She stood up a minute later to find Jean-Paul Beaubier
      standing there, a big smile on his face. �Oh!� she
      said. �I thought you were Arthur.�

      �I assumed so,� he replied with a chuckle. �I could
      see no other reason that I would be upgraded to
      �darling.� Well,� he added, �Since I have been, don�t
      I even get a hug?�

      �What brings you here?� she asked, after complying
      with the request. �Do you want a cup of tea?� she
      added, putting the kettle on the stove in response to
      his nod.

      �A mission. I�m just here for the day. One of many

      �Alpha Flight or X-Men?�

      �X-Men. Charles Xavier seems to be the one in need of
      freelance superheroes these days.�

      �How�s that going?�

      �It�s fine. I need to do *something.*�

      �And what better something than getting beaten up by
      bad guys on a regular basis?�

      Jean-Paul laughed at that. �I do my share of beating
      up, I�ll have you know.�

      �Believe me, I know it. Well, I�m glad you�re happy.
      I certainly would have been content to see you and
      Adam settle down here long term, but I realize it
      wasn�t going to work for you two.�

      Jean-Paul nodded in agreement. �For Adam even more
      than me. He needs to be where he can work. That�s
      DC, not rural Saskatchewan. And I need to work, too,
      at least some of the time. I�d go crazy sitting at
      home.� He scowled and repeated the last word. �Home.
      It doesn�t feel like home.�

      �Not going well at Anjuli�s?�

      �Depends who you ask. As far as I�m concerned, we�re
      long term houseguests in Anjuli�s apartment, but she
      and Adam seem to think it�s a workable situation.�

      �You don�t?�

      He shook his head. �I don�t even want to be in that
      country. Bien sur, I don�t want to be in a m�nage a
      trois.� At her raised eyebrows he continued, �I meant
      it literally, not in the sexual sense. Come on, you
      know me. And Adam. We�re not the types for that kind
      of thing.�

      �I doubt Anjuli is, either.�

      �I�m sure you�re right. Anyway, we need a place of
      our own. Or I do, if I�m ever to feel settled. And
      in the meantime, I�m glad to have something to do to
      keep me occupied. I can�t handle being idle.�

      �Charles Xavier is never one to leave someone idle, if
      he can help it.� The kettle whistled and she started
      making tea and getting out sugar and milk.

      �Don�t I know it. When I came here to build the
      Outpost was not my first time under his direction.
      I�ve been on a number of joint missions over the
      years. Also, a few times I was seconded to the X-Men
      and under the Professor�s command. You know you�re
      working when you�re working for Professor X. Thanks,�
      he said, taking the mug Wendy handed him. �Of course
      you don�t necessarily know that you�ll stay alive long
      enough for the next assignment. The first time I was
      on loan I had my doubts.�

      �Really? What happened?� She looked at the clock on
      the wall. �Arthur and April won�t be home from Prince
      Albert for another hour. Sit down and tell me all
      about it.�

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