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Fic: To Small Insignificant... part 2 of ?/ NC-17 Slash / Bobby & John

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  • Chad
    To Small Insignificant Traditions And The Flickering of Desire Part: 2 of ? by Chad Dean Rating: NC-17 for M/M slash E-Mail: iceman_ashmore@yahoo.com Archive:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2000
      To Small Insignificant Traditions
      And The Flickering of Desire
      Part: 2 of ?
      by Chad Dean
      Rating: NC-17 for M/M slash
      E-Mail: iceman_ashmore@...
      Archive: Kate Bolin�s archive, list archives, anyone
      else please ask
      Fandom: X-Men the movie
      Pairing: Bobby and John of course, not to mention the
      naughtiness going on down the hall, which I won't tell
      you what it is, you'll just have to wait and see.
      Warnings: First Time (for Bobby) and although probably
      not a PWP, this has about as much plot as a 1970�s
      porn flick. Oh and I think my muse has lost its mind.
      Summary: Bobby and John hear noises down the hall and
      go to investigate. Smut ensues...
      Disclaimer: Marvel and Fox own everything. I own
      nothing. I am making money on nothing. I�m just
      playing in their sandbox, I promise to put everything
      back where I found it when I'm done.

      To Small Insignificant Traditions
      And The Flickering of Desire
      part 2 of ?

      The lad who was one day destined to known to all the
      world as the X-Men member, Iceman, closed his eyes and
      listened for John�s phantom sounds. No matter how hard
      he concentrated, the only sound that stood out to
      young man was two steady heart beats. Bobby Drake
      wished that he could stay with John forever in the
      small sepia-colored world that his best friend had
      managed to create with the slowly dimming twin flames
      inside his room. In that insignificant and rapidly
      deteriorating world nothing seemed to matter. He had
      no problems. Nothing painful had ever happened,
      everything was perfect.

      For the first time since that horrible night a little
      over a year ago when his powers emerged, Bobby Drake,
      felt human again. Bobby and Chris, who had been his
      best friend since third grade, decided to go to their
      senior prom together. The decision was reached after a
      long night of feeling sorry for themselves for not
      having the guts to ask anyone else. Neither had to
      mention that they hadn't particularly wanted to ask
      anyone else. This decision unfortunately had not gone
      unnoticed by the thick necked, small minded set. The
      small moments, the quick holding of hands, the near
      kiss in the bathroom would have been treasured moments
      for a lifetime. Would have been, had night of his prom
      not ended with a Carrie-esque disaster that would have
      made Stephen King proud. Exact details, although they
      had played out over local and national news were a
      blur to Bobby, who only remembered the look of
      surprise literally frozen on his would be attackers
      face. After the boy died of hypothermia in a local
      hospital ignorant people naturally did what ignorant
      people do. Only a few hours after the news became
      public a neighborhood mob began to gather around his
      small suburban house. The crowd traded the homosexual
      taunts of the night before for another much more
      popular and acceptable in this day and time, kind of
      hate. In this brave new world it was signs and banners
      created at your local print shop, that spurned on the
      hatred of the anti-mutant coalition. This group
      created a near circus environment in his front lawn
      and he felt the part. He was the world�s biggest
      freak. The only thing he really wanted was to be
      loved, perhaps that was the only thing that he and
      �normal� humans had in common. Bobby wondered why for
      some humans and mutants that wasn�t enough. The last
      time he would see Chris was when Professor Charles
      Xavier, Scott Summers and Ororo Munroe arrived to take
      him to the Professor�s school. Bobby turned to give
      one last look at his house and noticed Chris standing
      next to his father who was holding a �Mutants Kill�
      sign. Bobby had tried to catch Chris� eyes tried to
      find a look that showed that the kids that had grown
      up together, who had grown to love one another were
      still friends. Chris only looked up to hurl a rock at
      the car as it passed. Bobby caught the other boy's
      eyes for a second and would have smiled from the look
      of shame on the other's face. He would've smiled, if
      the rock hadn�t hit the bullet-proof glass of the
      car's window so close to his face. He remembered hours
      later when Ms. Munroe had reached out to comfort him
      the only thing he could manage to say was, �Chris
      always had very good aim.� What Bobby wouldn't find
      out for a few more years was that Chris killed himself
      a few days later.

      �Hey, you still with me?� John said, nudging Bobby�s
      chin gently as the room slowly descended back into

      �Yeah, sorry,� Bobby looked into John�s dark eyes,
      �just thinking.� He smiled, �I promise it won�t happen

      �Make sure it doesn�t.� John laid his face down onto
      man�s chest and looked towards the door, �Cool.� John
      muttered, amazed at the other boy�s body temperature.

      �I keep telling you that.� Bobby licked his lips. He
      felt goose bumps rise all over his body as each word
      John spoke sent a breath of hot air across his flesh.

      Both lads feel silent again until a low moan coming
      from beyond the confines of Bobby�s room caused both
      boys to jump.

      �The Professor should have gotten a house with thicker
      walls.� Bobby said lazily, just enjoying the heat of
      John�s skin and trying to ignore the distraction of
      his cock that was demanding attention.

      �I don�t know, seems to me as if it�s has its

      �You are such a perv.� Bobby laughed.

      �You think that Professor X is a dirty old man?� John
      laughed, �I bet there are monitors everywhere.�

      �Oh yuck," Bobby groused, moving a hand to John�s bare
      back, "I won�t be able to look him in the eyes

      �That�s nice.� John sighed, feeling cool fingers
      sliding over his back, moving lower with each sweep.

      Bobby�s hands were trembling slightly. He edged a hand
      under the elastic of John�s gray sweat pants, feeling
      the cleft of the other boy�s ass before slowly sliding
      his hand back up John�s back.

      �There it is again!� John exclaimed a little too loud
      as the noise reappeared.

      Bobby jumped at John�s sudden movement, �Spastic
      much?� He smiled, moving his hand back to his side.

      �What IS that?�

      �Probably Mr. Summers and Doctor Grey.� Bobby
      whispered, blushing as he heard another series of low
      muffled moans coming from beyond the room.

      �Really?� John smiled.

      Bobby nuzzled up, against John�s face and pressed his
      lips against the top of the other man�s head without
      really realizing what he was doing.

      �Wow who knew Doctor Grey was a moaner.�

      �It�s Mr. Summers.� Bobby said matter-of-factly.

      �Okay, so you're the Institute�s perv.� John teased,
      �How many times you beat off to that?�

      �They are just right next door.� He explained, totally
      ignoring the last question, �I can hear them every now
      and then.� He shrugged.

      �Come on,� John turned his head to look Bobby in the
      eyes, �let's go check it out Scoob.� He teased,
      grabbing one of Robert Drake�s arms.

      �Ruck rou Raggy.� Bobby declared in his poor imitation
      of Scooby Doo as John grabbed both of his wrists.
      Bobby struggled against John and started to laugh
      nervously not wanting to stand up and reveal his
      aroused state.

      John sneered climbing on top of Bobby and tickling his
      sides, �Later mate.� He pushed backwards to sit on the
      other young man�s taunt chest.

      Bobby�s eyes widened and his legs tensed as John sat
      on top of him. He pushed his hips downward trying to
      avoid the inevitable.

      Allerdyce moved backwards and paused as he felt
      Bobby�s hardness. �Definitely later,� He smiled
      enjoying the mix of embarrassment and ardor that
      flashed over his friend's face as he slid his body
      backwards feeling the length of Bobby�s cock pulse
      beneath him.

      �Don�t move.� Bobby said as John freed his wrists to
      place both of those hot hands on Bobby�s chest.

      �What?� John smirked, rocking his hips back and forth.

      Bobby moaned, feeling his body tense, �Please.� He
      pleaded, feeling the pressure in his body building.

      �Okay.� John conceded. He ran a hand through the other
      young man�s short dark blond hair. He finally lay flat
      against Bobby, �You coming with me?�

      �Yeah.� Bobby said. He was willing to agree to
      anything at this point. �Almost.� He admitted,
      whispering in John�s ear, feeling his leaking cock
      deposit more pre-come on the front of his shorts.

      �We�ll take care of that.� John promised, touching his
      lips to Bobby�s cheek, barely touching the cool skin
      before pulling himself up and out of the bed, �Up and
      at �em.�

      Bobby stood up, wrapping the comforter around his

      "Can we leave the binky here?," John teased, tossing
      the comforter onto the couch, �Follow me.� John said
      reaching for Bobby�s hand, �Hey there.� John said as
      his hand brushed past Bobby�s hard cock, feeling a
      damp stickiness staining the front, �Holy ice pick

      �Sorry.� Bobby blushed, �I, I...� He stammered as he
      felt fingers slide into the opening of his boxers and
      wrap around his erection.

      �Shut up and follow me.� John smiled, urging him
      forward with a gentle tug on the other boy�s cock.

      �Careful.� Bobby said, pumping his hips forward and
      backward. �The door,� Bobby grimaced as John jerked
      the door open, �squeaks.� He winced as the noise
      seemed to echo throughout the institute.

      �Sorry.� John mumbled as both boys froze in place
      waiting for any signs of movement before continuing.

      Bobby slowly closed the door leaving them outside in
      the pitch black of the school�s hallway. Normally, he
      wouldn�t be caught dead in only his boxer's, roaming
      the hallways of Xavier�s School for Gifted Youngsters,
      especially in this wing of the house. John�s hand,
      that was still wrapped around his cock seemed to have
      an odd effect of throwing cautions to the wind. Bobby
      mused that he should probably start thinking with his
      �other� head one day.

      �You done this before?� John whispered into Bobby�s
      ear, giving the lad�s cock a couple quick pumps before
      pulling his hand out of the damp opening of the other
      boy�s boxer shorts.

      Bobby knelt down in front of Dr. Jean Grey and Mr.
      Summers� door, �Who, Me?� He smiled before peaking
      through the antiquated lock. The old locks themselves
      had not been used at least not as long as he had been
      at the Institute. Charles and Erik had the locks
      replaced with much more complex electronic devices
      shortly after they had begun work on the school. The
      only purpose for the old key holes seemed to be
      exactly what he was doing. He closed one eye and
      peered through the small opening, �Whoa.� Bobby
      pressed his body closer to the lock.

      �Lemme see.�

      �I don�t think you are old enough.� He breathed.

      �Dude, I am like, three months older than you.�

      �Don�t say I didn�t warn you.� Bobby scooted back to
      allow to slide into his place.


      �Told ya.� Bobby said, sliding in behind John,
      pressing his body tight against John�s, rubbing his
      cock against the tight material confining the other
      boy�s ass.


      Doctor Jean Grey�s face was twisted with intense
      concentration as she watched young Scott Summers naked
      form floating above their bed, �Tell me what you

      Scott Summers squeezed his eyes tightly together,
      fighting the natural urge to open them and look at
      what was making him feel this way, �Vulnerable.� He
      grunted, knowing that he couldn�t open his eyes, not
      without his protective ruby quartz glasses that lay
      out of reach, �Horny.� He added laughing, �Full.� He
      gasped, feeling thick fingers sliding into his ass.

      �That�s a tight ass, one eye.� A gruff voice rumbled
      inside his head as he felt the fingers withdrawn.


      �John?� Bobby whispered, as he hooked his fingers in
      the waistband of the other boy�s shorts and started to
      pull them down, �Stand up.� He said, as he worked the
      shorts to down around the boy's knees.

      �When did you get so bold?� John looked back at Bobby
      who seemed suddenly fascinated by he ground. �Hey,
      don�t stop,� He said, grabbing Bobby�s hand, �get on
      with it.� He whispered slipping the shorts off and
      tossing them into the darkness of the hall, not caring
      where they fell.

      �You�re nuts.� Bobby turned his head to follow the
      only piece of clothing that John had brought with him
      be hurled beyond where his eyes could see in the

      �You have no idea.� He smiled, enjoying the soft
      kisses that Bobby was trailing down his back as he
      turned his attention back towards the lock and what
      lay beyond it.


      �God.� Summers whimpered, �Jean.� He breathed, feeling
      two hard, thick, callused hands push his lower back
      into position. He felt his legs being kicked apart,
      opening him wider to the intrusion that he knew was
      coming. �Fuck yeah.� He gasped, as a hot mouth
      enveloped his cock just as a hard knob pressed against
      his opening and forced its way inside of him.

      �Tell me.� Jean whispered, standing up and circling
      Scott�s hovering form. She resisted the urge to touch
      him with her body instead she used only her mind. She
      watched as her powers moved the flesh on the man�s
      body. The thick flesh of the man�s cock moved back and

      �Feels like someone�s whole fist is...� Scott arched
      his back and spread his leg's alittle wider as another
      wave of pleasure washed over him.

      �Someone�s?� Jean arched an eyebrow and concentrated
      watching as the flesh of the man�s rectum stretched to
      allow it�s invisible intruder to force it�s way even

      �Logan.� He admitted with a gasp.

      Jean smiled, �Logan.� She repeated the word slowly,
      �Is it how you imagined?�


      End Part Two.

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