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FIC: Were Man As Rare As Phoenix (Returning Spring, 8/10)

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    Were Man As Rare As Phoenix (Returning Spring, 8/10) Ethan Leeds sat at his desk. Jean-Paul Beaubier was seated in the chair across from him. Ethan had
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2005
      Were Man As Rare As Phoenix (Returning Spring, 8/10)

      Ethan Leeds sat at his desk. Jean-Paul Beaubier was
      seated in the chair across from him. Ethan had
      suggested they move to the seating area at the other
      side of the office, but Jean-Paul had shook his head
      and said they could cover what they needed to right

      �Thank you for coming by today,� Ethan began. �I had
      thought that Mr. Langkowski would be with you,

      �Walter can come talk to you tomorrow. We can�t both
      be away from that house at the same time.�

      �Why is that?�

      �We can�t leave Cassandra alone with her. It�s not

      �Alone? Aren�t there still two FBI men at the house
      in Peru?�

      �They don�t know the first thing about how to protect
      her, copain. Not from a powerful telepath. I don�t
      know who this woman is, but she�s got powers those FBI
      guys aren�t equipped to deal with. Powers Jean Grey
      never had. Vraiment.�

      �I asked you to come here because Charles Xavier told
      me that you are convinced that this is not Jean, that
      she�s an imposter. Are you so sure?�

      �Mon dieu! You met her, didn�t you? Do you really
      think that�s Jean Grey?�

      Ethan stopped to think before answering. �Truly, I
      don�t know. If I didn�t have you, and Charles Xavier,
      and Scott Summers all thinking otherwise, well, yes I
      would think that is Jean. There aren�t a lot of
      doppelgangers around, you know.�

      �Maybe we travel in different circles.� Ethan�s
      eyebrows raised. �I was kidding,� Jean-Paul added.
      �Yes, I realize it seems peculiar � bizarre even � to
      say that this isn�t Jean. But I have proof.�


      �Oui. But slow down a minute. Let me explain.�
      Northstar stopped to collect his thoughts. �I worried
      from as soon as she got there that this wasn�t Jean.
      How she greeted me, for a start.�

      �How did she greet you?�

      �Nice. Too friendly. We�d worked together from time
      to time over the years, Jean and I. We managed. We
      teamed up when we were told to. But, bien sur, we�d
      never gotten along. She was always very professional
      with me, but never warm. She didn�t like me and she
      made that very clear.�

      �Why didn�t she like you?�

      �Oh, I think she thought I had my eye on her

      �And did you?� Jean-Paul just shrugged. �So, she was
      friendly, you say?�

      �Oui. Too friendly from the start. And then way too
      friendly pretty quickly. I�ve been out a long time.
      Jean Grey � the real Jean Grey � knew I have no
      interest in women. This one � well, she seemed to
      think all the men in that house are interested in her.
      Or could be, if she tried hard enough.�

      �You felt she was coming on to you?�

      �I didn�t just feel it. She was doing it. Playing
      with my brain � looking to play with the rest of me.
      And she was really surprised it didn�t work.�

      �And this you feel is proof?�

      �No, this is what convinced me I needed to get proof.
      Like I said, she was playing with my brain. I�ve
      known enough telepaths � I could tell what she was
      doing. So, I set a trap for her.�

      �What kind of trap?�

      �A false memory. She�d already realized she�d screwed
      up with me � had found out she approached me the wrong
      way. Tried to cover it up � told me she was just
      trying to be friendly, trying to start over with me.
      She said her imprisonment had left her realizing she
      didn�t want animosity with any teammates, blah blah

      �You don�t think it�s possible she was telling the

      Jean-Paul looked at him skeptically. �No, copain, pas
      possible. That woman was not just being friendly at
      first � she was hitting on me. This bullshit about a
      fresh start was just an attempt to cover up the fact
      that she didn�t know how things had been with the real
      Jean Grey and me.�

      �So, what is this about a false memory?�

      �Ah, that�s what I figured would prove it once and for
      all. When she came snooping in my brain, I�d have
      something waiting for her. I concentrated on
      something that had happened, something I�d expect her
      to remember well. Only it never happened, hein? If
      she�s Jean, well she knows it�s just something I made
      up, n�est-ce pas? If she�s not, she thinks it�s real
      and she thinks it�s why she didn�t like me. So, I
      wait and see if she says anything.�

      �And she did?�

      �Oui. She wanted to talk about it, said she wanted to
      �get past it,� �lay it to rest.� I knew she was lying.
      She just wanted to show me she knew what happened to
      cause trouble between her and me. Only it didn�t. I
      made the whole thing up. She fell for it � it was a
      fantasy, but vivid, hein? Real enough to seem like a
      memory. And that�s what she thought it was. Because
      she�s not Jean.�

      �What was the false memory? What did she think had
      happened to cause a rift between you and Jean?�

      �Ah, that�s the best part.� Jean-Paul smiled. �Cette
      femme - she thought I was remembering her walking in
      on me and Scott Summers. Fucking.�


      Logan was still breathing hard as Scott�s mouth
      released his softening penis. He watched as Scott
      leaned down again to lick the head a minute, making
      contended sounds as he did. Logan lay back on the
      bed, sighing happily, pulling Scott�s head onto his
      belly and then stroking the dark hair as he lay there.
      Eyes closed tight, Scott asked, �Can you reach my


      �Well, can I have them back now?�

      �What do you need them for?� He looked around at
      Scott�s room. �There�s nothing here you haven�t seen
      a million times.�

      �I just feel uncomfortable without them. When I was
      sucking you, I was pretty distracted, but now I
      feel... naked. Vulnerable, I guess.�

      �Hey. I�d let you know if there was anything
      dangerous around. I�d give �em to you right away if
      there was anything you needed to see. Trust me,

      �I do, Logan. I trust you with my life in battle � I
      have plenty of times. I�m pretty sure I can trust you
      in bed, too.� And then, after a minute, �Why don�t
      you want me to wear them, anyway?�

      Still stroking Scott�s hair, Logan touched his cheek
      and then stroked his closed eyelids with the other
      hand, looking intently at the man on the bed with him.
      �I just want to see your whole face sometimes,� he
      said. �When we�re doing it, and after, too. I like
      looking at you. All of you. Does it bother you when
      I tell you I want you to take them off? Do you mind
      doing it blind?�

      �No. I sure like looking at you during sex, but it�s
      good like this, too. There�s something kind of hot
      about doing it without my glasses. I�m not sure
      what.� He stopped and thought a little. �Maybe it�s
      connected to trust. When I was sucking you � and now
      � you let me have my eyes pointing right at you.
      You�re trusting me, too, knowing what would happen if
      I opened my eyes.�

      �Yeah, well I trust you in combat, too. Lots of
      times... Why not for sex?�

      �Nobody ever had sex with me without the glasses

      �Not even Jean?� Scott didn�t answer right away and
      Logan went on. �Forget I asked that... Hey, Scott?�


      �Would you teach me something?�

      �I�ve tried, you know that. Really, Logan, I�ve given
      it all I�ve got. I think some guys just can�t do it.
      Maybe you have a really strong gag reflex. It doesn�t
      matter.� He sighed. �I love how you suck me.�

      �That�s not what I was talking about. One of your
      other skills.�

      �Ah, English grammar? You finally want to learn about
      agreement of subject and verb?�

      Logan laughed. �Maybe some other time. No. I... I
      wanna learn how to keep somebody out of my brain.�

      �Mental shields?�

      �Yeah. How do you do that?�

      �I can�t teach you.�

      �Oh, come on. Just because I can�t learn to take your
      cock all the way down my throat, doesn�t mean I can�t
      learn this.�

      Scott laughed at that. �No, I�m sure you use
      different muscle groups for mental shields than you do
      for deep throat. I didn�t say you can�t learn. I
      said I can�t teach you. You need a telepath to train
      you. It�s the only way to learn it, as far as I know.
      Someone has to kind of go into your brain and show
      you how to do it. Charles taught me. Ask him � he�ll
      teach you how.� Scott raised his head as another
      thought came to him. Facing Logan, he�d be looking at
      him except that his eyes were closed. �Or don�t you
      want him to? It�s not him you�re trying to keep out,
      is it? He really doesn�t read anyone�s mind unasked.
      Well, not unless he needs to for a mission.�

      �Nah, it�s not him I want to keep out. It�s her...
      Jean. Or whoever she is.�

      �Has she been reading your mind?�

      Logan didn�t answer at first. �I�m not sure,� he
      said, finally. �Something weird happened.�

      �What? Will you tell me?�

      �I don�t know. Are you gonna get pissed off at me if
      I talk about that time I did it with her?�

      �No, Logan. I won�t.�

      �Well, when I did her that one time, I kind of felt
      like she was in my brain. I remember you saying that
      you used to have a telepathic link with Jean all the
      time and that it was sort of an extra something during
      sex.� Scott nodded. �Well, it didn�t feel like that
      to me. Not a good thing. It felt like... I don�t
      know. Sort of like she was somewhere she didn�t
      belong.� He paused a minute, thinking. �And I�ve
      been thinking maybe that�s why she wanted to do it
      with me. To find stuff out. To get inside my head.�
      Logan turned his head away from Scott. �I never told
      her you and me were doing it. Did you?�

      �No. I never told her anything.�

      �Well, she knew. That, and lots of other stuff I
      never said to nobody. Nobody but you.�

      �Logan, I�ve never told anybody what you�ve told me in
      confidence. Please believe that.�

      �I believe you. Like I said, I trust you. I�m just
      mentioning that to tell you why I think she�s been
      snooping in my head. I mean � if I didn�t tell her
      and you didn�t, how does she know this stuff?�

      �Yes, it does sound like she was reading your mind
      when you were... And you think she has been since

      Logan nodded, then realized Scott couldn�t see him.
      �Yeah, sometimes I�d sort of feel weird in my head. I
      don�t know how to describe it. Like you know how
      sometimes you realize someone�s staring at you and you
      look around and there�s somebody right there? Only
      this happened to me a few times and nobody was there.
      I didn�t like it. I didn�t know what to think.�

      �It�s not happening anymore?�

      �No, when I went to Vermont it stopped. So, I was
      thinking maybe it was something about being here. But
      now I�m back and I still don�t feel it. But, get what
      I mean? She�s not here, either.� Logan thought about
      it a little more. �Scott? Can telepaths do that
      mind-reading stuff from far away?�

      Scott sat up on the bed, leaning back next to Logan.
      �Well,� he said, �it�s possible, but it�s not easy.�
      Logan handed him his glasses and he put them on.
      �Jean and I used to do that,� he continued, looking at
      Logan now. �When one of us was traveling. If I was
      on a mission, for example, I�d call her when I got
      where I was going. We�d talk for a minute or two on
      the phone, and then we�d both concentrate on getting
      the link going, then we�d hang up and just talk with
      our brains.�

      �So talking on the phone started it?�

      �Sort of. The voice contact helped, but it wasn�t
      enough. We both really did have to work at it. So,
      no � I don�t think she could read your mind when she�s
      in Vermont and you�re here, or vice versa. Not if you
      didn�t want her to, not without you helping her to.�

      �But when she comes back?�

      �I think you ought to ask Charles to teach you how to
      use mental shields before she does.�

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