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Fic - Pyro - Some Kind of Boy 17

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  • Tara Ann
    Title: Blue Jealously (Some Kind of Boy – story 17) author: Tara Ann summary: John and Avalanche share some conversation; Jill reveals her blue crush;
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2005
      Title: Blue Jealously (Some Kind of Boy – story 17)
      author: Tara Ann
      summary: John and Avalanche share some conversation; Jill reveals
      her blue crush; Mystique gives John something to play with; John is
      looking for hope from Magneto.
      Rating/warning & pairing: R for brief profanity and some sexuality.
      Pyro/Avalanche, Pyro/Jill, Pyro/Mystique, Pyro/Magneto
      *Characters do not belong to me except for Jill – she is mine and
      looks like Claire Danes.
      *Sasha is mine too.
      *Dominic/Avalanche looks like Vincent Kartheiser.
      ** I've liked Pyro from the first moment I saw him in X2. He's
      complex with confidence and vulnerability. I only hope I give St.
      John Allerdyce the respect and understanding he deserves. He is the
      boy with the soft edges and the palest pout.

      "You know why I love Boogie Nights so much?" said Dominic,
      sitting stretched out on the couch, his shoulders slouched.
      "Naked Heather Graham in roller skates? Or is it Julianne
      Moore and her red-headed class?" John said, sitting next to him.
      Dominic took a sip of his Dr. Pepper and said, "It's the
      story of some guy who has this dream and he makes it come true. It's
      kind of a stupid dream, but he believes in it so much."
      "It's a story about a guy and his big dick," John said and
      "No it's not. Dude, you're not seeing the big picture."
      John smiled. "No, I know what you mean. They're this giant
      family and everything falls apart and everything comes back together."
      "Yep," said Dominic. "That's what I like . . . my ex-
      girlfriend Natasha and her best friend Heather likes to roller-skate."
      "Did you ever do them both at the same time?"
      "No . . . I didn't really want to."
      "Why not?" said John.
      Dominic shrugged. "I don't know. One girl is enough." He
      paused. "You know how the song goes – `pussy makes the world go
      round.' That doesn't mean you have to be a slut and rumble with
      every girl that gets you hard."
      "I don't," said John.
      "I didn't say you did. Sometimes it's fun."
      Jill came rushing out of the bedroom, her gold Chinese silk
      shoulder bag hanging off her arm.
      "I'm late for the meeting!" she said, running around the
      living room and looking for various papers. When she found them she
      stuffed them into her bag.
      "Late for what?" said Dominic.
      "'WAFV,'" she said. "Women Against Female Violence. Every
      form and shape, if you think it we're against it."
      "Me too," he said. "I like women. Girls rule."
      "I'm glad you think so," said Jill. John watched her move
      with defiant dedication. He changed the channel and Tiny Tunes was
      on the television.
      "Hey Jilly," said Dominic, "come and sit here for two
      seconds." He patted the space between him and John.
      "Please . . ." His blue eyes were hypnotizing like crystal.
      His sexy mutty prettiness never seemed more innocent.
      She sat down and Dominic placed his hand on the couch, the
      fabric rippling underneath her. He smiled and raised an eyebrow at
      John. "Girls really like this."
      His smile was too likeable not to trust. He looked at Jill
      relentlessly and said, "You like those good vibrations, don't you?"
      Jill shook her head and laughed. John tossed Dominic a
      playful dirty look.
      "I don't have time for this," she said, still smiling and
      standing up. "Maybe later."
      She kissed John on the cheek and stroked his lips.
      "Maybe later?" he said. He waved when she walked out the
      door. Then he looked at Dominic. "Don't even try that again."
      Dominic shrugged. "It's my gig."
      "That is a pretty wild trick," said John; he smiled. "Maybe
      you should rename yourself the human vibrator."
      "Maybe," said Dominic. "I wish it was `turkey day.' Did you
      know you guys don't have any fruit punch in the fridge. It's the
      worst crime."
      "Get up off your skinny mutty ass and get some," said John.
      He glanced at the cartoons on the screen. "Did you think about it?"
      "Playing The Brotherhood gig? Yeah, I thought and I
      decided. I'm in. You guys are into doing some serious damage for
      the right reasons."
      "Good," John said.
      "Do you give the orders?"
      "Not yet."
      "Hm," said Dominic. "Your girl Jill, she's pretty. Is she
      tangled in everything you do?"
      "She knows," he said.
      Dominic smiled wide. "Did you snatch her from her boyfriend?"
      "No," said John. "I was the first guy she'd ever been with."
      "Really? That's sweet. How do you know she didn't do other
      stuff with other guys before she met you?"
      "What kind of other stuff?"
      "You know what kind of other stuff."
      John licked his lips. "It doesn't matter."
      "No, you're right. It doesn't. How crazy are you for her?"
      He didn't look at Dominic. "Really crazy."
      The other boy nodded. "I don't believe it's possible for
      someone to fall in love with someone else. The whole concept of love
      seems strange to me. Maybe I just didn't find the right girl."
      "I don't think it's strange," said John. "I think it only
      happens to some people. I'm very lucky."
      "I was in love with Phoebe Cates from Gremlins," said
      Dominic. "Sometimes I think I still am, but there's this girl at
      Toys'r'us where I work and she reminds me of her. She's sweet and
      kind and I asked her out and she said she was waiting for me to ask
      "What's her name?"
      "Is she a mutant?"
      "I had a wicked crush on Geena Davis in Beetlejuice. I don't
      think she is," Dominic said. "I don't know. She works in the
      Cabbage Patch Kids section. She puts the babies back into their
      patches. It's not like I ask every girl I meet if she's a
      mutant . . . sometimes I wonder if my baby sister would have been a
      mutant like me. Does it work that way?"
      "You have a sister?"
      "No," said Dominic, his blue eyes glazing with introverted
      distance and hurt. "She died. She was a baby. It was crib death,
      but my parents blamed me because of what I am . . . so I had to
      leave . . . she was gone . . ."
      "I used to wish I had sisters and brothers, but I got used to
      being the only child and if my parents didn't really know what to do
      with me what would they do with one more kid . . . I mean, they knew
      what they were doing, but they were scared, didn't want to mess
      things up for me. I think that's why they really started fighting
      some nights. They were scared."
      "Yeah, guess they could have never imagined genetics would do
      it for them." Dominic smiled, but his eyes didn't mean it.


      "Where's Dominic" said Jill.
      She sat on the couch eating Chinese noodles.
      "He went out," said John.
      "So it's just us?"
      John nodded. He sat with his leg stretched out over hers;
      he was eating a sandwich he bought from the Deli around the corner –
      ham and American cheese with tomatoes, mustard, and pickles.
      "I'm sorry I don't make it easy for you to like me," he
      said. "I guess I'm sorry I don't make it easy for everyone to like
      Jill slurped in her noodles and narrowed her blue-hazel eyes
      at him.
      "Why do you think such things?" she said. "You make it so
      easy for people to like you, for me to like you."
      He looked at her and half-smiled. "How do you do this? How
      do you know how to be the perfect girlfriend?"
      "I'm really not," said Jill, rubbing the scar on her chin.
      She stuck out her tongue and grimaced. "I burnt my tongue."
      "The soup is too hot. You're supposed to wait for it to
      "I don't like to wait," she said. "I hate when I burn my
      "If you don't want Avalanche to live here with us he doesn't
      have to," said John.
      "No, you want him to. I know you do. It's okay."
      "I wonder how . . ."
      "What do you wonder?"
      "Logan . . . he breaks the rules and is part of the team. I
      didn't think one was allowed to do both, at least I'm not . . ."
      "I guess it depends on how you break the rules," said
      Jill. "You said you saw him get shot in the head?"
      "If a man can get shot in the head and live to claw another
      day then he can break every rule he wants."
      "It was fucking scary," said John.
      "Seeing him get shot in the head?"
      "Everything. The attack on the mansion, Logan, the cops not
      so much, almost getting blown out of the sky, the thing messing up my
      head . . . Magneto didn't seem scared. He didn't even seem worried."
      "Are you still scared?" said Jill.
      "I don't know. For the things I don't see."
      "If you're scared of the future, the present doesn't exist.
      You know what you are, John Allerdyce? You're the boy we don't know."
      "What do you mean?" he said.
      "You don't really let anyone touch you long enough to get to
      know you," she said.
      "Maybe just a few of us. Me, maybe Rogue, maybe Logan . . . you're
      the boy they don't know."


      Rogue sneaked up behind him and covered his mouth with her leather-
      gloved hand.
      "Hush now," she said, her Southern accent soft. "You're
      going to come with me, John. I'm kidnapping you and taking you back
      to us."
      He didn't struggle in her arms and when he opened his eyes he
      realized Jill was on top of him. She placed her hand over his mouth.
      "I want to tell you something," she said.
      Her dirty-blonde cascading hair tickled his neck. The
      bedroom was dark and quiet. Jill slowly pulled her hand away from
      his mouth.
      "I think about having sex with Kurt."
      John stared at her; he wondered quickly if she already had sex with
      the blue fellow – The Incredible Nightcrawler.
      "Okay," he said. "I used to sit in the gym and pretend to
      lift weights just so I could watch Jean on the exercise bike. I
      learned the names of the clouds to impress Storm."
      "I just wanted to tell you. I like him. I like talking to
      him. I like hanging out with him. I think he's sexy. I really like
      his tail. He took me `bamfing.'"
      "Did you?"
      Jill frowned and tilted her head to the side. "You don't
      trust me. No, I didn't have kinky blue sex with Kurt. I'm just
      telling you that I think I want to, but I wouldn't."
      "Why not?"
      She tapped his lush lips with her fingertips. "I'm with you,
      silly jellybean." Then she hesitated. "Do you want to have sex with
      other girls?"
      "Sometimes," said John. "I don't. You don't trust me."
      "I do trust you," she said. "Maybe I trust you too much."
      He looked up into her face and was hurt by what she told him.
      "Maybe I don't trust you enough."
      Jill sighed. "You should. I've decided that I'm going to
      tell you I love you. Maybe you don't want to hear the words, but I
      think you need to and it's what I feel and I don't want to keep
      holding them under my breath every time we're together. I love you.
      I love you, John Allerdyce."
      His smile was faint. "Do you need to hear it?"
      "One day I will," said Jill. "I don't want you to pretend to
      say it to me."
      "I know I love you," he said. "If I tell you I feel like the
      words are falling into crumbles when I say them."
      He laughed. "I'm a writer. I make words up when I want to."
      "Do you want to fuck me into the mattress?"
      "My second favorite kind," he said.
      "You're eyes look like black diamonds in the dark," said
      Jill. "Do you know what I wish?"
      He shook his head. "No. I need you to tell me."
      "I wish you were a virgin. I wish I could make love to you
      like the first time."
      He took her hand, stroking her slender fingers. The jasmine,
      honey, and milk of her skin and hair became more real with each
      breathing day.
      "I kind of am a virgin," said John. "The kind of things I
      feel for you are new to me. I only thought I felt them before, but I
      know them with you."
      She rubbed her hand up his arm. "I wish I could have felt
      your virgin skin."
      "I don't remember what it felt like," he said.
      "I think in some kind of way you have a very virgin heart,"
      said Jill.
      "'Very virgin' sounds like fruit punch."
      "Fruit punch is good, but I like orange soda." Jill kissed
      his lips and let her mouth snuggle in the warmth of his neck.
      "I like us," said John.


      The Brotherhood was working in full momentum. They were no
      longer located in the abandoned church; they had moved to an
      abandoned industrial laundry. Magneto took the main office with the
      bedroom and bathroom; everything was "safe as houses" and "five by
      five." The place itself was kind of morbid, but it was spacious and
      Since joining The Brotherhood John Allerdyce a.k.a Pyro had
      become friends with Toad and Mystique had taught him how to fly the
      helicopter. He didn't think Sabertooth liked him very much, but the
      furred mutant was suffering from an incurable inferiority complex.
      John didn't like him and he knew what he wanted to do to Jill . . .
      John sat on his bed in one of the smaller rooms, clicking his shark-
      mouthed lighter without flicking the flame. He was tired and it was
      late and he wanted to go home and watch porn with Jill. He hadn't
      seen her the whole day and he missed her. John wondered if what he
      was feeling was stupid, but it didn't feel stupid.
      Mystique stood in the doorway and tossed a large dark gray
      box on to the floor. It was tied with a shiny yellow ribbon.
      She smiled. "I got you something."
      John clicked his lighter shut, his lips pouting and his eyes
      glistening with obvious amusement. He said, "You're really guilty."
      "Maybe I'm sorry," she said. "Hurry up and open it."
      John placed his lighter on the bed and picked up the box. He untied
      the ribbon; he knew Jill would like it. She liked silk ribbons in
      their intimate games. When he opened the box he smiled faintly.
      Then he licked his lips and picked up the mini-flame-thrower.
      "It's just to get you started," said Mystique. "Your talent
      deserves something bigger. I'm sure you'll enjoy carrying this
      around in the meantime."
      She tossed him something and he caught it on instinct. He
      stared at the stylish yellow and black goggles in his hands.
      "To protect your pretty eyes," she said.
      "Thanks," said John.
      "Right," said Mystique. "Now come over here."
      "I want to show you something."
      "No," said John.
      Her yellow eyes glared at him and she smiled. Still holding
      the goggles he walked towards her.
      "What do you want?"
      Her hand reached between his legs and she grabbed his crotch
      John didn't flinch or push her away; he looked into her
      eyes. "Let me go."
      She smiled. "No."
      The soft edges of his face turned sleek and confident. "What
      do you want from me, Raven?"
      "I don't really know," she said. "I want you to listen."
      He let her grab his shoulders and push him into the wall, his
      cheek pressed softly against the concrete. She wasn't trying to hurt
      him; she was playing rough, not like the last time.
      Mystique pulled his pants to his knees and licked his inner
      thigh; she fingered him from behind for several seconds.
      "You miss sucking my dick?"
      "No," she said. She turned him to face her. "I want you to
      get on your knees and eat me out. Put your pretty mouth to good use."
      She held his face in her hand, her lips blue and seductive.
      John smiled and got on his knees. Mystique pushed his legs apart
      with her foot. He looked up at her and she waited.
      John licked his lips, his dark eyes glimmering like silver
      glass. Then he stood up and pulled up his pants.
      "Why don't you just turn yourself into Logan and fuck
      yourself," he said, his smile was devil handsome and he winked at her.
      He expected her to slap his face, but she didn't. Her
      slicked-back red hair gleamed like her hidden breathing and she
      walked away.
      John laughed to himself and realized he was horny; he really
      wanted Jill. He wondered if going home and saying, `Could you suck
      my dick, please?' would entice her enough to give him what he
      wanted. Maybe by the time he got home he would no longer want it.
      He needed to talk to someone before he left. He left the flame-
      thrower and goggles on the bed, but he took his shark-mouthed lighter.
      Toad snickered when he walked past him and went up the stairs to
      Magneto's office. He knocked on the door before entering the room.
      Erik stood in front of the bedroom mirror, washing his face with a
      warm washcloth.
      "Yes," he said.
      "I'm gonna go," said John.
      "You don't need to tell me when you're going to leave," said Erik,
      placing the washcloth on the bathroom sink.
      John lingered in the doorway. "I know. I wanted to ask you
      something . . ."
      He watched the old man sit on the bed and for the first time since
      joining The Brotherhood it was exactly what the great and powerful
      Magneto looked like – an old man.
      "How do you know we're going to win?"
      Erik smiled. "We have to."
      When he spoke to Erik he tried to be the toughest he could pretend to
      be and now was no exception. Sometimes he let himself soften;
      somehow he knew it was okay. They weren't out in the field. They
      were themselves; they were human with a little something extra.
      John licked his lips and took one breath, depending on his casual
      confidence to shine and hide the insecurities behind his next
      "What's going to happen to Jill when we win?"
      He stared into Magneto's eyes, waiting for the answer and the
      inevitable edge.
      "That my dear boy, will be up to you to decide."
      John's dark eyes flickered softly like bulletproof glass. "I've
      already decided."
      Erik Lensherr looked away from the boy, smoothed out the burgundy bed
      sheets, and said in his low familiar voice, "Some decisions are
      deeper than others."
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