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[Fic] [Unbetaed] Individuality 8/?

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  • Dark Knight
    Is anyone annoyed with me yet? ********** INDIVIDUALITY Part 8 by D^Knight All things Marvel are property of Marvel. The X-Men Movie is property of Bryan
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      Is anyone annoyed with me yet?


      Part 8

      by D^Knight

      All things Marvel are property of Marvel. The X-Men
      Movie is property of Bryan Singer and Fox (or
      something). Dual is property of Kajishima Masaki and
      Pioneer LDC. All other things are property of their
      respective owners. Any resemblance to anything else is
      totally coincidental.

      Anyone can archive this, provided they credit the

      Rating: PG (Mild swearing.)

      What hath passed: Having escaped the Japan Defense
      Force agents, D promptly gets into more trouble as the
      dog K turns out to be none other than Special Agent
      Kevin Sanders in his wolf form. D panics, and manages
      to accidentally summon a giant mecha.

      _This is italicized. Either emphasis, or thought._
      *This is a telepathic message. In some cases, it's
      also thought.*
      ++This is usually a written message or sign.++
      -This is a sound.-
      -=This is a very loud sound.=-


      Somewhere in Tokyo, a machine that had lain dormant
      for several months suddenly came to life, spitting out
      reams of paper.

      The two occupants of the room blinked, stared at the
      data, and let out whoops of joy.

      "We've found her!"


      The two UNISA agents looked up.

      And up.

      Kevin said the first thing to enter his mind.

      "Oh bugger."

      The robot was, simply put, huge. Easily the size of a
      building, it looked like something from a sci-fi
      movie, the sort with a huge budget for special effects
      and giant robots. Like this one.

      The thing was blue in colour, and appeared to be a
      stylized representation of a man, assuming the man in
      question had very broad shoulders and a very narrow
      waist. Actually, it didn't look much like a man, but
      looked very much like a giant robot.

      It looked down at the two agents, and emitted a sound
      that was a cross between a growl and a roar.

      Sammie gulped. "Run?" she suggested.

      "Good idea. Where to?"

      "Anywhere not here."

      "Got it."

      D, meanwhile, was looking up in horror at the mecha.
      She took a step backwards, and then nearly died of
      shock when someone grabbed her arm.


      Whoever it was had gotten running away down to an art.
      D could barely keep up, and the unknown person was
      basically dragging her along. It... _he_ ran in long,
      loping strides, which looked very silly until you saw
      how much ground it covered.

      The robot let out a roar that probably startled the
      entire county, and then disappeared in the same manner
      it arrived.

      Nobody was there to see it do so, though.


      "What was _that_?" Scott shouted.

      Ororo pursed her lips, and spoke in clinical tones.

      "It appears we have discovered D's powers."


      The interloper finally stopped, and D got a good look
      at his face.


      The usually lost boy looked less lost than usual this
      time. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. "Sorry
      about that," he apologized.

      "Why're you here?"

      "Went out for a snack," he mumbled.

      D stared at him, then collapsed as the events of the
      past hour caught up with her.

      Darren caught her in the politest way possible. "We've
      got to get back to the school," he said. "The
      professor'll know what to do."

      "Which way is it?"

      "I don't know." He smiled brightly. "But I'm sure that
      if we just stay put, the others will find us."

      There was a very loud bang. Something small kicked up
      dirt next to Darren's foot.

      "They're _shooting_ at us!"

      D managed a short cry of protest before Darren grabbed
      her arm, and started running again.


      "Freeze, dirtbag!"

      While the words may be very much entrenched in the
      vernacular of the United States of America, the tone
      of voice and the content were universal. The JDF
      agents slowly laid down their weapons, and turned

      One of them said, in heavily accented English, "You
      cannot do this. This is an internal affair."

      "That may be so," Storm said, fingertips crackling
      with power and electricity, "but D is under our
      protection, which makes it _our_ business."

      "Where'd D go?" Cyclops asked, not taking his line of
      sight off the JDF agents, nor his hand off his visor.

      "That way," Jean said, pointing. "She's with...

      Storm frowned. "This is not good."



      Onwards through trees, bushes, and undergrowth, over
      roots and vines...


      Through the forest, the wind in your face, the sweat
      and the fear...

      "Darren! Stop!" D dug her heels in, and hauled.

      Darren stopped, in a manner which suggested that he
      might have dislocated something. "Ow," he said

      "Where are we?"

      "A long way from the people shooting us?"

      "No, really."

      Darren looked around. "I... have no idea."

      D frowned. By all rights, they should have gotten out
      of the woods already. There were a lot of trees around
      Salem Center, of course, but not a forest's worth. Not
      as such.

      The two of them continued onwards, at a much slower
      pace this time. By unspoken consent, D led the way.

      They walked in silence for a while, before Darren
      finally broke it. "D?"


      "What was that?"

      "What was what?"

      "That big... thing. Robot." Darren waved his arms
      around vaguely. "Blue, huge, kinda weird-looking..."

      D was silent.


      "There's a road up ahead," she said suddenly.

      Darren stopped, looked at her back for a moment, then
      shrugged, and continued following her.

      The road was a straight one, which one can go in two
      directions. D turned to Darren. "Pick a direction."


      "Which way?"

      Darren looked both ways, and pointed. "That way."

      "Good." D began walking in the opposite direction.

      Darren gaped at her, then hurried to catch up.


      The car needed a new paint job. That was the last
      thing on the agent's minds, though.

      Kevin wheezed, and leaned back in the driver's seat.

      "That was a total screw-up," Sammie panted, trying to
      catch her breath. "I mean, we've had some major
      cock-ups in our time, but this is a major case of the
      shit hitting the fan."

      "What the _hell_ was that?"

      "Damned if I know." Sammie put her hand over her eyes.
      "I mean, geez. We just turned and ran. I know, we
      couldn't have done anything else, not without heavy
      weaponry, but still."

      There was a brief, blissful silence.


      Sammie dug into her pocket, and extracted a cellphone.
      "Hello?" She listened for a while, covered the
      mouthpiece, swore loudly, then handed it to Kevin.
      "It's the Director."

      Kevin sighed. "Just when you thought things couldn't
      get any worse."


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