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Fic poem - Some Kind of Boy - baby Mina Molly

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  • Tara Ann
    Title: baby Mina Molly (Some Kind of Boy – poem 2) author: Tara Ann summary: This is a poem based on John and Jill s relationship in the future to come.
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      Title: baby Mina Molly (Some Kind of Boy – poem 2)
      author: Tara Ann
      summary: This is a poem based on John and Jill's relationship in the
      future to come. It deals with love and loss. X2
      Rating/warning & pairing: G. Pyro/Jill
      *Characters do not belong to me except for Jill – she is mine and
      looks like Claire Danes.
      ** I've liked Pyro from the first moment I saw him in X2. He's
      complex with confidence and vulnerability. I only hope I give St.
      John Allerdyce the respect and understanding he deserves. He is the
      boy with the soft edges and the palest pout.

      baby Mina Molly

      baby Mina left us today
      you said I couldn't have her
      because of what you are
      and didn't want her to be
      I don't know why I listened to you
      I love you, I loved her
      you said you couldn't keep her
      for the same silly reasons
      not so silly, just the same
      you didn't hold my hand
      I went in with her
      I returned without her
      she was gone, we were gone, it was gone
      and I cried, I hated you, I hated myself
      I had never felt colder than I did that day
      my insides and my flesh
      I couldn't feel my blood
      I know you felt the same
      looking at me caused you pain
      you were supposed to keep me warm
      was that too much for you to do?
      I guess it's really not that easy for you
      later you cried and you told me you really did want her
      like I wanted her
      and I hit you, I screamed
      I said, "You didn't even touch her and she's turned into ghost
      ashes . . .
      why don't you trust yourself?"
      I even said your name to make you understand
      you tried not to cry, you cried all night
      you'll never forget the taste
      the dulling glimmer
      your smile silent in pieces
      you see our baby in the candle flame
      baby Mina left me

      January 2005
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