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Hi, new and looking for fic

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  • rsteph1981
    So I just know this is the place to be. I am both a comic fan and a movie fan. Right now I m on a huge Scott/Jean kick. They re my favorite. I d love it if
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2005
      So I just know this is the place to be. I am both a comic fan and a
      movie fan.

      Right now I'm on a huge Scott/Jean kick. They're my favorite. I'd
      love it if someone could recommend me some Scott/Jean fics. As long
      as they're together and love each other, I want to read it. I don't
      care about ratings, any are fine. I don't want any fics where Jean
      has feelings for Logan. I only say this because I have in the past
      (another fandom) asked for fic recs for a certain pairing only to get
      sent to fics where they break up or one of the two is really in love
      with someone else. That isn't the sort of fic I'm looking for.

      I just read a fic called "Rebirth and Awakenings" at ff.net. I loved
      it and would recommend it to Scott/Jean fans

      if you're the sort that can't stand to see either with anyone else
      (like me) I wouldn't bother reading the sequel.

      I'm especially looking for fics when the two of them got together,
      especially those where there is a significant age difference (such an
      interesting obstacle). I'm more interested in those where Scott's
      background more closely mirrors that of the comics - living on the
      streets, etc. I've seen something about his powers manifesting at
      Prom. Does that come from the novelization or is it actually in the
      movies somewhere? Because it's just so much less dramatic than the
      comics (though it has a great advantage in not being nearly as

      I'm also interested in introspective Scott fic. And Bobby/Rogue fic.
      Or just Rogue fic. I like Kurt too.

      I'm thrilled to be a part of this list and look forward to reading all
      the fic.

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