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Fic - Pyro - Some Kind of Boy 2

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  • Tara Ann
    Title: Let s Fall in Love (Some Kind of Boy – story 2) author: Tara Ann summary: John and Faith get closer? X2/Buffy/Angel/Tru Calling crossover – one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2005
      Title: Let's Fall in Love (Some Kind of Boy – story 2)
      author: Tara Ann
      summary: John and Faith get closer? X2/Buffy/Angel/Tru Calling
      crossover – one doesn't need to know Faith to read the story.
      Rating/warning & pairing: R for brief language. Pyro/Faith
      *Characters do not belong to me.
      ** I've liked Pyro from the first moment I saw him in X2. He's
      complex with confidence and vulnerability. I only hope I give St.
      John Allerdyce the respect and understanding he deserves. He is the
      boy with the soft edges and the palest pout.

      "This is the best fucking hot dog I've ever had," Faith said,
      munching eagerly.
      "Scott likes to barbecue," said John, watching her finish the
      last bite.
      When she was done she licked her fingers, pushed her long
      brunette waves behind her shoulders, and loosened the thin red scarf
      around her neck. She sat beside John on the empty pool ledge.
      "What if someone wants to go swimming?"
      "I guess they can't," he said.
      It was dark and quiet, everyone was tucked safely inside the
      school. Faith interlocked her arm through his, his hands hiding in
      the pockets of his brown leather jacket. She nudged his shoulder.
      "Are you cold? My nipples are kind of chilly silly and you
      haven't seemed to notice. What are you so busy thinking about? I
      like Kurt. He's cute and very blue."
      John smiled. "The Incredible Nightcrawler."
      "That girl, the one with the white streaks, she said she
      wanted you to stay. They like you and the guy with the claws and
      whacked up hair is hot. So is the weather chick. Do you like that
      "I did," said John.
      "So this Magneto dude is the big bad?"
      "Glove girl said he was," Faith said. "I shacked up with the
      big bad once. He turned into a giant snake and I ended up in a coma
      for eight months. I did get my own apartment, Playstation, lots of
      icies, a wicked slick knife, and I learned to appreciate miniature
      "I don't know if I want to stay here," said John. "It just
      seems . . . I want to decide on my own. When did you first find out
      you were The Slayer?"
      "In my teens. The actual initiation wasn't pretty, just
      cruel and unnecessary, but once I realized what it meant I was sold.
      No one can touch you, to have power like that, I broke every rule."
      "You don't break the rules, anymore?"
      "I try to color inside the lines," Faith said. "You're part of
      something really dice here, John. What's so shiny on the other side?"
      "Forward momentum," he said. "Mutants will inherit the
      "What about non-mutants?"
      John shrugged. "Survival of the fittest."
      "What about people you like who aren't mutants?"
      "I don't make friends with other people," said John. "You
      don't count."
      "What about your parents? They're not mutants."
      "They're dead."
      "I guess that makes it easier, huh? I used to think cutting
      myself off from people made things easier, made me stronger, but it
      just made me crazy and fucking lonely, extremely abusive until I
      hated myself for too many reasons."
      "I don't hate myself," he said.
      "Not yet," she said, her lush lips glossed in deep
      raspberry. "I used to be on my side and that was enough, except it
      "Whose side are you on now?" said John.
      "Mine," she smiled, "and everyone else's in the good fight."
      John sniffled, he was feeling cold. "It's the same for me.
      Rogue took some of my memories, from when she touched me. I don't
      know which ones she has. I wish she didn't have them."
      "Why don't you ask her?"
      "I don't want to."
      Faith rubbed her cheek against his neck. "So you don't have
      them, anymore?"
      "I do. She didn't steal them. She just knows them."
      "Afraid?" Faith said, rubbing his thigh. "So you found out
      you were a mutant and you came here. Slayers don't have that. We
      don't have the luxury of having some place to belong to or people we
      can confide in. Most of us don't live very long."
      B and herself, their various comebacks (pertaining to
      Slayerhood) almost rivaled Darla (slayer, vampire, mother) and her
      epic, legendary escapades through four hundred years, etc. of life.
      "You have friends," he said, "and you have that job."
      "Yeah, courtesy of breaking the rules," said Faith. "We have
      watchers and if we're lucky we get really good ones."
      Faith thought of her first watcher Madchin and then of Wesley.
      "So you think I should stay here, with them?" said John,
      looking at her.
      "I think you should do whatever you want," said Faith. Then
      she smiled. "You wanna do something naughty?"
      "I'm not having sex out here," he said.
      "Let's just go to your room and eat ice cream."
      He smiled. "That's not very naughty and I don't have my own
      room here."
      Faith stood up and stretched her arms above her head, a
      glimpse of her belly revealed. She reached down and took his hand.
      "I want strawberry with chocolate chips," he said.
      "Chocolate for me," Faith said. "With cherries. I used to
      steal blueberry lip-gloss. I got caught only once."
      She held up her index finger and waved it once. "I bet
      you've done lots of naughty things."
      "Nope," said John, getting up and wrapping his arms around
      her waist, holding her to him. "I had sex with Storm."
      "What?" Faith said, turning in his arms and looking at
      him. "The chick with the white hair and the weather gig?"
      "Yeah. I would go for Jean, too, but she's spoken for,
      Faith smiled. "She was your first?"
      "Kind of."
      "What do you mean `kind of?'" she said, punching his arm.
      "In junior high I made out with this girl everyday for three
      Faith narrowed her eyes. "Yeah, well I've slept with more
      guys than you can count, but I've had few boyfriends who mattered."
      "Thanks," said John. He stared at her and thought he wanted
      to tell her he loved her, but he didn't. Her eyes were brown and
      looked like horizontal teardrops. Her lips were just as lush as her
      breasts. He kissed her by the empty pool and she felt warm; he felt
      "John, will you give me your lighter if I promise to give it
      "I want to do something special?"
      "With my lighter?"
      She thought she could lick his handsome face right up in the
      quiet darkness surrounding them. Faith reached into his jacket
      pocket and he grabbed her wrist quick before loosening his grip and
      softly stroking her hand. She took the smooth metal lighter and
      slipped it into the front pocket of her dark blue jeans. Then she
      cupped his crotch with her hand.
      "I promise I'll give it back," she said.
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