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Fic Poem: Kindred Spirits Logan/OC rated G

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  • Sunshine
    Background: Danielle aka Panther is my original female character whom I have paired up with Logan in a long running series Into New Territory . This poem is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2005
      Background: Danielle aka Panther is my original female character
      whom I have paired up with Logan in a long running series "Into New
      Territory". This poem is written in her POV as she talks about the
      hardships of being a mutant herself, how society has treated the
      mutant population, and that despite all the suffering, she has still
      found love in the one man she never imagined she'd ever have.

      Kindred Spirits

      I sit here looking at you
      Separate spirits once numbering two
      Now united together – forever as one
      Solitude gone, over and done
      The world refuses to see
      The love that has come to be
      How apart we once were
      So lonely and so obscure

      I ponder your past of pain
      Nearly driving you insane
      How you still stood so strong
      Just wanting to belong
      Yes, I most certainly know
      Such cruelty they do show
      Ignorance is definitely not bliss
      I say this with a throaty hiss

      Intolerance, separation
      How they destroy the nation
      One world we could be
      If only they could truly see
      We try to have faith
      When they say we are all unsafe
      New genes, new looks, odd powers
      No less natural as spring showers

      Dangerous, deadly, evil - they say
      Keep those mutants at bay
      Such untruths these be
      If only they could see
      They condemn us with fear
      Open your ears and truly hear
      Differences are not bad
      How it makes me cry - so sad

      Yet, through all the pain
      Trying to stand tall - not ashamed
      I only wish they would see
      How our love came to be
      I am not of their world
      I am a new flag unfurled
      A frisky feminine feline
      A heart of gold so sublime

      There you were – wild, not tame
      Kindred spirits - we are the same
      I hurt deeply wanting your love
      A chance to fly so high above
      The animal in your heart
      Afraid, unsure, kept us apart
      Until finally that one day
      You took the chance to say

      The Wolverine's defenses were down
      Your voice uttered the most precious of sounds
      Those few words that ring so dear
      I love you, from my eye fell a tear
      Despite the cruelty of the world
      Love bonded us – happiness – I twirled
      You let me in - I won your heart
      Never again will we be apart

      Hear me shout from the highest mountain
      Wolverine and Panther – love flows like a fountain
      Genetic differences aside
      No new rules we wish to abide
      In our hearts no differences from you
      Weeping, living, loving - all the same we do
      We are still human, perhaps more so
      We will not cease to exist, we will not go

      I beg you look beyond
      Unity can be a strong bond
      Love made Wolverine and Panther become one
      Look above, can't you see we live under the same sun?
      This planet is just so small
      Separation and intolerance have such gall
      What if hate was focused on you?
      Just what would you do?

      For more of my fic or to join my Yahoo Group

      or visit my website http://home.comcast.net/~wolverine_panther/

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