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FIC: A Wolverine Christmas? PG for language

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  • Sunshine
    A Wolverine Christmas? by Sunshine1968 PG for language Movieverse Disclaimer: I don t own any of the Marvel characters. Logan stretched and yawned. The early
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2004
      A Wolverine Christmas?
      by Sunshine1968

      PG for language


      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Marvel characters.

      Logan stretched and yawned. The early morning sun was shining
      brightly in his eyes nearly blinding him as he blinked several times
      trying to adjust to it. He growled, another terrific day was
      beginning at the Xavier School for the Gifted, he thought to himself
      in the most sarcastic of ways. Well, he was satisfied that he was
      in a warm place away from the cold and snow, typical for the time of
      year. He had a kitchen full of food to partake of, a new pair of
      jeans and some new flannel shirts to wear – all courtesy of
      Professor Xavier.

      But, somehow he still felt ill at ease. Deep inside him, there was
      still a terrible haunting feeling of being alone despite all the
      activity the school provided. He had returned from another long
      quest to seek peace for himself only to return to the school to find
      Jean alive. His heart sank down so deep seeing her again – and with
      Scott – the young adversary who Jean chose to remain with.

      He looked around and took in a deep breath. Satisfied that only his
      scent surrounded him, he rose and pulled on his jeans. A quick wash
      up, a clean shirt, and fresh socks led to his departure from his
      room – a dorm room he called his territory.

      Logan walked down the long hallway inhaling the scent of fresh
      pine. Part of him was delighted – it reminded him of the forest –
      stimulating the animal part of him. The other half of him wanted to
      snarl and use his claws to rip it down, for it could only mean
      another blasted holiday was around the corner. To Logan, a holiday
      had for the last 15 years just been another day to survive, but
      usually was the most profitable of times when folks tended to spend
      more money drinking and gambling on the bar fights.

      "Hello, Logan," a soft feminine voice said. Ororo had never been
      anything more than just civil to him, despite the fact that she
      appreciated having a one man army on the campus.

      "Hello, Storm."

      "Professor Xavier needs us to join him to discuss a rescue mission.
      You must not have heard your phone ringing."

      "I heard it."

      "In other words, you ignored it."

      Logan shrugged his shoulders before giving a quick rub over his
      bristly chin.

      "Well, Scott and Jean are already in the combat room waiting for us."

      "Christ, can't I get something to eat first?" Logan snarled.

      "Now, Logan."

      Ororo's words were sharp and very authoritative and Logan knew there
      was no getting away from embarking on a mission with the Team – and
      having to take orders from the one-eyed pipsqueak.

      He put out his hand.

      "Ladies first."

      Ororo grinned before stepping ahead. Logan sighed deeply before

      Xavier was his usual polite self as he greeted Logan and thanked him
      for making the effort to join the team for a rescue.

      "I have gotten word that an apartment building housing mostly
      mutants was on fire earlier this morning. It is my understanding
      the building is in ruins. But, I feel it was not just an accidental

      "Why don't the local authorities handle it?" Logan balked.

      "Because they don't care if the fire was deliberate or not. People
      still think mutants don't need saving," Scott piped in.

      "Such a tragedy right before Christmas," Ororo said.

      "Regardless, I want the team to check it out. Check for survivors
      and see if you can find any clues as to who might have caused the
      blaze," Xavier finished before dismissing them.

      Nothing further was said but Logan could sense Scott's continued
      distrust of him, even through the red visor.

      The Team donned their black leather suits and headed for the
      hanger. Logan hated the confining feeling of the leather – it was
      like a clumsy thick skin hugging his body. He pulled at the
      neckline trying to loosen the leather from strangling him. A snarl
      escaped him and Jean tried not to giggle. Ororo stared at him,

      "What?" Logan growled.

      "Nothing ever changes, does it?" Jean asked.

      "Not for anythin', darlin', I could do better than being tied up
      in…" Logan was cut off.

      "Knock it off, Logan. Your bitching is nothing we need to hear

      "Maybe you don't mind squeezin' your tight ass into these suits –
      but I hate it."

      Ororo didn't bother to break them up. It was no use interfering
      with the two men.

      "Ah, I know – you like the leather – bulks you up in places you
      otherwise lack," Logan snarled.

      "Enough, boys. Please. We really need to learn to work together,"
      Jean finally had to say.

      They arrived about a mile from the scene of the crime. There was
      little in the way of activity. The fires had been put out and the
      remains of the building were smoldering. As they ventured inside,
      Scott had hoped Logan's keen senses would lead them to anyone still
      in trouble. As they searched, Logan senses were indeed hard at
      work. He concluded that the blaze had indeed been set, as Xavier
      suspected – he could still smell the remnants of gasoline amid all
      the rubble and smoke.

      Just as they decided to call the scene clear and all residents
      accounted for, Logan heard a faint sound coming from under a mass of
      fallen debris. He followed his nose and the sounds until he saw
      what the cause of them was. Under the pile, there was a little girl
      clutching her doll close to her body. She was huddling there

      Logan backed off. Kids were not his game by any means. Jean and
      Ororo tried to coax the little girl out. Their soft talk and gentle
      motherly coaxing brought no response. In fact, the girl tried to
      back into the pile even further, but the debris had her trapped and
      her body was wedged in between several large chunks of concrete and
      wood. Scott made an attempt to reach her, but couldn't. There was
      a growing fear of her being injured and a concern on how to safely
      retrieve her without injuring her further.

      "Logan, let's try pulling away some of the debris. Maybe we can
      better reach her," Scott suggested.

      "No way. It might fall on her," Logan said stopping Scott.

      "We got to get her out of there, Logan," Scott said.

      "I know," Logan replied.

      Logan crouched down on his hands and knees. He looked into the
      girl's eyes.

      "I ain't gonna hurt you, little darlin'," Logan said.

      He looked around seeing how the debris was all situated. It was
      certainly unstable and could collapse at any time. The girl looked
      nervously into Logan's eyes. She understood him well enough and
      despite of all the efforts of the other team members, it was Logan
      who drew the best response from her. Her hand reached for his but
      they were not able to touch. Jean and Ororo sighed deep with
      happiness that someone finally brought a favorable response from the

      The girl couldn't move. She was indeed trapped amid the debris.
      Logan quickly realized that he was going to have to go in after
      her. His body could stand a greater beating than any of the rest of
      the team if the debris decided to collapse. So, in he began to
      crawl – cautiously maneuvering himself until he reached her. She
      grasped his gloved hand and she tried to move towards him. Her
      tattered dress was snagged on some of the debris and her foot was
      caught between some blocks of concrete. Logan extended the claws of
      his left hand and gently cut her foot free before moving to unhook
      her dress. The girl eyed the shiny claws as they freed her. Just
      as they began to back out, Logan's keen hearing picked up the slight
      sounds of the pile getting ready to give way. He tucked the little
      girl under his body clutching her close as he warned Scott of the
      impending collapse.

      "What do you want me to do?" Scott asked.

      "I dunno. I'm wingin' this as I go," Logan attempted to joke.

      The situation was indeed serious.

      "Tell ya what, I'm gonna stay put and you pull some of the debris

      "What if it collapses, Logan?" Ororo asked.

      "I got the girl tucked under me. I'll try t' hold up the pile from
      under here if ya can work some of it off from the top. It might
      lighten things up fer me t' get her out safely."

      Carefully, the rest of the team worked to pull off loose boards and
      rubble. The pile felt lighter, but it still gave out. Logan pushed
      his back up against the weight trying to restrain it from collapsing
      any further. Exposed nails punctured the leather suit embedding
      themselves in Logan's flesh. He winced with the pain but remained
      taut to protect the little girl.

      Jean used her telekinetic powers to lift the debris from off of
      them, whilst Ororo assisted by creating a whirlwind to push the
      debris to a safe distance as Jean moved it. Once they were free,
      Logan collapsed on his side. The wounds had begun to heal but he
      needed time to recover. The little girl lay over him hugging his
      neck. Logan pulled himself together and rose to his feet. The girl
      quickly latched onto him as he picked her up. She sniffled – tears
      welling up in her eyes. Logan was just about to hand her off to
      Jean when he felt the girl's arms tighten around his neck.

      "I think she wants to stay with you, Logan," Jean said.

      Logan hesitated, but he soon found himself cradling her against his
      chest and talking to her to comfort her.

      They arrived back to the mansion where the team split up. Jean took
      the little girl to the medlab to check her over, luckily finding no
      serious injury. The rest of the team discussed their findings with
      the Professor.

      About an hour had passed. The girl was sleeping peacefully in the
      medlab when Logan arrived. Jean looked up as she watched Logan
      cautiously enter the medlab.

      "I just waned to see how the kid was doin'," he gruffly said.

      "She's fine. No serious injury," Jean replied.

      "Good," he replied before turning to leave.

      Jean grasped his arm making him turn back to face her.

      "You did a good job, Logan. I'm proud of you," she said softly.

      Logan smiled a small smile.

      "You were the only one she really responded to. I think you have a

      "Flattery'll get ya everywhere darlin'." He winked.

      The girl heard Logan's voice and quickly rose smiling widely. Her
      arms reached out for him and Jean backed off. Logan sat with her
      for several long hours as she ate dinner and just enjoyed the safety
      of Logan's company.

      The next day, Logan was outside chopping wood for the fireplace when
      he heard the sound of footsteps marching through the newly fallen

      "Logan, there's something I'd like to ask you to do," Jean said.

      "What?" he asked – his concentration never breaking as he continued
      his task.

      "Would you do Santa this year? I think the newer young residents,
      especially that little girl, could use some good cheer. Christmas
      Eve is tomorrow night after all."

      "NO WAY, JEAN. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!" Logan shouted.

      "Oh, come on, Logan. It's for the kids. It would be for that
      little girl," Jean pleaded.

      "No freakin' way am I gettin' into some Santa suit!" he continued to

      Jean wouldn't take no for an answer. She tossed the red and white
      suit at him and ordered Logan to show up in the main entertainment
      room at 6 pm. Logan threw the suit to the ground and snarled
      angrily telling himself there was no way in hell he would be caught
      dead in that outfit.

      As the day went and he observed the sadness in the little girl as
      she stayed by herself despite the efforts of the other youngsters
      trying to get her to play, Logan looked at that suit and cursed the
      day he was born. He dressed up in the outfit and as he walked down
      the hallway towards the entertainment room, he growled at every set
      of eyes that even attempted to make a comment at him.

      He halted just before the entrance of the large room glancing inside
      seeing all the kids surrounding Xavier near the fireplace. Scott
      and Ororo were passing around plates of cookies and cups of hot
      cocoa. Logan groaned wishing he didn't fall so quickly to Jean's
      request. Then, he saw the little girl – her name still unknown –
      sitting alone clutching her smoke stained doll. His heart broke.
      She was all alone – no family, no friends – and it was a holiday
      that was supposed to be so happy for children.

      "Here's your bag of gifts," Jean whispered in his ear.

      "She's so sad," he said.

      "I know. She's been like this all day today."

      Worse yet, Jean informed Logan that the little girl was not a
      mutant. It made him wonder how much more lonely she could be - she
      was separated from her family and was now in a place surrounded by

      Logan took in a deep breath of fresh air and took himself inside.
      He would be damned to see this little girl cry on a night that
      should be filled with joy. The kids all instantly surrounded Logan
      and he attempted to put on the Jolly Ole Saint Nick thing, but for
      poor Logan – it was such an effort. But, nevertheless, it brought a
      smile to both the young residents and the adults. The little girl
      jumped into Logan's arms hugging him tightly – a broad smile on her

      "I think this is doing as much good for him as it is for her,"
      Xavier whispered to Jean and Scott.

      "I agree," Scott replied.

      Just then, a knock was heard at the door. Ororo answered it.
      Standing there was a man and a woman – both anxious. Xavier
      requested they be allowed in. They were the little girl's parents
      and when she saw them, she ran to them jumping into the arms of her
      mother. Logan wasn't sure how to feel at the moment. Part of him
      was relieved – part of him was sad. It was a happy reunion indeed.

      "You did a good job, Logan," Jean said to comfort him.

      "Yeah, I know."

      "This wouldn't have been possible if not for your efforts," Xavier

      The reunited family approached Logan – the mother hugging him
      tightly thanking him for saving her little girl.

      "I can't thank you enough for this. You have made this the best
      Christmas ever," the husband said.

      Logan's throat was tight – he remained silent.

      "Victoria, say thank you and we can go home," the mother said.

      She jumped into Logan's arms hugging him tightly.

      "I love you," she said softly.

      Logan had to smile. He felt good – so very good. Jean handed
      Victoria a present – it was a new doll to replace the damaged one.

      "Come join us for holiday dinner, Mr. Logan," the mother said.

      "I couldn't impose," Logan graciously declined.

      "Perhaps you could join us here," Xavier invited.

      "Momma, please. He's my friend," Victoria said.

      There was nothing further to discuss. The family accepted the
      invitation and three extra placings were made in the dining hall.
      Prayers were said and praises given for the mutant who risked his
      life to save that of a human child.

      As dinner progressed and friendly converstion continued, Logan
      realized something – he really wasn't alone any more. He did have
      friends and a new family – people who cared about him - and people
      he could spend a happy holiday with.

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