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FF: Gift of the Nightcrawler (PG( ch6-10 of 15

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  • Linda J
    (Disclaimers and such found in chapter 1) Ch6 Immediately, Kurt went searching for Bobby and found him sitting in the kitchen with Rogue. They were drinking
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      (Disclaimers and such found in chapter 1)
      Immediately, Kurt went searching for Bobby and found him sitting in
      the kitchen with Rogue. They were drinking hot cocoa and studying
      for an upcoming science exam. "Good day Bobby and Marie, are you
      able to talk to me for a moment?"
      "Sure." Bobby politely said as Kurt sat down across from
      them. "What's up?"
      "Piotr tells me that you and him are in a disagreement about ze
      Christmas decorations for outside. Is zere some vay you can come
      work something out?"
      Bobby shrugged his shoulders. "I guess…I know what Pete wants me to
      do and what he's drawn on paper would make a beautiful ice
      sculpture, it's just that the whole nativity scene he's got in mind
      is so serious! I mean, yeah I know what Christmas is really all
      about! And I don't have a problem with that; it's just that there a
      fun side to it too."
      Kurt nodded his head. "I understand vhat you are saying Bobby, zis
      time of zhe year should be joyous; but even you said that Piotr's
      idea would be make a beautiful ice sculpture and he can't do it
      without you. I'm sure if zere was something you really wanted done,
      you could go to him for help. Even ze great "Iceman" needs help once
      in a vhile, ja?"
      Bobby's eyes seemed to brighten, "Um Rogue…I left my red note book
      back in the lab. Could you get it for me?"
      Rogue knew when she was being chased off and looked on
      suspiciously. "OK," she warily agreed and got up to leave for the
      lab. When she was gone, Bobby leaned in closely to speak quietly to
      Kurt. "Funny you should mention `needing help'. You see there is
      something I've been dying to do, but there's no way I can myself and
      the x-men don't think it's worth going to war over." Kurt was
      beginning to sense he would be adding yet one more item to his `to
      get' list. But…"Go to war?" he asked cautiously.
      "See, when Rogue first arrived here she wore a scarf around her neck
      all the time. It was the only thing she had from her mom. Anyways
      when the brotherhood kidnapped her, Toad snatched the scarf and now
      he as it. I know how much that scarf means to Rogue and I would do
      anything to get it back for her."
      Kurt nodded his head. "If you vill help Piotr, zen I vill help you."
      "It's a deal!" Bobby cheered and shook heads with Kurt.
      Later on, Kurt meekly walked into Cerebro and waited quietly for
      Charles to say something to him first. "Yes Kurt, you have a
      "Um…pardon the interruption Herr Professor, I vas hoping you could
      help me find someone."
      "Oh?" Charles asked as he took off Cerebro's helmet to give Kurt his
      full attention. "Who is it you wish to find?"
      "I wish to find ze mutant called Toad. I have a very important favor
      to ask of him."
      Kurt fully expected Charles to demand he explain what kind favor he
      was wanting from Toad and for what purpose it severed, but instead
      Charles nodded his head and put the helmet back on his head.
      "Very well; one moment please," the Professor then began to use his
      concentration to look for Toad. In no time he had his location and
      gave the address to Kurt. "Danke schoen Herr Porfessor."
      "Kurt," Charles calmly explained, "for the moment, we are at peace
      with the brotherhood but that does not mean they can be completely
      trusted. Going to their lair might become very dangerous, so please
      be very careful."
      "Yes Herr Professor, I vill." Kurt politely assured him and left the
      Professor to his usual business.

      Kurt traveled alone until dark to the brotherhood's lair. It was a
      farm house out in the New Jersey country side. The area surrounding
      the Brotherhood's secret hideout almost reminded him of the peaceful
      and serene German country side except he couldn't shake off the idea
      of how easy it would be to commit a murder out here and no one would
      ever know.
      He bravely walked up to the front door and knocked. He knocked
      again; and then again. Finally Pyro answered to the door, holding a
      medium sized fire ball in his hand. He was just about to throw the
      fireball at the unsuspecting trespasser when he saw it was Kurt. "Oh
      geez!" John yelled in surprise upon seeing a familiar face, and
      dropped the fire ball on the floor, stomping on it to put out the
      flames. "What the hell are you doing here!?!"
      Kurt was too busy thanking God for sparing him from Pyro's fury to
      answer his question right away; a moment later he cleared his
      throat. "Guten abend; is zhe mutant named T…"Kurt was about to state
      his purpose for being there when Sabretooth strolled up, stuffing
      handfuls of potato chips into his mouth. Kurt looked up to see the
      seven foot monster staring curiously at him. "Don't be rude," the
      felinoid lightly smacked Pyro on the back of the head. "Invite the
      freak in."
      Kurt overlooked Sabretooth's remark and graciously accepted the
      offer to come inside. "A hello, I am Kurt Wagner but in ze circus I
      was known as Night Crawler." Sabretooth stretched out his hand still
      covered in potato chip crumbs, "Name's Sabretooth and this here is…'
      "I already met the guy, dumb-ass. He's one of the x-men now." John
      said it as if it was a warning. "One of Charlie's Angels huh?" said
      the cat-like man with a hint of curiosity. "So what business you got
      coming here?"
      "I am here to zee your colleague named Toad; he iz here ja" Kurt
      responded with a little nervousness. Sabretooth stuffed another
      mouthful of chips in his mouth and turned to John. "Go get him." As
      Pyro walked up the stairs the two men could hear him grumbling
      something about not understanding when, why or HOW he became the
      house slave.
      "You want a beer?" Sabretooth offered as he led Kurt into the living
      room. "No thank you, I vill be here only for a moment." `I hope,' he
      thought to himself. Soon Pyro returned down the stairs with Toad
      following close behind.
      "Are you Toad?" Kurt asked upon seeing the greenish amphinoid hope
      down the stairs. "None other." Toad replied as he began to eye Kurt
      as well.
      "I have an important favor to ask you," Kurt continued. "You have an
      item that belongs to someone else and I was hoping you vould be so
      kind as to return it, please."
      For a few brief moments everyone stood quietly, waiting for Toad's
      reaction. "Blimy! Do all you Krouts have balls the size of
      coconuts?" Toad finally sneered.
      Kurt's face would have been flushed it his colored had allowed
      it. `God loves the unlovable,' he reminded himself before continuing
      his discussion with the amphibinoid. "It is something of little
      value to you of zhat I am sure, you wouldn't even miss it."
      "And what exactly is this item you came looking for?" Toad asked in
      rancor. Kurt's stomach churned but tenaciously he stood his
      ground. "You have a scarf zhat you took from zhe girl named Rogue.
      She vould like it back."
      Toad grinned tauntingly. "So the poor little mutie girl is
      missing `er scarf aye? Well that's just too bloody bad now isn't
      it?" Toad then walked over to the middle of the living room floor
      and cricked his neck as if he was preparing to fight. "And what a
      stupid thing to come here and die for."

      Kurt's heart leapt into his throat; Charles' warning was not in
      vain. But before he even had a chance to reason with Toad, the green
      mutant jumped at him with all his force. *BAMPH*
      The teleporter vanished in front of everyone's eyes and suddenly
      reappeared at the other end of the living room. Toad spun around and
      saw Kurt smiling at him. "Argh!" he charged at Kurt again only to
      run into the teleporter's blue smoke once again. Pyro and Sabretooth
      both stood off to the sides laughing to themselves at the sight.
      Kurt reappeared this time squatting on the couch. "Please, zis vill
      get us no vhere," he tried to rationalize with Toad only to make him
      angrier. "I could kick your ass into a blue pulp if you'd just stay
      in one place!" and he charged at him again.
      *BAMPH* and once again Toad met only more blue smoke, only this time
      he hit the couch so hard that he knocked it over on its back. By now
      Sabretooth and Pyro were laughing their butts off. "What's wrong
      Toad? Is the x-chump too quick for you?" Pyro taunted cruelly. "Yeah
      Wart, he's got you making complete ass outta yourself!" Sabretooth
      roared. Toad got up and quickly checked to see if his throbbing nose
      wasn't broken.
      "Well, if you bloody wankers would cover the room maybe he wouldn't
      have anywhere to go!" Sabretooth shook his head. "Nothin' doin'! We
      got nothin' ta do with this fight Wart; besides it's too damn funny
      watching you chase after the freak."
      "Toad," everyone turned around to see Kurt standing in the entrance
      way. Desperately he tried one more time to talk to Toad.
      "Just here me out…" But alas no sooner did Toad see where Kurt had
      teleported that he charged at him again, and again Kurt teleported
      out of harms way. Kurt was now hanging from the chandelier.
      "…can't ve discuss zis…" and Toad followed after him. *BAMPH* Now
      Kurt was halfway up the staircase.
      "…like civilized…" now he was at the top of the stairs, and Toad was
      still in hot pursuit. *BAMPH* By now Toad was beginning to realize
      that the only way to catch Kurt was to figure out where he'd
      teleport to next, and so he kept charging up the stairs to meet the
      teleporter as he rematerialized at the top of the stair case. But
      Kurt fooled Toad and instead, and teleported back to the bottom. "…
      "You might as well give up Toad." Pyro tried to bring his colleague
      to his senses. "You're never going to catch him."
      "Can and will!" Toad seethed in fury. But just as he was about to
      leap off the stairway, he heard a coughing sound behind him. "A-hem,
      Toad, there had better be a good explanation for interrupting my
      afternoon reading time."

      Magneto spoke calmly from behind as he walked out of his bedroom and
      headed toward the staircase. Toad's fury was quickly replaced by
      fear. "Um…one of the x-men came `ere looking for trouble..."
      Magneto raised his hand to stop Toad from saying another word as he
      started to walk down the stairs to see which x-men was foolish
      enough to walk into his lair. Erik's face brightened and a wide
      smile streaked across his face. "This is the x-men you're so worried
      about?" he chastised the amphibinoid. "Why this one could make a
      profession out of pacifism." He mused as he continued to walk down
      the stairs.
      "Please forgive my brother's rudeness, Night Crawler isn't it? We so
      seldom entertain guests that he forgets his manners. Now exactly
      what brings you here?"
      Kurt could feel his heart rate slowing and the adrenalin in his
      veins begin to ease somewhat as he began to realize that once again
      his life had been miraculously spared. "I have come here to ask zhe
      mutant called Toad if he vould return an item zhat he stole from one
      of Xavier's students."
      "Stole?" Magneto repeated defensively. "That's a very drastic
      accusation you are making Night Crawler. You have proof of this
      Kurt shook his head. "No, but I assure you Herr Magneto, Toad took
      Marie's scarf and she vishes to have it back."
      "That's a ruddy lie!" Toad snapped. "The bird gave `er scarf to me
      as a souvenir," he mocked sweetly. Kurt's face showed his anger but
      he courageously remained calm. "Vell in any case, she vants it back!"
      "Now that's a bleeding shame ain't it! I'd like to `ave a few things
      returned to me, but you don't see me whining about them now do you."
      Toad retorted as he went to the living room and turned the couch
      upright. `Ach, mein Gott!When will this end!?!' Kurt began to wonder.
      "Perhaps Toad," Kurt spoke speculatively. "If you vould be so kind
      as to return Marie's scarf to her, zhen who knows? Perhaps zhat vhat
      you have lost, vill be returned to you." Kurt's kind words only
      brought dark memories to Toad's mind. "That's not `ow it works for
      me, bloke. It never works out for me!" he spat bitterly.
      Suddenly, Kurt felt an over whelming sense of compassion for the
      young green man. "Tell me Toad, vhat did you loose?"
      For a moment or so, Toad stared angrily at Kurt, suspicious of the
      blue mutant's motives. "Oh, let's see…" he snapped sarcastically. "…
      for a start, MY PARENTS! Oh, then there were all my childhood chums,
      oh wait a bloody minute…I never `ad ANY! A decent `ome where I grew
      up…no wait, I didn't `ave that either! An encouraging tutor, a
      caring teacher oh that's right…I never `ad one!"
      "Waa, waa, waa! See what you started freak," Sabretooth interrupted
      with a rude snort. "Now he'll be bitching about his pathetic life
      for the rest of the damn evening!"
      Toad turned his attention to Sabretooth and glared at the blonde
      haired brute. "I know…" Toad concluded. "I'd settle for just getting
      back me bloody Star Wars collection!" Sabretooth chuckled as he
      rolled his eyes. "You're STILL crying about those dolls?"
      "They're action figures!" Toad stressed. "And it took me a bloody
      lifetime to collect `em all."
      "Vhere are zhey now, Toad?" Kurt interrupted. Toad shot a bitter
      glareat Sabretooth who grinned maliciously while scratching his
      beard. "Oh, I buried Toad's toys somewhere out in the yard."
      Kurt then took this opportunity to weave a deal. "Toad, if
      Zabretooth returned your dolls, ah…I mean to zay, action figures…
      back to you, vould you zhen give back Marie's scarf?" But before
      Toad could reply Sabretooth interrupted. "Why the hell should I give
      back Toad's dolls? He's always buggin' the crap outta me!"
      "Oh you're just sore `cause Mags won't let you take off for
      Christmas." Toad sneered at Sabretooth.
      Kurt sighed. "Zabretooth, if you got the holiday off, vould you
      return the action figures back to Toad?" Sabretooth shrugged his
      shoulders. "Whaddya say Mags?"
      Magneto looked at everyone in the room as they looked at him holding
      their breath waiting for his answer. "Why does it all come down to
      Kurt humbled himself and approached Magneto as he stood motionlessly
      half way up the staircase. "Mein Herr, I come to your home today not
      merely to retrieve a young woman's scarf, but rather to make a small
      child's Christmas vish come true. I am appealing to your sense of
      kindness and good vill to zhose less fortunate; to help zhose who
      must depend on the generosity of strangers because zhey are unable
      to help zhem selves. So many have already pledged zheir assistance,
      each contributing something to make a little girl's dream come true.
      Vill you please say "yes" to your subordinates' request zo zhat I
      can bring all zhe pieces of vhis miracle together and fulfill Gott's
      By now, he was standing just a few steps below the man of magnetism,
      making Magneto seem to be so much taller then Kurt. For a moment,
      Magneto's face seemed to soften a bit, as he looked down at the blue
      mutant's eyes. He calmly even compassionately reached out and put
      his hand on Kurt's shoulder. "What's in for me?"
      "Well you knew that was coming," Pyro commented under his breath.
      "Why should I agree to this?" Magneto rudely mused. "It seems to me
      that everyone will be profiting from this arrangement except me."
      More than ever Kurt believed this had to be a great and magnificent,
      though perhaps somewhat tedious test sent from the very throne room
      of Heaven itself. At that exact moment in time Kurt couldn't tell if
      he wanted to laugh or start screaming! "But, mein Herr, you vould
      not be losing anything either." He calmly reminded Magneto.
      "Hmmm, true," Magneto replied. He paused and thought for a moment,
      thinking over the situation. Under normal conditions, telling
      his "subordinates" to piss off would have been a breeze, but he
      could not risk having Kurt going back to Mutant high and telling all
      of the young potential recruits that Erik Lehnserr was a hard-ass to
      work for.
      "You say others have offered their assistance as well; am I then to
      assume that you have promised all of them something in exchange for
      their help?" Magneto began to scrutinize Kurt like a criminal
      lawyer. Kurt quietly nodded his head and Magneto continued.
      "Now I'm not trying to be difficult Night Crawler, but I had made
      plans which require Sabretooth to accompany me as my body guard.
      However, I do not wish to be the one to unravel this tapestry of
      promises you have so brilliantly weaved. So…" he paused briefly for
      a moment considering his next words. "If you can grant me something
      that I would find valuable enough alter my plans, perhaps I could be
      persuaded to let Sabretooth go away for, oh say a week or so."
      Suddenly everyone in room brightened, or at least Sabretooth did, as
      Magneto tried to think of something he would be willing give up for
      his loyal attack dog. "Ah, I know;" he put his index finger to his
      lips thinking over his moment of enlightenment as he finally settled
      for something he both actually wanted and yet he knew would be a
      challenge to acquire. "For some time now I've wanted a copy of
      the "Commentarii di Caio Giulio Cesare" by Agostino Ortica. My
      German is a bit rusty but in English that translates
      to "Commentaries by…"
      "Commentaries by Julius Caesar;" Kurt interrupted coolly. "I have
      studied Latin for many years Herr Magneto." Magneto merely raised
      his eyebrow in dull surprise.
      "I see you took the time to educate yourself in something other than
      walking the tight rope. I assure you Night Crawler, finding a copy
      of this book will take much more effort. For a start, I insist on
      having a copy that was printed in 1528 which undoubtedly will not be
      easy to find. However…" Magneto's voice rang of arrogance. "I'm sure
      it should be no great challenge for a miracle worker such as you."
      Kurt returned to the X-mansion feeling utterly frazzled. He knew
      that if push came to shove he could count on Bobby and Piotr to
      fulfill their end of the bargain which would ensure Logan fulfilling
      his. However it seemed so terribly wrong for them to be denied their
      rewards. Kurt knew deep inside that if he were to pass this "test",
      then he must see to it that all involved would receive payment for
      their efforts. But where on Earth was he going to find a rare
      sixteenth century book on such a short deadline? As desperately as
      he wanted to solve the problem tonight, the answer would have to
      present itself tomorrow.
      Kurt slowly walked inside to find most everyone had gone to bed. It
      had been a long a grueling day and as Kurt walked up the stairs, the
      only thing he could think of was crawling into bed and starting it
      all over again tomorrow.
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