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FIC: Changing Times (Unexpected Occurrences 8/12)

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    Changing Times (Unexpected Occurrences 8/12) “Anjuli? Hi, it’s Wendy Ringsmith. Sorry to be calling so late.” “Don’t worry about it.” “It’s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2004
      Changing Times (Unexpected Occurrences 8/12)

      �Anjuli? Hi, it�s Wendy Ringsmith. Sorry to be
      calling so late.�

      �Don�t worry about it.�

      �It�s so busy around here lately. I can�t get around
      to phone calls until after the last meeting of the
      day. And of course it�s later there. I didn�t wake

      �No, really. It�s fine. I�m a night owl. Always have

      �And having a baby didn�t change that? I used to be a
      late night type, but when April was born I found sleep
      was truly �a consummation devoutly to be wished,� you

      �I guess it�s taken me the opposite way. If anything,
      I�m more prone to staying up late now. When Hank�s
      asleep is the only time I really have to myself. To
      work, to read� Anyway, are you looking for Jean-Paul?
      Or Adam? I think they might be asleep already. They
      put Ezra down hours ago, and they haven�t emerged from
      the bedroom since.�

      �Oh, knowing those two I kind of doubt they�re
      sleeping, particularly after not seeing each other for
      a couple of weeks. I wouldn�t want you to interrupt
      their �sleep�. And I wasn�t calling them, anyway. I
      wanted to talk to you.�

      �What�s up?�

      �I�m thinking of sending you a couple more
      houseguests. Could you handle that?�

      �I suppose. If they can share a room. My third
      bedroom has twin beds. Is that okay? Who is it?�

      �It�s fine. Have you met Oliver Roberts? He�s a
      Xavier alumnus.�

      �Yes, I remember him. X-ray vision, right?�

      �Yeah, that�s Oliver.�

      �I met him at Hank�s memorial service. I remember
      talking to him about his name � that people must
      always think he�s Robert Oliver... Why is he coming to
      D.C.? And who else is coming?�

      �Oliver�s family lives in Chevy Chase. Logan�s
      planning on coming along with him.�

      �I�m always thrilled to see Logan.�

      �That�s nice of you to say.�

      �He risked his life to save mine on 4/16. I�ve felt a
      special bond with him ever since. I�m not sure it�s
      reciprocated, though... He always seems so standoffish
      with me.�

      �Oh, that�s just Logan. It takes him a long time to
      warm up to people. And he�s just not expressive, you
      know? Oh, and if you�ve been thanking him for saving
      your life, stop that right now. He doesn�t like to
      hear that kind of thing.�

      �Oh, I kind of have been telling him how grateful I am
      every time I see him.�

      �I thought you might have been. It�s a bad idea,
      Anjuli, really. And not just because it embarrasses
      him... Look, I don�t know whether it�s a good idea to
      talk about this, but I think Logan�s always felt like
      he did something wrong on 4/16.�

      �What do you mean?�

      �He feels guilty that he didn�t get Hank out of there,

      �But that would have been impossible! Hank was right
      by the door. Right where the bomb went off. I still
      can�t quite fathom how he got me out alive � there�s
      no way he could have saved Hank, too.�

      �I know, I know. But sometimes he has trouble
      recognizing he�s got limits, you know? So, it�s sort
      of a sore spot with him. I say, don�t mention 4/16
      and you�ll get along a lot better with Logan... Am I
      being too much of a busybody?�

      �No, I think just the right amount. Particularly if
      I�m going to be sharing living quarters with him for a
      while. How long will Logan and Oliver be here, do you

      �I�m not sure. Just a few days, I expect. They�ll be
      showing up Wednesday, if that�s okay.�

      �It�s fine. Are they coming together? Oliver�s with
      you, right? And Logan�s in Huntsville with Mac,
      working on Cerebro?�

      �No, he�s back here. They got Cerebro working a
      couple of days ago. Scott stayed there to work with
      Alpha Flight on the mission to get Tabitha out, but
      Logan returned to the Outpost. So, he and Oliver will
      be coming together from here � flying from Regina.
      I�ll call tomorrow with the flight info � not sure
      where it is. But you don�t have to pick them up or
      anything. They�ll just find their way to your place.�

      �Okay, just let me know when so I can make sure to be
      here or leave them a key... But wait a minute � how
      are they going to get through Immigration?�

      �Fake ID. How else?�

      �Look, I assume you all know what you�re doing. And
      you�re welcome to put anyone up here, Wendy. I�ll do
      anything I can to help you. Still, not to belabor the
      obvious - there is a war going on. Is this really the
      time for Oliver to visit the folks at home?�

      �Oh well, it�s a kind of a long story. Do you want
      the capsule version?�

      �I�m a night owl, remember? Give me the whole thing.�

      �Well, Oliver was a throwaway kid � there are a bunch
      of them at Xavier�s. He came into his powers at
      fourteen and his parents kicked him out. He was on
      his own for a few months before Charles found him and
      took him in. He hasn�t heard anything from his family
      in over five years.�

      �I find it so hard to even imagine that that happens!
      How can people do that to their own kids? I don�t
      think I ever understood it, but since becoming a
      mother...well, it�s totally beyond my comprehension.�

      �I know what you mean. And particularly when the
      mutation is disabling when it first manifests. Oliver
      couldn�t see at all when he first came into his
      powers. So they kicked out their newly blind child
      and left him to fend for himself. As a parent, I�m
      flabbergasted by that. But as a mutant...well, it�s a
      story I�ve heard often enough that I�m just not
      surprised anymore. Mostly I feel lucky that I had
      parents who didn�t do it to me. Hell, I bet it�s
      happening more than ever now that there�s a whole war
      against our kind going on.�

      �Well, that�s a bunch of crazy politicians. It�s not
      how I think of real people acting, real people with
      real kids. I�d expect parents to be protecting their
      mutant kids from detention, not kicking them out when
      they come into their powers.�

      �I think a lot of them are. We�ve got several
      families with us who left the States to protect a
      mutant son or daughter. But there are plenty of the
      other kind, too. And Oliver�s parents were among

      �So why would he be coming to see his parents now?
      And why is Logan coming with him?�

      �It�s just his mother, and his brothers and sisters.
      Oliver�s father died recently, and his mother has been
      trying to get in touch with him since. She started
      trying to reach him before the war began and she
      didn�t let up when it started. She tried to contact
      Oliver through Charles in a variety of ways � calling
      the Xavier Foundation as well as the school. She
      tracked down a few of the Xavier country homes, too.
      She called various people at Bard College, where
      Oliver had been going. And then she somehow got wind
      of the X-Men/Alpha Flight connection, and called Alpha
      Flight headquarters. Heather Hudson told us. We
      don�t know why she�s so insistent, but she really
      wants to see Oliver. He was reluctant at first, but
      he�s decided he does want to see her. Logan�s going
      with him as chaperone, sort of.�

      �Logan as a chaperone is a little hard to picture.�

      �You�d be surprised. He�s really protective of the
      kids. And Oliver�s been close to him for years.
      Plus, Logan can help handle any tricky situations they
      might encounter on the way. And fight their way
      through if need be.�

      �No argument from me, there. I�d rather have Logan
      with me than just about anyone in a situation like
      that. But still, it sounds awfully risky.�

      �Are you worried about harboring mutants, Anjuli? I
      realize you�re taking a lot of risks already.�

      �I�m not worried about that. It�s the least I can do.
      I�m just wondering if they should wait a bit.�

      �I tried suggesting Oliver wait until it�s safe to
      travel again, but he doesn�t want to wait for the end
      of the war. He says he doesn�t know if or when that
      will happen.�

      �I think it could be soon. Jean and Adam have been
      working together to find out what really caused that
      illness. I think they�re close to unraveling the
      whole thing.�

      �And that would be wonderful. But we don�t know how
      long � if ever � after solving that it will be safe
      for mutants to go back to the States. Oliver�s having
      a hard time facing the idea of seeing his mother after
      all these years. I think he doesn�t feel like he can
      put it off indefinitely. If it were done when �tis
      done, then �twere well it were done quickly, you

      �I wish this war �were done quickly,� Wendy.�

      �You and me both.�

      �Hi, Charles.�

      �Hello Mac. Is Tabitha with you?�

      �Yes, she is. I wanted to call you right away to let
      you know that the mission was a success.�

      �I�m so relieved to hear that. Thank you, Mac, for
      all you did to make this happen.�

      �Thank you for lending your X-Men. We couldn�t have
      done it without Jean and Sasha on the ground. And
      Scott planning it all.�

      �Tabitha is well?�

      �As well as can be expected. She�s shaken,
      frightened, but she was not physically hurt, and she
      revealed nothing about the Outpost. The interrogators
      didn�t know enough to ask questions about it.�

      �Thank heavens for small favors. Is Tabitha well
      enough to provide more information about the first

      �Yes, she�s being thoroughly debriefed. I�ll give you
      a full report when we�re done, but I�ve talked to Jean
      and Sasha about what they found out from Tabitha on
      the way here. And what she told them fits in
      perfectly with Rogue�s story. They were at the
      initial meeting in the MRL offices together, but had
      separate experiences with the Senate staffers
      afterwards, so it�s good that we�re getting Tabitha�s
      version, too.�

      �Rogue�s story and Adam�s investigations were both
      leading to the same source of the infection. Do you
      believe he was on the right track, now that Tabitha
      has weighed in, as well?�

      �I�m certain of it. Tabitha noticed things Rogue
      hadn�t. Well, she�s a biologist; that�s to be
      expected. Adam nailed this one, Charles. I�m quite
      sure we know now who the bioterrorists were who
      started this war. We know what they were trying to
      accomplish and how successful they�ve been. They
      didn�t care how many died in the process � they wanted
      this War on Mutants and they were determined to make
      it happen. And we�re well on our way to knowing just
      how they went about doing it.�

      �Now we need to consider the big question.�

      �What�s that?�

      �What are we going to do with that knowledge?�

      �That�s my cue to thank you again for lending me your
      Field Leader. He�s already got a plan for the next

      �Ringsmith residence.�

      �Hi, Wendy. It�s Scott.�

      �Mission accomplished?�

      �Yes, and without casualties this time, thank God.
      Jean and Sasha brought her back today.�

      �I�m so glad to hear that.�

      �Yeah, it�s a relief. Is Logan around?�

      �I�ll get him.�

      �Hi, Scott. Just a sec � I�ll take the phone into the
      bedroom so we can talk.�

      �So, you�ve got a bedroom to yourself for a while?�

      �Shut up about that � at least if you�re talking to
      Arthur. I kept telling him you�re coming back any day
      now so he shouldn�t put someone else in here.�

      �I wish I were. Or, at least, I wish you and I could
      be together. The work�s good here, though. They�re

      �And all okay?�

      �Fine. No injuries � none of them. Tabitha�s being
      debriefed right now.�

      �Way to go, Field Leader... So, does that mean you�re
      coming back here now?�

      �I�m afraid not. It looks like Adam was right � now
      we know who was behind the original outbreak. The
      next step is to get proof, so I�m working on that.
      It�s exciting � I think we might actually be finding
      out what we need to end this war.�

      �Good luck. I got no trust that proving the truth
      will change Marley�s opinion, or any of the

      �I know. As Frost said, �Why abandon a belief merely
      because it ceases to be true?� Marley doesn�t care
      what�s true. Still, others might. We do what we

      �No arguing with that. Anyway, I think we�re gonna
      lose this room, since you�re not coming back. It�s
      getting pretty crowded at the Outpost and now I�m
      going to Washington for a while with Oliver. He
      decided to go ahead and see his mother. I doubt
      they�ll leave a big room like this empty.�

      �We�ll manage. They�ll find us somewhere by the time
      we both get back there. If we have to. If we can�t
      just go home. I know � I�m getting ahead of myself.�

      �You said it.�

      �You thought it.�

      �Jeannie�s telepathy rubbing off on you?�

      �Maybe. Maybe I�ve just been hanging out with you
      long enough to know how you think.�

      �So, what do you think about Oliver going back to see
      his mother?�

      �I think it�s a good thing. I tried to convince him
      he should answer her letters at least, but he wouldn�t
      listen to me. And I�m glad you�re going with him,
      Logan. I wish I were, too. It�s been really
      frustrating having to stay in Canada with all that�s
      happening. I felt totally useless sending Jean and

      �You�re not useless. They wouldn�t have gotten her if
      you hadn�t planned it.�

      �I know that. I guess. It�s just hard to keep it in
      mind. You know how I�ve always hated not being able
      to pass, and it�s so much worse now, when I can�t get
      over that border. I *need* to be out in the field. I
      don�t want to be stuck here in Canada when
      everything�s happening in the U.S.�

      �Maybe you won�t be stuck for long.�

      �I�m hoping I won�t. This new mission � to get the
      evidence on how that first bio-attack occurred � well,
      I think I might be part of it. In the field, I mean.
      We�re not going to be going over the border
      conventionally. In the mean time, it�s damned
      frustrating being stuck here.�

      �I bet. If you were the behind the scenes type, you
      would�ve chosen a different line of work... Speaking
      of frustrating...�


      �I�m horny as hell. You want to come back here and do
      something about it? No border to cross.�

      �Sure. I�ll just drop everything here, fly for a few
      hours, suck you off and then come back. How about you
      explain to Mac why I�ve got to take time off from
      trying to end the war.�

      �Don�t be so touchy. There something wrong with
      telling you I want you?�

      �No, of course not. I�m sorry. Hey, I do wish I
      could come back there. I�m horny, too. And getting
      more so talking to you. There�s something about your

      �Are you alone?�

      �Yeah. I�m in my room. On the bed.�

      �Me, too. So, we�re in bed together Cyclops?�

      �Yeah, something like that.�

      �What do you want to do?�

      �Are you lying on your back, Logan? I want to lie on
      top of you.�

      �Okay, you�re on me. My dick is standing up, nice and
      hard. You want to feel that? Hold it in your hand,

      �More than okay. Yes, I�m on you. I can feel your
      hard cock in my hand. I�m rubbing it against mine.
      Kissing you on the mouth and rubbing us together.�

      �It feels so good, Scott. It feels like nothing else
      when you do that.�

      �I love it when you talk like that... And now, those
      sounds you�re making. I�ll keep rubbing your dick,
      Logan, if you keep moaning like that for me. It�s
      long and hard and twitches against mine. Mmm, you�ve
      got some pre-cum leaking out. Oh, it�s good, makes
      you slippery against me. I�m using both hands now,
      rubbing us together. Yeah, that�s good, put your
      hands on my ass. Hold my cheeks while I�m jerking
      you. Spread my cheeks. Put a finger in.�

      �I�m doing that. Keep rubbing, Scott. I�ve got a
      finger deep inside you and my cock is hard against
      yours. You�ve got those long fingers pulling me,
      stroking me. More. Give me more.�

      �I�ll give you all you need, Logan. I want to feel
      you coming on me. Come on my cock and my belly.
      Spray it all over me. Almost there. Oh, me too.
      Yeah, more. Yes, yes. Oh!�

      �Hey, we came at the same time I think.�

      �Same time, a couple of thousand miles apart. It�s a
      strange world.�

      �Getting stranger by the minute, unfortunately. So,
      you gonna be on this mission soon?�

      �Yeah, we�ll be leaving in the next day or two.�

      �Okay, well thanks for the good time, Cyclops. Go
      back to saving the strange world. Call me when you
      can � I�ll be at Anjuli�s.�

      �Take care of Oliver. And take care of yourself.�

      �I�ll be okay. Hey, Scott?�


      �Bring �em back alive.�

      �I will.�

      �You too, okay? Back in one piece? I�m kind of used
      to doing it with you � don�t want to break in someone

      �I love you, too, Logan.�

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