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Fic: Shifting Sands (Unexpected Occurrences 2/12)

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    Shifting Sands (Unexpected Occurrences 2/12) Charles had made an effort to sound reassuring in the meeting with the students, but in truth he was very worried.
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      Shifting Sands (Unexpected Occurrences 2/12)

      Charles had made an effort to sound reassuring in the
      meeting with the students, but in truth he was very
      worried. More worried than he had been in many
      years. The secrecy of the outpost, which they all
      agreed was paramount, was feeling rather precarious
      right now. He wished, not for the first time, that
      they had all been more careful about who knew of the
      Outpost's existence and - even more importantly - its
      location. The most worrisome part was that he didn't
      even know who knew what. Although the X-Men and Alpha
      Flight had been scrupulously careful not to talk about
      the Outpost outside of their respective headquarters,
      visits back and forth between Saskatchewan and
      Westchester meant that most of the students at
      Xavier's Academy were aware of the existence of a
      secret mutant community in rural Saskatchewan,
      although few knew more about its location than that.

      Professor Xavier was concerned about all the
      detainees, and particularly worried about the two he
      knew best, his former students. Tabitha had had the
      presence of mind to call her former headmaster as soon
      as she realized they were being arrested. She had
      managed only three words � �Talk to me!� � before the
      phone was taken from her and the call ended. He�d
      immediately made telepathic contact by focusing his
      mind on Tabitha while her voice was still loud in his
      brain. His brain had continued to speak to hers long
      enough to find out that she and Rogue were being
      arrested at the Mutant Rights League office. The
      arrest coming under the Mutant Detection Act, neither
      of his former students was given a chance to call
      anyone or to be represented by an attorney. Plain
      clothes policemen had shown up, handcuffed them, and
      taken them away. There was no pause to read them
      their rights, since they didn�t have any. No mutant

      Xavier had tried to maintain the telepathic connection
      longer, to find out where they were taken, but he�d
      lost Tabitha on the way. Telepathy at a distance was
      difficult at the best of times. It was harder when
      only one of the people communicating had the
      telepathic gift and harder still when strong emotions
      were interfering with the concentration he needed from
      her to keep their connection going. He could feel
      Tabitha�s fear a few minutes longer than he could hear
      her thoughts, her rapid breathing loud in his ears,
      his own pulse racing with hers. And then there was no
      connection at all.

      Charles was worried about Tabitha, her fear bordering
      on panic the last mental impression he�d had of her.
      He was even more concerned about Rogue. Concerned
      about her personally, worried about mistreatment of
      �enemy� detainees by a perhaps unrestrained military.
      The secrecy associated with the detention of mutants
      meant there was no independent oversight � either by
      the press or by humanitarian and human rights groups -
      to prevent abuse. Military of all countries were at
      risk for engaging in abuses, even torture, under
      conditions such as obtained in the U.S. now. The
      United States Army had shown previously it was not
      immune to a tendency to abuse. Rogue was young and
      vulnerable, and more than a little rebellious. She
      didn�t have the self-possession or self-restraint that
      the situation called for, he feared. Xavier worried
      that she was the type of prisoner guards would gladly

      Beyond the personal worries for Tabitha�s and Rogue�s
      safety, Charles was very concerned about the
      possibility that his two former students could provide
      information to their captors that would endanger them
      all. Their high profile in the Mutant Rights League
      made them likely candidates for interrogation. Both
      Rogue and Tabitha knew all about the Saskatchewan
      Outpost. Rogue had even spent a summer there, while
      Logan was still running the Outpost. Charles knew
      that she was well acquainted with the location and the
      surrounding area. He was certain neither Tabitha nor
      Rogue would voluntarily provide information that would
      compromise the Outpost�s secrecy, but who knew what
      tactics the interrogators would use? With torture,
      with drugs, it was more than possible that they could
      both be broken. He knew that it was essential that
      Tabitha and Rogue be found and freed quickly, before
      their captors had a chance to find out what they knew.

      To free them, though, they�d first have to be located,
      and this was not a trivial task. A joint Alpha
      Flight/X-Men mission currently under way was the first
      step in doing so, he hoped. Jean-Paul �Northstar�
      Beaubier had been brought out of his brief retirement
      and together with Jean Grey was even now in
      Washington, DC, trying to find out where enemy
      combatant mutants were being held. The news reports
      were full of the government�s statements about a new
      mutant prison, designed to be escape-proof even when
      holding mutants with varied and powerful gifts. Its
      exact location, though, was a closely held secret.
      Mac Hudson had attempted to find it out through
      intergovernmental contacts, but the U.S. was not
      sharing such information with Canada, not as long as
      the latter country was still reluctant to join the War
      on Mutants.

      Jean, however, had found out � through telepathic
      means � that two mutants had been badly injured in an
      escape attempt at the secret prison and had been
      transported to Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital for
      treatment. She and Jean-Paul were attempting to
      infiltrate the hospital and speak to the mutants held
      there, even to remove them if they could.

      Scott didn�t speak to Logan again until later in the
      evening. They had both been at the cabinet meeting,
      but it wasn�t a forum for private discussion. Before
      and after the meeting, their individual assignments
      had kept them busy and separate. Still, Scott was
      glad they�d had a brief chance to speak, and gladder
      still that Logan had confronted him about what was
      bothering him. Scott�s own impulse had been to say
      nothing about his reluctance to talk to Logan about
      the war while they�d been out in the wilderness. He
      realized now that that was a course of action that
      would have only fueled Logan�s resentment. Scott
      reflected that Logan was sometimes the one of the two
      of them with better instincts about what he insisted
      on calling �interpersonal shit.�

      The cabinet meeting had been informative, particularly
      so for Scott, who had been away for a couple of days,
      and Logan, who knew little of recent events. Charles
      had updated them on the latest, rather grim
      developments in the War on Mutants. Several of the
      cabinet members had begun to speculate on the origins
      of the mysterious illness that had been the
      precipitating factor of the war, but Charles had cut
      them short. �There�s no point in guessing with the
      little information we have now,� he�d said. �The most
      important thing we can do to find out what really
      happened is to get Tabitha and Rogue out of there.
      They were on site at the initial meeting and they were
      observers of the first outbreak in Washington, right
      up until their arrests. I�m sure they know more than
      we can glean from afar.�

      �Is it possible to get them out? Do we even know
      where they�re being held?� Wendy asked.

      �No, we don�t, yet. We�re working on finding out,
      through a few methods, including judicious and careful
      use of telepathy. Jean is in Washington right now,
      under an assumed name. Guardian has sent Northstar to
      join her. The first stage of this mission will be to
      try to find out where Tabitha and Rogue are being
      held.� He explained the opportunity presented by the
      detainees being treated at Walter Reed. �We don�t
      know how badly hurt the mutants in hospital are, which
      is one of the reasons we sent Jean as our
      representative. As a telepath and a doctor, she is
      uniquely qualified for this mission. She and
      Jean-Paul will attempt to remove the injured mutants
      if their health permits doing so. Alpha Flight and I
      are preparing for a follow-up joint mission to rescue
      Tabitha and Rogue as soon as we can.�

      �That sounds promising,� Scott weighed in, �but I
      don�t think we can count on getting info about their
      whereabouts this way. We�re going to need to locate
      mutants � now and throughout this war. We need

      �There is no Cerebro,� Professor Xavier responded, in
      a tone of finality.

      Arthur gave the personnel and housing report. �We�re
      up to 112 now, including the Wilderness Survival
      Class. We�ve planned for 150, but I think we�ll have
      to be ready to go higher. We still haven�t heard from
      everyone who was at Xavier�s and we�re getting a
      steady stream of mutant refugees who�ve been referred
      here from other routes � Alpha Flight, Wendy�s Mawrter
      connections, some of the MRL people who got away. I
      can see housing close to 180, if it comes to that.
      The dorm rooms that have four in them now can go to
      six, if need be. We�ll put in another set of bunks.
      It will be tight, but manageable. And starting now,
      no private rooms at all.� Charles cleared his throat.
      �Excuse me, one private room. Everyone else shares.
      If anyone complains about that, refer them to me.�

      �Can we keep that many secret?� Scott asked.
      �Feeding, clothing that many people. Won�t word get

      �We�re getting food supplies from a few places,� Wendy
      answered. �And we�ve been growing much of our own for
      some time now. We have a lot of food in store as well
      as lots of clothing appropriate for the weather here,
      in many sizes. You�re right, Scott, that it�s a risk.
      The more people there are here and the longer it goes
      on, the more the risk. But I think we�re okay for

      Assignments were given out to the cabinet members at
      the end of the meeting, and they dispersed. It was a
      long evening for Scott. He and Adam spent most of it
      reviewing the day�s news reports both from inside the
      U.S. and foreign sources, trying to separate fact from
      government propaganda. They worked together well.
      Adam�s years of journalistic work and Scott�s
      first-hand knowledge from recent field experience made
      them a good team for decoding the press releases and
      figuring out a best guess of what was really going on.
      Space being at a premium, they worked in Adam�s

      �Does he sleep through everything?� Scott asked with a
      glance towards Ezra�s crib next to the bed, as they
      replayed one particularly loud sequence of news
      footage for the third time.

      �Pretty much. When he�s asleep, he�s asleep.� Adam
      shook his head and smiled wearily. �But he�ll be up
      later tonight, believe me. He never sleeps through.
      And with Jean-Paul gone,� he added with a yawn, �I�ve
      got no one to take turns with, getting up.�

      �Sorry I�m keeping you up now, then.�

      �Oh, it�s not you,� Adam said with a smile. �It�s
      Simon Legree Xavier. Is he always like that?�

      �Well, it is an emergency situation. There�s a lot to
      do.� Scott paused, and added, �But yes, now that you
      mention it, he is always like that,� eliciting a laugh
      from Adam. �I�ve worked for Charles in one capacity
      or another � usually more than one � since I was
      sixteen. It�s usually interesting, often dangerous,
      almost always exciting. But it�s always a lot of
      work.� He smiled. �Working for Charles suits me. I
      like work.�

      �Me, too,� Adam replied, returning Scott�s smile.
      Then his smile faded and he added, �Particularly when
      Jean-Paul is off on a dangerous mission. It distracts
      me from worrying about him.�

      �It�s hard, isn�t it?�

      �Yeah. I don�t know if I�ll ever get used to it. I
      felt really relieved when it looked like Jean-Paul was

      �I bet you did.�

      �I felt guilty for that, though. Jean-Paul�s so much
      a part of Alpha Flight and it�s such important work.
      I didn�t really want him to give it up. Still, it was
      so nice not to worry about him off on a mission, and
      I�m missing that worry-free time now. It�s been
      almost three years we�ve been together, and I�m still
      not really comfortable with the whole mutant superhero
      thing. I�m scared all the time for him.�

      �I�ve been doing the �mutant superhero thing� for
      getting close to 20 years, Adam, and I�ll tell you �
      you never get totally comfortable. You just learn to
      live with fear.� He added, in a more reassuring tone,
      �He�ll be okay. They know how to take care of
      themselves, Jean and Jean-Paul. And how to watch out
      for each other. I�d trust either of them with my
      life. I have, both of them, on numerous occasions.
      He�ll be home in a few days,� Scott predicted. �And
      complaining when you tell him it�s his turn to get up
      with the baby,� he added, garnering a smile from Adam.

      After they�d made their report to Charles, Scott
      checked with Wendy that the new residents had settled
      in. He looked over the list of relatives and friends
      the Wilderness Survival class had asked to contact.
      He noticed with dismay that Oliver had not submitted
      any names. Scott had hoped that Oliver would ask to
      notify his mother that he had found a safe harbor.
      Oliver�s father�s death and his mother�s attempts to
      reach him had only happened a couple of weeks ago and
      Scott knew Oliver hadn�t had the time he�d need to
      figure out how he felt about responding to her.
      Still, with the war starting in that time, so much had
      occurred that everything felt changed. Scott had
      hoped Oliver�s instincts would lead him to reach out
      to his family of origin in this difficult time. He
      wondered whether to say anything to Oliver about that.

      Scott�s usual bedroom at the Outpost was the one he
      still thought of as �Oliver�s Room� since Oliver had
      stayed there the first time they�d both come to
      Saskatchewan. It was a large room on the third floor,
      one wall a built-in bookcase overflowing with books of
      all kinds, making it Scott�s favorite room in the
      house. By the time Scott managed to get back there it
      was well past midnight and he was too tired to think
      about reading. He turned on the desk lamp, glancing
      to see that Logan was sprawled across the bed, fully
      dressed. Logan sat up, yawning.

      �Did I wake you? Sorry.�

      �No problem. I learned a long time ago to sleep when
      there�s nothing else I need to do � you never know
      when you�ll have to do without. I finished my
      assignment a couple of hours ago. Had a nap.� He
      patted the bed and Scott sat down next to him. �So
      we�re sharing a room?� Logan asked.

      �You heard Arthur. Nobody but Charles gets his own

      �And nobody but you is willing to chance sharing with
      me?� Logan grinned.

      �Probably not. Sometimes I like to live dangerously.�
      Scott paused. �You okay with being roommates for a

      �Sure. I�ll flip you for the bed.�

      �Or flip me on the bed or something.� Logan laughed.
      Scott continued, �Hey, we can sleep together, can�t
      we? I�ll wake up if you�re having a nightmare. You
      thrash around enough.�

      �You�ll wake up dead if I thrash around with my claws

      �I really don�t think that would happen. They don�t
      extend until you�re well into the dream. I�ll wake up
      before that point, and then I�ll wake you up. I�m
      willing to risk it.�

      �Yeah, well I�m not. Killing a lover is something I�d
      rather leave as a once-in-a-lifetime thing, eh? Even
      with a life as long as mine.� He looked carefully at
      Scott, reaching out and holding him by the chin.
      �Hey, take off your glasses.�

      Scott closed his eyes and pulled them off. �Why?� he

      �What�s that from?� Logan asked, gently touching the
      purple and green raised area over Scott�s right eye.

      Scott shrugged. �I�m not sure. Something during that
      fight by the lake. I don�t have your powers � it
      takes me time to heal... It�s just a bruise. Don�t
      worry - it won�t leave a scar,� he said. �I don�t
      need another one,� he added with an ironic smile.

      �I like your scars,� Logan said, fingering an old one
      on Scott�s bicep. �Reminds me you�re a fighter.� He
      bent over and kissed Scott on the side of the neck,
      stroking another scar with his tongue. �I like
      fucking a fighter,� he added, right in Scott�s ear.
      �Well, as long as you�re not fighting me, bub.�

      Scott didn�t look like someone itching for a fight.
      He pulled off his t-shirt and stretched out prone
      across the bed. Logan got on top of him, straddling
      Scott�s back, kneading his shoulders and upper back.
      He touched the scar on Scott�s arm again. �I remember
      when you got this one,� he said. �I was there.�

      �It would have been a lot more than a mark on my arm
      if you hadn�t been there. You saved us all that

      Logan shrugged, still rubbing Scott�s shoulders. �You
      saved my ass by the lake. It all evens out.� Scott
      sighed happily, then moaned a bit as Logan leaned down
      and licked the scar on his neck again. �What�s this
      one from?� he asked, fingering it now.

      �Magneto. First time we fought him. I�ve got a few
      from that time. Jean got all the shrapnel out of me,
      but she wasn�t able to do it without leaving scars.
      She was in med school at the time. Missions were
      practice for her. She got a lot of practice patching
      me up. And Warren and Hank.�

      Logan sat up again. Running his fingers through
      Scott�s hair, he found another scar, right at the base
      of the skull. A spot where no hair grew. �What about
      this one?� he asked.

      �A really mundane story. Should I say it�s from a
      battle? Does that turn you on?�

      �Yeah, it does a little. But tell me the real deal.
      I�m turned on, anyway.� Leaning down again now,
      lying on top of Scott, the erection pressed against
      Scott�s back illustrating his point.

      �It was an accident. An emerging telekinetic, an
      advisement session in my office, me not remembering to
      lock up sharp objects first. Well, I think it was an
      accident. I had just told him he�d have to rewrite
      the whole paper.� Logan chuckled at that, sitting up
      again, continuing to move his fingers lazily and sort
      of randomly over Scott�s head, arms, and back.

      And then the movements were less ambling, more
      purposive, Logan�s hands stroking with strong motions
      up and down Scott�s back. Logan raised himself off of
      Scott, up on his knees. Scott heard the SNIKT of a
      claw extending. He started to object, saying he
      didn�t have many clothes with him at the Outpost.
      �Shut up,� Logan said and Scott felt the familiar
      sensation of clothing being sliced off of him. Logan
      bent down again, kissing, licking and sucking Scott on
      the shoulder. Scott shut up.

      Logan�s mouth, hot and wet, was working its way down
      Scott�s back now, and his hands were cupping Scott�s
      ass, squeezing the cheeks. He could hardly manage to
      stay still as Logan�s tongue teased him right at the
      beginning of the crack and his fingers slid nearer the
      opening. He could feel those fingers, slick with lube
      he hadn�t even noticed Logan putting on, opening him

      And then Logan�s mouth was there, too, his tongue
      licking up and down the crack as his fingers moved
      inside. Scott couldn�t stay still at all, pushing his
      ass up towards Logan. Reaching under himself, he
      rubbed his cock with his hand, ass moving in the air.
      �You look good like that,� Logan said, raising his
      head up but still working Scott with his hand.
      �Giving your ass to me to fuck, aren�t you?�

      Scott nodded, saying �yes� breathlessly.

      �You want a big cock in there?� Logan asked, unzipping
      himself and then lying on top of his lover now, his
      hard dick between the offered cheeks.

      �Yes, yes,� Scott said again.

      �Whose?� he asked, positioning his cock at Scott�s
      opening but not pushing in, even as the man under him
      tried to move closer.

      �Yours, Logan, yours.� Logan pushed in and started
      moving slowly in and out as Scott kept saying it. And
      then there was no more talking and Logan was fucking
      Scott in earnest now. His hips were moving and he had
      one hand resting at the root of Scott�s hard cock,
      sliding up and down with every stroke inside. The
      other hand was on the scar on Scott�s neck, fingering
      it as he pumped into him.

      Scott was losing control now, losing awareness of his
      surroundings. The part of his brain that was still
      working was reminding him to keep his eyes closed, but
      he could feel them rolling back into his head. He
      thought he said something when he was coming, but he
      didn�t know what.

      He lay there afterwards, catching his breath and
      feeling almost like he�d passed out and was slowly
      returning to consciousness. Logan was still on top of
      him, still lying on Scott�s back, but not moving now.
      The man on top of him felt loose-limbed and sweaty,
      the tension Scott had felt in Logan�s body no longer
      there. Scott realized Logan must have come already,
      while he�d been too into his own orgasm to even

      �You�re a good ride, Cyclops,� Logan sighed happily.
      And then he rolled off of Scott.

      Scott put his glasses back on and looked at his lover,
      who was asleep already. �I guess we share a bed after
      all,� he thought, contentedly. He took off his
      glasses and went to sleep.

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