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META: X-Day 2004, date changes (moved to January)

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  • Minisinoo
    Forwarding this email from Darren Duncan, co-ordinator for the X-Day Contests. --Min ... As a reminder, X-Day is an annual month of celebration for all fans
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9 8:33 PM
      Forwarding this email from Darren Duncan, co-ordinator for the X-Day
      Contests. --Min

      As a reminder, X-Day is an annual month of celebration for all fans
      of the Marvel Comics' "X-Men" and related books, or related works
      like the X-Men movies or TV series. During X-Day, X-Fans demonstrate
      their enjoyment of the X-Books to the general public by submitting
      comic inspired art, fiction, costumes, other media, and web-sites;
      they can optionally compete for awards as well.

      You participate in this event at http://www.xday.info/ .

      This email message is to inform you on a date change for X-Day 2004.
      X-Day 2004 will now run during the month of January 1st - 31st, or 2
      months later than originally announced.

      Submissions will be taken starting on January 1st, and the new
      submission deadline will be Jan 21st. There will be 3 days to clean
      up existing submissions. Then competition voting will run for 1 week
      from Jan 25-31. Competition winners announced in the first week of
      February. You can register and leave text feedback on all
      submissions for the entire month of January.

      Please update any notices you have placed to announce X-Day, whether
      on your web sites or in other discussion forums, so that everyone
      else knows that X-Day is now taking place in January. Or, if you
      haven't promoted X-Day yet, then please do so now. The more people
      that know of the event in advance, the better. (Some linking
      graphics are provided on the web site.)

      This event was originally supposed to run from November 1 through
      November 30, but has already been delayed due to technical issues.
      The code that implements the web site forms is not done yet, nor is
      the CSS / visual design. This delay is continuing to creep, as
      watchers of the web site may have noticed. So, rather than
      frustrating people with "just a few more days" of waiting, we'll jump
      ahead further instead.

      There are other benefits to the date move, besides avoiding creeping

      1. A subtle focus of the event would change, so the '2004' becomes
      the year that the listed "new" submissions were created in, rather
      than the year the event takes place in. You can now submit works
      created on *any* day of 2004, Jan-Dec, to X-Day 2004. This is more
      like what a lot of people conceptualize the event to be about.

      In subsequent years, there will be exactly one year's worth of time
      in which works can be made to be considered new, which is the
      calendar year after which the event is named. X-Day 2004 will be an
      exception, as it is a transition period, such that works created in
      2003 or 2004 will be considered "new" (as originally planned).
      Qualification time periods for "new" will not overlap between
      adjacent X-Days.

      2. You may be less rushed in January than now/December, and more able
      to take part. December sees mad rushes and stress in such things as
      school exams and pre-holiday work deadlines, and general absenses
      from school/work internet terminals due to holidays. In January,
      everyone should be back and not be rushed, as January deadlines/exams
      aren't all that common; its *after* a rest period.

      3. Submitters who aren't ready now will have an extra 2 months to
      prepare. That includes preparing during christmas holidays, for
      those of you with internet at home. And there is more time to
      promote to people who haven't heard of X-Day yet.

      4. You will get a better quality event from me. The fact is that I
      am feeling rushed now in regards to the code, and if we still started
      X-Day in this November, as soon as the code is ready, that code will
      not have had as much testing as it should, and there is a greater
      chance of something going wrong and data being lost or mangled
      (though I try to prevent that), and/or a greater potential of the
      site simply not working right. A January event will give me more
      time to get it right and be more confident in the quality /
      reliability / safety of the code, and X-Day should run smoother; I
      will have the chance to test the code in some other program/site that
      doesn't involve your registration/submission/feedback/voting data,
      and work out the bugs there before putting X-Day at risk.

      So, please come back on January 1st for X-Day 2004!

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