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FIC: Capture and Release, PG-13, Chapter 1

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  • crisiskris
    Note: for info on the fic, please see the Teaser. *** Charles Xavier looked up at his X-Men as they gathered their radio equipment. They had no idea what to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2004
      Note: for info on the fic, please see the Teaser.


      Charles Xavier looked up at his X-Men as they gathered their radio
      equipment. They had no idea what to expect and wanted to make sure
      they were prepared. "You must hurry," he said. "I've just received
      a message from Logan."

      Storm and Kurt looked at each other. Logan's dislike of telepathy
      was well known; he made a point of speaking in front of Charles,
      sometimes even over-articulating to get his point across. While
      many of the students took advantage of Charles' ability, often
      projecting things to him when they were out, Logan always spent a
      quarter on a phone call. For him to be intentionally reaching out
      to Charles could only mean one thing: he was in real trouble, and he
      couldn't get out of it on his own. They rushed to finish prepping
      the car.

      Scott came bounding into the room, followed by Hank, and together
      they loaded medical supplies into the trunk. Ever since Logan had
      been kidnapped by Magneto, they'd made it a habit of bringing Hank
      along on missions, just in case. They finished loading the
      equipment and Scott was just reaching over to close the hatch when
      Charles stopped them again. "You'll have to make a quick stop along
      the way," he said. A small smile graced his features. "It seems
      young Kitty has managed to get away, but she's gotten herself a
      little lost."


      Kitty banged her hand against the steering wheel in frustration.
      She had absolutely no idea where she was. She'd been in a panic
      when she'd left the mall at Logan's bidding, running straight
      through walls into the parking lot. Her adrenaline had been pumping
      so much that she'd lost control of her powers for a moment, and
      she'd had to stand beside the car, frustrated and scared, willing
      herself to calm down enough so that she could sit down in the
      driver's seat instead of automatically phasing through it.

      Finally, however, she'd regained her balance, gotten in and sped
      away. Her plan had been to get back to the highway and return
      immediately to the mansion. Unfortunately, in her haste, she'd
      chosen a different ramp off the parkade than the one they'd come up
      on, and ended up on an entirely different street. Not really paying
      attention, she'd continued as if she was heading in the right
      direction and now she was completely turned around. Kitty sighed.
      Great, just great. Logan, Jubilee and Rogue were probably getting
      killed in the mall, and she had to call on Professor Xavier's
      telepathic abilities to let him know she'd gotten *lost*. Kitty
      allowed herself one more good steering-wheel-pounding before she
      drew in a deep breath and focused her attention inward, willing her
      mind to settle so she could reach Xavier.

      ~Um, professor? ~


      Logan was ushered into the truck, and the back hatch was immediately
      covered again, so he couldn't see where he was being taken, or
      whether the two girls were being taken to the same place. He
      concentrated on listening instead, memorizing the sounds around him
      as they rushed by – train tracks, bumps of concrete slabs, maybe a
      bridge? A tunnel. Other cars whizzing by at high speed – probably
      the highway. After a while, the sounds dwindled until all he could
      hear was the vehicle he was in. A deserted road then, which meant
      that the other car had gone in a different direction. Logan sighed,
      turning his attention to his immediate surroundings instead.

      His legs were chained to the truck bench, and he had to admit that
      it was a good piece of work. His arms were chained behind his back,
      his hands twisted up towards his neck. The chains were so tight
      that the circulation was being cut off, and his fingers had gone a
      little numb. Most importantly, if he chose to extend his claws in
      this position, he'd send six sharp pieces of Adamantium through the
      base of his skull and into his brain. Logan suspected he could heal
      even from an injury such as that, but he knew it would take a damn
      long time.

      Across from him, two soldiers sat pointing their weapons directly at
      his heart – again, good planning on their part. They knew exactly
      what to do to slow him down. The commander sat up front with the
      driver, and no one had said a damn thing the entire trip, which had
      so far lasted the better part of an hour. Logan wished he could
      catch a glimpse outside, so he could at least figure out which
      direction they were going. He'd already projected as much
      information as he had to Charles, but he knew it wasn't enough.
      That was assuming the other mutant had even received the
      information; Logan knew that Xavier had a hard time reading him, and
      not being a telepath, Logan had no way of confirming that the
      message had gotten through.

      He sighed again. He was starting to feel antsy, especially now that
      he knew the girls weren't with them. Finally, he could take it no
      more, and spoke up. "So, not exactly a man of his word, your
      commander, eh?" The soldiers did not respond. "I mean, here he
      promises that if I come quietly, without protest, he'll let the
      girls go. And did I protest? Did I resist? Not one whit. So
      where are the girls? Where's my proof, hmmm? I think your
      commander's gone and screwed me."

      One of the soldiers spared him a dirty look. "Commander Lyons is a
      good man," he replied shortly.

      Logan nodded, satisfied. Having gotten a name out of the man, he
      decided to test a theory he was working on. "Ah, Leeson," he
      replied, leaning over so he could read the dog tags sticking out of
      the other man's shirt. "That the same commander who served under
      William Stryker? And what about you? Were you also at Alkali
      Lake?" Logan had no idea who Commander Lyons was, but he figured
      that if it involved soldiers and people who didn't like mutants,
      then it was probably connected to Stryker's little experiments
      somewhere down the line.

      The soldier nodded. "Yes. That's how we knew how to take you," he
      sounded proud.

      "Shut up," his compatriot hissed. "You're giving away
      information." The other soldier reddened, embarrassed, and glared
      at Logan.

      Logan shrugged, smiling. "Can't blame a guy for trying," he
      commented lightly. At least he had an idea of what he was up
      against. He leaned his head back against the wall of the truck and
      relaxed his muscles as much as he was able. His arms were beginning
      to ache, and he really couldn't feel his fingers anymore. Sighing
      for a third time, Logan closed his eyes and focused on the road
      again. He hoped, at least, that the trip wouldn't be much longer.


      About fifteen minutes into their trip, Jubilee had snuck her hand
      into Rogue's gloved one, squeezing hard. The Asian girl's face was
      pale and her eyes were wide and frightened. Rogue squeezed back,
      suddenly realizing that she was the experienced one in this
      situation. After the Alkali Lake incident, Bobby and Rogue had both
      begun training for combat, while their friends remained just
      students at the school. Ordinarily she didn't think about the
      difference in their statuses too much, but now it seemed
      particularly relevant. She closed her eyes for a moment and tried
      to concentrate. What could she do now?

      Mentally, she ran through her list of options. She had already
      tried to contact the Professor, but she didn't feel that whisper
      against her consciousness that suggested he had heard her. That
      meant they were probably out of range – Xavier could usually
      communicate with the students while they were in New York, but
      beyond the city, things got a little bit fuzzy. He had definitely
      picked up on their fright in the mall, so at least he knew that
      there was something going on. Okay, that meant there would be
      people looking for them. That was good.

      The back of the jeep was completely covered, so she hadn't been able
      to track where they were going. She had managed a glance out the
      window as they pulled out of the parkade, and knew that they had
      started off going west. They had around so many curves since then,
      however, that she really had no idea where they were going. So much
      for being able to track their movements.

      Her thoughts turned to the possibility of immobilizing their
      captors. Obviously, the soldiers didn't consider two teenage girls
      a big threat; they hadn't been restrained in any way. Rogue let her
      eyes wander around the jeep, strategizing. There were two men in
      the back with them, and two were riding up front. Jubilee's
      fireworks packed quite a punch, and could definitely knock out the
      two guys in front of her. That might give them enough time to jump
      out the back…

      Rogue sighed. It was a good idea, except that the car was going
      more than 50 miles an hour, and there was nothing to prevent the
      other two men from turning around and shooting them both. Besides,
      who knew what consequences her actions might have for Logan?

      Just then, the jeep whipped around a corner, slowed, and lurched to
      a stop. The passenger jumped out, and Rogue could hear his boots
      crunching in the gravel as he came around the vehicle to open the
      back flap. "Get out," he commanded, and the two girls were pushed
      roughly out of the jeep, landing hard on the dirt road.

      Rogue blinked in the surprisingly bright afternoon sun, taking in
      the sight before her. It looked like an old warehouse, but she
      recognized some very hi-tech security cameras gracing its entrance.
      With a grunt, the soldiers indicated that they should walk forward.
      Rogue noticed that the one walking closest to her had the keys to
      the jeep dangling from his hand. Suddenly, she saw her chance.

      Subtly, she knocked Jubilee to the ground. "Hey!" the other girl
      started to protest, but Rogue shushed her. Under the pretense of
      helping the other girl back to her feet, she leaned in close to
      Jubilee's ear.

      "I need you to create some sparks, take out those three guards," she
      whispered, moving her eyes toward the ones flanking them on the left
      side. "Don't ask, just do, okay?" Jubilee nodded, accepting
      Rogue's gloved hand to help her up.

      They stood and started walking again. Rogue was relieved to see
      that none of the soldiers looked suspicious. ~Good, ~ she thought.
      ~ Let them think we're just scared little girls. ~ She waited until
      the one with the keys was right next to her, then pulled off her
      glove and reached for his bare arm, shouting to Jubilee, "now!"

      Jubilee's hands went off like…well, firecrackers. Blinded and
      burnt, the three soldiers went down. Rogue, in the meantime, had
      gotten a firm grip on the soldier beside her with one hand, and was
      pulling the keys away from him with the other. Over the last year
      at the Xavier Institute, she'd learned a lot about controlling her
      powers, and she was able to drain the soldier to the point of making
      him pass out without letting things get out of control. Once he was
      disabled, the two girls high-tailed it back to the jeep.

      Rogue jumped in the driver's seat and turned the engine over as
      Jubilee slammed the passenger door. Soldiers were beginning to pour
      out of the compound now, but they were too late – Rogue hit the gas
      and they peeled out of there, racing back down the road. Beside
      her, Jubilee let out a whoop of joy. "Oh my god!" she
      shouted. "We were amazing!" Rogue nodded in reply. She was
      pleased with their escape, of course, but she couldn't help
      wondering, what was happening to Logan?


      Logan got his wish, because less than ten minutes after he'd gotten
      the soldier to talk, the truck pulled to a stop. "Are we there
      yet?" he asked jokingly. The soldiers glared at him in response.

      "One wrong move and the girls get it," one growled at him, holding
      up a portable radio. Logan rustled his chains, indicating with a
      disparaging look that he wasn't going anywhere, regardless. The
      soldier glared back, leaning forward to undo the chains around
      Logan's ankles. "Get up," he replied.

      Logan stood, relishing the chance to stretch his legs, wishing they
      would undo his arms as well. At the soldier's prodding, he allowed
      himself to be led outside. The sun was very bright, just starting
      to sink in the sky behind him. He turned slowly, taking in his
      surroundings and trying to orient himself. They appeared to be in
      the middle of nowhere, out in the country. All Logan could see was
      a series of rolling hills. "Move," a voice behind him commanded,
      and a push from a gun barrel reinforced the command. Logan bit back
      a growl and started walking.


      Storm pulled up neatly behind Kitty, who had parallel-parked her car
      the minute she'd realized she had no idea where she was. The young
      woman, seeing the X-Men behind her, immediately got out and rushed
      over in relief. "It's all over the news!" she exclaimed by way of
      greeting. "They're calling Logan a dangerous criminal!" Storm
      looked at her, not understanding. With an impatient sigh, Kitty
      just reached around her, leaning into the car and turning the radio

      It buzzed to life in the middle of a recap. "Once again, today's
      breaking news: three suspects were apprehended at Hillside Mall
      today. Officials said the three suspects were wanted in connection
      to a terrorist attack against a military base in Canada eight months
      ago, and were considered dangerous. Witnesses have confirmed the
      rumor that at least one of the terrorists in custody was a mutant,
      and others say a fourth suspect, also a mutant, evaded capture,
      apparently by running through the building's walls. National
      Security forces are searching for the fourth suspect, described as a
      Caucasian woman, eighteen to twenty years old, approximately 5 foot
      4 inches tall, with short brown hair. Anyone with information on
      her whereabouts is warned not to approach her, but to notify police
      immediately…" Storm flicked the radio off.

      "Get back in the car, Kitty. Drive back to the Institute, and don't
      break any laws. In fact…" she turned to the others. "I better take
      her. That way she can keep her head down if she has to. The last
      thing we want is someone calling the police." Scott nodded, moving
      up to the driver's seat.

      "Be safe," he told her. "We'll get the others back."

      Storm and Kitty walked back to the other car as the X-Men sped away.


      Logan figured he'd walked over a mile before the first building came
      in sight. It was a squat, ugly looking thing, a square cement block
      surrounded by razor wire fence. For something that didn't look like
      much, though, it certainly had some pretty sophisticated security.
      As they approached, Logan took in the multi-angle cameras, the
      electric gates and the guard towers. Someone had gone to a lot of
      trouble to make this place impenetrable.

      They led him inside and the smell of blood and dirt assaulted him
      immediately. There were so many different people in the building
      that he couldn't distinguish between them. There was no way he
      could tell if Rogue and Jubilee were there, for example. He did
      smell fear though, and the stench of pain. They marched him passed
      a number of closed doors, which he quickly realized were cells. One
      of them reeked of death. He paused beside it for a moment,
      sniffing, trying to figure out if the occupant was still alive. One
      of his captors prodded him forward, and Logan couldn't contain the
      growl of anger that welled up within him in response.

      "Shut up, dog," the armed man muttered, pushing him inside one of
      the rooms. Instantly he was assaulted by a very familiar animal
      smell. Despite the guard's warning, Logan could not contain another
      deep growl, his eyes blazing with fury. The noise was met by a
      growl in response, and Logan raised his head to see the room's other

      Sabretooth was staring at him from the corner of the room, where he
      was chained to the wall.

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