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[FIC] A Killer in Me (3 AM #1) L/R [PG-13]

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  • Chris
    Title: A Killer in Me (3 AM #1) Author: KhaosX aka Chris Author s Email: KhaosXTeam@yahoo.ca Pairings: Logan/Rogue Universe: Movie (Naturally!) Disclaimer: If
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      Title: A Killer in Me (3 AM #1)
      Author: KhaosX aka Chris
      Author's Email: KhaosXTeam@...
      Pairings: Logan/Rogue
      Universe: Movie (Naturally!)
      Disclaimer: If I owned them, Rogue would be naked alot more.. In my
      bed.. Without the whole soul-sucking thing. Stan Lee, Bryan Singer
      and nameless others own them. I just do twisted things with them. And
      even though this ain't a songfic, the song 3 AM belongs to Matchbox
      Rating: PG-13 - Language.
      Summary: Logan's thoughts on his 'relationship' with Rogue. POV.
      Movieverse. Angst.
      POV: Logan
      Spoilers: X-Men Movies
      Archiving: Anyone, but please let me know so I can visit!
      Feedback: Craved almost as much as naked Rogue and Wolvie. Yes, I'm
      bi. Best of both worlds. Send to above email address. Flames can get
      sent to the basement, we need to roast marshmallows.

      A Killer In Me
      Part One of 3 AM
      By Chris

      How can I tell her?

      How can I tell Rogue that I love her?

      That what I feel for Jean is just fucking lust?

      It's been two years. Two fucking years since I've seen Rogue. Two
      years since I've seen Jean. Jean. The object of my fantasies. Well,
      she used to be. Then she told me that she loved Scott and chose him.

      I do love Rogue, but how can I tell her?

      I've loved her since I got stuck in my head. But she can't tell.

      Because above it all, are my feelings for Jean Grey.

      I just wish I knew how to tell her what I feel.

      But the killer in me just won't let me. That's right, the Wolverine
      is in love with a woman. One that can kill with a touch.

      Ironic, huh?

      I'm a killer. An assassin created by the Weapon X program. A killer
      designed to feel *nothing*, but I feel love for Marie.

      If I didn't love her, I would have just let her die after
      accidentally impaling her on my claws.


      Because that is who I am.

      A cold hearted killer. A fucking killer. I kill for a living, never
      to survive. I make cash by murdering sometimes helpless victims.
      Usually people who deserve to die.
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