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Fic: Expatriate 1: The World has Changed X2 Definite Spoilers

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  • SemperFi
    Hi all! This idea played around in my mind for a while after watching Xmen2 (though I ve actually a weird thing for Rogue/Kurt fanfic if anyone wants to point
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2004
      Hi all! This idea played around in my mind for a while after watching Xmen2 (though I''ve actually a weird thing for Rogue/Kurt fanfic if anyone wants to point me in that direction. Anyway, enough babble. I coud just see the silences, see someone finding solace in the rebel against those silences. If I'm sending it in chunks that are too long, let me know and I'll cut it down some.
      Originally posted in XMMF Livejournal list but I don't have access to that anymore so I'm re-posting it from the beginning here.

      Title: Expatriates #1 - The World Has Changed
      Author: Mia aka SemperFi
      Pairing: Rogue/St. John currently.
      Rating: Surprised myself by keeping it G, but it's definitely more of a thinking peice. I think:)
      Feedback: Would be ADORED!
      Summary: The first time she sees him again is something close to ordinary life, which makes it perfectly ironic that he should show up out of nowheresville.
      Spoilers: yes and yes.

      What day is it?'

      "It's Tuesday."

      "God, I could go for a cigarette." The tall young man shifts on his heels trying to release the tension in his ankles.

      "I'd like to talk to Marie." The tall girl flicks open a lighter, clicks it closed again like a shorthand sos, covers it with one purple gloved hand. She frowns.

      "Don't call her Marie. She doesn't like it when most people call her that. It's not her name." Sneers with enough hardness to be Logan, but mostly the arrogance that is - "Besides she doesn't want to talk right now. She's a little upset."

      "I want to make sure she's ok."

      "She'll be fine, I'll take good care of her. She's just a little busy."

      "Busy?" He repeats it incredulously.

      She gives him the middle finger and a mocking glare that is all Logan. "Busy, bub. So kindly give us some space." A frown of concentration, he sees that her hands are shaking.

      "Marie-" A harsh exhale, visible twitch of the head. Then pure smoothness.

      "I told you she doesn't like that."

      "So who am I talking to now?" Flick of the wrist, a tiny flame and he isn't sure it was a good idea to let her keep the zippo, but it seemed to be the only thing grounding her at the time. A flaming question mark hangs between them for an instant, and then it's only so much smoke masking her smile.

      "Wouldn't you like to know."


      The first time she sees him again is something close to ordinary life, which makes it perfectly ironic that he should show up out of nowheresville. The fact that ironic things happen to her just about every day also makes it perfectly normal. Was that double irony? Was there a literary term for that? She'd have to ask Scott when she saw him again. And when had he become Scott instead of Mr. Summers? Probably when she'd seen him break down and cry over the death of his.god, what did you call that? Best friend? Lover? Almost Wife? Soulmate?

      She's ordered mocha, a white chocolate mocha to be exact, and relaxes in the babbling noises around her. The mansion is full of silence, too much silence. It screams at her every time she opens her eyes, and she's taken to listening to music non-stop just to try and get away from it. She's looking at the people around the restaurant: the brunette in the black Armani business suit who is brushing off business offers from short, dumpy, and pinstriped; the tall blonde staring out the window giggling into her cell phone. She flashes a smile at the waiter who brings her a drink, at the clerk at the counter trying to wipe up all the drool, flashes a wink at Rogue-

      -when he slides into the seat in front of her. Doesn't sit in it; slides into it like liquid fire. Like nothing happened. Like he hasn't just defected to the man who had tried to kill her. Like normal. He doesn't say anything though. Not a hello, not a how are you, not a do you miss me. Not even a snarky 'look who they let out of the cage for a day.' Nothing. She wants him to say do you miss me so she could say no, so she could say yes. But he doesn't say anything and the part of her that is St. John suddenly remembers that it doesn't like uncomfortable silences and she rushes to fill it.

      "You owe me a Radiohead cd," she says.

      Flick, swoosh, click. Flick, swoosh, click.

      "Everything's still in your room you know. But nobody's really there right now."

      Flick, swoosh, click. Flick, swoosh, click.

      The blonde punches numbers into her phone again and smiles even wider. Rogue is afraid her smile might stab her in the ears. "Jubilee went home with Kitty and calls every hour to tell me I can still come if I want to." Johnny's face is a little chubbier, as if he got all those snacks that Jean would never let them have. Jean. Rogue sports a brand new bruise on her shoulder from midnight Danger Room sessions. She wants to tell Johnny that now her nightmares are full of fire and sweaty nights and alleyways.

      The waiter comes with her coffee and the bill, eyeing the newest patron. He's about to ask for the boy's order, but narrowed eyes glare at him, waives him off without a word. The waiter feels heat licking along his sleeves and decides that there's something better he could be doing elsewhere. The eyes flick back to Rogue in time with the closing of his zippo.

      Flick, swoosh, click. Flick, swoosh, click.

      "Scott went to Alaska, I'm so jealous of him. He invited me, but I told him no." The zippo pauses for a moment waiting for an answer to its unasked question. "I told him I wanted to get there on my own terms."

      Pyro only smiles. It looks like Johnny's smile, but Johnny is as much Pyro as Marie is Rogue. Maybe he always has been. "And besides," Rogue continues, "I wasn't willing to deal with the Wolverine playing alpha male and he insisted on coming along." A sardonic raise of the eyebrow.

      Marie sighs and rolls her eyes. "Logan doesn't know I'm even here or else I wouldn't be here." Johnny casually glances around the restaurant, shrugs. "He wanted to take me away right after."

      Flick, swoosh, click. Flick, swoosh, click.

      ".right after everything. But I told him that he owed the other students as much as he owed me and he changed his mind. He's a big teddy bear you know. really overprotective. It's sort of sweet."

      It is Johnny's turn to roll his eyes and gag. Marie doesn't see it though, thinking to herself that it would be even sweeter if she didn't feel like a substitute for Jean, like he was making it up to the now legendary woman for letting her die. She wonders how many things will be done in the name of Jean Grey's death. That's what happened with legends; after a while you forgot the person they were based around.

      "You'd like Kurt," Rogue laughs just at the thought of the small blue man and her eyes soften a little. "He does all these really kick-ass acrobatics. All the little kids love him." She looks down at her coffee and takes a sip of it pausing to wipe her mouth with her gloves. "He's the second guy to save my life."

      Pyro gives her a sneer that translates into 'kudos for you.'

      Flick, swoosh, click. Flick, swoosh, click.

      "He didn't have anywhere to go either but Storm took him and Piotr to the circus. It's really exciting for him, and it's a Russian troop so she figured Piotr would want to come." She doesn't tell him about the soft lilting invitation that Piotr had held out to her like a shy handful of lilies. Nor does she tell him about the butterflies in her stomach whenever Kurt gives that particular crooked smile. They are her memories and she's rather possessive about memories that belong just to her.

      She leans over her mocha and asks in a hard voice, "So tell me about life with the great idealist?" Idealist, funny but the Erik in her head always raves about Charles's idealism, yet Rogue had seen enough to know that in his own way Erik was rather the same or had been anyway. Pyro half closes his eyes and frowns, almost as if he is disappointed. As if he was waiting for Rogue to ask the right question, and instead she had asked the wrong one.

      Flick, swoosh, CLICK.

      He closes the zippo hard and puts it in her hand. He might have squeezed it, but Rogue isn't sure because the mock touch is so fleeting. He throws some cash on the table and then he is gone again. Gone without ever having said a word or asked about the one person Rogue didn't mention. Rogue looks around her, wondering if everyone will be staring at her, wondering if everyone will know that she has been consorting with enemy.

      She wanted to ask him why he left, she wanted to ask him to come back.

      She wanted to tell him that it just isn't the same lying on the roof with cold on her right but no heat on her left. That she misses his jokes, his tricks, even that stupid arrogant eyebrow raised so cockily at the world. But most of all, she wants to tell him that she knows why he's so angry at Bobby, why he's so angry at Charles. She wants to ask him why he isn't angry with her or if he is. But instead she looks at the small red and orange lighter in her hand, flicks it open, and watches the spark. She pushes briefly and manages to get a small spark to jump onto the table, covers it with her glove before anyone can notice.

      She smiles to herself and knows that they'll meet again. Another memory that's just hers, another memory she's not quite willing to share with the xmen.

      Flick, swoosh, click. Flick, swoosh, click.


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