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FIC: All Too Late (6/?)

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  • Laura Elaine
    All Too Late- Part 6 Author: Sparkling-Diva Summary: Marie finds out some things that she didn t want to know. Disclaimer: Don t own them. It s all Marvel!
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      All Too Late- Part 6

      Author: Sparkling-Diva

      Summary: Marie finds out some things that she didn't want to know.

      Disclaimer: Don't own them. It's all Marvel! WAHH!!!

      Rating: PG-13 (Just to be safe).

      Feedback: Yes please and thank you!!!! My e-mail is

      Author's Note: This is definitely one of my longer chapters. I know
      that I'm known at times to write shorter ones but hey, I'm trying my
      best. I'm currently working on Part 7 but I have so many other
      stories that I'm trying to finish before school starts up again so
      if it takes a while, I want you to know that I am sorry and please
      forgive me! Anyways, now on to the story…

      This wasn't ending up like any of them wanted it to be.

      Most of the trip had been silent and Logan couldn't help looking at
      Marie who appeared to be in a state of shock.

      It was getting too late out and they were going to have to stop soon
      enough for some rest, Logan thought. He knew that he was running the
      risk that the Brotherhood would be going after him but he was
      willing to take it. Marie and him were exhausted and they needed a
      moment of peace to calm down. Just about half a mile up the road
      they were on, Logan spotted a motel.

      "Think we should stop for the night?" he asked softly.

      Marie just looked up ahead with her watery eyes and shrugged.

      "Okay," Logan said as he parked the car, "We need to get some good
      rest before leaving again tomorrow.

      Logan checked them in as Marie followed him like a dead zombie
      causing many people to stare their way.

      If they only knew what she has gone through, Logan thought to

      "C'mon," he said putting an arm around her waist and while carrying
      their suitcase and backpack with his other shoulder.

      He was always a very light packer. Living in the wilderness, did
      that for him.

      "Here we are, darlin'," he said opening the door and turning on the
      light switch near the door, "Sit down alright? I'm just going to
      make a phone call." He then moved towards the phone that was on the
      table nest to the bed, sat down, and flipped through the yellow

      "For what?" Marie said with a crackly voice.

      "Well, we need to eat, darlin', right?" he said with his eyes
      skimming a few pages.
      Marie just stared down at the floor.

      "Pizza sound alright to you?" he asked. He looked up and noticed she
      wasn't answering.

      "Marie?" he repeated.

      "Huh?" she said finally hearing him.

      "Does pepperoni and cheese sound good to ya?"


      He nodded.

      "Sure…okay," she responded.

      Logan nodded again in agreement when he noticed Marie playing with
      her gloves which was a normal nervous habit she had.

      Even thought he didn't show it, he couldn't help but feel sorry for

      "I'm going to..ah-go change.." she said quickly getting up nervously
      and getting a few things from her suitcase.

      "You go ahead," he said before sitting down and dialing the order.

      3 or so minutes later, Marie came out to find Logan waiting and
      lying on the bed with his hands covering his face.

      "Hey," she said silently.

      "Hey, he answered back looking up and smiling at her, "Pizza guy
      said he'd be here in about 30 minutes."

      Marie just nodded and sat next to him on the bedside.

      Because they were low in the budget at the moment, they decided on
      getting just one bed.

      Logan realized that she was now wearing her nightgown that had Teddy
      Bears on it. He smiled to himself knowing that after what had
      happened that day, as long as she looked and felt comfortable, she
      would be okay. And that whole statement would not be proven true
      until he talked.

      It's now or never, he said to himself. He knew that they were too
      tired and all but he needed to get it out of his way so that they
      could both feel at peace.

      "Hey…um…darlin'? We need to talk."

      Marie froze for a moment but then replied looking out into
      space, "What about?"

      "Today, You, Me…Us," he said sitting up with his back against the

      Marie just stayed silent.

      "Look…um…that morning. What you heard about me and Jean being
      together…it ain't true."

      "I know."

      That's good, he thought. At least she had an understanding. Maybe
      this would be easier than he thought.

      "It was Mystique. Right?"


      "Did you give in?"


      Marie turned to stare at him face to face, "Did you get very far?
      You know, like…did anything happen?…"

      Whoa, he wasn't expecting her to put it that way. She was waiting
      for an honest answer and an honest answer was what she was going to

      "No. Not really. She posed as Jean and tried to come on to me-"

      "Did you fall for it?" she asked nervously cutting him off.

      "Yeah but I knew I had to get away so I pushed her off me. I tried
      to get away. I swear. But-just as I was about to leave the room she
      grabbed me again and Scooter walked in."

      Marie just nodded knowingly.

      Logan moved closer to her and put one of his gloved hands on her
      shoulder, "You believe me right darlin'?"

      Marie took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and sighed, "Yeah. I do.
      Only my-" she stopped herself in mid sentence. Mystique was no
      mother to her. She might've had the same blood running through her
      veins but that meant nothing compared to what she had done to her.
      Marie swore to herself to never think of her as a mother. Ever. Not
      even over her dead body.

      "What darlin'?" Logan asked concerned.

      Marie looked away and closed her eyes again. She had to trust him.
      She swallowed before saying, "Mystique-she told me something that
      really bothered me. I don't know whether to believe her or not."

      "What did she say?" Logan tried to hold back his anger. He had
      always hated Mystique but now he hated her even more. She had been
      toying with Marie.

      "She said…she said…" she started.

      "Marie, tell me," he said grabbing her shoulders and looking into
      her eyes.

      "She said that she was my mom," Marie broke down and Logan grabbed
      her into his embrace as she continued to sob.

      "Please-please tell me it isn't true," Marie begged.


      "She also said that she posed as one of my adoptive mothers too. One
      of the nice ones actually…"


      "Tell me!" Marie said hysterically. She couldn't calm down, "Tell me
      that none of it's true!"

      Logan hesitated before grabbing Marie and placing her in the way so
      she was sitting and facing him.

      "I want you to listen to me and listen to me closely, okay?" he

      She only nodded.

      With a deep breath, he began," Marie…what she said…that she is your
      mom…" it broke his heart to say it, "It's true. Charles told me…but
      hear me out okay? Just because she gave birth to you and had her in
      her tummy don't mean diddly squat. What she has done to you with the
      Brotherhood, well…there just ain't no excuse for it. It was wrong
      and what happened was crap. A mother would never kidnap her kids and
      make her go through the amount of torture and pain that she did to
      you. You aren't worth that. You deserve better."

      Marie sniffed before looking up at him, "Really?"


      "Then what do you think is better for me," she asked curiously.

      "Well for starters, it's good that you are staying at Charles's
      place, studying, and getting good grades. You are nice and opening
      up more so you now making a couple of friends. That's good. Someday,
      you'll grow up, get a good job, raise a family…" Logan said before
      he got cut off.

      "Like that's ever going to ever happen," Marie said wiping the
      stained tears off her cheeks, "Like who would ever want to be with

      "I would," Logan said without a second thought.

      "Logan…" she started.

      "Listen again, okay?" he said taking her gloved hands into his big
      rough ones, "Back there, when we were in the lair…when I kissed you…
      I wasn't lying. I love you Marie. No matter what. I know that you do
      so too because I heard you cry when I was out of it so don't try to
      lie. I know you. I ain't the type to have bonds with anyone but I've
      got one with you and I ain't gonna let it go. No chance in hell. You
      are the only one I care for. And I will fight for you even if it
      means death which is kinda hard but non the less I would if I could.
      Tell me you feel the same. Tell me that when we are together you do
      feel something. Something beyond what we are now."

      "I do, but-" Marie began before it was her turn to get cut off.

      "Remember the promise I made to you before?"

      "Yeah, but-"

      "I meant it . I love you and I'll take care of you forever."


      "But what?"

      "I'm afraid that I won't be good enough for you. I mean, I have you
      inside my head."

      "Yeah. So?"

      "I know your past with women and I don't think that I could ever be
      like that."

      "But that's good darlin'. Because you are better than any of the one
      night stands that I've had before knowing you. You are special."

      "My skin-"

      "That's the least of my worries right now. We'll work around it.
      What's important is that we trust and love each other."

      Marie was still partly in her shock state so she just nodding. Logan
      decided not to stress anymore the fact that they should be a couple
      so he decided to tell her something else.

      "There's something else you should know," Logan said.


      "You have a brother. A half brother really."


      Logan then went on to explain the oh-so familiar tale. He was
      pleased at how Marie seemed interested with every detail she heard
      about Kurt and how he was a good guy. She had even sympathy for him
      since they shared such similar tales.

      "So he worked in the famous Munich Circus?"

      "Yup. That's what he says. With the rest of those freaks that jump
      around like bunnies, frogs, and stuff like that."

      That got a laugh from Marie.

      "You are smiling. I like that."

      She continued to smile and said, "I'd like to meet him and get to
      know him better."

      Then there was a knock on the door and the pizza came. While they
      ate, they had a quiet chat and laughed at each other's jokes like
      nothing had happened. They cleared the mess and got ready for bed.

      Logan was already under the covers when Marie came in from the
      bathroom and crawled in. Logan was surprised when she just snuggled
      her head into his chest, that he had covered with a white shirt for

      "Logan?" she said sleeply.

      "I love you too"

      "I love you darlin'," he said before kissing the top of her head
      where her hair was and with one hand reaching to turn off the table
      lamp before all went black.
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