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FIC: In the Sauna, Charles/Erik, NC-17, 1/1

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  • Henrika
    Story Title: In the Sauna Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex. Pairing: Charles Erik (or Xavier/Magneto… whichever you prefer. ;) Fandom: Movieverse X-men. Could
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2004
      Story Title: In the Sauna

      Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex.

      Pairing: Charles Erik (or Xavier/Magneto… whichever you prefer. ;)

      Fandom: Movieverse X-men. Could be set prior to both movies or post

      Summary: After a fight with Erik, Charles goes to relax in the
      sauna, but what happens when Erik finds him?

      Disclaimer: Not owned by me, and I'm making no money.

      Archive: My personal homepage,
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index and list archives.
      Others, please ask first.

      Feedback: Of course! My email is henrika15_@... Please, no

      A/N: In case you're still unsure, this story contains explicit sex
      between two elderly males. Don't tell me I didn't warn you if you
      read this and end up getting squicked. Others, enjoy!


      "Why does it always have to be this way with you, Erik? Why mustyou
      always argue when I am trying to converse?"

      "After fifty years you should know me, Charles! Why even bother?I
      know it was a mistake going here with you. I know, because you
      haven't changed! And you never will, it seems. Still so… weak."

      Sigh. "Why did you call me if you don't want to see me, Erik?"

      Weary smile. "Well, why did you come? Still searching for hope?"

      Nod. "Yes."

      "I really can't see the point. Why not simply read my mind and erase
      all "unsuitable" thoughts, as you call them? You have the power,
      Charles. You could do it. You would probably do the world a favour.
      We both know that I'm a threat to humanity!"

      "Erik, please…"

      "I am not going to listen to anymore of this, Charles! I hope you
      enjoy the suite. It cost me a pretty penny!"

      "Erik, wait… Don't go… Let's act like adults!"

      "Don't wait up, old friend."


      Charles leaned heavily against the dry, warm wooden wall of the
      sauna, breathing the hot, humid air into his lungs. He began to wish
      that he had never come here. Their meetings always ended up with an
      argument, and by now he should know it. Charles would have liked to
      give Erik the full blame, but he knew that it wasn't just Erik's

      At least I'm reasonable, the telepathic mutant told himself. Erik,
      on the other hand, has never been.

      //But that's why you love him, isn't it?// Another voice said inside
      his head. //You love him because he's all that which you could never

      Charles sighed, wiping the sweat from his brow with a small, cotton
      towel. He had gone to the sauna to get some peace and quiet and a
      chance to collect his thoughts. This time at night nobody else would
      come here, or at least that's what Charles believed. He would leave
      tomorrow. Although Scott and Ororo were fully capable to run the
      Xavier institute, his kids needed him more than Erik did. He
      laughed. Erik, needing him? Erik Lehnsherr would *never* in his life
      confess that he actually sometimes needed another person.

      He would leave tomorrow. Erik wouldn't care. Or would he? Never
      mind. Perhaps he had already gone himself.

      Closing his eyes, Xavier pulled his hands over his face. The thought
      of sleeping alone in that big suite Erik had rented was not

      Charles jerked from surprise when the sauna door suddenly creaked
      and opened a few inches. Then a familiar and slightly worried voice
      called, "Charles? Are you in here?"

      Erik. Of course. The Master of Magnetism didn't wait for a reply but
      pushed the door open and entered, wearing nothing except a large
      bath towel draped over his left arm. Charles didn't know whether to
      laugh or cry. A part of him wanted Erik to go away, because he
      really needed some time alone, while another part of him welcomed
      his old friend's presence.

      "What are you doing here, Erik? And how did you know I was here?" he
      asked, trying not to betray any emotions in his voice.

      Their eyes met. "I figured you had gone down here, Charles." Erik
      smiled crookedly. "We used to live together, my friend. Don't you
      think I know you by now? You always used to visit the sauna whenever
      you were upset."

      "I am not upset now."

      Erik chuckled. "No? I may not be a telepath, but I can read you
      anyway. It's past midnight, Charles. Would you go here if you

      "I thought you left…" Charles murmured, not wanting to tell Erik
      about his mood or his feelings.

      "I did," the silver-haired man admitted casually. "But I came back."

      "Why did you come back?"

      Now Erik simply smiled and looked up at his old friend from where he
      was standing, leaned against the wooden doorframe. "I am really
      impressed. Did you get up there all by yourself, only using your
      arms? Not bad."

      Charles shrugged. "Well, with two legs unfit for use, at least I can
      make sure to keep my upper body in shape. Yes, I got here by myself.
      What did you think? Nobody's carried me up here."

      Erik's expression grew softer, and he realized that his old friend
      had still not quite gotten over his paralysis. "Charles," he
      said, "aren't you afraid something might happen if you go here, all
      by yourself at this hour? In the middle of the night, no one would
      be here to help you."

      The ghost of a smile found its way to Charles' lips. "Well, you
      certainly weren't slow to find me. And considering your… state of
      undress, you were planning to accompany me."

      "If you'll allow me. Can I come up?"

      "Of course, Erik."

      Erik nodded, smiling, and climbed up to where Charles was sitting,
      spreading out his yellow bath towel over the wooden boards. Saunas
      like these were always full of germs, and Erik had always been
      concerned about his health. He leaned back, allowing his muscles to
      relax in the heat, and stretched out his long legs before him. He
      could notice Charles' eyes movie briefly over his naked form, and he
      smiled inwardly, although he chose not to comment on it. As soon as
      they were out of here, he'd take Charles back to their suite and
      fuck him senseless. Erik normally didn't want to have his thoughts
      read, but right now he actually wished that Charles knew about his

      Charles reached for the blue, plastic scope and filled it with cold
      water from a bucket standing on the lower bench. "Do you mind?" he
      asked, knowing that Erik had never as fond of the sauna as he.

      Erik shook his head. "Of course not."

      Warm, humid steam spread from the hissing stones after the water hit
      them, creating a dense, hot atmosphere around the two men. Erik
      could feel beads of sweat pouring down his body. He would have to
      wash his hair after this. Chuckling, he realised that Charles did
      not share his problem.

      "Why are you laughing?" Charles asked.

      "We both need to shower after this."

      "What is so funny about that?"

      "I showered this morning."

      Charles smiled as well. "Do you want me to wash your back? I can do
      it, if you return the favour."

      "I can wash more than your back, Charles," Erik said, keeping his
      voice fairly neutral, although it was still impossible to miss the
      sexual pun in his offer.

      Charles shot his friend a knowing look. "Are you trying to seduce
      me, Erik?" he asked in a business-like voice. If Erik wanted to play
      games, so be it.

      "Do I really have to try?"

      With those words Erik closed the distance between them and pressed
      his sweat-slick body against Charles', as he caught the telepath's
      lips in a fierce kiss. Charles gave something that might have been a
      squeak of protest to begin with, but his own passion quickly flared
      to life within him, and he cupped Erik's face in his hands, kissing
      his old friend back with renewed vigour.

      Erik finally broke the kiss due to lack of air – breathing was hard
      enough in the hot, humid sauna – and pulled back enough to beable to
      look into Charles' eyes. The proof of his arousal was already
      evident between his legs, and Charles could probably feel it too, as
      Erik was sitting astride his thighs.

      "I want to fuck you, Charles," he stated as simply as he could state
      to himself that he was hungry or tired. Erik had always been
      straightforward and was so still; he had never seen the point in
      dancing around a topic forever and still didn't. Now he realized
      that he couldn't wait until they got back to their suite. He would
      have his old lover right here and right now, on the bunk of this

      Charles simply smiled. Patience had never been one of Erik's
      virtues. "I can see that you do, my dear Erik," he said, glancing
      down at the erection which now lay squeezed in between their
      bellies. "And I'm not opposed to the idea. As soon as we get into
      the bed…"

      "No, not the bed," Erik broke him off with a fixed look in his
      eyes. "I want to take you here."

      Charles' grey eyes widened from shock, and he wasn't sure what to do
      or say. Sex in a sauna? It sounded unbelievable.

      "Erik…" he tried but was interrupted again.

      "Yes, right here and now." Erik had lowered his voice into a
      whisper, and he brought his mouth close to Charles' ear, taking his
      earlobe between his lips and applying gentle, nibbling bites to it.
      He heard Charles gasp heavily. The needy sound made him smile. After
      nearly 50 years of exploring, he knew the other's erogenous

      "I want to fuck you in here. What's so strange about that? It
      certainly is…hot enough, don't you think?"

      "Erik, you have gone crazy…"

      "I thought I already was?"

      "We are in a sauna… a public sauna, at a 5-star hotel…"

      Erik had lowered his mouth to Charles' neck and was now sucking on
      the skin just above the telepath's throbbing aorta, clearly feeling
      the rush of his blood underneath his lips and tongue.

      "Nobody will come here at this hour."

      "How c-an you…Ah! …know…?"

      "Trust me, alright?"

      Charles gave in, allowing Erik's passion to free his own. With a
      groan he wrapped his arms around the neck of his lover, throwing his
      head back and allowing Erik complete access to his throat. Erik's
      damp, silver hair brushed against his cheek, as the other mutant's
      sensuous mouth moved over his Adam's apple, causing Charles's breath
      to hitch. His right hand tangled in Erik's thick curls while his
      left one squeezed the handle of the plastic scope spasmodically

      Erik briefly raised his head, a confident smile playing about his
      lips. "I take that's a `yes'?"

      Despite his lust, Charles still wanted to express what his rational
      mind told him; making love in a public sauna was outrageous, not to
      mention dangerous in more than one way. They were both nearing their
      70th birthday, and though they were in an unusually good shape, this
      heat was undoubtedly strenuous for their hearts.

      Besides, there was one more thing. "Erik…" Charles said, swallowing
      down the urge to assault the other man's already swollen lips. "We
      can't – we have no lubricant."

      Charles half-expected Erik to rush out of the sauna to bring a
      bottle of the needed substance (or something else they could use),
      but indeed that would take away some of the erotic atmosphere, so he
      didn't want that. Perhaps it was still better to wait until they got
      back to their suite?

      Although Erik did not at all react as Charles had expected. A
      mischievous grin replaced the confident smile, and if not Erik's
      mental shields had been up – as they usually were – Charles would
      have tried to read his thoughts.

      "Lubricant? Who said we don't have any? I brought some with me."

      And like a magician, Erik suddenly produced a small bottle of water-
      based lubricant, which he had apparently been hiding beneath his
      fluffy towel when he entered. Charles was taken aback completely.

      "You *planned* this?" he exclaimed, not sure whether to kiss Erik or
      become mad at him for his presumption.

      "No… I merely predicted it," Erik replied over-casually and gave his
      old friend a piercing stare. "So, are you still feeling up to it?"

      Charles had to confess that he was, and his erection was a painful
      proof of it. He could still back out, telling Erik about the sheer
      stupidity of having illicit sex in a hotel sauna at their age, but
      he didn't. His rational side cried out objections, but it was
      already too far gone.

      Erik's strong, slender hand wrapped around the telepath's throbbing
      penis and began stroking it, possibly to make it even harder. Sweat
      was pouring profusely down both their bodies by now, gathering as
      small drops in their body hair. They both found the sight strangely
      erotic. Charles looked forward to soaping and cleaning Erik's
      beautiful, slim body almost as much as getting fucked by him.

      Charles was slowly eased onto his back by the other man, who then
      spread his legs and settled between them. He had no mattress under
      him now, just a towel and under that, hard wooden boards. Erik could
      see his clearly pained grimace and asked, "Charles? Are you in

      "Not really… I am just used to something softer…"

      Erik turned around again, reached out his arm, and pulled his own
      towel to him, folding it neatly and giving it the shape of a small
      pillow. He didn't need it anyway, since they were both on Charles'
      towel. Then he lifted his friend's head and placed the "pillow"
      under it. The Master of Magnetism smiled softly.

      "I hope this is better."

      "Yes, thank you."

      "Are you anxious?"

      "A little, perhaps. This isn't like anything we have done before…"

      "We don't have to, Charles. Not if you don't want to. We can still
      go out, take a shower, and head back to our suite to do this in the
      bed instead."

      To Erik's surprise, Charles shook his head. "With this erection?" he
      asked, gripping his stiff penis. "No, thank you; you started this,
      so you had better finish it as well."

      "It will be my pleasure!"

      Erik lifted his lover's limp legs and hooked his ankles over his own
      shoulders. The boards creaked slightly underneath them, but Erik
      didn't believe that they risked collapsing. Neither of them was
      heavy, after all. Bringing his hand down between Charles' legs, he
      sought out the telepath's opening with his index finger. The muscle
      closed automatically when he tried to probe, and then he remembered
      the lubricant.

      The bottle felt hot in his hands when he picked it up, and the
      contents were no doubt even hotter. While a few degrees above normal
      could feel exciting, too much could be downright painful. So as not
      to hurt Charles or himself, Erik held the little bottle a few
      seconds in the bucket of cold water that Charles had thrown on the
      stones. That should be enough to cool it off.

      When he then squeezed some onto his palm, the liquid was still warm
      but not overly so. Starting to prepare his lover, he gently massaged
      in and around Charles' entrance before sliding two slick digits into
      his tight channel. The sphincter flexed at first but gradually
      relaxed when Erik slowly began thrusting his fingers in and out.
      Apparently Charles had not done this in a while.

      Charles' erection responded with twitchy movements when Erik found
      his prostate and rubbed it through his rectal wall. The telepath
      figured that that particular action would have made him sweat even
      if they hadn't been in a hot sauna. Erik added a third finger to
      help Charles' anus accommodate to the girth of his aroused member.
      The lubricant mingled with clear drops of pre-come that was leaking
      from the slit, when Erik smeared the substance over his own
      erection. Some of it trickled down onto Charles' belly, leaving a
      juicy patch on his creamy, white skin.

      Erik assumed that they were both ready for action by now, so he
      positioned himself to enter the telepath. Charles squirmed when he
      felt the pressure against his opening, slight at first, but then
      firmer. Feeling his lover slide inside him inch by inch, Charles
      inhaled the hot, humid air, trying to make his body accustomed to
      the feeling of being filled. It had been a while, so his flesh might
      have some trouble remembering. His heart was pounding in his chest,
      and he could feel the throbbing of his pulse not only in his groin
      and ears, but in other places as well.

      Watching his friend's hot, flushed face and listening to his
      breaths, Erik decided to wait a few seconds before moving. It was
      hard, because the urge to thrust mercilessly into the willing body
      underneath his was huge. Sweat was pouring down his forehead and
      cheeks and collecting in his eyebrows and lashes.

      "Kiss me…" Charles murmured, desperately wanting to feel his lover's
      lips against his own. Erik had kissed him a few moments earlier, but
      that kiss had been rough and fierce; now he wanted something more
      loving and gentle. From experience, he knew that Erik could be both.

      Erik slowly slid on top of his lover, taking the most of his weight
      onto his own arms, as he wanted to avoid pressing Charles too hard
      against the wooden boards they were lying on. He was now buried to
      the hilt in the telepath's tight, gripping heat, and as he brushed
      his lips lightly against Charles', he simultaneously pulled out a
      few inches and thrust back in, causing Charles to gasp into his

      "Alright?" Erik whispered.

      "Alright…" Charles sighed, tightening his hold on Erik's shoulders.

      They started rocking together in a slow rhythm, their bodies
      glistening with sweat. Erik fought hard not to make his thrusts too
      rough and pound Charles against the board. This act was already sure
      to cause aching muscles, and he really wanted to avoid causing his
      friend bruises as well. If any of Xavier's students saw them, they
      might believe that their precious mentor had been beaten.

      After some time Erik struggled to get his hand in between Charles'
      legs to stroke his friend to release, but that proved to be harder
      than it seemed. Erik needed both arms to support his weight, and his
      hand, being sticky with sweat, could not take a firm hold on the
      telepath's equally slick penis.

      Charles, noticing his friend's fumbling attempts, pushed Erik's hand
      away, saying, "Never mind… You can do that later…"

      Erik complied, wanting to concentrate on his own pleasure. He was
      close to climaxing now and didn't try to hold back, since this act
      was really starting to exhaust him. He also wondered what the
      temperature was in the sauna. Over 60 degrees C, to be sure.

      "Charles… Charles, I'm going to…!"

      Charles understood, not only from his friend's words but also from
      the way his body was behaving, his breathing, and lots of other

      Erik's climax was relatively small but intense. Charles could feel
      the gush of hot liquid splattering his insides, and when no more was
      coming, Erik collapsed on top of him, panting heavily against his
      shoulder. In bed, Erik's weight normally didn't cause him any
      trouble, but now it became highly uncomfortable already after a
      short time.

      He nudged lightly at Erik's shoulders, and the other man pulled a
      deep breath before slowly rising and simultaneously sliding out of
      his lover. Charles felt a minor twinge of pain when the head of
      Erik's cock passed through his stretched anus.

      Erik wiped the sweat from his brow while he waited for his heart
      rate and breathing to return to normal. He chuckled to himself. At
      least neither of them had gotten a heart attack! Charles was looking
      up at him, flushed and with a slightly dazed expression. Erik could
      detect a weak sign of frustration on his face, though, probably due
      to the fact that he had not climaxed. However, Erik was too weary to
      help him now. Once they got back into their suite, Erik was going to
      give him a long, leisurely blowjob. He knew that that was what
      Charles liked best.

      "Should be leave now, you think?" he asked hesitantly, feeling
      slightly abashed. They were alone and certainly not watched, but
      this was still a public place, and Erik had never tried anything
      like this before.

      "Yes…" murmured Charles, who was now also struggling into a sitting
      position. Erik briefly considered offering his help but then
      remembered that Charles was always reluctant to accept it.

      "I'm sorry you didn't come…" Erik murmured back, lowering his eyes.
      Charles' absent orgasm made him feel like a selfish lover, despite
      the fact that he had promised himself to return the favour later.

      Charles smiled at him. "Don't worry about it, Erik, dear," he said
      with the same kind of infinite patience that sometimes drove Erik
      nuts. "I can't stand a minute more in here, anyway. I think we
      should shower now."

      "Good idea… Charles… do you… I mean, would you like me to help you
      down from here?"

      Charles gave his friend a fairly neutral look. "I can manage," he

      "I know you can, but I want to."

      "Very well, then," the telepath sighed, too tired to argue. He
      allowed Erik to wrap his thin but strong arms around his chest and
      wrapped his own around Erik's neck. Slowly the pair descended from
      the benches. Erik kept his firm hold on his friend until they were
      safely out of the sauna, even though the other man had begun to feel
      heavy in his arms.

      "Sometimes, Charles… I do wish you were made of metal!" Erik panted
      while half-dragging, half-carrying the paralysed mutant toward the
      shower room.

      "Or that I simply could walk. Wouldn't that be better?"

      Erik grinned. "No… You are much more…manageable this way!"

      "You are terrible…" Charles sighed, although his tone revealed that
      he had not taken offence.

      The shower room here was not designed for disabled persons, like
      Charles' own bathroom home at the mansion. Unless they found him a
      chair or something, he would have to sit on the floor while
      showering, and the thought wasn't appealing.

      "There is no chair, and I can't get my wheelchair wet," Charles
      said, mildly annoyed.

      "There certainly are some by the indoor swimming pool," Erik
      replied. "Do you want me to get one?"

      "Yes, please."

      "Alright. Wait here."

      He gently lowered Charles down onto the smooth, cool tile floor and
      headed, still fully naked, for the swimming pool. He had not been
      there to swim, although he had walked by earlier and therefore knew
      about the chairs spread around it. There was a sign telling that
      swimming in the pool was prohibited during the night, and Erik
      assumed it was due to recycling of the water. He grabbed one of the
      chairs – they were all white and made of plastic – and headed back
      to the showers where he'd left his lover.

      "Will this do?" he asked, presenting the chair to the telepath.

      Charles nodded with a smile. "Certainly."

      Placing the chair under one of the showers and then lifting Charles
      into it, Erik turned on the water. The first spray that hit the
      telepath's hot, flushed skin was cold, and Charles gave an
      involuntary squeak. Erik laughed before stepping under the water as

      "It will change," he promised, waiting for the cold spray to turn
      lukewarm. Charles, now trembling, had begun to rub his arms and his
      torso with his hands, obviously doing everything to wash the sweat
      away as quickly as possible.

      Erik recalled their earlier agreement. "Shall I wash your back?" he

      "Thank you, but I am afraid I forgot to bring any soap, Charles
      replied regretfully.

      "No worry – I did. May I?"

      The silver-haired man opened a neat package containing a brand-new
      bar of soap that smelled wonderfully. Charles couldn't help
      smiling. "You really came here well equipped! Yes, please wash my

      He leaned forward in the chair, offering Erik good access. Almost
      instantly he could feel his lover's firm, slender, soapy hands
      sliding along his shoulders and then further down his back, where
      they started moving in small circles. Charles failed to hold back a
      sigh of bliss. It had been long since anyone had touched him in a
      tender, erotic fashion, and his body welcomed it. Perhaps he would
      ask Erik to give him a backrub more often now?

      Erik tried to prolong the act of washing Charles' well-toned back
      muscles for as long as possible. The telepath's soft moans and sighs
      were proofs of the fact that Charles was also enjoying it, so he
      decided to take this one step further.

      "Charles, my dear… would you like me to wash your front side as

      "I could do that myself, Erik…" came the slightly hesitant reply.

      "Of course. I only asked if you *wanted* me to."

      "Alright, then…"

      Charles could sense, even without using his telepathy, that Erik
      wanted to do more than just wash him, and the fact that they were in
      a public place now as well was slightly unnerving. It was very
      unlikely that anyone would come here at this hour, but still…

      Erik's slick hands slid past his shoulders and down toward his
      chest, pinching his nipples on the way. Charles' breath caught in
      his throat and his erection, which had faded on the way here,
      started to revive again. Erik was rubbing his pectorals now in a
      very provocative way, and there was no longer any question whether
      this was supposed to arouse him. Charles had to admit that Erik had
      been very successful in his task.

      The other man's massaging hands had now reached his belly and
      continued from there toward his lower abdomen. Charles's cock was
      fully erect by now, angled up along his belly. Erik's hands briefly
      brushed against it but did not remain there, despite Charles' needy
      whimpers. The telepath now realized that Erik was avoiding his most
      sensitive area on purpose.

      Magneto chuckled, admiring the result of his ministrations –
      Charles' hard, pink erection, now covered with a thin coat of water.
      The tip glistened with something else too, which could be nothing
      but a tiny droplet of pre-come.

      "Erik, will you ever quit teasing me?" Charles asked, slightly
      reproachful. "Now look at this…"

      Erik grinned to himself, sliding his wet hands over Charles'
      ribcage. "Would you like me to take care of it?"

      Charles wanted nothing more than feeling Erik's hands – or
      preferably his lips – around his throbbing, hot cock, but he could
      simply not ignore the fact that this was a public place. Somebody
      *could* come, no matter how unlikely that was.

      "Erik, I do, believe me, but maybe should finish here and head back
      to our suite? If we are caught doing this here, they might charge us

      An audible snort sounded from Erik. "The laws of the Homo Sapiens do
      not apply to us!" he said. "Who cares? I have broken enough laws
      during my life anyway. One more will not matter. Besides, we just
      did it in the sauna. Can this be much worse?"

      Charles sighed. Erik's previous criminal record certainly made this
      seem like a pretty harmless pastime. Besides, if someone happened to
      catch them red-handed in the act, he could always use his telepathic
      powers to erase the memory of that particular person. It would not
      be ethical, but it would be best for everyone involved.

      "Alright, Erik, just do whatever you had in mind to do. It's not
      like I can focus on anything but this anyway. Just make sure to be

      "Just how quick it is, will depend *solely* on you," Erik replied
      with a mischievous touch in his voice. He walked around Charles'
      chair and knelt before the telepath's feet, stroking his own half-
      hard penis on the way. Since Erik had come so recently, his elderly
      body was not quite ready for a second round, although his mind
      certainly was. He leaned in between the other man's legs, placing a
      teasing lick on the head of Charles' shaft. The droplet of pre-come
      tasted salty on his tongue.

      "Oh, Erik! You *will* drive me mad!"

      "I already have, old friend," Erik stated smugly, letting his
      lover's jutting, erect cock slide from his lips to his left cheek.

      "Long ago…" Charles agreed with a needy sigh. "And we both know why…"

      "Didn't you want this done quickly?"

      "No! I mean… yes, please take your time…"

      Charles let his sentence trail off when he saw and felt Erik's soft,
      skilled lips wrapping around his pounding cock and then the
      sensation of being engulfed by the hot, wet cavern of Erik's mouth.
      It almost felt like he would burst right there and then, and it took
      all the willpower he had to stop it. He didn't want to finish yet.
      Just the sight of Erik on his knees before him was so lovely that he
      wanted to savour it.

      As Erik's head started moving back and forth in a steady rhythm,
      Charles slowly brought his hand down to lightly touch his lover's
      hair. Erik disliked being controlled, but when he showed no signs of
      disapproval, Charles let his hand pass over the other man's
      beautiful – now wet – silver crown.

      Erik felt Charles' touch but chose to ignore it. He used one hand to
      knead and massage Charles' tight balls and his other one to fondle
      his own growing erection. He was still only semi-hard, but with some
      stimulation, he might come a second time.

      He worked steadily with his tongue for another while, knowing
      exactly what would bring Charles to climax. He could not take all of
      his friend's shaft into his mouth but still enough to give the other
      man exquisite pleasure. Erik was not normally inclined to pleasure
      other men this way, but instead he liked sitting back and having
      others do it for him. But Charles was different, of course, so Erik
      was happy to do it.

      As the warm water washed over their heated bodies and Erik's head
      bobbed up and down over Charles' groin, the telepath felt he was
      about to come. He very much wanted just to let go and spill in
      Erik's mouth, but from experience he knew that he ought to warn his
      lover beforehand.

      "Erik… I'm about to…" His hand tangled reflexively in the other
      man's wet, silver hair, but he let go instantly when he noticed what
      he was doing.

      When Erik felt and heard that his lover was close, he drew away and
      instead used his hand to add that little extra stimulation that was
      required to bring Charles over the edge. Charles' whole body
      spasmed, and a violent shiver racked his frame when he finally
      climaxed, shooting his seed into the air. Some of it landed on
      Erik's chest and even on his cheek, but the water quickly washed it
      all away. Erik himself also climaxed a second time. It was only a
      faint squirt and not very intense, but a pleasurable sensation

      Slowly the telepath's shrinking member softened in Erik's grip. He
      stopped pumping it when it had gone completely flaccid and then held
      his semen-covered hand under the hot jets of water.

      Well, at least the water washed away all traces of their release.
      Was there any left in the sauna? Erik doubted it, since they had
      been lying on a towel, after all, but one could never be sure.

      Charles, whose body had stopped trembling now, made a weak attempt
      to lift himself from the chair. Erik was spent, but he still saw it
      as his duty to help his friend back to the dressing room. Charles
      did not try to reject his help now but gratefully leaned against him
      when Erik lifted him off the chair.

      "Erik, that was wonderful… But I want to sleep now…" the weary
      telepath murmured with his lips pressed to Erik's neck.

      "And so you shall," Erik promised him. "But we must get dressed


      Once back in the suite, Erik pushed Charles' wheelchair toward the
      king-sized bed, which was beginning to look very inviting to him
      too. Those big, soft pillows, smooth sheets, and… Charles in his

      Neither of them bothered going into the bathroom to brush their
      teeth, shave, or anything like that. That could be done in the
      morning when they were more alert. Now sleep was all they needed.
      Erik didn't even mind his wet hair.

      "Goodnight, my dear Erik…" Charles whispered when they lay together
      in bed, spooned against one another, their bodies and minds lax and

      "It's almost morning…" the Master of Magnetism replied with a yawn.

      The End
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