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Fic: "Words Not Said" Logan/original female character PG

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  • Sunshine
    Words Not Said Summary: based on the storyline established in my Into New Territory saga, Logan reflects on his feelings for Danielle, a mutant who has
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2004
      "Words Not Said"

      Summary: based on the storyline established in my "Into New
      Territory" saga, Logan reflects on his feelings for Danielle, a
      mutant who has stolen his heart. He struggles to put his feelings
      down on paper.

      Author's note: this awkward poem was written with inspiration after
      receiving a drawing by a very talented artist - a drawing he created
      envisioning my female OC. Further inspiration was found after
      listening to "Guilty" by Def Leppard (off the Euphoria CD).

      Guilty by Def Leppard

      Guilty as sin, Yes, I confess, I can't deny

      Strong in the heart, Weak in the flesh, I never meant to do you wrong

      I swear the soul gets blistered
      Along the way
      But when you hurt the things you love
      You gotta know

      If you mean hope, If you mean fear, Of those words
      That you've been longing to hear, If you mean faith
      If you mean love, Baby I'm guilty, I'm guilty of all the above

      Can't hide the truth, I stand accused, Don't ask me why

      I question every move, And thought, I've had That's going on inside

      And if it's a'wrong To feel this a'right I can't help it
      And I won't fight If you mean faith If you mean love
      Baby I'm guilty, I'm guilty of all the above

      It's not my first offence And it won't be the last
      (My lips are sealed) I would not change a thing
      Except what's in the past

      "Words Not Said" by Wolverine

      So many times I have stood before you
      Silent - unable to speak
      unable to tell you what I am feeling
      To express what's in my heart
      Yet my heart is crying out
      But I don't know if you hear it
      I've never been good with words
      No matter how hard I try
      As much as I want to
      those few words go unsaid

      I remember our first encounter
      The bar in Canada
      Familiar territory for me
      A new scene for you
      My rage at fever pitch
      Seeking pain to forget my pain
      Again the king of the cage
      Not what I wanted
      So off I go drownin' my sorrows
      With a bottle of whiskey

      Then, you approached me
      Offering a gentle hand
      A shoulder to lean on
      You listened to my story
      The sad tale of Alkali Lake
      Of the redhead doctor
      She gave her life
      Left me crushed and shattered
      My love I could never share
      Because she made a choice

      You gave warmth and compassion
      Sensitivity to my feelings
      You held my hand with tenderness
      Then sat by my side
      Let the Wolverine sob softly
      Shedding tears of sadness
      Through your kindness
      There was a transfer of strength
      You encouraged me to carry on

      But, we parted ways
      Was Fate on my side?
      Our paths crossed again
      A rescue mission
      I would save you from the man
      Who claimed to love you
      But hated what you are
      a mutant with keen animal senses
      and speedy healing ability
      A mutant just like me

      I protected you strongly
      as only a good guy could
      Knowing the tortures you would endure
      No way in hell would I allow it
      No way in hell would he claim you
      With claws unsheathed
      And a feral growl
      Back away, bub
      She's here with me
      and Safe from you she will be

      I held you close as you clutched tightly
      Embraced with my protection
      Your fingers gripping the leather
      My feelings in a tailspin
      my heart began to pound
      my pulse began to race
      It was then that I truly knew
      You were all I could ever need
      You were all I could ever want
      But the words failed to be said

      Time after time we stood alone
      do you sense my agitation?
      Do you sense my attraction?
      the passion, the wanting, the needing
      What I wouldn't do to hold you close
      To have you near my heart
      But I keep burying my feelings inside
      If only I could say those words
      Those words you deserve to hear
      Those few words I need to say

      It pains me to see you with others
      For I wish they were me
      I want to be your good guy
      To have you be my girl
      But I shy away in denial
      Yet, I feel the jealousy
      A berserker rage of wanting
      Wanting what can be mine
      To take you by my side
      But my love for you hides

      Do you know what you do to me?
      Do you know how I want you?
      It's a war with myself
      When I see you with other men
      My jealousy is unknown
      My claws ready to strike
      I rage on in silence
      With pain of not having you
      A desire to end the loneliness
      To fill my life with you

      My heart pounds with desire
      I know you must hear it
      Your senses are strong like mine
      Keen like the animals we are
      Yet, something stops me
      For I can't move
      frozen like a statue
      My feelings at the surface
      But I shy away again
      the words fail to be said

      How is it that I can be
      Strong of body
      but weak for you?
      These feelings I so deeply fear
      I don't want you to turn away
      rejection stings way too much
      Are you ignoring my attempts?
      Do you even care?
      I wish I could make you mine
      Damn me, why do I hide in fear?

      You leave me in a trance
      Intoxicated beyond belief
      Your scent surrounds me
      A soft sweetness in the air
      You are like a drug
      A drug I am addicted to
      Unmatched sensations
      An incredible high
      These feelings overwhelm me
      Why can't I say the words?

      Stupefied by my stupidity
      Crazed with desire
      I need you, I want you
      But I fear you
      Have I lost control?
      My instincts say one thing
      My heart says another
      I battle with myself
      Which side is to win?
      If only I knew the answer

      I look at myself in the mirror
      The questions come to mind
      Why am I so afraid?
      Why can't I be brave?
      I'm feral and strong
      With alloy claws
      The mighty Wolverine
      But Wolverine's heart aches
      Wishing for love all his own
      Why, oh why, can't I say the words?

      Do you know how you make me feel?
      What hidden power do you contain?
      Does Panther know she tamed the Wolverine?
      I can only wonder
      The loner and the survivor
      Wants more out of life
      How is it I stand before you
      These things fill my heart with fright
      A few simple words could change it all
      But they are words I fail to say

      Are you my soul mate?
      My instincts tell me yes
      I so need you by my side
      I so need you in my heart
      I need you to fill the emptiness
      Take away this loneliness
      To make my world complete
      Make this broken man whole
      For I am not all animal
      But I fail to speak

      Why do I stop the words from being said?
      such a simple phrase to utter
      you always break down my defenses
      you always find a way inside
      but this wall is so strong
      that even I am not sure
      Just how to tear it down
      I'm afraid to open my heart
      I'm afraid to say the words
      So afraid to tell you how much I love you

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