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Persia Saga - ch 3 Revelations

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  • Logan Berry
    as per usual hope u enjoy.LBTitle: The Persia Saga – Chapter 3: Revelations Author: Logan Berry (loganberryx@yahoo.co.uk) summary: Logan has to defend
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      as per usual hope u enjoy.LBTitle: The Persia Saga – Chapter 3: Revelations
      Author: Logan Berry (loganberryx@...)

      summary: Logan has to defend himself against the group as he voices his dislike for Kaylan. But will his resolve last has this strange human fills his every thought.

      Rating/warning & pairing rated pg-13: language and violence

      Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to any Marvel Characters. Kaylan O’Connor is a fictional character and is owned by the above author.

      Feedback very welcome


      “It’s like she had some power over me” Logan whispered, emotion making his voice tremble. “Like I was bein’ driven away but pulled in at the same time, it was claustrophobic, I had t’ get out,” he paused, taking a deep breath, “sorry Professor”.

      He stared into the coffee he held in his hands - slumped forward, arms resting on his knees - in the large leather sofa of Professor Xavier’s office. Contra to his usual ability for arriving late to de-briefs, Logan had been in Charles’ office since he returned from Kaylan’s building, an hour and a half earlier.

      Charles sat in silence as Logan related the turn of events as he saw them. Xavier usually waited for Scott to carry the meeting, but one look at Logan when he arrived back at the mansion told him that it could not wait. So, whilst the rest of the team caught a well earned rest, Logan filled in the Professor. Charles wheeled round his desk and came to a stop in front of Logan, a look of concern on his face. He thought carefully on what he should say to the tired and agitated Wolverine.

      “Logan, it is difficult for me to know how to respond,” he began. “I believe you made the right decision to step out when you did” Charles smiled and patted him on the shoulder trying to give him reassurance. Charles sat quietly in contemplation for a moment, allowing Logan’s account to run through his mind. “You say you sensed some kind of scent?”

      “Yeah, an earthy smell…like…like” he tried to search for the right words, but nothing that made any sense would come. His mind seemed to bring up distant images from his long-passed life in the Canadian Rockies. “Like the smell of the rain on the trees – sweet but musky” he answered, looking up at Charles. “But Scott and Ororo, didn’t smell it.” He paused, studying the Professor’s expression. “You don’t believe me do you?” Logan spat.

      “No, Logan it’s not that” Charles sighed. “I’m just not sure the source of this ‘scent’ is Kaylan.”

      “I’m tellin’ ya Prof. There’s something strange about that girl!”

      Xavier shook his head, how could the blonde smiling child he had known so many years ago possibly be a mutant? “I would have known, Lewis would have told me” he thought as he wheeled over to the window, staring vacantly into the gardens beyond, memories of his old friend floating through his mind.

      Knock, Knock.

      “Come in” Charles turned to face the door, grateful of the interruption.

      “Mornin’ Professor” Scott said cheerfully as he strode purposefully into the office. “Ro’s on her way but I don’t think Logan’s ba…”

      Logan dropped his coffee cup onto the low table in front of him, just loud enough to catch Scott’s attention.

      “Mornin’ Cyke!” Logan sat back in the sofa scowling at Scott’s presumption that he had not returned.

      “Oh, morning Logan, I didn’t think you were back yet” Scott answered slightly surprised.

      Scott flopped into the sofa opposite Logan as Ro entered followed closely by Kurt, Marie and Bobby. When all were settled Scott cleared his through to begin the usual de-briefing session.

      “Ok, last nights attack on Kaylan O’Connor” he began.

      “Scott” Charles interrupted. “Logan has already briefed me on the incident at Kaylan’s apartment, I’m afraid her father was right, she IS in some kind of trouble.” He glanced around the room at the group. “Thank you Scott…Ro, for bringing Kaylan here safely, she means a great deal to me and I’m sure her father will be most grateful for your help” he smiled “But what concerns me Scott, are the two mutant attackers and this strange scent Logan picked up on whilst at the apartment. He believes that it came from Kaylan and has suggested that she may be a mutant of some kind, although I have sensed nothing from her.”

      “Logan never told us about the scent Professor” Scott answered, “He just upped and left.”

      “I did tell ya Scott” Logan retorted. “But ya just weren’t listenin’.”

      The two men stared at each across the room in silence, neither one prepared to back down. Logan was in an antagonistic mood; The lack of sleep and the vision of those eyes every-time he blinked, was making him even more riled than usual. No-longer able to control the swell of emotions, Logan erupted.

      “I’m tellin’ ya,” he bellowed, “‘blue-eyes’ up stairs is a mutant, ain’t no-one gonna tell me otherwise!”

      “Logan! The Professor is right, we have no reason to believe she is a mutant” Scott answered forcefully.

      Logan’s brow furrowed, “I know what I smelt Cyke and it weren’t no bake sale”

      Scott tried to reason with him, “Logan, we need to trust the Professor’s judgment on this one. He has known Kaylan for a long time.”

      “He ain’t seen ‘er in twenty-five years” Logan growled, “that’s a lotta water under the bridge.”

      “That’s true Logan,” Charles agreed, “She was six when I last saw her. Her mutancy would have developed in her teenage years. But then why didn’t she try to use whatever ability she has to defend herself…No, I don’t believe she is a mutant”

      “I think we need to wait and see…let Jean run a few tests” Scott added.

      “Oh yeah, that’s right,” Logan thundered leaning forward in his seat, “And while we wait, she’s in the house with god-knows-what ‘abilities’ and at least two renegade mutants after her. That’s a great idea Scott, let’s ‘wait and see’” Logan added, imitating Scott’s tone.

      Scott began to loose his cool, “Logan, what the hell is your problem? She’s the Professor’s god-daughter, we have a duty to protect and help her.”

      “We have a duty to protect the rest of kid’s as well, Bub, or had ya forgot!” Logan snapped, gripping the edge of the sofa.

      “So what if she does have abilities” Scott replied angrily, “what are ya gonna do Logan, run from her again?” He sneered.

      It was all Logan could take. The lack of sleep, the visions and the lingering scent in his nose drove him forward out of his seat with a thundering growl, as he sprang at Scott. He just cleared the table in a single bound, but caught the half-finished coffee cup with his toe, sending a spray of liquid across the floor. He hit Scott square-on with such power that all in the room heard the air forced from his lungs. In a split second Logan had Scott pinned to the sofa, one knee in his stomach and his large hand around his throat.

      It all happened so quickly no-one had time to properly react. Ro was flung back away from the sofa as Logan pounced on Scott. Kurt, who until that moment had been quietly perched on a side-table by the wall, teleported instinctively across the room and Marie let out a sharp scream and grabbed Bobby hoping to avoid injury.

      “Don’t you ever accuse me o’ runnin one-eye”. Logan snarled, inches away from Scott’s face, which was rapidly turning purple “I walked out o’ that apartment for the good o’ the team, the situation demanded it, and I’d do it again if the same thing happened. Ya don’t have to like it, Bub, but that’s the way it goes.”

      “LOGAN!” Xavier yelled both vocally and telepathically for all to hear.

      All stopped in their tracks, but Logan. He defiantly held on to Scott’s throat, squeezing a little harder, causing him to gag and squirm under his grip.

      “Logan! Release him or I’ll be forced to make you”. Xavier’s threat was not hollow.

      Deliberately slowly and with much effort he eased his grip on Scott’s neck and casually stood up; Scott, almost at the point of passing out, sucked in air coughing and gagging.

      “Logan there was no need for that” Charles spoke as calmly as he could, but a note of anger was still in his words. “Are you alright Scott?” he asked, as Ro poured him a glass of water and handed it to him. Taking a sip and coughing again, he nodded.

      Logan stood facing the Professor, still defiant, the red mists still clouding his vision. He spoke, voice trembling with anger. “Professor, I know she’s ya god-daughter an’ all, but I stand by what I said; she’s a mutant, and the sooner we find out what she is, the sooner we’ll know what those mongrels wann’ed and the sooner I can go kick lightnin’-boys ass.” And with that he turned on his heals and headed for the office door, slamming it behind him. The remaining X-men sat in stunned silence.

      Marie was the first to move, she headed for the door after Logan.

      “Let him Go, Marie” Xavier called. “It’s ok, he’ll be alright”. Marie nodded and returned looking anxiously at the door.

      Charles sighed as he wheeled behind his desk. “We have work to do” he announced, regaining his composure. “We need to find out what it was that Logan sensed and who the two mutant attackers were. Scott, I have a feeling those mutant muggings you and Jean were investigating may be linked to this, see what you can find”.

      Scott nodded “I’ll get right on it Professor”

      “Kurt, please will you check on Logan, make sure he’s ok”

      “Ja, Herr Professor” Kurt answered, and disappeared.

      “Ororo, would you kindly bring Kaylan to my office when she is rested and has eaten. I wish to see her …its been a long time” he smiled thoughtfully.


      Knock Knock

      “Come in, Kaylan.” The large oak door slowly opened and a blonde head peered in. “Please, come in my dear”

      Kaylan timidly entered. Closing the door quietly behind her she took a few tentative steps into the room. What only an hour before had been the site of conflict was now the paragon of tranquility. Kaylan was still too dazed to take in the sights around her but what she had seen of the mansion since her arrival was overwhelming.

      “Hello my dear, it’s been a long time” the voice by the window said softly. Xavier turned his wheelchair to face the woman now standing uncomfortably in the middle of his office.

      “Uncle Charles!” She exclaimed.

      The past hours of pain and anguish were swept aside as Kaylan dashed across the room to embrace her god-father. Flinging her arms around his neck she squeezed him hard, laughing like the small child he remembered so many years ago.

      “Oh, my dear Kaylan” Charles laughed, trying to extricate himself from her clasp. It was pleasant relief from the morning’s events. “It has been so long since I’ve seen you, let me look at you”

      Kaylan stepped away from his chair, she stood, hands on hips as she did as a child, and gave a little twirl for Charles to see. With a few hours sleep the puffiness had cleared from her face. Refreshed from a shower and hearty breakfast Kaylan now felt more herself again.

      “You have become a fine young woman Kaylan” Xavier assured her “And an accomplished one I understand?”

      “Yes Uncle Charles” she answered beaming.

      “You don’t have to call me Uncle now my dear” Charles smiled, “it’s been what, twenty-five years since I’ve seen you, I think your old enough to call me Charles now”. He beckoned to her, “Please, have a seat, we have much to talk about”

      She took a seat on the sofa as Charles wheeled to the table to pour tea. Kaylan’s mind reeled with questions she was now so desperate to ask.

      “Uncle Charles…sorry” she smiled a little embarrassed, “what-on-earth are you doing here anyway? Did Dad send you? And where are we exactly?”

      “Questions, questions, you haven’t changed Kaylan” he laughed.

      Kaylan sat back, excepting the tea from him. She had always had an inquisitive mind - it was what had gotten her a Lectureship at Westchester University at such a young age, wanting answers immediately to everything. She had a fond place in her heart for Charles Xavier; as a child, after her mother died and with her father away so often, Charles had become a surrogate father and tutor to her, until she had been sent away.

      “This is my school Kaylan, my school for gifted children. We are just outside Westchester. Do you remember what happened?”

      Kaylan’s face clouded as she recalled the night before. “Yes, unc…Charles, I remember. I was attacked by …by…” her voice trailed off as she thought of her two attackers. “And then these people rescued me.”

      “They brought you here” He answered.

      “Do you know them? Are they friends of Dad’s?”

      “Yes I do know them. The ones you met last night are part of a team of Mutants who help human and mutant alike. They live here in the School, most are ex-pupils, others have found their way here over the years.”

      “But the two that attacked me…they were mutants too?”

      “Yes, but not from here, I intend to find out what they wanted from you.”

      “So how did you know? About the attack I mean?”

      “Your father, he called me some days ago. He told me you had been followed. He asked me to help”

      “But you two haven’t spoken in years, why would he….”

      “I don’t know Kaylan, he never explained. I was wondering if you could tell me. How IS your father?”

      “Well, as always. Working hard, never stops. Still don’t see him much. But he’s been a little on edge lately, I mean he always has things on his mind, but lately he’s been distant”

      She looked sad at the thought of her father. Whilst their relationship hadn’t been a close one, she still loved him dearly. After the death of her mother when she was six he had done his best to raise her and provide her with the best of everything, but it had never truly brought them together.

      “Don’t worry”, he said softly, perceiving her troubled thoughts, “I will inform your father you are safe.” He paused taking a sip of tea. “Now Kaylan, do you know why those men attacked you?”

      “No, I have no idea.” Flashes of the attack raced through her mind as tears came unbidden to her blue eyes.

      “We know that there have been other attacks on humans, but as yet information is sketchy at best. I have two of the X-Men working to determine a pattern, but until then I want you to remain here” Charles requested.

      “Oh, Charles, I don’t know if I can” she replied. “I have my work, my teaching…”

      “Kaylan I must insist” he said firmly, “I do not believe it is safe for you to return and I would like to have you checked out by Doctor Grey”

      “Why, what’s wrong with me?” Kaylan was beginning to get upset.

      “Nothing my dear, but one of team who rescued you last night sensed something at your apartment. He believes those mutants were after you because of it and I want to make sure your ok.” Xavier gazed at her, a gentle smile on his face, just like she remembered as a child.

      “The dark one!” she whispered under her breath. “The one who left, he was looking at me funny.”

      “Yes” chuckled Xavier, “That’s Wolverine, or should I say Logan. He never has much to say, but when he does….” Charles trailed off, thinking on Logan’s earlier outburst. “So, Kaylan, please will you stay, just for another day?”

      Kaylan took his hand in hers and held it to her cheek. “Alright Uncle Charles, for you, anything and we do have a lot of catching-up to do” and, she kissed his hand gently.

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