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Persia Saga - Ch. 2 scent of a woman

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  • Logan Berry
    here s chapter two folks, hope u enjoy LB Title: The Persia Saga – Chapter 2: Scent of a Woman Author: Logan Berry ( loganberryx@yahoo.co.uk ) summary:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2004
      here's chapter two folks, hope u enjoy

      Title: The Persia Saga – Chapter 2: Scent of a Woman
      Author: Logan Berry ( loganberryx@... )

      summary: Logan’s first meeting with Kaylan, but he knows she not all she seems.

      Rating/warning & pairing: PG-13 language and violence

      Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to any Marvel Characters. Kaylan O’Connor is a fictional character and is owned by the above author.

      Feedback very welcome


      “Logan!…found anything?”

      Logan looked up from the book he was flicking through to see Scott emerge from the bathroom.

      “No, nothing” he answered as he closed the book, ‘a history of the modern jet engine’, Logan raised a brow. “Unusual reading” he thought. “Wonder if she could supe-up my bike?.” He smiled to himself. He could hear Storm’s voice from the bathroom gently trying to coax the girl out. “Poor kid, attacked in her own home by some mongrels …no wonder she’s terrified”

      He placed the book back on the desk and continued to look for anything that might explain the attack. The apartment was a simple affair and sparsely furnished; large living room with a small kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom. Even though the woman’s personal effects were scattered about the place it didn’t seem homely. “Just somewhere to sleep” Logan mused “be’n in too many ‘o these kinda places myself”.

      The living room however now resembled a war zone, the door hung half on its hinges and the dust from the smashed ceiling covered the furniture. Logan wandered over to a small table which, he assumed, he had knocked over in his fight with Thor. He picked it up and placed a broken vase he found under it, back at its centre. Feeling a little awkward at the damage he’d inadvertently caused he wandered over to examine a set of photos on the wall.

      “Wonder which one she is?” he thought, inspecting each picture. “Maybe she’s the geeky one with the glasses if she reads books like that” he decided, picking out a girl from what looked like an office group photo.

      Yet, something played on his mind. There was something about this apartment he just couldn’t put his finger on - not the basic furniture or the unlived-in appearance of the place - something that seemed tangible, yet vague. A sense - not a material thing. He flared his nostrils at the annoyance.

      “Scent!…that’s it, it’s a smell…but what?” he thought, furrowing his brow. He let it slide for the time-being. He idly wandered back to the desk where Scott was now standing flicking through the pile of text books.

      “She teaches at Westchester University” he said as Logan reached his side. “Guess she’s an engineer…and a good one at that, some of these books are beyond me”

      “Well that wouldn’t be difficult, now would it” Logan growled.

      Scott bit back, cheeks swelling. “Well I happen to think that I’m…”

      “You two!” Storm cut Scott off mid-sentence, leaving it one-nil to Logan. “Quiet, I think she’s just about ok to come out. Sit down, I don’t want you two frightening her again with your bickering”.

      Logan turned away, a faint twist of a smile on his lips. Scott just shrugged, there was no point in answering Storm back, she had a remarkable ability to be able to tongue-lash the both of them if she wanted. She re-entered the bathroom and Logan looked round for a seat. He pulled out the chair from under the desk and swinging his leg over it, sat so he could rest his arms on the top of the chair back. Scott flopped down into the sofa which half-an-hour ago had broken his flight through the window. He sighed with relief as the soft cushions took his weight. The two waited.

      Logan sniffed the air again. It was getting stronger. “Do ya smell it?” he mumbled.

      Scott eyed him curiously. “Smell what?” All he had was a nose-full of plaster dust and Logan’s attitude.

      “Oh, never mind” he answered irritably trying to shake it from his mind.

      “It’s ok; we’re going to go out now, ok?” Storm whispered gently to the woman, who was now standing in the middle of the bathroom. “Nothing will happen to you, I promise”.

      The woman nodded, still choking back sobs. Her face was still wet with tears and her hair hung lankly, over her face.

      She lightly took the woman’s hand and lead her into the living room. Timidly the woman peered round the door. Taking in the sight of her destroyed apartment she let out a sob and tried to pull back into the bathroom.

      “No, no…its ok.” Storm stated.

      The woman relaxed a little and let Storm lead her back out into the room. She helped her round to an armchair and seated her down, taking a second armchair for herself, next to the woman. Holding her hand gently Storm stroked it trying to keep the woman calm.

      “You better now?” Storm asked.

      “ye…yes” the woman sobbed.

      Logan eyed her suspiciously, she looked normal enough; She was about 5’6”, slim-build, but curved in all the right places, honey-blonde hair, definitely not the woman he’d picked out in the photos. But still that uneasy feeling gripped him and it was getting stronger. He shifted in his chair, as the hairs in the nape of his neck bristled.

      “What’s your name?” Logan’s mind was snapped back into the room by Scott’s inquiring voice.

      There was a long pause. The woman sniffled from behind the curtain of hair covering her face. She was still in a state of shock and Scott’s direct questioning was not easing her fears. The woman looked towards Storm for silent support.

      Storm nodded. “go ahead, its ok, he’s real nice when you get to know him”.

      The woman smiled for the first time since the attack, as Storm gripped her hand for a moment in encouragement. Slowly the woman turned her head to face the two men sat across the room, pushing strands of tousled hair from her cheeks.

      “Kaylan O’Connor” She answered her voice still trembling but now strengthened by Storm’s reassurance.

      Tears still smeared her face and her skin was pink from crying, but Logan could not suppress the sound of the sharp intake of breath as he beheld the woman’s face for the first time. She was beautiful; he could see it even through the tears and puffy eyes. She had delicate features; an oval face and soft cheekbones, pale creamy skin and a small straight nose with a light sprinkling of freckles over the bridge, pink full lips that seemed to have a pout all of their own and soft arched brows. But he was transfixed by the defiant stare of two of the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen. They were so deep in fact that he could barely make out the black of her pupils. They seemed to bore into him, reaching into his soul. Logan felt drawn to her, he felt himself leaning over the back of the chair, magnetised by her stare. Beads of sweat broke out at his temples and the heat rose in his body. He swallowed hard and looked away, focusing his attention on Scott.

      “what the hell!?...those eyes…crap…I knew there was somethin’ not right here” Logan’s mind whirled. Scott sat, unmoved. “either his visors broke or he’s a robot…how could he miss her eyes ” Logan thought, as he stared at Scott.

      Logan dared to look back at Kaylan, but she had already shifted her gaze back to Storm. He pulled at the collar of his leather suit, it was starting to pinch. He scowled at his so obvious unease. Had the others noticed? He hoped not. He tried desperately to focus, to drive out the overwhelming feelings of fear, attraction and anger now welling up inside him. Scott and the woman were talking but he no longer heard. The scent which had been growing steadily now seemed overpowering. It filled the air around him, cloying at his throat, and she was the source. But she was a straight-down-the-line human or so Scott had told him before the mission. Those eyes and that scent, it all stemmed from her and he knew it.

      Coughing to clear his throat, Logan stood up feeling a little uneasy on his feet and ran a gloved hand through his sweat-flecked sideburns. “I’m gonna do a sweep of the parameter” He announced in a voice which didn’t feel like his.

      Scott and Storm looked at him, a little surprised at his sudden interruption in the midst of their conversation.

      “I don’t think we’ll have any more trouble tonight Logan, besides its nearly dawn” Scott answered as he looked out of the window.

      “Still” Logan spoke, trying to regain his usual gruff tone, “think I’ll take a look…would feel better if I did” He growled, fixing Scott with a viscous stare.

      “Ok” Scott sighed, knowing it was best not to argue with the Wolverine once he set his mind on something, besides he was too tired to argue.

      “We’ll be heading back to the cars in a little while so don’t go too far” Scott added as Logan strode across the room. “I think we should take Miss O’Connor back to the mansion with us”

      “Whatever” was all Logan answered as he reached the door of the apartment. Scott rolled his eyes.

      “The mansion? What’s that?” Kaylan questioned, gaining a little confidence.

      “It’s somewhere you’ll be safe” Storm told her, smiling.

      Kaylan seemed a little confused, but still dazed from her ordeal decided not to question further and except their help.

      “Gotta get out!” his mind yelled.

      Slamming the broken door behind him, Logan headed down the corridor as fast as he could go. By the time he reached the end of the corridor he was running. His head was pounding. His skin felt clammy under the restrictive leather suit, adding to the overwhelming sense of claustrophobia he was now feeling. He swung around the banister, absently headed up the stairs three steps at a time.

      Like a free-diver breaking the water’s surface, Logan burst out through the door gasping for air. He was back on the roof. The early morning air was still fresh and it filled his lungs; cool and clean. He let his body flop back against the door, slamming his head back hard against it in frustration with himself and the situation. Closing his eyes he let his head fall forward onto his chest, drawing in a deep breath, the beginnings of a growl building in the pit of his stomach. He threw back his head once more and in the only way he knew to release the tension, let the growl build to a roar as he howled the anger out of him. The tension released, he fell forward onto his knees, his face contorted in a snarling grimace, as he heaved the last of the aggression from his body. After a few moments he sat back on his heals, breathing easier. He pulled the leather gloves from his hands and ran his fingers through his hair, pulling roughly at his tufts in annoyance.

      “what the fuck?” he berated himself. “behavin’ like some nut-job. Pull ya self together”

      “Logan…you there?” Scott’s voice on the radio-mike broke his train of thought.

      “Wha’d ya want kid?” Logan spat back channelling his aggression into answering Scott.

      “We heard some noises from down here, like howling? Do ya see anything out there?” Scott questioned.

      “What? Ya scared one-eye?” Logan sneered, continuing before Scott could get a comment in. “Yeah, heard it too” Logan fained concern, “I’ll check it out, prob’ly just dogs”. It was just enough of a plausible lie to keep Scott off his back for a while.

      Throwing his gloves to the ground he tugged at the zipper of his suit, letting it open to his navel. The cool air caressed the soft black hairs of his chest sending a shiver through his body and freeing the last of the tension. He sat for a while staring across the building and into the city beyond.

      “this is crazy, ya ran… there’s somthin’ seriously wrong here, with her!…

      So god-damn beautiful…whoo!, Those eyes…had to get out

      She’s no human…gotta be mutant…

      Oh jeez…”

      Pulling himself to his feet, Logan headed across the roof, following the line of the precipice, trying to clear his head. He finally reached the corner where he had spent the earlier part of the evening, the battered old armchair tipped over backwards from where he’d leapt from it. He picked it up and dragged it a little distance away from the edge and slumped down into it.

      “So what do I do now? Fuck, I feel like an idiot.

      She’s just some woman…beautiful at that but…

      This is seriously fucked up.

      I’m not goin’ near her till I know what the deal is.

      Don’t wan’ her in the mansion…don’t trust myself.

      He could feel anger rising in him again but this time without the strange yearning that had forced him to flee the apartment.

      “We’re ready to go…you finished up there?” Came Scott’s voice in his ear.

      “Nah, you go ahead” Logan answered trying to buy himself a few more minutes alone.

      “What the hell you doing?” Logan could hear the irritation building in Scott’s voice and it pleased him to think visor-boy was wound up.

      “I’m gonna check out the building across the street where I think those two bastards arrived” He tried to sound convincing as he shuffled down in the chair.

      There was a long pause. Scott was obviously weighing up the chances of getting Logan to do as he was told.

      “Ok. Go ahead”

      Logan’s lip curled “Cyke knows when he can’t win”

      “We’ll take the Mazda …we’ll leave the Lotus for you. See you back at the mansion….oh and Logan?”


      “Don’t take too long…we have de-brief at 9 sharp”

      “Always in command ‘ey bub?” Logan thought to himself

      Logan pulled the radio-mike from his ear and tossed it on the floor. He’d given himself a few hours peace. But how was he going to face them?...tell them what he thought?. He knew deep inside that he couldn’t leave it alone. A shiver shook him again as he closed his eyes and sleep took him. Images flooded his mind…

      Screaming…shadowy figures

      Water… drowning…pain…no, no!

      Searing…pain…eyes…blue eyes


      Blue…no, no, NOOOOO!

      He sucked in a sharp breath…heart pounding. The sun was up and the first birds were singing. Everything seemed normal. Looking down he found his claws imbedded in the arms of the chair. Another bad dream - but now there was a new discomfort in the midst of what he was used to.


      He pulled the blades free and stood up. He knew what he had to do.

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