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FIC: The Persia Saga - Prologue

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  • Logan Berry
    Title: The Persia Saga – Prologue Author: Logan Berry (loganberryx@yahoo.co.uk) summary: In the bowels of a secret test facility plans are afoot to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2004
      Title: The Persia Saga – Prologue
      Author: Logan Berry (loganberryx@...)

      summary: In the bowels of a secret test facility plans are afoot to develop super mutants

      Rating/warning & pairing: PG-13 language and some disturbing scenes. Mainly Logan and his relationship with Kaylan, an OC.

      Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to any Marvel Characters. Korrigan Tweed and Edwards are fictional characters and are owned by the above author…but they are available for public appearances and social events….lol

      I know nothing about the complexities of genetics, so anyone who can correct me on technical errors please do

      Notes: Feedback is extremely welcome, but be gentle, this is my first fanfic and I’m not an English major.

      This is a movieverse story but has some elements of comic in it. it's set post X2 but i have included Jean Grey because i feel she is part of the team - and will be back in X3 no doubt!


      “Too Hot, its always too hot down here”.

      The man stood at the blast-proof window, dabbing the back of his sweating neck with a clean cotton handkerchief. He stared into the blackness beyond the glass looking through his own reflection. Hidden from view by the dark void, a door slid open and four figures clothed in the bright yellow plastic of biohazard suits stepped inside. The light from the open doorway cast sinister shadows across the room – a cavernous thing, filled with metal pipe-work and hulking objects. The four pulled forward a large trolley, obviously heavy by their laboured attempts to push it, and with the doorway providing the only means of illumination as they set about their task.

      The man wiped another bead of sweat from his brow, as the men inside the room reached their destination. One stepped out of sight for a moment and then, like the gaping jaws of hell, two huge portcullises began to rise in front of them. Even at this distance the man behind the glass blinked hard as the light from the furnaces dazzled him. The four figures continued on.

      “Another 8 months wasted” the man grimaced at the thought. “What is it I’m doing wrong?” His expressionless exterior belied his doubtful mind as he watched the men begin to lift the large objects off the trolley and throw them into the blazing fires.

      “Ehhermm” came a cough from behind him. “Er, Professor Tweed?”

      “Edwards, your late!” Tweed answered spitefully, turning on his heels to face the interruption as he dabbed away more sweat from his neck.

      “Yes sir, I’m sorry about that sir…you see..” the white coated Edwards said timidly while he shuffled on the spot.

      “Never mind,” Tweed spat, cutting him off mid-explanation. “This is a disaster, Edwards!” he bellowed, turning back to the window, “an unmitigated disaster.”

      “Yes, sir” Edwards confirmed eyes focused on the floor.

      “What the hell is your team playing at! This is the fourth failure in two and a half years”

      “Yes sir…er…I know sir, but we do…er...have some idea...er..as to the causes”. Edwards fumbled with the folder, clipboard and report he was carrying, searching for the appropriated piece of paper.

      “Well?” Tweed replied with the tone of an angry school teacher. “this better be good, that’s 90 million dollars they’re throwing into that incinerator and I don’t intend to see another 90 million go up in smoke.”

      “Here’s the report sir”. Edwards handed Tweed the document containing the research group's findings.

      Tweed flicked through it, stopping occasionally to read sections and grunting either his displeasure or agreement. Finally he closed the document. “And your conclusion is?” he asked, a little calmer.

      “Well, sir” Edwards cleared his throat. “The failure seems to emanate from our approach to the program itself.”

      “Meaning?” Tweed demanded.

      “Meaning,” Edwards continued, “we had assumed that we could carry out the manipulation of the tissue artificially.”

      “And, now your saying this is not the case?” Tweed was starting to get impatient. “Don’t waste my time. I’ve been in this game since before you were out of diapers. I know how the procedure works. I invented it!”

      “No…no sir please, let me explain.” Edwards stammered. “We aren’t doing anything wrong, its just…well…we’re missing a vital ingredient.”

      Tweed looked annoyed. “And that is?”

      “Well, in order for the tissue to develop, it needs a naturally produced enzyme to be present at the moment the tissues are combined,” Edwards explained, feeling more comfortable discussing his work. “Since we carry out the procedure in a sterile environment, the enzyme is not present.”

      Tweed considered this, his agile mind twisting over the problem. “So, what your saying is we need live test subjects.”

      “Yes, sir.” Edwards conceded.

      Tweed contemplated this idea. Damn, damn, damn! I’ve been so wrapped up in the failures, I let this snivelling shit outsmart me. Concentrate, Tweed. This white-coated wretch may be onto something.

      “Edwards how many ‘dormants’ do we have in the field?” Tweed asked.

      “There are twenty pairs sir, but we have two here in the facility, who were never released.” Edwards tried to follow Tweed’s train of thought.

      “Are they compatible?” Tweed queried.

      “No, sir they’re both male - orphans.” Edwards replied, beginning to see his boss’s plan. “We need two female subjects.”

      “Then, bring in the others.” Tweed demanded.

      “But sir,” Edwards cautiously argued, “its been so long.”

      “I don’t care, recall them,” snapped Tweed. “I want as many as we can get. And, Edwards...”

      “Yes sir?” Edwards cringed - he knew what was coming.

      “Bring me all the documentation on the X-gene project.” Tweed turned back to the window as the men finished throwing the last of the containers into the furnace.

      “Sir?” Edwards chest tightened.

      “You heard me.” The light from the flames flickered across Tweed’s face as he watched the half-grown embryos burn. “It’s time we enhanced the mutations…..prepare a breeding program.”

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