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FIC: The Persia Saga - Ch.1 Rescue

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  • Logan Berry
    Title: The Persia Saga – Chapter 1: Rescue Author: Logan Berry ( loganberryx@yahoo.co.uk ) summary: Logan, Scott and Ro are asked to protect a rich
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2004
      Title: The Persia Saga – Chapter 1: Rescue
      Author: Logan Berry ( loganberryx@... )

      summary: Logan, Scott and Ro are asked to protect a rich businessman’s daughter from being stalked.

      Rating/warning & pairing: PG-13 language and violence. X-Team

      Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to any Marvel Characters. Kaylan O’Connor and Lewis Williams are fictional characters and are owned by the above author.

      Feedback is extremely welcome, but please be gentle, this is my first fanfic and I’m not an English major.

      For additional notes please refer to the prologue


      Cyclops shifted his weight and stretched out his left leg, rubbing his cramped thigh through the black leather suit. He was tired and cold. He’d been crouched at the side of the warehouse for three hours, watching the street and the building opposite. He pressed the button on his radio-mike.

      “Wolverine, do you see anything?”

      “Negative.” came the growling reply, “I don’t see shit up here Bub, lets call this off, I need a beer.”

      “Not just yet, its 1am, we’ll stay put till dawn”. At the realization of the time Cyclops stifled a yawn.

      “Would you like to trade places for a while Cyclops?” The gentle voice of Storm whispered behind him and he turned to face her, smiling.

      “Yes, Storm that would be great, I could do with a break”

      Keeping low so as not to give away his position he shuffled passed Storm and dropped to the cold concrete, resting his back against the wall. Sighing with relief, as the ache in his thighs eased he considered their mission.

      Two days earlier.

      Scott sat in the empty office waiting for the Professor. All was quiet except for the rhythmic ticking of the clock on the mantelpiece. He gazed out of the window at the long flower beds now full of yellow daffodils and the bright lime-green of the spring foliage bursting on the trees, at least in his minds-eye they were, but in truth they were just shades of ruby. The sun shone in through the large bay windows casting stripes of brightness across the oak panelled room and he watched the flecks of dust dance in the beams. He was moved from his contemplation by the door creaking open.

      “Good morning Scott” Charles addressed him in his soft baritone voice, as he wheeled into the office.

      “Morning Professor” Scott answered. Scott could see from Charles expression that something was bothering him.

      “I’ll get straight to the point Scott. Last night I received a rather surprising phone call from an old friend I haven’t spoken to in years. He was hoping we would be able to help him, or rather his daughter”.

      “What’s the problem?” Scott asked, “She a mutant?”

      “No, that’s the curious thing”. Charles’ brow furrowed as he paused for a moment. “Scott, have you heard of Williams Industries?”

      Scott considered the question. “Yes, they’re a big multi-national, dealing mainly in micro technologies I think”

      “That is correct, but they also deal in everything from pharmaceuticals to agriculture. Lewis Williams is the old friend I referred to”

      “Wow, you have some friends in high places Professor!” Scott exclaimed.

      “Indeed, but what he told me was more of a concern on a personal level. He said that in the last week his daughter had been followed on three occasions by two men, whom she described as ‘strange looking’”

      “That could mean just about anyone!” Scott answered.

      “That’s what I thought, but he insisted that they were mutants” Xavier replied. “There has been a spate of mutant attacks on non-mutants over the last few weeks.”

      “Yes Professor, Jean and I have been keeping an eye on them to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand, but there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the attacks, they’re just random muggings, that sort of thing. Why didn’t he just go to the authorities?”

      “That’s what I suggested” Xavier replied. “But he insisted it was something more and that the authorities would do nothing to help. In the end I said I would see what we could do, to put his mind at rest. Williams is a high profile businessman but he has always kept his family out of the limelight, it maybe that he thinks it’s a rival trying to intimidate him through his daughter”

      “So what would you like me to do?” Scott queried.

      “I don’t think this requires extreme measures but I would like you to investigate all the same. Take Storm and Wolverine; keep a vigil on the girl’s apartment for a couple of nights. If everything is ok I can reassure Lewis”.

      “So, who’s the girl?” Scott asked.

      “Her name is Kaylan O’Connor, and she’s my god-daughter” Xavier answered softly. “but I haven’t seen her for many years, not since her mother died.”

      “Oh” was all Scott could answer a little surprised.

      “I guess that it’s only fair that you know.” Xavier paused, trying to find the right words to say. “Even though many years have passed she still means a lot to me, that’s why I want you to do this for me” He looked distant as he thought on memories from the past Scott could only speculate on.

      “I’ll get on it Professor” Scott replied firmly.

      “Thank you Scott” Xavier smiled weakly.

      So for the second night here he sat, waiting patiently in the cold dark alley wishing only to be back at home in bed, with Jean in his arms.


      Wolverine sniffed the air. Up on the roof it was much fresher. He liked it up here, alone, un-hassled by the others. He paced along the precipice for the 50th time that night, scouring the streets below with his keen vision, still nothing. Walking steadily back to the front of the building his mind wandered to the cold beer and hot shower waiting back at the mansion. He let a sight shiver run down his back as the cold began to seep through the black leather of his suit.

      “Baby sittin’, that’s all I ever do these days, baby sit” he grumbled out loud to himself.

      Reaching the building front he leaned out over the edge to get a look at the front steps four stories below, nothing. He checked his watch, giving himself 15 minutes before his next round, he pulled up the battered armchair he’d found the night before - someone obviously liked to come up to the roof to sit - and placed it at the corner of the roof so as to see the street below and keep his ass from freezing.

      “I’m gettin’ too used to the comforts of home” he thought as he sat down, a smile spreading across his face. He hunkered down in the chair to continue his vigil.


      Even semi-conscious of the city’s sounds around him, Wolverine’s ears picked out the strange but distant sound emanating from across the street. The hairs on the back of his neck bristled and he sub-consciously clenched his fists. In one swift move he leapt from the chair and onto the precipice, crouching down so as not to be seen from below. It sounded slightly familiar, like a car door being slammed whilst hundreds of sparklers crackled at once, but from this distance he could not be sure. He glared down the street for several minutes but nothing looked out of the ordinary, a few late-night party goers the odd dog sniffing in the gutter. Relaxing his shoulders a little, he dropped back to the roof and climbed into the chair, pulling his legs up so that at any moment he could dash for the roof door. Something wasn’t quite right, he could feel it.

      “Cyclops?” Storm whispered gently as she patted him on the shoulder. He’d dosed off in the alley and came-too with a start, pushing himself up onto a crouch in his confusion.

      “What!” he exclaimed.

      “It’s OK” Storm reassured him. “But I thought you should know, there are two men approaching the door of the apartment block”. Storm pointed in the direction and Cyclops followed her finger.

      Across the street two figures were at the apartment entrance. The door required a key and key-code to enter, so Cyke knew only the block residents would have access. The pair watched from the alley, adrenalin starting to flow.

      “What are they waiting for?” Cyclops whispered through clenched teeth. He could feel his belly tighten as it always did before a fight.

      The two men took their time, one held the handle of the closed door whilst the other fumbled, his back to the street, with the key-coder. Cyclops had had enough; he began to edge out into the street.

      “Wait!” Storm murmured, grabbing Cyclops’ arm gently. “Look, they’re going in….false alarm I think.”

      Sure enough, the two men entered the building; Cyclops could just make out the green light on the key-coder showing their entrance code was good. He sat back on his heals.

      “Well spotted Storm, I think I’m getting a little stir-crazy” he smiled weakly, “Just tired”.

      He shuffled back into the alley, sitting down behind Storm.

      “It’s ok, I’ll continue to watch” she said.

      “Thanks, maybe just for a few……..”

      AAAARRRRRRHHHHHHHH! An ear-splitting scream ripped through the cold night air, taking both Storm and Cyclops by surprise.

      “What the….!”

      Cyclops was already on his feet and heading out of the alley, closely followed by Storm. He scanned the front of the building trying to pin-point the cry and spotted a window, slightly ajar on the second floor.

      “There!” he shouted, pointing to the window. The lights of the apartment were on, even at that late hour.

      “Is that her apartment?” questioned Storm.

      “Yes, I think so, Wolverine, do you read?”

      “Loud an’ clear Bub, I heard it, I’m already on my way” he growled back in Cyclops’ ear-piece.

      “Storm can you get us both up there?” Cyclops asked.

      “Yes” answered Storm looking up to judge the height of the building, the opaque glaze passing over her eyes as she did so.

      Cyclops turned and strode towards her already fighting hard against the rising winds as Storm raised her arms. Her black cape and silver-white hair fluttered around her and the air cracked with lightning. As he gripped her shoulders she flicked back her head and the wind whipped them off their feet into the air. They raised high above the street, as close to the building as Storm could get them. As they drew level with the window, Cyclops could just make out three figures in the room.

      “The two men!” he realized. “Damn it!” He pushed aside the thought that he had totally misread the situation and put a life at risk. He let go of Storm’s shoulder with one hand and swung round slightly to get a better view of the room.

      “Storm” he shouted over the howling wind, “can you get me over to the window?”

      “Yes” She replied and flicking her head back once more, the winds rose to her command.

      Cyclops felt the force lift him and as it did he kicked out. His out-stretched leg hit the pane of glass first, sending shards flying into the room. He braced himself for the impact as best he could, knowing he could distract the attackers just long enough for Wolverine to get there.

      By the time Cyclops called him on the radio Wolverine was already half-way across the roof. When he heard the scream echo off the buildings his body reacted on instinct. The old armchair had given him the springboard he’d needed to propel himself several feet towards the roof-top door. Now as he heard the explosion of glass he was already at the bottom of the second flight of stairs and was sprinting along the corridor. SNIKT, claws shot through the leather of his gloves, the sting of their unsheathing made him grimace. He rounded the corner and skidded to a halt at the open apartment door.

      The two men grappled with their intended victim as she struggled to escape. When the window imploded all three were forced to duck as they were showered in glass. It was all the opportunity the woman needed. She scrabbled free of their grip and threw herself at the door of an adjacent room, slamming it shut behind her. Cyclops shook his head to clear the stars from his vision. His flight through the window had been stopped abruptly by the back of a sofa, behind which he now crouched.

      “Neck not broken…good” he thought.

      There was a crackle of broken glass behind him as Storm flew in through the smashed window and dropped lightly to the floor behind the sofa. Peering over the top of the seat Cyclops surveyed the room. The two men were now hammering on the locked door the woman had escaped through, ignoring the interruption of Cyclops’ entrance.

      The two were both dressed in long gray overcoats. The taller of the two was slim with long greasy-looking wavy hair, his skin too was a lighter shade of gray which gave him the appearance of a ghost. The shorter man had honey-blonde hair and bright green eyes; compared to his partner he had an almost ruddy complexion.

      “Thor!” the taller man snapped, “blow the door and let’s get out of here”

      The blonde Thor took two paces back. “Move away” he said. He raised his hands to chest height and clenched his fists.

      “Started the party without me did ya?” Came a snarling voice from behind them. “Sorry, I forgot to bring the beer” The black-clad body of Wolverine filled the broken doorway of the apartment. He tilted his head as he eyed the two startled men from under furrowed brows.

      “Heeerrreee’s Wolfy!” He hissed as he ran at Thor.

      Two ribbons of yellow light shot from Thor’s hands but his aim was deflected as he was knocked sideways when several hundred pounds of black-clad Adamantium barrelled into him. The lightening bolts hit the ceiling ripping a hole in the roof and causing plaster to cascade down onto them like confetti.

      “They’re mutants!” Cyclops exclaimed as he rose from behind the sofa.

      He leapt over the chair, heading for the other man who was now making a break for it towards the unguarded front door. A gust of wind shot past him and the half broken door slammed shut blocking his escape. He turned just in time to see Cyclops go for his visor as he ran towards him.


      Cyclops fell forward into the space as the man vanished, causing the air around him to buzz as it was sucked into the vacuum. He re-appeared on the other side of the room.

      “He’s a teleport!” Cyclops shouted over the noise of the fighting.

      Wolverine’s concentration was on the man he had pinned to the floor, one arm across his neck the other with claws just inches from his nose.

      “Give up now Bub and I promise not to hurt ya” he said with a sneer.

      Thor wriggled underneath the weight that sat astride him, fighting to free his arms. He had more strength than Wolverine anticipated. With one mighty grunt Thor forced Wolverine over, kicking out with his legs and landing them square in his stomach. Wolverine doubled over. It was all the time Thor needed, raising one hand he let fly with a lightning bolt, catching Wolverine in the shoulder and throwing him back hard against the wall. Scrambling to his feet Thor ran towards his partner.

      “Thor, quick!” the tall ghost man held out his hand as Thor reached his side. They were penned in on two sides with their backs to the wall as Storm and Cyclops moved in. He glanced through the window and then back into the room at the two approaching figures in black. He began to laugh, and with that the air crackled.


      The two men in gray vanished from the room.

      “There!” exclaimed Storm as she looked out of the broken window. “They escaped into the street…shall we follow”

      “No” answered Cyclops “I don’t think they’ll be back”

      “oohhh shit….that stung” Wolverine said as he clambered to his feet rubbing his shoulder. Straightening up, he stretched his neck from one side to the other, cracking it back into place.

      “You ok?” Cyclops asked crossing the room to face his team-mate.

      “Yeah, I’m fine…who the fuck were they?” Wolverine asked.

      “Don’t know…but we’re gonna find out”

      Their conversation was halted by the sound of sobbing coming from the adjoining room. Cyclops headed for the door, and with a lightly focused beam of energy he popped it open. As he did so there was a terrified scream from inside. Carefully, he pushed the door open.

      The sobs grew louder as he entered the bathroom.

      “Please…Please ….don’t hurt me” begged a shrill, tear-filled voice.

      “Its ok, don’t be afraid” he whispered.

      The voice came from behind the drawn shower curtain and Cyclops gently drew it back.

      “Eeeee” screeched the woman again. She was curled up in the corner of the bath trying desperately to crawl up the wall to escape whoever it was trying to get her.

      “Please” he said. “Don’t be frightened”. But the look of naked fear in the woman’s face told him she was too scared to understand.

      Cyclops turned “Storm? Please come here I need your help, I think I am scaring her.” He backed away to let Storm pass. She knelt down by the bath and placed a gentle hand on the woman’s arm. At the sight of another female the woman relaxed a little, body still shaking with sobs.

      “Here now” Strom whispered. “Don’t be afraid, we’re here to help you, you’re safe now”

      “Who...who are you?” the woman asked trembling, tears rolling down her face.

      Storm held out her hand and the woman took it. “My name is Ororo Munroe, these are my friends, Scott and Logan, we’re friend’s of your father’s”.

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