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FIC: All Too Late (5/?)

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  • Laura Elaine
    All Too Late- Part 5 Author: Sparkling-Diva Summary: Marie finds out some things that she didn t want to know. Disclaimer: Don t own them, you know the drill.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2004
      All Too Late- Part 5

      Author: Sparkling-Diva

      Summary: Marie finds out some things that she didn't want to know.

      Disclaimer: Don't own them, you know the drill. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

      Rating: PG-13 (Just to be safe).

      Feedback: Please!!!! My e-mail is rogue200348@.... Thank you
      very much !! Mesa happy!!! (kicks the Jar Jar Binks muse in her

      Author's Note: Sorry!! I know it took so long but it's never to late
      to pick up the pace again isn't it? Here you go!! Enjoy!!

      It took hours to drive, nearly 2 whole days straight since he was
      without the jet, but Logan eventually made it to Magneto's lair
      through the coordinates the Professor had instructed.

      Please still be alive and okay, Logan said to himself.

      He had to save her.

      Hiding the van in the bushes of the nearby woods, he got out and
      began running to the entrance of the compound but it was locked.

      "Dangit!" he said, noticing a nearby loose boarded window that he
      could fit in.

      It was no or never.


      Meanwhile, Marie had been tied up to a metallic pole.

      "This is not happening," she told herself out loud, "Not again."

      She was in the inside of a machine similar to that of the one Eric
      tried to use during the Liberty Island incident.

      He's going to try to turn everyone into mutants again!

      She had to get out.

      She tried the handcuffs but they wouldn't work.

      "My, my child. Don't you know that you are never going to get
      yourself out of here?"

      She turned her head to face an all too familiar Mystique.

      "And how would you know?" she said trying to sound brave.

      "I know more than you may actually think," she said somewhat seeming

      Marie for some reason believed Mystique. She did seem to have known
      something more. Maybe, just maybe, Marie could get it out of her.

      "What do you mean?" she said eyeing her suspiciously.

      "Your past."

      "What about it?"

      "You were born with the name Marie- not Rogue. When you were born,
      you were put up for adoption. When you were young your foster
      parents died transferring to yet another family. Your new mother's
      name was Deborah. She left you some years later," Mystique paused
      before beginning again, "And you moved in with some of her old
      neighbor friends."

      Marie was shocked, "How do you know all this?" she said angrily.

      Mystique put her hand on her shoulder, "I'm your mother," she said
      looking into her eyes.

      Memories began to flood in her mind. "No, no, no, it can't be,"
      Marie cried in through her tears.

      "But it sadly is," Marie said with some hurt in her voice, "I always
      wanted my little girl to grow up to be something special but I never
      thought she'd change the world," she said giving a smile.

      "You were never there! I hate you! I hate you!"

      "More on the contrary. I was. What? I haven't told you yet? I was


      Just then Magneto walked in, "Oh, how touching, a family reunion.
      Like mother," he said turning to Mystique and then to Marie, "like

      "Who's my father?" Marie yelled.

      "Don't even start with me! He left long before you were born. What
      you've never been in love?'
      Marie tried to fight back her tears.

      "There is no such thing as love. Men will grab you and make you feel
      as if you are on top of the world just to leave you a moment later
      all alone and in misery. You wouldn't want to live like that would
      you?" she exclaimed. Then Mystique stared at Marie like she was
      scanning her, figuring her out, and seeing right through her. What
      she saw made her smile. "Oh, I see, Logan, right?" she laughed her
      hideous laugh, "Him? You don't stand a chance. You aren't his type.

      You're nobody's and never will be. You are nothing and you mean
      nothing to him, "Where is he now? Where is he to save you?"

      The machine slowly started and through her eyes, blurred with the
      stinging of non-stop tears, she could see Magneto pull a lever
      making the powerful source rise up to the ceiling where a hole
      opened it allowing it room to go up to the dark afternoon sky.

      "So long," she whispered.

      "I'd say no!" Logan said entering the doorway.

      "Looks like we have a Romeo in the play after all," Magneto

      "Let her go, bub!"


      "I thought I had taken care of you." Mystique said.

      "You never will be," Logan said as he began to move forward but
      Mystique attacked him. "This is going to be fun," she said as she
      kicked him and a fight began.

      "That leaves you and me," Magneto said as he placed his hands on her
      face to transfer his powers.

      "No!" she yelled.

      "Marie!" Logan yelled. Seeing a giant shovel in the portion of the
      cave he took it and knocked Mystique unconscious.

      Magneto fell weak.

      Wolverine must be stopped, he thought.

      Quickly, Logan stood up and turned the machine off and ran to Marie
      and with his claws released her causing her to fell with a faint

      Magneto laughed pulling out a gun from a nearby shelf, "Let's see if
      you can stop me now. I knew it would come to this. This here is full
      of hot adamantium metal. You can never defeat it since no matter who
      you are it will burn you."

      Eric hadn't realized it but then he took, it he had dropped another.

      Marie crawling on the floor tried to reach for it.

      "Say goodbye, Wolverine.

      "No!" Marie said as she took all of her last strength to shoot
      Magneto who fell back on a balcony and crashed into the waves below.

      With that, Marie collapsed on the floor.

      She saved my life, Logan told himself, She saved my life again.

      Now Marie was not moving.

      "No…Marie?" Logan said picking her up into his arms, "It's okay.
      It's all over now. Wake up. Please, darling."

      She didn't move.

      Logan cried and screamed, "Why God? Why did you have to take her
      away from me again?"

      He looked down at her and said whispering, "I love her." He then
      checked her pulse. To his surprise, there was still a little left
      but just barely.

      Without a second thought, he leaned forward and kissed her lips. For
      a moment there was passion and pure bliss. Then there was pain.
      Logan felt the energy and life being drained out of him.

      Marie finally snapped open her eyes and pushed him away where he lay

      Marie gasped and looked at all the destruction around her and then
      at Logan.

      "Oh no!" she crawled her way towards him. Being careful of her
      deadly touch, Marie tried to gently waken him.

      "Logan? Sugah? Wake up. Logan?"

      He wasn't breathing.

      Marie lowered herself into his stomach where his uniform separated
      them and wept.

      "Logan? Please, I love you. So don't leave me here all alone.

      It seemed like time was standing still and she was all alone in the

      How could this have happened?

      She remembered how when she was brought back to life. She had found
      him kissing her on the lips. He was so gentle and she had just loved
      every part of him and something in her had still yearned for him.

      Could this mean that-

      No it was not the time to be thinking such things.

      All she could do was cry.

      Suddenly she was shocked when she felt a hand touch her hair. She
      looked up to see Logan smiling and opening his eyes.

      "Marie?" Logan mumbled.

      Careful not to touch him, she leaned up to face him.

      "I'm here Logan. I'm here," she said struggling.

      "I love you, Marie."

      Then she cried some more as Logan whispered into her that it will
      all work out okay and she didn't have to worry since he was there
      and no harm would ever come to her as long as he was around.

      After a while, Logan asked her to get off him so he could get up.
      Marie helped out with what she could.

      Once they were up and standing in front of each other, Logan removed
      a strand of hair off her face.

      "Hey darlin'," he said using a gloved hand to pick up her chin so he
      could look into her eyes.

      His heart ached as he saw the tears well up in her eyes. He felt all
      the pain that she had gone through.

      "I meant what I told you Marie. I love you," he said looking into
      her eyes.

      He noticed how she was shaking and couldn't say hardly anything.

      Oh gosh, he thought, she must still be in shock after everything
      that happened earlier.

      "I won't hurt you," he said as he leaned forward.

      She slightly shook her head.

      "The moment I feel a pull, I'll let go. I promise," he replied
      before kissing her.

      The few seconds of bliss came until once again he felt the life
      sucking out of him and Marie pulling away.

      "I'm okay don't worry, darlin'," he assured her giving her a hug
      after he gathered himself up.

      "Let's get you out of this place, huh?" he said.

      He then put an arm around her and led her out of the lair and walked
      with her to where he had parked the van.
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