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Fic: "FOH: The Return" PG-13 (6/?) [Scott, L/R, Ororo/Legolas, others]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Still a part of the FOH series, still a crossover to LOTR. You need to have read the earlier parts to follow this. You can read it at fanfiction.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2004
      Hi all,

      Still a part of the FOH series, still a crossover to LOTR.

      You need to have read the earlier parts to follow this.
      You can read it at fanfiction.net
      [http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=104470] or my own webpage


      Part 6:

      If Lord Elrond’s arrival and manner in which he would provide the promised increase to their army had shocked and surprised the rulers of Middle Earth, it had blown the X-men away. Elrond’s suggestion had been simple in its complexity; to increase their army they should summon the help from dead human and elven warriors. As the destined King of Gondor Aragorn would be able to summon the Dead Men of Dunharrow by showing the royal sword which Elrond had had reforged and which had been the gift he wanted to offer his adopted son. These dead men had broken their oath to their king when they had been living and because of this they had been denied eternal rest until they uphold their promise to aid the King of Gondor. Aragorn should therefore, in theory at least, be able to order them to help them defend Minas Tirith. It would take some time to get these dead warriors so the warriors of Rohan and the Golden Wood would leave for Gondor in three days and should hold the city safe until reinforcements arrived. While Aragorn left to summon the dead humans with Legolas and Scott, then Logan, Rogue and Boromir would travel to the Dead Marshes and summon the dead Elves and men who had been slain there.

      Coming from a world without magic, for the X-men to accept powers like Gandalf’s were hard but to take a suggestion about raising the dead seriously had been a lot harder. Logan had of course been the most verbal about his disbelief but if this could be done then Scott agreed that it was a good idea. The new warriors were already dead; how more perfect an army could you get?

      "I do not like the idea of us splitting up," Ororo admitted as Scott, Logan, Rogue and herself walked together in preparation to see Logan, Rogue and Boromir off on their journey. They had the longest way to travel so they would leave as soon as possible.

      "I do not like it either but we have no choice. The Oath-Breakers that Aragorn needs to summon are apparently locked up inside a mountain so I need to come to blast us in. Boromir needs Rogue’s powers to help him find the dead Elves and like Legolas going with Aragorn and me then Logan will help Rogue and Boromir on their way with tracking and being able to see and smell any enemy forces before they get critically close," Scott explained, knowing Ororo already knew this but he could see that his friend was worried. A little in front of them Logan and Rogue walked side by side until they stopped so that Scott and Ororo could catch up with them so they could talk while walking towards the horses that had been provided for them and Boromir.

      "Raising the dead," Logan snorted disbelieving, having not been convinced by the inhabitants of Middle Earth’s beliefs. "If this was back home I’d say our regal lord Elf had had a little too much weed in his youth."

      As he had hoped his three friends smiled a little in reply to his comment, their spirits lifting in the face of his sarcastic form of humour.

      "I find it hard to believe myself but we have seen people come back from the dead so raising the dead may not be so far out in this world after all," Scott said and cast a look at where Boromir was having a tearful farewell with Merry. It was clear for all to see that the thought of leaving the last of his Little Ones was breaking his heart. Merry was openly crying while the proud warrior did his best to hide how glassy his eyes had become.

      "I would feel better if Haldir was going with us," Rogue said, afraid she might disappoint all the expectations people seemed to have in her and her ability to use Gandalf’s white magic to convince the Elves that they were on the side of righteousness in this combat and thus deserved their help.

      "Aragorn needs to be the one who seeks out the Oath-breakers so Haldir needs to stay and lead the Elves into battle for Minas Tirith," Ororo explained and Rogue nodded understanding though she still looked doubtful. Her control over her borrowed powers was slipping more from day to day. She hadn’t admitted it to anyone, barely even herself, but it was now becoming a harder and harder battle for her to lock out Sauron’s evil whispers.

      "I know but don’t we need an Elf to speak with the dead Elven warriors for them to believe us and come with us? I mean Elves can be so…" Rogue searched for a suitable word.

      "Arrogant?" Logan supplied with a grin and she mock hit him on the arm, having him laugh and plant a soft kiss to the top of her head as he drew her towards him, holding her close with an arm around her waist.

      "I was trying to be diplomatic."

      "But come on; admit it. We all think it. They live forever. Of course they’ll see us all as children and act arrogantly towards us," Logan said, only halfway joking.

      "You might live forever," Ororo reminded him and suddenly she wondered if her unborn child would inherit its father’s immortality. If so how in the world could she explain that away? An Immortal being on Earth would be locked away and studied for medical purposes. The very thought made her shiver and Scott cast her a concerned look. Well, there was still a very good chance she might not make it out of Middle Earth alive so she had to focus on one thing at a time. For now she had been asked to help prepare the army to depart to Gondor, together with Eomer and Gimli and with only 3 days in which to do so there was a lot to be done. Hopefully the large amount of work would keep her mind off Legolas and the pain of seeing him so sad, knowing she was to blame for it.

      "Which just proves his point; Immortals are arrogant," Scott teased and they all laughed, needing the relief of laughter in this tense time. They had reached the two horses and the two Rohan warriors who had held the horses helped Logan and Rogue up on a horse each. While Ororo said farewell to Rogue Scott looked seriously up at Logan.

      "I won’t ask you to take care of them since I know you will but I will ask you to be watchful around Rogue. I know you don’t want to see it but she knows she could be a danger to this mission if Sauron gets a hold of her," Scott warned, his voice low and serious. Logan nodded grimly. He had tried to deny it but he couldn't do so any longer. As his beloved wife, as Rogue, she would never even harm a fly. But if Sauron got a hold of her...He wished he could blame Gandalf for this so he had someone to blame but the only one he could really blame was Sauron and he was unfortunately not around to feel the heat of Logan’s wrath but Logan planned to change that soon so he could have his revenge.

      "I know."

      Scott nodded in reply before he shook hands with Logan, on purpose shaking his hand as Middle Earth’s warriors did; with a hand around the wrist.

      "I’ll see you in Minas Tirith soon," Logan said to Scott before he let Ororo take Scott’s place. Scott went to Rogue and gave her an encouraging smile. He patted her right hand which lay on the horse’s rains and gave them a reassuring squeeze.

      "You’ll do fine. I have faith in you."

      She avoided his eyes. "I’m not sure you should," she mumbled.

      "Rogue," his intense tone of voice made her meet his shaded gaze. "I will always have faith in you but you know me…I’m a Boy Scout at heart. I won’t deny that I have thought about you falling and have warned Logan about this but me being prepared doesn’t change the fact that I do have faith in you."

      "Thank you," she said, moved and happy by his words. She liked that he had faith in her but still had prepared for the worst. It made her feel better and more secure knowing that should she fail then at least she wouldn’t bring down anyone else in her fall. She smiled warmly and he reached up and held her on the arms so that he could draw her a little towards himself so he could kiss the top of her head.

      "Safe journey."

      She drew back and suddenly had a flash of melancholy as if she would never see him again. On impulse she gave him a hug before she sat up straight again.

      "Take care of yourself, Scott."

      Logan rode along side her and they began to move a little away. "You too," Scott said after her before he noticed that Boromir had stopped his horse right next to him. Worry and concern for his brother and his Little Ones gave Boromir a haunted and older look. Scott offered his hand to him which Boromir took, holding it around the wrist.

      "I will take care of Merry for you as well as I can and if I should see your brother before you arrive I shall do my best to see him safe as well," Scott promised solemnly and Boromir smiled in gratitude.

      "Thank you, my friend." They shook hands before Boromir withdrew his hands and began to slowly ride after Rogue and Logan. He turned around and smiled with a half teasing and half serious look in his eyes at Scott. "Take care of my King for me. He has a tendency to rush into battles head first."

      Scott laughed and nodded in reply. "I will."

      Boromir nodded at him before his eyes found Merry and he smiled at the small Hobbit and waved at him, making the Hobbit wave back while he fought his tears. Alone without Pippin and Boromir for the first time, Merry suddenly felt alone and lost until Scott with an easy smile and a hand on his shoulder made him feel a bit better as he watched Boromir ride off together with Rogue and Logan. Ororo went to stand on Scott's other side as she waved farewell to her friends and she shared a meaningful look with Scott. Without any of them saying as much they all had a fear that this would be the last time they would all be together…maybe the last time they would all stand side by side. Separated by Sauron’s tempting evil or death they all knew that their fear of losing one another was very real and this was also why Ororo and Scott permitted themselves the time to stand still outside Rohan’s royal stables and watch Rogue, Logan and Boromir fade into the distance. They watched them until they disappeared from view, leaving them with a fear that this would be the last image of their friends that they would ever get.

      * * *

      Eowyn was standing around in the soon to be disbanded camp and looked at Scott. He possessed so many qualities that she admired but what she liked most about the shaded stranger was that he was a great leader yet also a kind hearted man. He listened to her and took her word as seriously as he would any man’s. She had never before found a man who could both be a great leader and warrior and who had the qualities to become a wonderful husband as well. She knew that if she were to marry Scott then he would let her rule with him and not simply keep her around as a trophy of beauty and royal lineage to show off to his friends and enemies as a sign of his power.

      "Be careful where your thoughts take you, dear sister," a kind voice spoke behind her and she sprung around with surprise and joy written on her face to give her brother a quick embrace. So much had happened that she hadn’t had as much time to spend with her brother as she would have liked. Growing up Eomer had been her constant defender and supporter and he had been the one who had taught her how to fight. He had said that if he was not around then he would feel better if she knew some basic survival and fighting skills. Before Scott had showed up she had thought Eomer was the only man who could be a strong warrior and still be kind and respectful to her, disregarding the ruling laws and opinions on women’s place in society. Because of this she had always, and still did, looked up to her brother and every suitor who had been introduced to her she had measured up against her brother. If he wasn’t as strong, clever, gallant and kind as Eomer then she would not even consider marrying him despite her uncle’s wishes. Until she had met Scott no man had ever been able to measure up to Eomer.

      "My thoughts may travel where they please. No one but me will ever know where they went," she teased though grew sober when she saw her brother’s serious expression.

      "Be careful with this warrior leader, Scott. Like so many good leaders his love for his people as well as his sense of duty will always be greater than any affection to any one person he may have," Eomer warned kindly and stroked her cheek. She was set to protest but saw the wisdom in his words. One of Eomer’s generals called to get his attention and he left to supervise the army’s move, going over to Ororo, Gimli and Haldir on the way to hear how many soldiers, weapons and supplies they currently had and when they would be able to leave. Aragorn’s 3 days deadline would be up the coming morning and everyone was busy. Eowyn went to go tend to her own duties, which was making sure all the Elves and men who could leave for battle after they had been wounded did so and then made sure the few Elves and the humans who were still in sickbed would be taken care of when the army moved on. On her way across camp to tell Haldir of the number of Elves who she had released for duty and the few who would remain behind to recover her uncle stopped her.

      "Eowyn, I wish you to remain here at the palace," the old king said seriously.

      "But uncle…" she began to protest.

      "No buts, my girl. If your brother and myself fall you are the only one left of the direct line of Rohan’s royalty. It will fall on you to protect our country."

      "I am honoured for this duty, uncle, but I can help you in the battle," she insisted.

      Theoden shook his head and pointed towards where Aragorn, Legolas and Scott were preparing to leave the camp. "We all have our duties and responsibilities to perform." He paused for a moment before he went on. "When first I saw Aragorn I feared you might take a liking to him for he is a great king and man but I see now that it is the shaded stranger who threatens to steal your heart."

      Eowyn blushed. "We are but friends."

      Theoden’s expression softened but his voice was serious. "Then let it stay that way. Though as far as I know Scott does not rule a Kingdom then he is still a King in his own right. His honour will not let him stay here with you as long as his people, the ones he calls mutants, have to fight for survival back in his own world. He has no sons…" he paused as Eowyn gave him a meaningful look and he added to avoid debating a subject they would never be able to agree on anyway, "or daughters to follow him. Do not place your heart in the hands of a man who will be unable to give his own in return."

      "Uncle…" she began but then stopped. He was right; she knew he was. Scott would choose to do the honourable thing. As the leader of his people he would be honour bound to return and fight for them if there was any possibility for them to return and he would be equally honour bound to forever search for a way to return home so that he could keep fighting for the rights of his people. If he would not then he would not be Scott and not be the man she had come to care for. Tears formed in her eyes as she realised the hopelessness of her situation. "Will I ever find happiness?" she asked him softly, with the same kind of pleading in her voice with which she as a little girl had asked him to please tell her that her parents were not dead and would be back tomorrow. Theoden embraced her warmly before he drew back and wiped her tears away with his hand.

      "One day you will find a man who can be your knight, warrior and king all in one. A man who’ll treat you as his equal the way you want to be treated." He stroked her cheek and she caught his hand and softly kissed it. "One day," he promised. She smiled bravely though she doubted if it was true. She had been alone for so long and it seemed that she would forever remain so.

      "One day," she repeated softly. He nodded before he left her to prepare for the army to move out. A determined look came to Eowyn’s face. She might not be able to get her heart’s wish and find love but she could help Rohan, the country of her birth and which she had always loved. Merry had approached her and had told her that like her he was being left behind because the others thought he was too small to fight. Merry wanted to fight, he wanted to find Pippin and Boromir soon and he wanted to help. She knew how it felt like to be treated unfairly, judged for something out of your control, and she would help him fight in the coming battle. So much was denied her but no one would deny her the opportunity to help fight for her people.

      * * *

      The trip to the Dead Marhes was long and tiring, seemingly longer in their minds since they all worried for the friends they had left behind. On the 10th day they all knew that the Rohan and Elven army would very soon reach Gondor’s capital and time became of the essence. Rogue used her powers and could easily feel where the dead Elves and men were and lead them there. Logan remembered Scott’s warning words about Rogue well and kept an eye on things, clearly recalling how she had almost touched Gandalf before he had left for Gondor. The first few days went all right but as time passed and Rogue had few distractions she became more and more obsessed with Boromir and his powers. She wanted to know how great they were and how he used them. Could he even be killed? She said that being immortal had to be wonderful with a wishful tone in her voice that made Logan frown. On the 6th day Rogue had a moment of clarity and admitted that Sauron’s evil whispers were growing louder and they were harder to resist. Her desire for power was rising. Logan had spoken with Boromir about the danger that he was forced to admit his beloved wife could become. Boromir understood better than anyone the temptation of Sauron’s whispers and had said that sadly when first Sauron got in ones blood, something dramatic had to happen to break his hold. For Boromir that had been his own death but Logan wasn’t ready to admit defeat just yet. He would not loose his wife to some phantom like evil that wasn’t even from his own plane of existence!

      They had just now entered the Dead Marhes and Logan was beginning to believe that he could get them all out of this trip unharmed. They all dismounted when they entered the grounds where so many Elven and human warriors rested and Rogue made sure to walk between the two men. Distracted by Boromir’s retelling of the battle of the Last Alliance between Elves and men in which these warriors had died, Logan hadn’t given Rogue’s move much thought. Seeing both men were distracted Rogue acted quicker than Logan could respond to as she had pulled off her glove and placed her right hand on Boromir’s cheek in what resembled an agonising replay of a Vulcan mindmeld. Boromir let out a wordless cry of pain as Rogue began to suck out his powers and his life force, forcing him to his knees before her. An unholy red flame of fury burned in her eyes, its intense hate seeming to burn Boromir’s soul when he locked eyes with Rogue.

      "What are you doing? Stop!" Logan yelled and ran to them, fighting to get Rogue separated from Boromir.

      "Stay away," she bellowed and swung at him with her free hand, knocking him off his feet. She smiled evilly as Logan looked momentarily stunned up at her. "It is working. His powers are now my own. I will be the most powerful being in the universe!"

      Fighting down the sadness and despair that seeing his wife act so cruelly brought on, her eyes flaming red, Logan jumped back up on his feet.

      "Not if I’ve anything to say about it; you’re not! You should come out and fight for real instead of hiding behind others all the time, Sauron!" Logan sneered and popped his claws, not really sure how to separate Rogue from Boromir without harming her. Suddenly Rogue let out a scream of agony and collapsed to the ground. Boromir looked at her in surprise, thankful that the pain had ended.

      "Did you…?" Logan began as he withdrew his claws and kneeled beside Rogue. Boromir shook his head as he got to his feet. Through weakened he could already feel his strength returning.

      "No. I am unsure about what happened. She seemed to be winning," Boromir admitted.

      Logan gathered Rogue in his arms and careful not to touch her skin he managed to put her fallen glove back on. Rogue moaned and came around in Logan’s embrace. He smiled as he saw that her eyes were back to normal. She smiled weakly at him.

      "Logan," she whispered, her voice filled with warmth and love and he smiled back.

      "Halloo, darlin’. You seem to have been taking a small nap there," he said gently.

      "What happened?" She frowned. Her memory was a bit fuzzy.

      "You tried to claim my powers for yourself," Boromir said matter of fact as he knelt in front of the couple, his eyes sympathetic to what she was going through. Seeing her sadness and horror at this he added, "but you stopped when you could have won. Maybe you controlled it."

      "No," Rogue shook her head as memory returned to her. "I fully intended to suck you dry; kill you and steal your powers." She lifted her head and looked at him, filled with shame and regret. "I did not stop; I couldn’t."

      "Then what happened?" Logan asked for both him and Boromir.

      "Boromir’s power of invulnerability are linked to the fact that essentially he is dead. To gain his powers one cannot be alive. I began to absorb his coldness; his very death. I think self preservation made me let go," she admitted, wishing Boromir’s answer had indeed been the right one.

      "At least now Sauron won’t be tempted to have a go at Boromir again," Logan said grimly.

      "You mean I won’t be tempted," Rogue correctly him sadly, her eyes for her husband alone. "But I could still go for your powers," she turned pleading eyes to Logan. "Please…do not let me hurt you. Promise me that."

      Should he break his oath to protect her and take care of her just to save himself? How could he ever agree to that? Still, he could see how much this meant to her so he forced a smile and said, "I promise I won’t let you hurt me." If you did then it wouldn’t hurt me as much as living without you, knowing I had killed you would have, Logan added sadly, grimly.

      The sober mood was broken when a ghostly image of an Elven warrior appeared before them, rising from the ground just a few feet before them. Startled Logan pulled Rogue to her feet and instinctually eased her behind himself. Gently though persistently Rogue went to stand beside him instead, ready to use the magic she still had left in case it got necessary. Despite the danger of having these powers she had to admit that she loved to have an active power and feel like she could really make a difference. Everyone’s attention was at the ghostly Elf but only Boromir stood tall and didn’t go for his weapons while Logan had popped his claws just in case. The Elf looked as regal as ever and reminded Logan of Elrond. If he hadn’t been transparent none would have been able to tell that he was dead.

      "What business does thee have in the Dead Marhes?" The Elf asked of them. Boromir looked behind him at Rogue and Logan. Logan made a ‘go on’ motion at him.

      "You better take this one. With my tact we’ll end up being the main dish at a dead army’s buffet," Logan grunted and Boromir half smiled before he turned back to face the ghostly Elf and his expression sobered.

      "We come in peace and apologise for having disturbed your rest, noble warrior," Boromir said formally. The Elf nodded slightly in reply.

      "Thy apology is accepted yet I ask again; what is thy business here?" The Elf looked at Rogue and Logan. "The female has the powers of a great wizard yet her white magic is tainted with darkness." This said he seemed to dismiss them as unimportant for now. The Elf gave Boromir a piercing look instead. "You are not like your companions…Boromir."

      Boromir gave him a look of surprise that he knew his name. "No."

      "You are neither dead nor alive and all the dead know each other," the Elf stated and Boromir couldn’t help but flinch. It wasn’t easy to live with the fact that if you reached your goal then you would die.

      "We have travelled far to seek thy help. Middle-Earth needs thee now more than ever."

      "We have served our time and done our duty and we have done it well. Do we not deserve our rest?"

      "You do yet I ask thee to consider that the living who are under attack now are thy descendants. They may even be thy siblings…thy lover," Boromir said, knowing he was playing dirty but time was of the essence.

      The Elf grew thoughtful, a pained yet soft and wishful look on his face as he remembered the sweet love he had had so many years ago. "Yes, my lover does still live for I ask that I went into death alone; I wished life for my lover and not the coldness of death. He was still young, only a few thousand years and should see more of life before death claimed him." For a moment the Elf got lost in bittersweet memories. "He wished to join me in death as it is our custom between couples whose love is forever but because of the request I had made of him he fought the pain."

      "Then I ask," Boromir paused for a moment before he sank to one knee before the ghostly Elf. "No, I plea with thee. Call the dead warriors of the Dead Marshes together. Come with us to the sight of battle. Save thy lover, save thy descendants. Thee fought for freedom and thee died for it. Do not let the shadow thee prevented from falling over Middle Earth so many years ago fall now instead. Let not thy death have been in vain."

      The Elf looked from the kneeling warrior to where Logan and Rogue still stood, battle ready but none threatening. Boromir, Rogue and Logan held their breath as the Elf considered. It felt like days to them but was only seconds before the Elf gave his reply, "I shall fight for thee, Boromir of Gondor…We shall all fight for thee…and for Middle Earth!"

      In that instant ghostly figures raised from the ground all over until one of the largest armies Logan had ever seen stood before them. Logan smiled widely as Boromir got back on his feet.

      "Now we’re talking," Logan said satisfied even though the fact that these were all dead people still rubbed him the wrong way. "Now, let’s go kick some Orc butt!"

      The Elf Boromir had spoken to seemed to be the Elf of the highest rank among the dead and he floated a foot or two above the ground next to Boromir.

      "I am aware that I have been dead for many years yet I was not aware that speech, manner and powers had changed this much," the Elf indicated Logan and Rogue, their mutant powers, way of speaking and dressing, not to mention the fact that Rogue was a woman. A female warrior and wizard as well had been unheard of in his times.

      Boromir smiled. "It has not, kind Sir. These are visitors from a place far from here…They are also my friends."

      "Anyone who fight for Middle Earth is a warrior worthy of my respect," the Elf said. "I shall therefore endeavour to remember that they are foreigners and respect their ways while we travel towards Gondor."

      Boromir raised an eyebrow at him. "Thee can read my thoughts?"
      "All dead share all knowledge," the Elf said simply.

      "I can neither read thy thoughts nor do I share thy knowledge," Boromir admitted.

      "Mayhap thy only share certain aspects of death. Thy are, obviously, still attached to life."

      Boromir nodded grimly, hearing the unspoken ‘for now’ at the end of that sentence as clearly as if it had been shouted at him.

      As the ghostly army moved towards Gondor’s capital Boromir, Rogue and Logan weren’t without worries. Boromir worried for his brother and the words the Elf had spoken about him being dead. It made him feel out of place and threatened to make him depressed if he hadn’t made a visible effect to focus on something else. Luckily Logan seemed to know this and they spent a great deal of time talking together with Rogue. Rogue on the other hand was afraid that she would lose control and hurt Logan and sought comfort in their conversion to drive her dark thoughts away. Logan had a similar concern and that combined with the unnerving feeling he got from the ghosts made him wish to forget what was happening and what was about to happen in the light of their conversations. As old soldiers Logan and Boromir knew well that having a great army was not the same as having victory. They were going into battle and casualties were unavoidable and they had to face the fact that one of those casualties could be someone they cared for.

      * * *

      Though Scott liked the idea of an army of the dead from a strategic standpoint he had to admit that the idea did take some getting used to. However, in the light of all the lives that could be saved his uneasiness was a small price to pay.

      The trip to the mountain that contained the Oath-Breakers was shorter than Scott had thought and it felt even shorter thanks to Aragorn’s lifted spirits. Though it was clear that he felt the burden of Kingship heavier than ever as he rode with the reforged sword by his side then the fact that his adopted father had come to his aid and further than that, told him that Arwen was waiting for him had made all clouds disappear from his mind. Elrond had even said that he’d contribute warriors to the army. It would take Elrond some time to gather the Rivendell Elves but he would do so and lead them himself in battle. Riding through the narrow pass in the mountainside that would take them to their destination Scott rode between Legolas and Aragorn. Unlike Aragorn Legolas did not seem in lighter mood; on the contrary. His skin was ghostly pale and he held himself up as if by sheer willpower. It didn’t escape Scott’s attention that Aragorn cast worried looks at his friend and tried to drag him into polite conversation but Legolas rarely replied with more than a few words.

      On the third day Scott had been just about ready to directly ask the regal Elf if he was ill when Aragorn had interrupted by proclaiming that they had arrived. Scott had opened the mountain by using his mutant powers. His display of so much force had left Aragorn and Legolas feeling awed, as they had never seen a human able to do anything like that. It must only had taken a few minutes but Aragorn’s conversation with the ghostly and sickly looking dead men had seemed like forever to Scott and he was sure the sight of all those ghosts closing in on Legolas, Aragorn and himself would revisit him in his nightmares. However, to his relief and joy the ghosts had agreed to help Aragorn in return for him setting them free and allowing them to pass over to the other side. Riding towards Minas Tirith Scott hoped they would reach the city at the same time as the Rohan and Elven army did because it would be hard for them to hold the city on their own. In their haste and concern Scott had no more time to worry about Legolas’s health but instead his thoughts went to Ororo, Logan and Rogue. He hoped they were all right and that he would soon see them again. A part of him hoped that Phoenix would join in the coming battle so that he could face the nightmare of her once and for all while another part hoped he would somehow, miraculously, avoid her during the entire war. A unrealistic hope, that much he knew, yet he could not forget that every time he dreamt of Phoenix he saw her killing him. As the three warriors continued towards Minas Tirith, all three men wore serious and brooding expressions, lost in worried thoughts about the future and as well as the bloody and possibly deadly battle they were about to engage in.

      Author’s notes:

      As always remember that I’ve changed the LOTR timeline to fit with this. That means that the days the people travel fit this story and that’s all. I’ve also simply taken or changed the things from LOTR I wanted to fit into this story…There’s really no reason to keep reminding you of this. You should all know that by now. *laughs*

      Thanks so much to Jonas for beta and help with the LOTR lore as always.

      In this chapter we have a few more thoughts on equal rights, following in the true X-men tradition of equal rights for all but you probably figured that out yourselves. *smiles*

      Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

      As always any comments and suggestions are welcome if you can use and kind and civil tone.

      Thanks for reading,


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