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FF: We're All We Got ch1

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  • Linda J
    OK, I ve got a really great idea for a fan fiction, but I already know I don t have the time to finish it. So here s what I m doing. I m going to write the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2004
      OK, I've got a really great idea for a fan fiction, but I already
      know I don't have the time to finish it. So here's what I'm doing.
      I'm going to write the first chapter, setting up the story and its
      main characters and anyone who wants to pick it up and finish it is
      welcome to. I may or may not continue the story my self, it all
      depends on how often the muses tickle me and how much time I have to
      dote over this story.
      In the end, I am curious to see how many people take me up on this
      and how many different versions of the same story idea we end up

      NOTE: This is not a round robin where you add one piece to the puzzle
      at a time and watch it grow from a collaboration of several people.
      What I need is someone who likes my scenario and has an idea of how
      the story should end.
      I repeat, THIS IS NOT A ROUND ROBIN!

      FEEDBACK: Yes please! adnilnosnhoj@... Also it would be nice if
      you let me know you're picking up the story.

      I don't own `em and neither do you,
      Marvel makes the money and Fox does too,
      So if you want to sue me,
      Go right ahead,
      `Cause by the time I can pay you,
      We'll all be dead!

      We're All We Got.

      RATED: PG-PG13 (However your version may differ.)
      TIMELINE: Shortly after X2, AND much of the story plot doesn't agree
      with known comic book lore. However, since the movie left out a great
      deal of the finer details to the imagination…well let's just say I
      let my imagination go wild!

      SUMMARY: There are two more new students at X-mansion. One is a girl
      who is nearly seventeen, with dark hair that naturally flares out
      from the sides; she is 4ft 9inches short and her temper is even
      shorter! The other new student is her younger but much taller and
      bulkier blonde haired half-brother. Both call Sabretooth `dad' even
      though the girl knows he isn't.

      It had been little more than a week since the team returned from
      Alkali Lake.
      The sun rose in the eastern sky just as it had the day before and the
      day before that. It almost seemed to suggest that things were normal
      again for those living in X-mansion as well as the rest of the world -
      though they were not.
      Now more than ever, the general public was terrified of those labeled
      as "mutants". The blatant attack most suffered mysteriously more than
      a week ago, was of course, blamed on the radical terrorist group
      called "The Brotherhood of Mutants". It didn't even seem to matter to
      the population of `normal' people that mutants around the world were
      too singled out and assaulted during the attack as well. Even those
      thoughtful words of wisdom and reconciliation spoken by the President
      of the United States of America made little impact on a world that
      was now aware of how vulnerable it was to those empowered with
      mutated abilities.
      And within the mansion it self, very little had returned to "normal"
      sense their return from Alkali Lake, most of all for Scott Summers
      who was still getting over the loss of his closest friend and life-
      time love Jean. Nothing gave him a sense of comfort and normalcy to
      his shattered world. Not the students coming to him and saying "hi"
      as they resumed their classes, not the hours spent working on the
      cars, not the time he spent alone in their…um, his room; not even
      having to deal with the two new adult mutants living in the mansion.
      Even though he decided he could get used to this strange and quirky
      Kurt Wagner, but Logan? It would take a lot of effort on Scott's
      part, A LOT!
      He arrived for the morning's faculty meeting late, which was very
      abnormal for Scott indeed! "Sorry." He politely excused himself as
      he quietly opened the door to Charles' office and walked in. He took
      a chair that was set over to the side and sat alone. Everyone
      including Charles kindly nodded their heads forgiving his tardiness
      and resumed the day's special announcements.
      "Now as most of you may already know, last night Kurt and Ororo went
      on a rescue mission and returned with two teenagers named Carrie and
      Thomas. For the moment neither is willing to tell us what their last
      name is or even where they are from. They are brother and sister
      however, that much they have been willing to let us know, and both
      have expressed an interest in staying with us for a while."
      "It doesn't sound like they're the trusting kind." Scott noted aloud.
      "No they are NOT!" Charles agreed. "I believe that was how they had
      been raised. So, needless to say we have our work cut out for us even
      before we get started."
      "What kind of powers do they have?" Logan thought to ask as he took a
      gulp of his coffee.
      Charles smiled brightly and pondered his words for a moment. "Both
      Carrie and Tom, as he likes to be called, are feral- there's no doubt
      about that. They also seem to have accelerated healing factors. Those
      are their obvious mutations; they have not volunteered to tell us of
      any other powers or abilities they may secretly possess."
      "You say they're feral huh? Do you want me to look after them?" Logan
      offered even though he was not yet officially a member of Xavier's
      team, academically or otherwise.
      Charles quietly shook his head. "No I think they may need someone who
      thinks differently then they do. I believe Scott may be better suited
      for this task."
      Logan didn't seem overly bothered at losing the job, while Scott
      dutifully nodded his head and accepted the responsibility. Perhaps
      taking on a new project, or two, as was the case here, may be the
      best start at beginning a new life without Jean. "Where are they now?"
      "They're in the kitchen eating breakfast; but before you go and meet
      them Scott, I need to talk to you in private." Charles explained as
      he started gather his papers and materials he needed for first hour.
      Everyone else got up from the chairs and left the office leaving
      Scott alone in the room with the Professor. Scott quietly waited for
      the door to close behind Kurt before he began to defend his tardiness.
      "Professor, I'm sorry for being late this morning, I promise it will
      NEVER happen again!" He assured his mentor with every bit of
      sincerity he had. Charles smiled for a moment at the young man who
      was trying so hard to go on living with his broken heart.
      "Scott that's not why I asked to speak to you privately, I need to
      tell you something about these two new students." Charles tried his
      best to use a quiet voice to help insure that no one other than Scott
      would here what he was about to tell him.
      "It's a very complex and delicate situation we have here;" he went on
      to explain. "First, Carrie and Tom are aware that they are only half
      brother and sister, they have the same mother but not the same
      father. Second, Carrie doesn't know who her biological father is and
      has been voluntarily calling her step-father `dad' for quite some
      time now. Third, her step-father happens to be Sabretooth."
      "I agree," Scott nodded his thinking that the professor couldn't
      possibly have more to add to this potion for disaster. "Any time
      we've brought any of Sabretooth's offspring into the school, it's
      always been a challenge, but even if we are dealing with two at a
      time I think we'll manage just fine."
      Charles' smile grew even broader upon hearing Scott's hastily remark,
      but then returned to a serious look of concern. "Well, I've explained
      to you the complexity of the situation, now here's the delicate. As I
      said before, Carrie does not know who her biological father is, nor
      is her father aware of her existence and for now at least I believe
      things should stay as they are. However…" Charles took a deep breath
      as Scott leaned down to hear him more clearly. "…Carrie's father is
      actually Logan."
      Scott lifted his head up for a brief second and blinked in disbelief.
      Then he thought more carefully about what the Professor said. "Are
      you certain we should keep this secret from both of them?"
      Charles nodded his head. "It's a most unusual ordeal, Scott. Telling
      them right now, this very day, would put more strain on them than
      either are prepared to deal with. I sense that both would try so hard
      to make the relationship work that in the end it would only drive a
      wedge between them. Yes, hopefully sometime in the near future the
      truth can be told. Maybe by then, they will have already grown to
      know and respect each other as ordinary people before they try to
      live up to the expectations they feel they would have to live up to."
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