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FIC: All Too Late (4/?)

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  • Laura Elaine
    All Too Late-Part 4 Author: Sparkling-Diva Summary: Marie finds out some things that she didn t want to know. Disclaimer: Alas, it s a pity that these
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      All Too Late-Part 4

      Author: Sparkling-Diva

      Summary: Marie finds out some things that she didn't want to know.

      Disclaimer: Alas, it's a pity that these wonderful characters are
      not mine.

      Rating: PG-13 (Just to be safe).

      Feedback: Please!!!! My e-mail is rogue200348@.... Thank you
      very much too all my reviewers!!

      Author's Note: Sorry!! I know it took so long but it's never to late
      to pick up the pace again isn't it? Here you go!! Enjoy!!

      "CHARLES!!!!!" Logan yelled as he ran into the underground lair of
      the mansion.

      He went and tried to open Cerebro and it wouldn't budge. He went
      into the Danger Room and went up to the control room. After
      frantically pressing button after button, he finally managed to hear
      Cerebro open.

      "Welcome, Professor," it said.

      He ran back down and into the room where the mutant tracking device,
      Cerebro, was. There was Charles tied up to his wheelchair. His hands
      and feet were tied up with ropes and his mouth was covered in
      masking tape. Over his head was the mutant tracking device.

      "Oh god. Charles?" Logan yelled as he went to the generator and
      realized it was filled with a poisonous gaseous fume. He removed it
      and ran back to the Professor.

      He took off the masking tape off his mouth and said, "Charles? Are
      you okay?" as he was trying to remove and untie the ropes from him
      and the head piece.

      "I'm fine," the Professor added with a cough, gasping for air.

      "I didn't see it coming," he continued.

      "They took Rogue," Wolverine exclaimed.

      The Professor was now relaxing a little bit more and said, "I should
      have seen this coming,"

      "What?" Wolverine asked frantically.

      "Rogue is Mystique's daughter."

      "WHAT?!" Wolverine said in shock.

      "Mystique had her and before Magneto could let her, she put her up
      for adoption. Later, after when she was 5, they died and Mystique
      disguised herself as a woman named Deborah and adopted her. She was
      disguised and never told her the truth. When she was 13, she moved
      in with some family friends after believing and being told by them
      that Deborah had died when she really left to go and work full time
      for the Brotherhood.

      "How come you never told me this before?" asked Logan now scared and

      "I wanted her to figure it out for herself."

      "Well nice job Chuck because now she is gone."

      "What happened?" yelled Storm coming into the big round room. Behind
      her were Jean and an unfamiliar character of a man with sharp teeth,
      sharp tail, markings all over his body, and purple-blue skin.

      "Who the hell are you?" yelled Logan now losing his temper.

      "Kurt Wagner but in the Munich Circus I was known as the incredible
      Nightcrawler. I-"

      "Rogue's brother," Professor Xavier added.

      "WHAT?!" Everyone exclaimed.

      "I have a sister?" asked Kurt.

      The Professor nodded.

      "I can't…I lived alone all my life…I…wait a minute…what is a Rogue?"

      Soon after, the Professor started the story once again and mentioned
      how before Rogue was born, Kurt was born and Magneto turned him into
      a mutant with a scientific experiment. Mystique was mad and fled
      from Magneto's lair and put Kurt in a basket and fled. Erik caught
      up and Mystique dropped the bundle into the lake over the bridge
      where he sailed to shore. A nice couple found him, took him, and
      made him part of their family. He grew up and for his appearance and
      acrobatic ability, he was joined into the Munich circus as "The
      Incredible Nightcrawler". He soon discovered growing up that he
      could transport from place to place. Sensing he had great power and
      a good heart, Charles had sent Storm and Jean out earlier that
      morning with the Blackbird to recruit him and offer him a position
      on the X-Men team.

      "Well that explains a lot," Logan said.

      "So what happened?" asked Jean.

      Logan was about to explain until he saw Scott walk into the room

      "Charles, I-," he stopped and looked at everyone.

      "Is something going on here?" he asked.

      Logan then explained the History of Nightcrawler, Rogue, and the
      morning incident.

      "What?!" Jean and Scott exclaimed.

      "She passed as me?" Jean yelled.

      "I yelled at you for nothing?" Scott asked in shock.

      "Okay, for the record I will like to clarify some things in front of
      all of you."

      Everyone listened.

      "Scott, Logan, everyone. I love Scott and even through I can say-as
      well as many other girls-that Logan is cute, there is no way that we
      would ever hook up."

      "I'll take that as a compliment," Logan said.

      "Scott and I are married and we will never stop being in love with
      each other."

      "Well thanks Jeannie but now is not the time for a lecture. Rogue is
      out there and she needs my help."

      "I'd like to say something on Rogue's behalf," Storm spoke. Everyone
      turned to look at her. "Now I don't know what you, Logan, think of
      all this but I want to talk to you right now."

      Logan had full attention on her now.

      "But before I do that, all I will like to say is that the only thing
      that I see is a bunch of confused faces on all of you. Don't you
      guys understand? Rogue doesn't have any idea what is going on. All
      she can do is be hurt from what she saw this morning. We have to
      find out what Mystique wants with her as soon as possible. Rogue is
      older and her powers are more powerful than what they were before
      and they are going to keep growing until she can't control them. At
      least not without our help. No one seems to recognize that she is
      young and she is living in this harsh place full of chaos. We have
      to find her. Everyone stay here with Charles and try to locate her
      by using Cerebro. Logan, you and me need to talk."

      "I have to go find her!" he yelled.

      "I know. But I must discuss something very important with you first
      before things go any further out of hand. It is a personal matter
      that needs to be discussed with us alone."

      "Fine. Lead the way, `Ro," Logan said sarcastically.

      He followed her out into the entrance of the hallway and stood.

      "What do you want to talk to me about?"

      "Rogue. Are you in love with her?"

      Logan was shocked. One of his deepest secrets was now known by
      someone other than himself.

      "What point are you coming to?" he asked.

      "Look, I just want you to answer my question. I don't know if you
      have already noticed this or not but Rogue is in love with you. I've
      seen the way she stares at you and how happy she gets when you are
      nearby. I've also realized how much you change whenever she is
      around. She tried to get close to you and tell you but you just
      shrug it off as if it was nothing and just ignored her. You are the
      only one she cares about and the only one who seems to return the
      same feeling is you. Just let me ask you, how many boys has she

      "Two," Logan said still in a stock state, "One named David in
      Mississippi and that Bobby kid."

      "And what happened to them?" Storm asked.

      "Mississippi kid went in Coma and dumped her and Bobby kid was
      dumped by her.'

      "Why was that?" Orono asked him impatiently.

      "Because he liked Kitty?"

      "There was another reason."

      "There was?"



      "Logan," Storm said seriously, "She talked to me a few times about
      the issue and with Bobby. She told him they couldn't go on any
      further not because of her skin or him liking Kitty, but because she
      would be living a lie."

      Logan was confused.

      "She said that she wasn't in love with him. She was trying too hard
      but knew she never would be able to. All she felt from his was

      Logan stared in shock as Storm continued.

      "He understood this and how she felt for you. It was undeniable."

      "And that's what happened?"

      "Yes. They are still friends to this day. Logan, she still loves you
      and this is something that nothing can stop. It's more than just a
      little crush. It's true love. It's obvious that you care for her
      since you are always going to her before anyone. You spend all the
      time you have with her whenever you get the chance. And when you
      aren't, you are trying to pre-occupy yourself by chasing after Jean
      and hurting her. Logan, what is going on?"

      "It's true," he said hopelessly, "I tried to hide the fact…I'm in
      love with her. When I first met her she was just kid but to me she
      has always been something more. I guess that even despise how much
      she grew up, I mean now she's 19 and all, I tried to not to face the
      fact but I have noticed. She's all I have `Ro. I don't want to lose
      her. She's all I have to care about."

      "Then go and tell her that. Go find her after you know where she is
      and tell her. This whole mix-up and confusion of the relationship
      between you and Jean are tearing her apart. She loves you. You love
      her. You love each other."

      "You're right," Logan said getting up, "I'm going to find her.
      Thanks `Ro."

      "Good. And be careful okay?"

      "I will."

      He was walking towards Cerebro when it opened and Charles wheeled
      out with everyone else behind him.

      "She's at Magneto's lair up in the mountains about 5 hours away from

      "I'm going to go find her," said Logan, "I'll take the black van and
      get and some of her stuff."

      "We can help you," said Scott.

      "I can do it alone," said Logan.

      "It'll be too though," replied Jean.

      "Stay out of this, all of you. This is something that only I can
      take care of."

      He shot Storm a smile which she returned.

      "Now if you excuse me," he went out to the elevators and arrived at
      the second floor. He found her empty suitcase and found some clothes
      to put in there. While he was searching her drawers, he found a
      picture of the both of them together and smiled.

      "Comin' darlin'," he said to himself and with that he ran down the
      stairs and out the front door.
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